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Here is the July 2014 newsletter from my website. Death and how we might experience it, and the near-death experiences of many people, are urgent questions for many people. We take a look at the work of Dr Sam Parnia on Erasing Death. We have all heard of the Rosetta Stone, now, messagetoeagle draw our attention to the Roseau Stone, a stone which may rewrite the history of North America. We also look to the explorations on Mars and discover suprising evidence of green life forms on Mars.

Very much the work I am engaged in with “upstairs” is a retelling of the history of humankind; much was lost at the fall of Atlantis, including nearly all written records. Now, archeological digs uncover our past and we look to a dig in Western Australia, the Sima de Husos of Spain, and the Grotte Chauvet of France. Crop circles return with startling messages of a forthcoming wholeness of our solar system which will be accompanied by harmony and peace among the races on Earth.

We look to a humourous presentation on the differences between men and women’s brains, and enjoy dolphins blowing torroidal bubbles. We wind this newsletter up with the startling news that Cosmic Sai Baba, who left his body three years ago, has returned in his light body, and promised that he will be seen again for many years, until his 96th year.

Erasing Death

Book Cover, Erasing Death

Sam Parnia, MD, has been researching What happens when we die? This is one of the most enduring mysteries. While almost every person has their own opinion, most would ultimately shrug and say, “We can’t bring people back from the dead to tell us, so we will never really know.” But that is no longer true. Due to a revolution in the field of modern resuscitation science, particularly over the past decade, now we can. Today, by the lexicon of modern resuscitation science, death is in fact fully reversible. Death can no longer be considered an absolute moment but rather a process that can be reversed even many hours after it has taken place. How many hours? Well, we don’t know precisely, but definitely long enough to say that many of the 1,514 lifeless bodies discovered in the water by the crew of the rescue ship RMS Carpathia two hours after the Titanic had sunk could have been brought back to life if the Titanic had sunk in 2012 instead of 1912. This is not a play on words; it is literal. A person can actually be brought back to life after the heart has stopped beating and the brain has flatlined. The reason? The discovery that it is only after a person actually dies that the cells in his body go through their own process of death, which can be manipulated through science.

As a result of these advances, we can now study what these people experience in that period after their heart stops and before they are brought back to life, which includes seeing a warm light, a beautiful compassionate being, or the sensation of separating from the body and seeing doctors and nurses or family members talking (an out-of-body experience). But rather than approaching this from a religious or philosophical point of view, we can now approach it from a scientific and medical perspective. This is what inspired me to write Erasing Death: The Science That Is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death — to share what I and other doctors are discovering in hospitals all over the world.

Read more about Dr Sam Parnia’s groundbreaking work here

Watch a video interview with Dr Sam Parnia on Youtube

Read about the book, Erasing Death on Amazon

The Roseau Stone

The story of this incredible stone is shrouded in mystery. Putting together the pieces is almost like solving a detective story.

The small stone, not more than perhaps two inches was discovered in 1927 in Roseau, Minnesota by Mr. Jake Nelson. While digging in his garden, he accidentally came across several stone hammers, arrowheads, ceramic shards, animal bones and this precious stone. One of the reasons he was able to uncover so many artifacts was because his home was on the site of an ancient Indian settlement.

Roseau Stone

The Roseau Stone was given to John Jager, a famous American anthropologist

The stone was given to John Jager, a famous American anthropologist and expert on ancient texts. Jager was a remarkable scientist. He was a genius interested in world-wide anthropology and epigraphy. He was also one of the first pioneers to put forth the idea of cultural diffusion and global travel, to North America, by the ancient mariners.

When Jager compared the engravings on the Roseau stone with other ancient inscription samples collected from around the world, he made a stunning discovery. “This inscription was made by ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. There are even Sumerian signs. Sumer is considered to be the first civilization on Earth and it is older than the Cathay Hüyük (Katal-huyuk) in Anatolia (Turkey),” he wrote in his diary.

You can read more: on

Green On Mars:

green stuff on mars

It would be easy to take it for granted that the atmosphere of Mars is inhospitable to sustaining life. In fact, this is generally considered to be the case-which is a good reason why NASA would be so quick to dismiss the images of the Face on Mars and the Pyramids as mere natural by-products of wind erosion. To consider that these structures were deliberately created, we have to assume that the Martian atmosphere at some point was capable of supporting life. Currently, there is a vast body of evidence emerging that suggests that this may well have been the case at some time in the past.

Primarily, scientists have been examining what is known as the Gusev crater, a huge crater with a diameter of about 160 kilometers (90 miles). Many believe that the crater at one point was filled with water. The size and dimensions of the crater suggest that possibly a lake once stood there.

The NASA Spirit Rover landed in center of the Gusev crater in 2004. Images taken from the Rover’s panoramic camera also show a number of interesting rocks. One rock outcropping, called the “Pot of Gold,” has been thus named for its strange collection of nodules. There is also a cluster of rocks that resemble rotting loaves of bread and have therefore been dubbed the “Rotten Rocks.”

green stuff on mars

In 2004, the European Space Agency took its first full color image of the Gusev crater. What made the ESA image so immediately interesting was the “dark mass” features seen streaking in portions of the floor of the 90-mile-wide Crater in the NASA imaging (left). They can now be seen in true color by ESA revealed by Mars Express (right) to be various amazing shades of green.

You can read more about Green on Mars here.

Hidden ocean found under Earth’s crust


Closeup of the mineral, ringwoodite

Deep within the Earth’s rocky mantle lies oceans’ worth of water locked up in a type of mineral called ringwoodite, new research shows.

The results of the study will help scientists understand Earth’s water cycle, and how plate tectonics moves water between the surface of the planet and interior reservoirs, researchers say.

The Earth’s mantle is the hot, rocky layer between the planet’s core and crust. Scientists have long suspected that the mantle’s so-called transition zone, which sits between the upper and lower mantle layers 410 to 660 kilometres below Earth’s surface, could contain water trapped in rare minerals. However, direct evidence for this water has been lacking, until now. [See Images of Water-Rich Ringwoodite and Earth’s Layers]

To see if the transition zone really is a deep reservoir for water, researchers conducted experiments on water-rich ringwoodite, analyzed seismic waves travelling through the mantle beneath the United States, and studied numerical models. They discovered that downward-flowing mantle material is melting as it crosses the boundary between the transition zone and the lower mantle layer.

“If we are seeing this melting, then there has to be this water in the transition zone,” said Brandon Schmandt, a seismologist at the University of New Mexico and co-author of the new study published today (June 12) in the journal Science. “The transition zone can hold a lot of water, and could potentially have the same amount of H2O [water] as all the world’s oceans.” (Melting is a way of getting rid of water, which is unstable under conditions in Earth’s lower mantle, the researchers said.)

A water-rich mineral, Ringwoodite is a rare type of mineral that forms from olivine under very high pressures and temperatures, such as those present in the mantle’s transition zone. Laboratory studies have shown that the mineral can contain water, which isn’t present as liquid, ice or vapor; instead, it is trapped in the ringwoodite’s molecular structure as hydroxide ions (bonded oxygen and hydrogen atoms). This heralds a new method of harvesting water for the Earth.

You can read more about this hidden water under the Earth’s crust here and see what the scientists are doing.

Archaeological Dig In West Australian Cave Finds 45,000 Year Old Human Settlement


Significant finding: Digging in the Ganga Maya Cave in the Pilbara.

Archaeologists have found artefacts dating back 45,000 years in a cave in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Animal bones and charcoal have been dug up in the Ganga Maya Cave, known to traditional owners of the land as “house on the hill”, and is now believed to be the earliest human settlement in Australia.

However Kate Morse, Director of Archaeology at Fremantle heritage consultancy Big Island Research, has said it is too early in the excavation process to officially determine the site’s significance.

“We have only got the one date and I would prefer to get other dates before I make those kind of claims. It is certainly a very old site,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I think it is an area that people have travelled into to start exploring Australia. They have come from SE Asia across the water and arrived in northern Australia and made their way around the coast following river systems inland.”

Morse was particularly excited about the find because it of the evidence that it had been “occupied on and off but repeatedly including during the Ice Age 18-22,000 years ago and it looks like people were visiting the site then”.

Read more here.

New evidence on Neanderthal evolution

dig in Spain

These skulls in this study are 430,000 years old, and there is reference to humans evolving in a mosaic way, which suggests the evoloution assisted by star peoples in different places we know as Atlantis. Some skulls are referred to as 800,000 years old.

Sima de los Huesos (Bones Pit) belongs to the Cueva Mayor – Cueva del Silo karst complex. To enter the site now, scientists have to crawl for 500 metres through Cueva Mayor to a 13 metre deep pit. At the bottom lies one of the world’s most important fossil deposits, with a chronology spanning roughly 500,000 years. Never have so many human fossils from the same species been found in the same place.

Beginning in 1997, the excavation team has located more than 5,500 human bones dated to an age of at least 350,000 years old, corresponding to the Middle Pleistocene and representing around 28 skeletons of the species Homo heidelbergensis, together with remains of Ursus deningeri and a biface called Excalibur. It is hypothesized that the Acheulean axe made of red quartzite was some kind of ritual offering for a funeral. Ninety percent of the known Homo heidelbergensis remains have been obtained from this site.

Future fellow at the University of Adelaide, Lee Arnold, is one of the researchers involved in a new analysis of 17 skulls from the famous Spanish site, including seven that have not been previously reported.

Lee Arnold says that the Sima’s a very important site because it accounts for about well more that 80 per cent of the world’s finds of fossils relating to the genus homo from the period that we call the Middle Pleistocene which which spans between 150 and about 800,000 and because we’ve now got a very concrete age on this very abundant fossil find we’re able to start putting together a much better picture of the complexity of human evolution within Europe during this middle Pliocene period but what we now need – that’s a chronology on other sites relating to that period within Europe we can start to test the theories about human evolution during this middle Pliocene period and how this site relates to other sites.

France’s Chauvet cave

Paintings in Chauvet Grotte

Hundreds of animal paintings have been catalogued, depicting at least 13 different species, including some rarely or never found in other ice age paintings

The Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave in the Ardèche department of southern France is a cave that contains the earliest known and best preserved figurative cave paintings in the world.

“It is a cave so closely guarded that only three people know the code to the half-tonne reinforced door that seals its entrance, where cameras keep watch 24 hours a day…

For tens of thousands of years, time stopped in the cave nestled deep in a limestone cliff that hangs over the lush, meandering Ardeche River, until it was discovered in 1994 by a group of cave experts.

To reach the site, which is closed to the public, the lucky few allowed access must hike up a path that our Cro-Magnon ancestors once used, not far from a natural stone bridge that straddles an abandoned part of the river.

Some 36,000 years ago — the age of the cave paintings — tall Scots pines lorded over the cliff in a climate equivalent to that of present-day southern Norway.

After arriving at the entrance in sweltering heat, descending into the Paleolithic den brings a sharp drop in temperature and almost 100 percent humidity.

Visitors must put on white overalls and special shoes to avoid polluting the environment, as well as a helmet and harness.

“The idea is to keep the cave in the same state of containment as when it was discovered,” Bardisa says.

“We watch over the atmospheric balance, we monitor the potential proliferation of algae, mushrooms or bacteria.”

Miraculously preserved

Now begins the travel through time. After crawling through a narrow tunnel, visitors reach man-made stairs. At the bottom, the silent, cool cave opens up.

Nearly everything has been left as it was when Jean-Marie Chauvet, Christian Hillaire and Eliette Brunel stumbled across the grotto on December 18, 1994.

Crystals on huge limestone formations sparkle in the lamp light. Bones coated with clay and calcite litter the cave, proving that bears lived here before and after humans passed through. The skull of an Alpine ibex, a species of wild goat, smiles through immaculate teeth.

Visitors are not allowed to walk freely through the site but must stick to a tiny walkway that makes movement difficult.

Paintings of hands — made using a technique of blowing red ochre pigment onto the wall around the hand — appear out of the dark as a guide shines a powerful lamp onto the wall.

Further away, an image of a red bear with a spotty face stands over the only known drawing of a panther among all cave paintings from the Paleolithic era.

“Chauvet alone houses 75 percent of big cats and 60 percent of rhinoceroses” known to have been drawn during the period, says Charles Chauveau, the site’s deputy curator.

Paintings in Chauvet Grotte

The cave has been sealed off to the public since its discovery in 1994. Access is severely restricted owing to the experience with decorated caves such as Lascaux found in the 20th century, where the admission of visitors on a large scale led to the growth of mold on the walls that damaged the art in places.

You may read more here

The Great Unveiling

Maintaining Frequency while old matrix is collapsing and your body is still making the transitions to 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Energy

By Shekina Rose / Blue Ray (Watch a slideshow of this commentary here)

You are seeing the signs of the 5th-Dimensional New Earth everywhere as the veils to the higher realms and your true essence are becoming thinner. You are experiencing greater synchronicity and spiritual phenomenon in your world of angels, lights, starships, the devic kingdoms, inter-dimensional time space and more.

You are now entering into uncharted time space of planetary alignment of transitional periods of emotional intensity and stargates. Know the New Earth and these celestial occurrences are bringing you to your frequency resonances of home here on Gaia. 13 The Soul Essence of your divine I Am Presence is here to tell you that what you are seeing and sensing is real; it is the entry into the New Earth and you are the New Earth.

Yes, it is glorious as you are shifting into your 5D ascension bodies with the New Earth; please do hold on as you are in the cosmic water current energies of the ebb and flow. You the empathic BlueRay and light bearers can be more sensitive in your bodies and emotions to the earth shifts and changes. It may look different at certain periods; do not be alarmed at the way your body and emotions can fluctuate and maybe react as you are a high frequency resonance being. You were designed to feel deeply and at many levels and vibrations.

Know that this has been part of your mission here on Gaia to be a Stargate channel of the Empathic Codes of the restoration of the Goddess to bring balance and forgotten ancient knowledge.

How to maneuver through the aligning portals of new planetary unified frequency

The ways you have traditionally and previously come into center, staying connected and present with spirit, are changing moment by moment, day by day. The way to be in harmonic resonance frequency is now happening as it is arriving, as you allow yourself to be in the divine flow with the Divine Holy Matrix. This is because the old paradigm and energy constructs are collapsing and the Divine Holy Matrix of your Original Divine Blueprint is coming online, making new Light alliances, resonances, fields of unified Source connection.

It will take you time within your own personal cycle to get accustomed to this new alignment. As you continue to do things the old paradigm way to make the usual spirit connections and they are not working, this is the sign to trust in the new energies and greater divine flow.

Maintaining Frequency while old matrix is collapsing and your body is still making the transitions to 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Energy:

Times of radical surrender and trust without clearing – Where you may feel the need to push, project and be in your energies of thought and experiences of being trapped (non miracles), you can now jump or let go to a higher frequency of 5D presence where you can immediate feel a sense of freedom, expansion, divinity and strength. This is not clearing and consciousness transforming the energy—you are shifting vibrational resonance which in a sense transforms the resonance fields. You may shift back and forth for certain durations of time until your body energy fields and consciousness are ready and able to stay attuned within your ascension 5D body resonance field.

Being in a higher divine flow of expansion still means you will know what radical trust and surrender means for you. It can mean energy boundaries or greater separations or being more open where you were not before.

Power down for intense bombardment of atmospheric energetic release and reboot – This can mean that the power grids will not be working properly or will be shut down temporarily, where your power, cell phones and internet will be interrupted. This can be a signal for you to stay at home for certain periods of time, take naps and rest, and to stay off the grid lines as energies, timelines, dimensions are transforming and shifting. Trust and listen to your intuition as it will be become stronger and stronger.

Copyright © Language of Light vocal sound transmissions by Shekina Rose of – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL is included as the resource

Crop Circles Return …

New Crop Formation

Macmillan Way, nr Rodmarton, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 15th July 2014

Image Copyright 2014

Aboriginal ‘Pleiades Embryo’ Carving Reveals Origin of Human Creation

Pleiades Embryo

Steven and Evan Strong report that this brief article is the most accidental and one of the most important they have yet penned.

“We recently received some archival records of immense importance, relating to studies, sites and conclusions that Frederic Slater (President of the Australian Archaeological Society of Australia), along with a bevy of well connected associates, shared openly in the public arena in 1937. According to the archives, this group of scholars were adamant that some (then) recently discovered rock engravings were of Egyptian inspiration, and made reference to a rock platform near the Cave of the Golden Boomerang we ourselves had previously stood upon – and came to the same conclusion.

We searched online for further details of that particular site, and there amongst a Newcastle University discussion about this location and its archaeology, was a photograph. The figure it depicted was a rather unusual semi-embryonic foetus, and much to our surprise – and delight – it was claimed that this icon represented the Pleiades.

The Pleiades Embryo

The Pleiades Embryo

Our reaction was instant. We both immediately recognised the symbol, where it was found, and how dramatically the traveller’s narrative of the Cave of the Golden Boomerang had been extended — into the heavens and beyond. Knowing how sacred this cave was, detailing the beginning of modern humans, we had previously known of the general details, but none of the specifics. This changed everything.

Initially taken by the precision of the artist and the impressive array of huge human figures, we saw the small figure to the right of the ‘standing woman’ and took it to be, with some hesitation, a new borne child. But that explanation sat uneasily, because every other human figure here is representational and proportional to the true human figure. By comparison, the ‘baby’ appears so odd and distorted and only vaguely resembles an infant. It is neither being held nor cared for by the closest female, rather it is seated beside the woman’s shin but is not touching nor dependent on her. There is also no crib or traditional coolaman dish depicted.

Deliberately apart from the others, this embryonic figure is the first engraving in the gallery. The most prominent and tallest figure is the female, and until we were made aware of the constellation marker, we had assumed the narrative began with her. But the three human-like figures and the sacred Golden Boomerang come after, not before, the constellation marker. The narrative of creation doesn’t begin with her, it begins at the Pleiades.

We were already aware that this gallery itemizes the agents involved in the creation of modern humans, but we never had such a firm archaeological foundation upon which to base our belief in an off-world involvement, until now. Knowing that it represents the Pleiades, that tiny icon adds so much to this ancient Original record of humanity’s genesis; it provides an introduction, a place of setting and a genetic backdrop. As far as we are concerned, this is the most convincing evidence of an ancient Pleiadian ancestry on this continent we have seen.

You can

Mens Brains and Women’s Brains

a spot of humour…

Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices

Not so isolated: Khoisan tribes have European DNA (Image: Ariadne Van Zandbergen/Alamy)

Extraordinary and beautiful examples of toroidal vortices produced by dolphins, beluga whales, humpback whales, volcanoes, hydrogen/atomic bombs, and Man.

A toroidal vortex, also called a vortex ring, is a region of rotating fluid moving through the same or different fluid where the flow pattern takes on a toroidal (doughnut) shape. The movement of the fluid is about the poloidal or circular axis of the doughnut, in a twisting vortex motion. Examples of this phenomenon are a smoke ring or a microburst. Vortex rings were first mathematically analysed by the German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz, in his paper of 1867 On Integrals of the Hydrodynamical Equations which Express Vortex-motion Smoke rings have probably been observed since antiquity since they can easily be blown from the mouth. Read more about vortex rings on Wikipedia

Looking At Tears Under A Microscope Reveals An Amazing Fact

Eye with tear

One day Rose-Lynn Fisher wondered if her tears of grief would look different compared to her tears of joy, so she began to explore them up close under a microscope.

She studied 100 different tears and found that basal tears (the ones that our body produces to lubricate our eyes) are drastically different from the tears that happen when we are chopping onions. The tears that come about from hard laughter aren’t even close to the tears of sorrow. Like a drop of ocean water each tiny tear drop carries a microcosm of human experience. Her project is called The Topography of Tears. Read more at Expanded Consciousness

Sai Baba at Kodaikanal – and more to come

Sai Baba of Puttaparthy

Many around the world have been stunned by news of Sai Baba appearing in Kodaikanal in a “light” body during the period 12 – 21 May 2014. Talks given by Sai Baba and accounts of this visit have been distributed in the internet in various forums and places. Isaac Tigrett shared information; exactly that inform

On 27 June 2014, Cosmic Sai Baba has confirmed to Valerie Barrow and her husband John, that he did in fact appear in his “light” body at Kodaikanal in 2014, and will be making many more appearances.

Cosmic Sai Baba confirmed this again during the normal monthly transmission of 1 July 2014.


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