The Grand Sextile – Monday 29.7.2013


A meditation was led to link with the Planets in alignment with a six-pointed star – a time, we are told – we have all subconsciously been waiting for.

It is a time when we can leave all beliefs and attachments behind us and raise our Consciousness to link with the 4th and 5th Dimensional Crystal Consciousness. This time comes about prompted by a Triune of energies forming a Merkabah around this planet Earth.

Merkabah surrounds the earth, formed by grand trine

Merkabah surrounds the Earth, formed by the grand trine of the planets

You can read more about the Grand Trine and the Merkabah on the Narayana Oracle website. (Opens in new window)

As we were all focusing and grounding this new energy onto our planet in wonderful timing – a bell bird began to sing. AND kept on singing as if it was ringing in the changes and assisting us to ground the new crystal consciousness energy. It lasted for some time – without anyone talking – just the sound of the bell. A beautiful uplifting feeling.

The Alcheringa Crystal sits on a Bora ring and the surrounding area continues to be a strong Stargate. The same dimensional energy that exists at Uluru, we are advised by the Creative Spirit Ancestor ‘Alcheringa.’ The crystal is a Master Crystal – and assists with healing and communication with other Worlds.

Alcheringa crystal within 3 sided pyramid

The Alcheringa Crystal within its new 3 sided pyramid;
Lilies – which carry the energy of purity – have been placed within the pyramid

We called upon Alcheringa to make his presence: Many birds had been flying and singing to us just before he came.

‘I am here, thank you for calling upon me … I have been waiting … and waiting … and waiting!! (everyone laughs) But I joke with you and it gives me pleasure to be here with you and to speak to you.

The ceremony that you have done today is very important. It will go out further than you realise, but as I have said, it is important.

And so when you work with Holy Spirit, you know that you offer yourself in service and in the service, you do not always know the outcome, but there is outcome.

Sometimes they flow on to many places, that you would not really begin to realise or understand. And I am not about to explain them all to you because I want you to know that the work that you do with Holy Spirit, is truly, truly, felt with great graciousness and love. We are glad—and are particularly glad—that you work with us and want to work with us, and continue to work with us.

This is my message today because there will be more that comes out from the article that I know Valerie will be writing. I will speak with her then, so there will be more on the article and there will be more from that, if you like.

For the moment I want to thank you for the work that you do, and for the love in your heart and from the friends of all the birds and the spirit and the ancestors that are here working with you. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you.’

Val introduces the ceremony

Valerie introduces the ceremony; note the colour of the ground
immediately in front of Valerie, taking the form of the Merkabah pyramid of light
expanding outside the glass pyramid itself.

The following is a poem taken from Suzanne’s website Multidimensional Counsellor.


When we are born to this world we forget our SELF
and become the expectations of the many others,
who have also forgotten their SELF.

However, as we release our fears and allow our awakening,
we begin to remember.
Often the memory comes as if in a dream
or when we least expect it
a feeling, a brief picture, a certain color or sound,
flirts with the edge of our consciousness.

Then we become very, very lonely.
We want to go Home,
but we can’t remember where Home is.
We only know it isn’t here.

However, if we listen with our Hearts,
We can hear a small voice saying,
“Beloved One,
it is I, your Multidimensional SELF.

“I wish you to know that
I am preparing
a celebration in your honor.

“Yes, you.
Do not look around
for the one to whom I speak.

“I speak to you.
You. The one who will listen.

“I have long awaited
the return of my kin
who has so bravely served
upon the Great Mother.

“Your time of homecoming is nigh.
Do not doubt, nor fear,
for I have taken you into my vibration.

“There is no way in which
you can get lost now.

“Just relax into my flow,
I am bringing you Home.

“Remember, the violet trees
that sway in the flow of the glistening sky.

“See the colors that emanate from each leaf
and hear the melodies they create
as they mingle with the breeze.

“Feel the warm glow of life
as it welcomes your arrival.

“All that holds form here
is aware and communicates.

“Even the Formless Ones embrace your Soul
and free you of ALL limitations.

“Feel how you are united with all life
and how all of life is united with you.

“What you knew as a child,
remember now as an adult.

“Home is not a place.
Home is a state of consciousness.

Relax now, My One, enjoy the journey.
“You are returning HOME
HOME is where you‘ve always been.”

Group standing inside the bora ring with the Alcheringa Crystal in the 3 sided pyramid

Group standing inside the bora ring with the Alcheringa Crystal in the 3 sided pyramid

Group standing inside the bora ring with the Alcheringa Crystal in the 3 sided pyramid

Group standing inside the bora ring with the Alcheringa Crystal in the 3 sided pyramid

©Valerie Barrow, 2013
Welcome Home © Susan Lie