Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 6th April 2021

Meeting April 6th, 2021 – Moss Vale

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Here is the YouTube video of this meeting.

Valérie Barrow: Today is Tuesday the 6th of April. We’re here to make a contact with Andromeda M31. We’re calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence among us and we welcome him. Thank you.

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Visit to the beautiful land of New Zealand – November 2015

break-apartValérie and John – eager to spend their frequent flyer points – visit New Zealand, albeit a too-brief visit. Valérie is prompted by her spirit guide to give some reflection to the ancient land of Lemuria during her travels. Many upheavals that have happened upon the Earth – including the time that history records of the time of ancient Lemuria. That is not all that long after what was known as the planet Mu, when the Pleiadeans first came here. Although the starpeople on board that Mothership came from different star worlds also. Valérie commences linking different parts of the holiday narrative with that of Alcheringa, when the First Ancestors were Created.

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