Questions Asked of Alcheringa – Introduced by Cosmic Sai Baba – at the Lungkata Room, Uluru December 20th 2020


Valerie Barrow: I call upon now Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence amongst us.

Cosmic Sai Baba as channelled by Valerie: I am here and I am very pleased to be here and to see so many happy, smiling faces, and of course the Light Beings that you are. I want you to know that you are Light Beings, you have lived in the beginning of the human race, which was hue colour and it is of light. And so remember that always – you are Light Beings and from that you come from the creative source and that is what gives you inner strength. So you do not really have to worry about protection or worry about dark forces; they cannot exist at the layer of consciousness from the soul at the creation of source. I hope I am making myself understood.

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Cosmic Consciousness Conference held at Uluru – 2nd Article – Addendum

ADDENDUM TO ARTICLE TWO… the Meditation and Grand Planetary Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.

December 21st, at Uluru environs. N.S.W. Australia.

There was talk about the quarter moon surrounded by a huge circle and being a blessing as has been described for the “The blessing of Bethlehem” being seen at the time baby Jesus was born.

This is a message below received from Sri Sathya Sai Baba at his Ashram in Puttaparthi – Christmas time.

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Cosmic Consciousness Conference held at Uluru – 2nd Article

This is the second article about the Cosmic Consciousness Conference held at Uluru.

2nd day. 21st December, 2020 The Summer Solstice

Please have a look at the talent – re speakers …

Unfortunately after a Covid 19 scare the Uluru National Park was closed.

A meeting was arranged to take place for the special meditation of The Summer Solstice 21st December, 2020 in sacred surrounding area within the Yalara Village in the evening. 5 buses carried delegates to the area.

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Cosmic Consciousness Conference held at Uluru

This is the first article about the Cosmic Consciousness Conference held at Uluru.

Alcheringa has advised it was important that Uluru be realized scientifically that it is from the stars. AND that there had been a star war….because of it.

To obtain a copy of the Powerpoint presentation I used at Uluru, please use the facility below to obtain a zip file containing the presentation.

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👽⭐️Talks On Tuesday⭐️👽

For those of you who have been patiently waiting, here is my extraordinary interview with Valerie Barrow, Author of Star Lady and Alcheringa.
Valerie is also a speaker at this years ‘Cosmic Consciousness Conference’ in Uluru and she offers some incredible wisdom about our true starry origins.
You will need to schedule an hour out of your day to hear all about how she channels ‘Andromeda Val’ via Cosmic Sai Baba the Ascended Master to be able to help uplift humanity.
She is 87 years old and is one of the wisest sages I have ever had the fortune of meeting!
Are you ready to be amazed???

Hayden Crawford
Wellness Coach / Colour Therapy Expert

Cosmic Consciousness Conference – 2020 – 13th January

Valerie Barrow – Channelling ALCHERINGA the Ancient Creator Ancestor also known as The Golden One.

Event took place on 13th January, 2020.  (9) Avatar’s number. At ULURU the heart centre of Australia.

Notes for Valerie’s ‘Channeling’ better described as a Benevolent Being  ‘Alcheringa’ from the stars, borrowing her body, an instrument, to enter this dimension and not only speak a message from the Cosmos but also to assist with raising the consciousness within the conference room and maybe further.

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