Stepping Up into Ascension

On this page, we bring you the message of Patricia Cota-Robles on the gift of a series of Free Seminars which will help you in the company of like-minded lightworkers and soul-bringers – to step through the accellerated pace of Ascension and birth the Golden Age on Earth. While Valerie tells that Patrica Cobles-Ross uses different language, the message is the same. Without further ado, we bring you this message of Patricia Cota-Robles with her kind permission …

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Sleepwalking through the Shift to the 5th Dimension


There were many who expected, there were many who woke up on the day of December 21st, 2012, believing the Mayan Elder prophecy would come true, thus bringing the planet into a higher state of consciousness. In fact, many books, movies, and articles were written about this. On December 22nd, 2012, some claimed that the 5th dimension was here.

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Since the procession of the equinox and the end of the Mayan Long Baktun Calendar on 22 December 2012, the earthling, the human race and all life forms on this planet have been exposed to the new energies raising all life forms to higher dimensions. This is called Ascension. We have a New Earth, wherein all plants, animals, mammals, and humans will live in the 5th Dimension. Patricia Cota-Robles takes up the narrative of the New Earth and unfolds the dimensions of the question, “What is the next step?”

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September 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,
Much has happened in our world – here in Moss Vale – and all over our planet since our last newsletter. We bring you news of space-age accommodation in the Antarctic, the partial solar eclipes and the very recent Blood Moon lunar eclipse. We also bring news from NASA about increased activity from the Central Sun of our Galaxy (hooray!). Many Spirit Guides have given messages about the passing of 28 September 2015 and what this portends for our Ascension. We also bring you an article on how Ascension – the 4th and 5th Dimensions – is an inner process. We hope you enjoy this newsletter.

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Alcheringa Speaks about Rainbow Serpent and Ascension

Alcheringa Crystal

If we take the minutes, the hour, the day, the month and the year from our time, we are left with Dreamtime, that time when Rainbow Serpent created our world. In this narrative, Valerie relates a recent channelling with Alcheringa (the oversighting spirit of this corner of our galaxy) about the Rainbow Serpent and shares a startling link direct from the Alcheringa Crystal to Uluru.

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