The Grand Sextile – Monday 29.7.2013


A meditation was led to link with the Planets in alignment with a six-pointed star – a time, we are told – we have all subconsciously been waiting for.

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Solstice Ceremony with Alcheringa

Alcheringa Crystal

The Winter Solstice was honoured with the Alcheringa Crystal at Canyonleigh. The spirit being Alcheringa came and gave a short transmission.

The Winter Solstice is the first Solstice since the world-awakening event of the arrival of the energies from the Central Sun of all galaxies on 21 December 2012. It is a time of change, a peak of energies being delivered through our Sun to our solar system, and the return of the 4th Dimension to the Earth.

Our Sun is a doorway for transmision not only of light, but also of subtle light and energies from the subtle universe, unseen by our astronomers and quantum physicists (however, they are receiving intimations and investigating what they call “dark” universes and black holes) and they are learning much more about our home, which comprises both the physical and subtle universes.

These new energies – which reached a crescendo on 21 December, attended by disasters, floods, plate shifts, tsunamis, and so on – have reached a plateau. It is in this time of plateau that the energies are actually penetrating to the core of the Earth herself, so we may expect a time of continuing – yet declining – disturbances in some places on Earth.

A small band of kindred light-workers joined Valerie and John Barrow at Canyonleigh at 3.04 pm on the afternoon of 21 June 2013 (the Solstice day) and conducted a short ceremony of observance of the Solstice and honouring the Earth our Mother. Our Earth mother – who gives us all our home – is much in need of our care, our good thoughts, ceremonies and rituals – all for all may assist the transformation and ascension of the Earth itself from within. Our Earth – Mother, who is also a sentient being, journeys with all humans through these times of transformation.

Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow with John Gray at the Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow with John Gray at the The Alcheringa Crystal

View of the Alcheringa Crystal

View of the Alcheringa Crystal at the Winter Solstice

Alcheringa Crystal

Closeup of the Alcheringa Crystal

Transmission by Alcheringa

(Valerie calls Alcheringa)

(Arrives) I am here! And very … very pleased indeed to be here and to know that there are lovely beings present and also, around the world at this time that are considering the Winter Solstice (or the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere).

It is an opportunity, a time for change … it is a time to change the thinking, and it is a time to change the ways and behaviour … and to move into a raised consciousness that exists within you … and you can draw from that.

It will help you; it will help all the Earthlings on this Earth … if they come to a point where they respect one another – even if they do not agree with each other. But they respect each different point of view and way of doing things. Because there … they can come to some agreement – or even agree not to agree, but they can reach consensus instead of raising a weapon.

And this is very important at this time because there are too many weapons being thrown about! And what is that achieving? You need to ask yourself, you Earthlings: “What is it achieving?” Absoultely nothing … if you think about it. You are certainly not moving forward. You have a need … to stop … and think … and consider … the results of the actions that are taking place.

I have not come to lecture; But I am trying to awaken you … awaken you to who you really are … you are Eternal Beings … you are the Consciousness that is infinite. It can tune into everything and know everything. But you are very limited on this Earth at this time. We would like to help you. And we send our love. All you have to do is ask and we will there to assist you.

But please, listen to that. And ask us. We are sincere in wanting to help the people of Earth … for they struggle still … and many things are changing; there is a need for all to change with it …
so that we care for one another
and help one another
and respect one another.

I, God, Bless you.

You may listen to this transmission from Alcheringa:

(This is an mp3 file, 2.2 mb, playing time 3:30)

Alcheringa Crystal at Winter Solstice

The Alcheringa Crystal in the afternoon light of the Winter Solstice

Equinox Ceremony with the Alcheringa Crystal – 20th March, 2013

Valerie Barrow at the Autumn Equinox, 20 March 2013

We had been asked by ‘upstairs’ to anchor the energy that had come into Earth at the Turning Point on the Solstice of 21st December 2012.

The energy of Holy Spirit is with us all. We had been asked by ‘upstairs’ to anchor the energy that had come into earth at the turning point on the last Solstice 21st December 2012. The Equinox was allowing the energy to fully anchor into the centre of the Earth.

Seven people gathered plus two guests and 1 baby were invited to join us in meditation down the valley – focusing on the Alcheringa Crystal. It is a Master Crystal both for healing and communication and holds the energy of the Creator Ancestor well known to the Australian Aborigine.

Valerie Barrow and others at the Equinox Ceremony

Valerie Barrow and others at the Equinox Ceremony

Our focus was to form an image or intent to connect to the World of Light and request a pyramid of Light to flow like a river directly from The Source down through the crystal and on through the Earth to its core centre. The Divine Creative Sound, OM, was chanted three times. The meditation continued again to include Uluru – connecting to the crystal and requesting the Divine Light to earth through both points into the centre of the Earth. Again, the Divine Creative Sound, OM, was chanted three times. The meditation then saw and felt the new energy from the Source coming in stronger than ever and anchoring into the whole of the Earth – bringing Peace and Harmony and raising the consciousness of all who live upon the Earth.

Valerie Barrow speaking at the Equinox Ceremony

Valerie Barrow speaking at the Equinox Ceremony

We waited for a being to speak through John Gray this day on this special occasion, but there was no One to speak.

Valerie Barrow and John Gray begin the invocation at the Equinox Ceremony with the Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow and John Gray begin the invocation at the Equinox Ceremony with the Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow and John Gray begin the invocation at the Equinox Ceremony with the Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow and John Gray begin the invocation at the Equinox Ceremony with the Alcheringa Crystal

(Valerie):”So with great love and respect I ask that we open ourselves today to Holy Spirit and call upon Alcheringa to be with us and we welcome him into our presence. Thank you.

To our surprise another came through announcing:

“It is I Cosmic Sai Baba, not Alcheringa , because Alcheringa is an aspect of me – but as Cosmic Sai Baba I come from a Hierarchy … and I wish it to be known that a Hierarchy exists and it is influencing much of what is happening on your planet at this time.

It is a very important evolvement that is taking place upon this planet and I want you to know and be at peace … that is a good thing … it is not harmful to anybody … it can only go on to release, shall we say, the unwanted … and I will not name this but you will know what feels right … and what feels wrong and so we will say it releases the wrong that is on this planet and allows a new energy to take its place and lift everybody’s spirit – lift everybody’s heart so they will feel joyful and happy and be able to live with one another in peace and harmony.

If they disagree about something … they will agree to disagree. In other words consensus will reign. This is an edict from the Angelic Realms which has been asked of the Hierarchy.

I am not going to ask questions—I would like you to focus on your heart—because your heart is a consciousness and within it is the answers to questions that you may have in your mind. So when you sit quietly with this crystal or in meditation (in the light) … just sit quietly … focus on your heart … and ask the question about yourself … about your life … about what is going on around you … or about the Cosmos itself.

The answers are all there—you have unlimited knowledge within your heart.

It connects to your SOUL and your Soul holds all information. It is the part and aspect of you that moves on and lives on after you leave your physical body … but it also is moving and listening to all that is happening around the Earth and the Cosmos — and so you can tune in to your SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS which is in the seat of your heart and find out the information that you require.

Please do not have any expectations … for expectations will limit you … I want you to keep your mind open—your heart open—and freely allow the energy to come in as you look towards the sky and feel the presence of the consciousness from your soul and from the Creative Spirit — The Creative Energy of All.

You are All God Beings — You are All Light Beings — This is an edict that has happened Eons ago.

So God Bless you my children … I hope you will listen to my message this day.

I send my love to you …

I, God, Bless you.

We all stood in a circle and gave thanks for this blessing today. As the moment of quiet still reigned a beautiful dragonfly flew onto the front of my blouse and stayed there for some time. It was as if it had been sent by the Hierarchy. See how gold the colour of its body is and its head shone like a turquoise crystal.

It then flew and landed on John Gray ‘s chest. And the last visit it made to Paul – onto the back of his shoulder. This is a photo of the dragonfly blessing us.

Golden Dragonfly

Golden Dragonfly

The dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment, and the communications from the elemental world:

 Dragonfly ...  Breaks illusion,  Brings visions of power,     
No need to prove it, Now is the hour!  
Know it, Believe it,  Great Spirit intercedes,  
Feeding you, Blessing you,  Filling all your needs. 

(Taken from Medicine Cards – Sams & Carson – Bear & Co.)

The Alcheringa Crystal sits in the valley at Satori Springs, Canyonleigh, Australia.

Valerie Barrow reaches down to receive the energy of the Alcheringa Crystal

Valerie Barrow reaches down to receive the energy of the Alcheringa Crystal … the green Sai Baba ring is visible on her hand.

©Valerie Barrow

11-11-11 Ceremony

Valerie Barrow at Sartori Springs

On the great day of 11-11-11, a crowd of well-wishers of Mother Earth and practitioners of Ascension gathered at Satori Springs, Canyonleigh, around the Alcheringa Crystal to undertake a ceremony propitating the quantum shift in the Earth’s Crystal Grid.

11.11.11 Blessing and Gratitude Ceremony
at Satori Springs, Canyonleigh, NSW, Australia
as guests of Julie and Grant Blanchard

We were among the millions of people from around the world that helped to celebrate:

“The most significant event of 11/11/11 involves a quantum shift in Earth’s Crystal Grid System.

This is the system that functions within the body of Mother Earth in the same way Humanity’s Chakras, acupuncture meridians, and acupuncture points function in our bodies.

The Crystal Grid System is the vehicle through which the Light of God is flowing to increase the energy, vibration, and consciousness of every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of precious Life energy existing on Earth.

We have an unprecedented opportunity through this ceremony to add to the Light of the world.”

The ceremony took place around the newly created Medicine Wheel and centred by the 82 kg Blessed Alcheringa Quartz Crystal.

Karen Quant ( conducted the ceremony leading us into a beautiful meditation and then asking us to all arise and walk clockwise around the Medicine Wheel 3 times. Connecting to Father sky and Mother earth we were asked to focus upon a place of introspection and delving into our deep emotions, to help us find peace with our past and savour our joys. Help us look within and understand how all we have endured to make us wise. To help us travel into the subconscious mind and clear it of all that holds us back from experiencing love in our lives. And to help us remember to dream once again and to trust that in our deepest feelings and desires lies our greatest truths.

Karen Quant with Grant and Julie Blanchard

Karen Quant (centre) with Grant and Julie Blanchard

Focusing on the crystal I could see clairvoyantly the Divine Light of Love, from the World of Light pour into the Centre of the crystal connecting to the heart of the Earth—its movement looking like the strands of a giant DNA – a double-helix of Light intertwining endlessly, pouring down from the light.

a giant double helix of light

Karen then called upon all present to stamp their right foot onto the ground calling out “Ho—three times—to assist the Creator’s energy to pass through us all from above and into the Earth.

Prayer to the East

Powers of the East, the mind, the place of insight and illumination we call upon you. Enlighten us. Help us remember our divine light, our brilliance. Give us insight into all that has caused us pain and open the windows of our mind to see the love behind every moment in our lives.
Be with us as we clear our thoughts and remember how to see through the eyes of our soul. Show us new direction, new ways of seeing and perceiving ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and our world.

Prayer to the South

Powers of the South, place of childlike innocence and trust, place of action … help us become like children again, trusting, loving, innocent … expecting love. Help us live our lives with play, without fear, and with great self-expression. Help us live with freedom and joy, knowing that love always has reward. Give us a sense of playfulness as we learn to trust once again in the process of living.

Prayer to the West

Powers of the West, place of introspection and delving into our deep emotions, help us find peace with our past and savor our joys. Help us look within and understand how all we have endured has made us wise. Help us travel into the subconscious mind and clear it of all that holds us back from experiencing love in our lives. Help us remember to dream once again and to trust that in our deepest feelings and desires lies our greatest truths.

Prayer to the North

Powers of the North, place of wisdom and manifestation of spirit, help us take the energies that we have transformed out into our lives and fill us with the brilliant light of God. Help us remember who we are and help us share this wisdom with others. Help us bring forth into our lives in a balanced and joyful manner. Help us embody our soul.

Julie (with her beautiful voice) then led a song:

“All my life’s a circle,
Sunrise and sundown
The moon rolls through the nighttime
Till the daybreak comes around
All my life’s a circle
I can’t tell you why
The seasons spinning round again
The years keep rolling by.”

You may listen to Julie singing “All My Life”:

(This is an mp3 file, 1.7 mb, playing time 0:43)

We were all given a musical instrument to play and Julie led a joyful drumming ceremony to close the ceremony.

11-11-11 group with the Alcheringa Crystal at Sartori Springs

Counting the person taking the photo – there were synchronistically 11 guests staying for the spiritual weekend,
11 guests for the ceremony given at 11 minutes past 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year.


Bora Ring

I sat for awhile alone in contemplation remembering when we had lived on this property. Not long after we first moved here, something like 23 years ago a psychic clairvoyant visited us and pointed to this place in the valley, telling us, “It is a point of Light coming from the inner-earth and is what the indigenous people call a Bora Ring.” Certainly we are aware that there are many crystals under the Earth in the area. It is known as a place of healing waters and is a place that was never owned by any one particular indigenous tribe but rather was a meeting place for many tribes – this was all before the white man came.

My Mentor and Teacher had been visiting me in spirit, presenting himself as White Eagle; he had been my father in previous life and was then training me to be a ‘voice’ contact medium.

I was prompted to dedicate ….. that particular place to the Australian Aboriginal Spirit and so I devised a time in my mind that I was going to perform this little ceremony. It was a week later, that at midday I walked from our house down to the spot, with just the makings of a little fire—a few twigs, paper, some matches as I was concerned—because it was Summer and I did not want to risk sparks igniting and setting off a bushfire. So I felt I had to keep it very, very small and watch it the whole time.

I was prompted by White Eagle to take an umbrella (the sky was blue and cloudless). When I arrived at the point where I had committed to make a little ceremony of dedication, I sat and in my Inner Scene I was surprised to see thousands of Aboriginals in spirit who had come in the Fourth Dimension or what they call the Dreamtime.

I was delighted of course. White Eagle, I could see in my inner-scene, had sat down dressed in full American Red Indian Chief regalia and was passing around his Peace pipe (this made me giggle) and was speaking of the American Red Indian ways (telepathically) and sharing their knowledge and understanding with the others–the Aboriginal Spirits–whom I could see had dignity and authority as if they were Elders.

After the ceremony which took about half an hour, I could hear the sound of didgeridoo and clapping sticks. I was very happy to be part of all this even though it was just me there in the Third Dimension. I was looking at the Fire and began to worry a little about it because it was not dying down as fast as I would l like.

I certainly did not want to leave it still alight. I was prompted to look over towards the South and there was a Wall literally, a dark, dark grey Wall coming toward me. It did not take long at all to come and as it did it began to rain. Of course, there was no longer any need to worry about the fire. I had already opened my umbrella. On my way back to the house I was being splashed by the water, raining quite hard, and yet I could not get over the fact that I was not getting wet. I laughed out loud with joy, it was such a wonderful experience, but the water was not wetting me.

I can only imagine that the water was actually coming from a different Dimension, shall we say the Fourth Dimension and is perhaps like the water that is coming from that Spring now. I has a different feel about it drying very quickly, and obviously it does have all the qualities of a higher vibration, which does help to heal and free one’s body of the shadow. (this narrative is taken from my book, The Book of Love by a Medium.)

In the early 1990’s White Eagle introduced me to Sanat Kumara who advised that he oversees the Universe. He is very dignified and statesman-like coming with Universal Teachings and working with me until he introduced me in 1995 … … to Alcheringa who oversights the Earth. He is well known to the Australian Indigenous people and is known as their Creation Ancestor from the Dreamtime. I have come to understand that their dreaming stories are held as oral history records, along with their rock art and is similar – if not the same – as we experience when going into an advanced meditation and contacting Cosmic Worlds.

Before the new millennium began we used to have an Aboriginal healer come with his 80kg quartz crystal – bury it – and laying a possum coat over it, he performed many healings on this property. We agreed the crystal should stay here and so it was laid in the Bora Ring and a blessing took place under the auspices of Alcheringa (who tells us that he resides at Uluru in the Heart of Australia overseeing the Earth and the emerald green ray).

Valerie in Reflection after the 11-11-11 Ceremony

Valerie in contemplation after ceremony. The crystal sits on an ant hill that is gradually helping the crystal to fall back into the earth. Hindu people have advised that ants nests are considered sacred and their temples are built over them. (There is a lovely pink light coming from my hands. Pink is love at earth level – emerald green Light is Heart of Cosmos)

These ceremonies were held on Easter Sunday 2001 and Easter 2002.

You can see many photographs of the full size of the Alcheringa Crystal on the day of Blessing here, and also, take a look here for a photo of Rainbow Light coming from the Earth and the Crystal.

The 80kg quartz Crystal has been programmed by Alcheringa. Cosmic Sai Baba tells us it is part of him and it connects directly to Uluru. It is a communication crystal and a healing crystal.

Lord Shiva and the Sacred Alcheringa Spring


I would like to add another story about the time I met Sai Baba and when He gave me His Green Ring.

Just after the interview I was sitting in Darshan when somebody gave me this photo of the Lord Siva.

Lord Siva
The Card with Lord Siva

I liked the Trident having green stones down the holder, and all the OM symbols that seemed to be inside Orbs of Light. My attention was particularly drawn to the Siva Symbol and the three green leaves on his forehead.

When it came time to leave the Ashram I was given some sacred green leaves by the Seva Dals (service orderlies). I thanked them of course, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take them home because of the strict importation laws against live plants into Australia.

bilva leaves
Bilva leaves

So … I pressed them between paper and closed them into my diary, knowing it would be two weeks or so before I arrived back to Australia and I believed they would have become dry by then.

When I arrived home, I found the leaves were still alive.

Before we had left for our trip, my husband had commissioned a steep road to be cut down through the valley and to the bottom of the creek. When we returned we found that the deep cut into the valley had released a “spring” of water.

At the sametime, I received a fax from a well known psychic medium who lives on the other side of the world; announcing that Mother Mary had released sacred spring water at various points around the earth.

Well, I thought that was not a coincidence, so I collected some of the water in a glass tumbler and put the 2 green sacred leaves into it to keep them alive.

For a whole year I watched those leaves looking back at me, like two eyes. I put my finger into the water from time to time and continued to find that the water remained sweet to taste and I never once had to change the water.

Then after the year passed, and around the Sivarathi festival time my husband was planning to travel on business to Malaysia and asked me would I like to once again visit Sai Baba. As soon as I agreed, a third green leaf grew, so that there were three sacred green leaves looking at me just like on the forehead of the photo of Lord Siva.

I have since allowed the sacred plant to be discarded as it was against the law to have it in Australia – I really believe the whole scenario about the plant surviving for the year was really to show that the water did have ‘special’ healing qualities and the plant was just to show us all that. (‘Upstairs’ doesn’t ask us to break any laws)

When I had received the ring I had become very ill – but I knew it was an initiation and that all the cells in my body were being squeezed like a lemon. When my husband met with me at that time , he was so shocked at my state of health and loss of weight he said I was never going back to India again.

With the chance to return to India – I quickly accepted … saying to John, “I can’t believe you are suggesting I return to India again after you were so upset when I became seriously ill after the last trip.”

John paused and said, “I can’t believe I am suggesting it to you either!”

We believe the water from the spring is blessed – it is not meant to be sold commercially – but rather to drink a little – to use it like holy water – to be used in a flower essence from the Highest Gum Tress in the valley and where the water from the spring gathers at the base of the valley; to be walked into barefoot.

Alcheringa -  Uluru
Sacred Uluru, the home of Alcheringa

This sacred water along with the Blessing from the sky for The Alcheringa Crystal – Makes the valley a very Holy place indeed.

The valley is at Satori Springs, Tugalong Road, Canyoneligh.

Alcheringa Crystal – pictures from the Blessing

The Alcheringa Crystal ~ Blessing from the Sky

beginning of vesica piscis

The beginning of the Vesica Piscis – the corona of the two concentric circles is visible.

beginning of vesica piscis

Another view of the beginning of the Vesica Piscis – the corona of the two concentric circles is clear.

vesica piscis and corona

The corona of the concentric circles forming the Vesica Piscis are visible. The Vesica Piscis is below, indicating the presence of more than two circles in the sky.

vesica piscis and corona

The Vesica Piscis is beginning to be visible. Note the outlines of five circles in the sky, all forming part of the Vesica Piscis

Halo Effect in the sky beginning to form

The Halo Effect is beginning to form. Note the orb of light behind the tree.

Halo Effect is expanding rapidly and beginning to fill the visible sky

The Halo Effect is expanding rapidly and beginning to fill the visible sky.

Zig Zag in the sky

The Zig-Zag lines begin.

Close-up of zig zag line beginning to form

Close-up of zig zag line beginning to form.

Participants watching the Halo Effect

Participants watching the Halo Effect.

Halo Effect filling one of the concentric circles

Halo Effect filling one of the concentric circles.

Vesica Piscis is clearly seen

The Vesica Piscis is clearly seen.

zig zag line shooting out of concentric circle

The zig zag line shooting out from a concentric circle.

View of corona of concentric circle

View of corona of a concentric circle.

Corona of concentric circle

Corona of a concentric circle.

Zig Zag lines emerge from the Halo Effect

Zig Zag lines emerge from the Halo Effect.

Corona of concentric circle

Corona of a concentric circle.

Halo effect streaming across the skies

Halo effect streaming across the skies.

Halo effect streaming across the skies

Halo effect streaming across the skies.

Corona of concentric circle

Corona and other lines from concentric circles.

Halo Effect showing Corona  concentric circle

Halo Effect showing Corona and lines from concentric circles.

Chalice formed in sky from clouds

Chalice formed in sky from clouds.

Valerie Barrow watches the phenomena in the skies

Valerie Barrow watches the phenomena in the skies.

Peace Angels

Peace Angels

Peace Angels

Peace Angel

Peace Angels

Peace Angel

The Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Releasing an orange butterfly from the Alcheringa Crystal

Releasing an orange butterfly from the Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Blessing of the Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal ~ Blessing from the Sky

The Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal – dedication ceremony at Canyonleigh on Easter Sunday 15th April 2001.

The Alcheringa Crystal is a Healing Crystal and at the same time it functions as a multi-faceted Communication Crystal. It is called the Alcheringa Crystal for the Light Being by name of Alcheringa holds its energy.

As you might have read on other pages in this website, I was working with the sacred Alcheringa Stone, wrapped in paperbark, that belonged to the Australian Indigenous people. It linked me with knowledge that is outlined in my first book, titled The Book of Love, by a Medium.

Tony Schaeffer’s narrative of the dedication ceremony at Canyonleigh on Easter Sunday 15th April 2001.

Tony Schaefer has written his view of the Blessing Ceremony at Canyonleigh:

“On Easter Sunday, 15th April 2001, a dedication ceremony was held that heralded the commencement of a Healing Centre at Canyonleigh.

At the end of the ceremony, a most remarkable sequence of rainbows (no sign of rain clouds) appeared in the western sky at around 4.00pm. There was a series of five circular rainbows two of which were inverted. The top two connected in a tangent, another two crossed over to form the Vesica Piscis or the symbol of Christ, seen as a fish.

This phenomenon is known as ‘The Halo Effect’ and is extremely rare.

The Halo Effect

This was indeed appropriate, for one part of the Dedication Ceremony was to implant a large quartz crystal in the ‘Heart Centre’ or ‘Christos’ of the complex.

This also coincided with the fact that a medium told us before the event that on the day we would have a sign from Christ in the sky.

Vesica Piscis

There was also a bright light, almost as bright as the sun, on the arc of one of the rainbows and some unusual cloud formation. One cloud had the form of an angel and another, a distinct pyramid shape, with capstone included.

If this wasn’t enough, an eagle circled the property for almost an hour, its presence said to be denoting sacred land.

The Dedication Ceremony was held in front of nearly 100 guests and was celebrated by traditional aboriginal protection rites from Indigenous Australian Mathew Doyle, (incl. didgeridoo), prayers from Catholic Nuns, chanting and blessings by a Buddhist Monk, and the presence of The Peace Angels.

This property was known as Alcheringa located in the Southern Highlands of NSW near Berrima, just 1½ hours drive from Sydney, 1 hour from Wollongong and Nowra and 1½ hours from Canberra, the capital of Australia.

Valerie told me that she and John, her husband, had a vision of the property being a Healing Centre when they first came 12 years earlier. She believed that when the road to the creek at the bottom of the valley was cut, a ‘spring’ had been released and that the water held healing properties.

Valerie also told me that the Golden Mean, which flowed from an energy vortex of light in the land had been dedicated, by herself, to the unseen Ancient Aboriginal Spirit of the land 8 years earlier. This is where the 80 kg quartz crystal now resides, once again being dedicated to the Ancient Aboriginal spirit, and spreading the energy of light through the land. It is appropriate that an Australian Aboriginal Healer brought the crystal to the land.”

Judy McConchie’s narrative of the dedication ceremony at Canyonleigh on Easter Sunday 15th April 2001.

A friend Judy McConchie has written her view of the Blessing Ceremony:

“Following the beautiful dedication ceremony that included an address by Valerie Barrow and Tony Schaefer, the ceremony of bringing in the crystal to be laid onto the point of Light coming from within the earth began.

An Aboriginal welcomed us to this area of his ancestors, with the blessings of chant, dance and didgeridoo music. An address and blessings from a Buddhist monk and also Catholic nuns and the presence of Peace Angels, completed the ceremony.

Approximately 100 men, women and children joined in happy fellowship and the sharing of food. By late afternoon a large number had departed. At the conclusion of the stirring of the sacred water in a bio-dynamic ceremony, that was sprinkled around the land to assist growing and abundance, there appeared the most ‘heavenly and Divine’ symbols in the sky.

The first signs were of small rainbows of intense colour forming arcing patterns of sacred geometry. In the north-west an Orb of intense illumination, with an accompanying flare of colours of the rainbow, became the riveting symbol. Radiant rays of light would appear from it at intervals. A perfect ‘sign of the Fish’ the Christ symbol, appeared in pearlescent light near the illuminated Orb.

Sign of Fish and illuminated Orb in sky

A chalice formed and a floating form of wispy cloud brings in thoughts of an angelic being appeared beside it.

Captivated, we looked higher – there in perfect unison, two forms of identical fine lines of cloud started to form another chalice, this time lying on its side. The fine lines of cloud joined up in the centre as we watched forming the rim. A perfect cup shape appeared as fine lines trailed back from the rim. Then a shaft of light formed the stem of the Chalice, perfectly at the base of the cup.

The Chalice in the sky

The sign of the fish became even more pronounced as it drifted into the western quadrant of sky. Looking back to the glorious Orb, a pyramid started to form next to it, intensifying and becoming perfect, the apex becoming more radiant with each passing moment.

Behind us in the eastern sky, were layers of cloud in zig-zag arrows, reminiscent of the Tree of Life. A sense of deep awe, wonderment and gratitude for all that we were witnessing was experienced by us all.

As the sun sank lower, it lit the huge crystal that had been put in position earlier. There appeared a small point of light that seemed to emanate from its centre. It was awe inspiring. When next I looked up, the sky was filled with layers of arcing brilliant white light in the western sky.. It was truly a Blessing from the sky with Christed energies, most appropriate for the Alcheringa Crystal and the Ascension Easter Sunday.

In meditation later, Judie received this channelled message from the World of Light:

“In as much as you brought your soul being unto this place, following being invited by the Heavenly Realms through our Servant to the Light, the loving light energy – Valerie Barrow, as she is named on this your plane, you have been blessed by being in the energies of this most auspicious moment in Time.

This truly is holy ground, holy space, and an intergalactic opening of the thinning of the veils that allows the Communities of Light to walk amongst you. The momentous display in the heavens was an orchestration of ‘signs’ for all those with hearts to ‘See’, to be brought into resonance harmony with the glory of the Creator from the heavenly realms.

Through colour in rainbow and crystalline energies above, did the display dispel all the limited thought-forms in the beings present assembled. All will be of such strength in the Joy experienced from witnessing the symbols created. Whatever their soul’s journey from this day forward, will they be blessed by the high resonance frequencies integrated into their field of higher consciousness, that will journey with them for all time – even unto beyond their physical form on this place in this lifetime. For they have experienced a fusion between Time and Space, even though for some this will become apparent in their consciousness at a later timing.

They will become likened unto the Spark of Light that was seen in the Heart of the Crystal – and so the momentous outcomes from this high focus event will unfold for you as the passage of Time as you know it, transpires.”

Alcheringa (the property)
Alcheringa, the sacred stone wrapped in paperbark
Alcheringa (the Crystal), and
Alcheringa, the Spirit Being (at Uluru)

Around the same time I had two mediums visit our house at Canyonleigh to work with the Council of Light from the World of Light. Our focus was, and is always upon World Peace, but this day was the first time I was introduced to The Light Being known as Alcheringa.

He spoke alternatively through my friends, sometimes through Rosemary and then sometimes through Brian. He made us laugh – but it was his way of introducing himself to me. He told us He was the Golden One, and that he had been working with the indigenous Ancient Elders since the beginning of Creation and that he resided at Uluru.

He also told us that Canyonleigh was directly connected to Uluru and he meant not only from the underground meridians, but also from the raised frequency of Light that existed both at Canyonleigh and at Uluru. When I visited Uluru not long after, he spirited my car keys from me to introduce me to a higher understanding about myself and Uluru. (You can read this story here)

It is interesting that the indigenous people used to travel to Canyonleigh from the Coast. They called it a place of healing waters and a meeting place to communicate with other native countries. This was before the white man came.

I digress here, for while the three of us were sitting in mediation and receiving our introduction to the spirit of Alcheringa – a huge fat candle that I had lit in the middle of the glass table – caught fire.

Flames were leaping into the air along with smoke, but we didn’t panic because it was not out of control and in fact the fire quickly died down to allow the candle wax to melt and flow out onto the glass table top – forming an image that looked a little like Uluru itself.

The burnt candle

View of Ayers Rock from the air showing striations across the top of the rock

This was demonstrating to us that Uluru was an asteroid and that at another time it had come as a fiery mass, into our earth’s atmosphere – broken into 6 pieces and the bulk of it landing where it stands now, in the Red Centre of Australia or what we call The Heart of Australia bringing major change to Earth’s evolvement.

A shaft of light strikes the Alcheringa Crystal

Evolvement has taken place and now the Alcheringa Crystal has been re-ignited by a shaft of Light. The Alcheringa Crystal still stands in the valley at Canyonleigh ready to bring change to anyone who sits with their hands on the glass pyramid covering the 80 kg crystal, and also to act as a communication crystal allowing an intergalactic opening with the Heavenly Realms. This initiates a focusing of the Spark of Light within the heart and soul of the person, and is what was seen in the Heart of the Crystal on the day of the Blessing from the sky.

A shaft of light strikes the Alcheringa Crystal

You can find the property which has the Alcheringa Crystal by visiting the Links page on this website, and then clicking the link to Satori Springs.

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