Alcheringa’s Message at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference – 2020 – 13th January

Alcheringa as channelled by Valerie Barrow at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, Uluru, January 13th, 2020:

I am here my dear. Thank you for calling on me. I am very pleased to be here, very please indeed. And I know I am welcomed because of all the lovely faces and the lovely people that are here. I see them as light beings and of course that is easy to connect to.
I have come and I wanted to speak because there is misunderstandings between the indigenous people and the white man if you like. There are many white people, and they don’t mind calling each other black or white, and this was actually the reason that the sacred Alcheringa Stone came to Valerie in that it would help to bridge a gap. And so it has come there was a story written and the story does correlate with the Dreaming stories of the indigenous people. And so now it has been returned safely with a kurdaitcha man and that is good. And I know Valerie will be pleased to hear that.
However there is a need for more understanding. Valerie herself has come to love and know and understand the original people of the indigenous race. And it has spread out, they themselves will say they have spread around the world and the DNA has been spread and I believe there is actually reports of DNA that has come from the original race, from Australia or Gondwanaland as it was known, and then spread around the rest of the world. So in some ways you all have indigenous genes within you and it would not be hard to connect.
I haven’t come to preach, not at all. I have come really to show that we exist. I have shown myself as an aboriginal man that stands with a spear and one leg crossed. And indeed that is the way I like to present myself to many people. However, with the story of when the first humans were created, I was Alcheringa and I was the commander and chief of a very, very beautiful Mothership that was called Rexegena and it came from the Pleiades, this is where it was raised. The aboriginal people speak of their ancestors coming from the stars, from the Seven Sisters and they would one day come and return. They are here now. And that is part of what Goolagaia has made known, that she has been holding that energy ever since, waiting for their return. And so they have returned. Valerie is a messenger and she is part of that. She was part and Alcheringa, that is me, have helped her to understand the story, to write it and to also gather other information. One was actually me sitting beside her at another time when she was at her computer and I gave her and prompted her with many ideas and thoughts. She was checking the computer and the search engine and an article was written called “The Story of Uluru & Its Impact Crater”. Because, my dear people, it is from the stars and the old people know that and knew that it may have slipped or it may not its never been proved, that’s another thing, but I can assure you it has come from the stars. It actually was brought here for a reason and a purpose and the story will tell you about that. That particular story had been published but it is no longer published, it will be published again. Valerie is going to arrange that. There are books on the ‘net that are second-hand books and they are asking quite a lot of money so it has become a collectors item. People have spoken and thought well about it so it is important. There is an ebook also that is available if anyone would like it. Now I am speaking like a human but I am using Valerie’s voice box. I introduced myself to here when she held the sacred Alcheringa stone that had come from the stars and it was like a very small part of Uluru itself. And, the stone itself was discovered at Cave Hill, which, if you had visited there you will notice that the rock of Cave Hill is exactly the same as the rock Uluru. So it’s no coincidence, it is all part of the same. It came as a fiery ball as an asteroid does and created an impact crater, a very large one, upon this Earth. And in some ways, that is a cycle that is being played out right now. It wasn’t finished exactly and the ceremony that was talked about is part of that. But it is a clearing it is a letting go of what had happened at that time which was to destroy dinosaurs. They had become too many and they had been created without the source permission. I say it like that because the Angelic Realms from Andromeda created the planet Earth in the first place and it was meant to be a Garden of Eden. Eden is a sound which one of your friends have actually made it here. That sound is helped to create, everything is a vibration, frequency and energy. So, all comes from that. The planet, it was called Mu at that time and it was created to replace another planet that had been destroyed. So if I can say that there were, shall we say star wars, there certainly were. But not now and there have been agreements from various layers of consciousness and I say layers, I do not like to say levels so much it is layers of consciousness and each layer is a world and so there are worlds upon worlds upon worlds upon worlds. And they raise in consciousness or some are already in shall we say a cold-blooded frequency that actually affects their body, they do not know or understand what it feels like to be warm, compassionate and feeling if they are injured. However they have come. There was a design, a great plan made by the Angelic Realms from Andromeda. They have always wanted to come and assist but, as Valerie has said, because they have freewill then they have to make the decisions themselves and what they put out they get back. There needs to be change upon this Earth. There have been warnings by many sources from around the universe.
So I hope that you will be behind any movement or any ideas or thoughts about change and how to replace something that is not working and you know it is not working and replace it with something that will work.
So I am advised now we are out of time and that was worrying me also so I do not want to take any more of your time and so I will take my leave. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

You can view the channelling of this message in the video on Vimeo.