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For those of you who have been patiently waiting, here is my extraordinary interview with Valerie Barrow, Author of Star Lady and Alcheringa.
Valerie is also a speaker at this years ‘Cosmic Consciousness Conference’ in Uluru and she offers some incredible wisdom about our true starry origins.
You will need to schedule an hour out of your day to hear all about how she channels ‘Andromeda Val’ via Cosmic Sai Baba the Ascended Master to be able to help uplift humanity.
She is 87 years old and is one of the wisest sages I have ever had the fortune of meeting!
Are you ready to be amazed???

Hayden Crawford
Wellness Coach / Colour Therapy Expert

SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM COSMIC SAI BABA received on Christmas Day 2019

At 9.40 am Christimas morning – My hearing aids began to ring, ring, ring both in the left ear and then the right ear and kept doing it until I realized the message was to contact Cosmic Sai Baba and ask him if He had a message for us? It was like He was ringing me from a radio station – He used to call upon me this way when I first began channelling. Now I know He is calling me from Andromeda Galaxy M31.

This is what He said:

Cosmic Sia Baba:

I am Cosmic Sai Baba and it is Christmas Day, the 25th of December 2019. I have called upon Valerie to ask if I could give a message to mankind. I am talking in a slightly different way because the energies upon your atmosphere is very out of control AND because of that it is interfering with the radio contact that we take when we contact you. And I mean the human race upon your planet Earth.

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