Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 6th April 2021

Meeting April 6th, 2021 – Moss Vale

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Valerie Barrow: Today is Tuesday the 6th of April. We’re here to make a contact with Andromeda M31. We’re calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence among us and we welcome him. Thank you.

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Alcheringa Speaks about Rainbow Serpent and Ascension

Alcheringa Crystal

If we take the minutes, the hour, the day, the month and the year from our time, we are left with Dreamtime, that time when Rainbow Serpent created our world. In this narrative, Valerie relates a recent channelling with Alcheringa (the oversighting spirit of this corner of our galaxy) about the Rainbow Serpent and shares a startling link direct from the Alcheringa Crystal to Uluru.

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The Grand Sextile – Monday 29.7.2013


A meditation was led to link with the Planets in alignment with a six-pointed star – a time, we are told – we have all subconsciously been waiting for.

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Solstice Ceremony with Alcheringa

Alcheringa Crystal

The Winter Solstice was honoured with the Alcheringa Crystal at Canyonleigh. The spirit being Alcheringa came and gave a short transmission.

The Winter Solstice is the first Solstice since the world-awakening event of the arrival of the energies from the Central Sun of all galaxies on 21 December 2012. It is a time of change, a peak of energies being delivered through our Sun to our solar system, and the return of the 4th Dimension to the Earth.

Our Sun is a doorway for transmision not only of light, but also of subtle light and energies from the subtle universe, unseen by our astronomers and quantum physicists (however, they are receiving intimations and investigating what they call “dark” universes and black holes) and they are learning much more about our home, which comprises both the physical and subtle universes.

These new energies – which reached a crescendo on 21 December, attended by disasters, floods, plate shifts, tsunamis, and so on – have reached a plateau. It is in this time of plateau that the energies are actually penetrating to the core of the Earth herself, so we may expect a time of continuing – yet declining – disturbances in some places on Earth.

A small band of kindred light-workers joined Valerie and John Barrow at Canyonleigh at 3.04 pm on the afternoon of 21 June 2013 (the Solstice day) and conducted a short ceremony of observance of the Solstice and honouring the Earth our Mother. Our Earth mother – who gives us all our home – is much in need of our care, our good thoughts, ceremonies and rituals – all for all may assist the transformation and ascension of the Earth itself from within. Our Earth – Mother, who is also a sentient being, journeys with all humans through these times of transformation.

Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow with John Gray at the Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow with John Gray at the The Alcheringa Crystal

View of the Alcheringa Crystal

View of the Alcheringa Crystal at the Winter Solstice

Alcheringa Crystal

Closeup of the Alcheringa Crystal

Transmission by Alcheringa

(Valerie calls Alcheringa)

(Arrives) I am here! And very … very pleased indeed to be here and to know that there are lovely beings present and also, around the world at this time that are considering the Winter Solstice (or the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere).

It is an opportunity, a time for change … it is a time to change the thinking, and it is a time to change the ways and behaviour … and to move into a raised consciousness that exists within you … and you can draw from that.

It will help you; it will help all the Earthlings on this Earth … if they come to a point where they respect one another – even if they do not agree with each other. But they respect each different point of view and way of doing things. Because there … they can come to some agreement – or even agree not to agree, but they can reach consensus instead of raising a weapon.

And this is very important at this time because there are too many weapons being thrown about! And what is that achieving? You need to ask yourself, you Earthlings: “What is it achieving?” Absoultely nothing … if you think about it. You are certainly not moving forward. You have a need … to stop … and think … and consider … the results of the actions that are taking place.

I have not come to lecture; But I am trying to awaken you … awaken you to who you really are … you are Eternal Beings … you are the Consciousness that is infinite. It can tune into everything and know everything. But you are very limited on this Earth at this time. We would like to help you. And we send our love. All you have to do is ask and we will there to assist you.

But please, listen to that. And ask us. We are sincere in wanting to help the people of Earth … for they struggle still … and many things are changing; there is a need for all to change with it …
so that we care for one another
and help one another
and respect one another.

I, God, Bless you.

You may listen to this transmission from Alcheringa:

(This is an mp3 file, 2.2 mb, playing time 3:30)

Alcheringa Crystal at Winter Solstice

The Alcheringa Crystal in the afternoon light of the Winter Solstice

11-11-11 Ceremony

Valerie Barrow at Sartori Springs

On the great day of 11-11-11, a crowd of well-wishers of Mother Earth and practitioners of Ascension gathered at Satori Springs, Canyonleigh, around the Alcheringa Crystal to undertake a ceremony propitating the quantum shift in the Earth’s Crystal Grid.

11.11.11 Blessing and Gratitude Ceremony
at Satori Springs, Canyonleigh, NSW, Australia
as guests of Julie and Grant Blanchard

We were among the millions of people from around the world that helped to celebrate:

“The most significant event of 11/11/11 involves a quantum shift in Earth’s Crystal Grid System.

This is the system that functions within the body of Mother Earth in the same way Humanity’s Chakras, acupuncture meridians, and acupuncture points function in our bodies.

The Crystal Grid System is the vehicle through which the Light of God is flowing to increase the energy, vibration, and consciousness of every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of precious Life energy existing on Earth.

We have an unprecedented opportunity through this ceremony to add to the Light of the world.”

The ceremony took place around the newly created Medicine Wheel and centred by the 82 kg Blessed Alcheringa Quartz Crystal.

Karen Quant ( conducted the ceremony leading us into a beautiful meditation and then asking us to all arise and walk clockwise around the Medicine Wheel 3 times. Connecting to Father sky and Mother earth we were asked to focus upon a place of introspection and delving into our deep emotions, to help us find peace with our past and savour our joys. Help us look within and understand how all we have endured to make us wise. To help us travel into the subconscious mind and clear it of all that holds us back from experiencing love in our lives. And to help us remember to dream once again and to trust that in our deepest feelings and desires lies our greatest truths.

Karen Quant with Grant and Julie Blanchard

Karen Quant (centre) with Grant and Julie Blanchard

Focusing on the crystal I could see clairvoyantly the Divine Light of Love, from the World of Light pour into the Centre of the crystal connecting to the heart of the Earth—its movement looking like the strands of a giant DNA – a double-helix of Light intertwining endlessly, pouring down from the light.

a giant double helix of light

Karen then called upon all present to stamp their right foot onto the ground calling out “Ho—three times—to assist the Creator’s energy to pass through us all from above and into the Earth.

Prayer to the East

Powers of the East, the mind, the place of insight and illumination we call upon you. Enlighten us. Help us remember our divine light, our brilliance. Give us insight into all that has caused us pain and open the windows of our mind to see the love behind every moment in our lives.
Be with us as we clear our thoughts and remember how to see through the eyes of our soul. Show us new direction, new ways of seeing and perceiving ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and our world.

Prayer to the South

Powers of the South, place of childlike innocence and trust, place of action … help us become like children again, trusting, loving, innocent … expecting love. Help us live our lives with play, without fear, and with great self-expression. Help us live with freedom and joy, knowing that love always has reward. Give us a sense of playfulness as we learn to trust once again in the process of living.

Prayer to the West

Powers of the West, place of introspection and delving into our deep emotions, help us find peace with our past and savor our joys. Help us look within and understand how all we have endured has made us wise. Help us travel into the subconscious mind and clear it of all that holds us back from experiencing love in our lives. Help us remember to dream once again and to trust that in our deepest feelings and desires lies our greatest truths.

Prayer to the North

Powers of the North, place of wisdom and manifestation of spirit, help us take the energies that we have transformed out into our lives and fill us with the brilliant light of God. Help us remember who we are and help us share this wisdom with others. Help us bring forth into our lives in a balanced and joyful manner. Help us embody our soul.

Julie (with her beautiful voice) then led a song:

“All my life’s a circle,
Sunrise and sundown
The moon rolls through the nighttime
Till the daybreak comes around
All my life’s a circle
I can’t tell you why
The seasons spinning round again
The years keep rolling by.”

You may listen to Julie singing “All My Life”:

(This is an mp3 file, 1.7 mb, playing time 0:43)

We were all given a musical instrument to play and Julie led a joyful drumming ceremony to close the ceremony.

11-11-11 group with the Alcheringa Crystal at Sartori Springs

Counting the person taking the photo – there were synchronistically 11 guests staying for the spiritual weekend,
11 guests for the ceremony given at 11 minutes past 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year.


Bora Ring

I sat for awhile alone in contemplation remembering when we had lived on this property. Not long after we first moved here, something like 23 years ago a psychic clairvoyant visited us and pointed to this place in the valley, telling us, “It is a point of Light coming from the inner-earth and is what the indigenous people call a Bora Ring.” Certainly we are aware that there are many crystals under the Earth in the area. It is known as a place of healing waters and is a place that was never owned by any one particular indigenous tribe but rather was a meeting place for many tribes – this was all before the white man came.

My Mentor and Teacher had been visiting me in spirit, presenting himself as White Eagle; he had been my father in previous life and was then training me to be a ‘voice’ contact medium.

I was prompted to dedicate ….. that particular place to the Australian Aboriginal Spirit and so I devised a time in my mind that I was going to perform this little ceremony. It was a week later, that at midday I walked from our house down to the spot, with just the makings of a little fire—a few twigs, paper, some matches as I was concerned—because it was Summer and I did not want to risk sparks igniting and setting off a bushfire. So I felt I had to keep it very, very small and watch it the whole time.

I was prompted by White Eagle to take an umbrella (the sky was blue and cloudless). When I arrived at the point where I had committed to make a little ceremony of dedication, I sat and in my Inner Scene I was surprised to see thousands of Aboriginals in spirit who had come in the Fourth Dimension or what they call the Dreamtime.

I was delighted of course. White Eagle, I could see in my inner-scene, had sat down dressed in full American Red Indian Chief regalia and was passing around his Peace pipe (this made me giggle) and was speaking of the American Red Indian ways (telepathically) and sharing their knowledge and understanding with the others–the Aboriginal Spirits–whom I could see had dignity and authority as if they were Elders.

After the ceremony which took about half an hour, I could hear the sound of didgeridoo and clapping sticks. I was very happy to be part of all this even though it was just me there in the Third Dimension. I was looking at the Fire and began to worry a little about it because it was not dying down as fast as I would l like.

I certainly did not want to leave it still alight. I was prompted to look over towards the South and there was a Wall literally, a dark, dark grey Wall coming toward me. It did not take long at all to come and as it did it began to rain. Of course, there was no longer any need to worry about the fire. I had already opened my umbrella. On my way back to the house I was being splashed by the water, raining quite hard, and yet I could not get over the fact that I was not getting wet. I laughed out loud with joy, it was such a wonderful experience, but the water was not wetting me.

I can only imagine that the water was actually coming from a different Dimension, shall we say the Fourth Dimension and is perhaps like the water that is coming from that Spring now. I has a different feel about it drying very quickly, and obviously it does have all the qualities of a higher vibration, which does help to heal and free one’s body of the shadow. (this narrative is taken from my book, The Book of Love by a Medium.)

In the early 1990’s White Eagle introduced me to Sanat Kumara who advised that he oversees the Universe. He is very dignified and statesman-like coming with Universal Teachings and working with me until he introduced me in 1995 … … to Alcheringa who oversights the Earth. He is well known to the Australian Indigenous people and is known as their Creation Ancestor from the Dreamtime. I have come to understand that their dreaming stories are held as oral history records, along with their rock art and is similar – if not the same – as we experience when going into an advanced meditation and contacting Cosmic Worlds.

Before the new millennium began we used to have an Aboriginal healer come with his 80kg quartz crystal – bury it – and laying a possum coat over it, he performed many healings on this property. We agreed the crystal should stay here and so it was laid in the Bora Ring and a blessing took place under the auspices of Alcheringa (who tells us that he resides at Uluru in the Heart of Australia overseeing the Earth and the emerald green ray).

Valerie in Reflection after the 11-11-11 Ceremony

Valerie in contemplation after ceremony. The crystal sits on an ant hill that is gradually helping the crystal to fall back into the earth. Hindu people have advised that ants nests are considered sacred and their temples are built over them. (There is a lovely pink light coming from my hands. Pink is love at earth level – emerald green Light is Heart of Cosmos)

These ceremonies were held on Easter Sunday 2001 and Easter 2002.

You can see many photographs of the full size of the Alcheringa Crystal on the day of Blessing here, and also, take a look here for a photo of Rainbow Light coming from the Earth and the Crystal.

The 80kg quartz Crystal has been programmed by Alcheringa. Cosmic Sai Baba tells us it is part of him and it connects directly to Uluru. It is a communication crystal and a healing crystal.