Alcheringa Speaks about Rainbow Serpent and Ascension

Alcheringa Crystal

If we take the minutes, the hour, the day, the month and the year from our time, we are left with Dreamtime, that time when Rainbow Serpent created our world. In this narrative, Valerie relates a recent channelling with Alcheringa (the oversighting spirit of this corner of our galaxy) about the Rainbow Serpent and shares a startling link direct from the Alcheringa Crystal to Uluru.

There are many ancient Australian stories about the Creator God, and many different names are given. Among the Australian indigenous peoples the oldest name used for Creator is Biame, the “creator fellow long time back“. Most of these stories also speak of Rainbow Serpent as the creator, moving over the landscape and creating hills and gullies, rivers and billabongs, and the many different dimensions of the land. This land, for the Australian Indigenous peoples, was a sacred land with sacred legends. It was the spiritual task of the indigenous peoples (the different aboriginal language groups) to “sing the country”, in order to keep the spirit there and keep the story of their creation alive.

Valerie Barrow has been privileged to be the minder of the Alcheringa Stone for a brief time in her life. (See The Book of Love by a Medium.) During this time, the oversighting spirit of this corner of our Galaxy, and the protector of our planet, the spirit-being Alcheringa came to her, and Valerie began to channel the Spirit Being we now know as Alcheringa. Alcheringa has given very important clues to the history of our planet, our lands and the Egyptian visitors to Australia thousands of years ago. All that Alcheringa has promised Valerie has come to pass.

Prompted by Spirit, Valerie Barrow and her husband John, along with one friend, visited the Alcheringa Crystal, recently. We turn to Valerie and John Barrow, the images from this day and read the message from Alcheringa, with its connection to Ascension:


Photo of Sun on Valerie's Back;  Gold Light across John's waist (his solar plexus)

Photo of Sun on Valerie’s Back; Gold Light across John’s waist (his solar plexus)

Gold Light across his solar plexus

Enlargement showing the Gold Light across John’s solar plexus
and the blue line on the ground going in a North-westerly direction toward Uluru

The Alcheringa Crystal

The Alcheringa Crystal

map showing link from Alcheringa Crystal to Uluru

Image showing the North West Link from the Alcheringa Crystal to Uluru. To understand this image, scroll up to the first image and look for the line of blue light on the ground – which shows the alignment of the Alcheringa Crystal to Uluru in Central Australia…

This map shows the North West link from from the Alcheringa Crystal to Uluru – evidenced by the blue line showing in front of Alcheringa Crystal. It is also confirming that the Alcheringa Crystal, Canyonleigh and Uluru are on the same frequency of Ascension, as told to Valerie by her spirit mentor some 22 years ago.

Photo of Rainbow Serpent at Uluru
Rainbow Serpent at Uluru – as captured by Michelle McGrath in 2011

On the 14th May 2014, I called upon Alcheringa when standing around the Alcheringa crystal at Satori Springs, Canyonleigh.

Alcheringa: “I am here My Dear, and I have been here for quite sometime and I am pleased that you have called upon me. Do you have a question for me?”

Valerie: ‘Yes I do Alcheringa – I have been wondering about the Rainbow Serpent – that seems to be almost like a religious symbol all over the world with indigenous races. And particularly with the Australian Aboriginal people. Can you tell me the source of that – exactly what does it mean?’

Alcheringa:”I will give you images My Dear, for you do not have the language but I will give you images so stand awhile and I will give it to you….”

Valerie: ‘I see two hands holding a sun – they are saying it is energy being brought in to touch the Earth – it is a bit like a rainbow – it is a rainbow. It is swirling and encompassing the whole of the Earth. I am seeing it swirling so that it is important that we understand that it has movement.

Alcheringa: So that the rainbow serpent to the Aboriginal people is important as a symbol of what we see as the rainbow. That is the technical aspect of the rainbow; but it is also a divine energy of Light and this is what is coming onto the planet. And this is why the indigenous people have been taught to accept and understand and know of this rainbow energy – it is like a snake that comes onto the Earth and infiltrates each and every thing.

Alcheringa: The star people also showed, and encouraged, and taught the indigenous people to revere, to respect it and it has gone on to other races in very ancient times to worship the Sun.”

Alcheringa:’You understand?’

Valerie: ‘I am most grateful for this information. The rainbow makes you want to smile and admire its beauty just the same as you feel when you look at beautiful flowers that reflect the different colours of the rainbow from the sun.

I remember at another time entirely, I was advised by my spirit mentor that the rainbow was the closest thing we have on Earth to the World of Light.’