Visit to the beautiful land of New Zealand – November 2015

break-apartValerie and John – eager to spend their frequent flyer points – visit New Zealand, albeit a too-brief visit. Valerie is prompted by her spirit guide to give some reflection to the ancient land of Lemuria during her travels. Many upheavals that have happened upon the Earth – including the time that history records of the time of ancient Lemuria. That is not all that long after what was known as the planet Mu, when the Pleiadeans first came here. Although the starpeople on board that Mothership came from different star worlds also. Valerie commences linking different parts of the holiday narrative with that of Alcheringa, when the First Ancestors were Created.

Recently John and I travelled to New Zealand. We had sufficient Frequent Flyer points available to us for free air travel – the condition was to use them before the end of year 2015 or we would lose them. Hence it was to be a 2 week journey made in haste and without proper planning until we reached the distant shores after only a 3 hour flight from Sydney. When we arrived in Auckland we visited the ‘Flight Centre’ shop (you cannot miss their shop-front with bright red sign with simple black writing) to arrange an interesting bus-stop tour, around the South Island.

Once again, I felt this journey was no coincidence and received a message from our spirit mentor asking me to investigate the ancient time of Lemuria (in the time when we were starpeople we knew this island as Mu) and when we arrived home, they would assist with what I wrote.

I felt that Mu was part of what is now Australia and linked more with the Islands, such as Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, Samoan Islands, the Indonesian Islands, Java and Bali, Fiji, New Guinea, Noumea, New Hebrides, Tahiti and Hawaii and now New Zealand. In other words in what is now the Pacific Region. What is sometimes called the “Pacific Ring of Fire


It is interesting look back and recognise that Spirit had organised for John and I to visit all the these Islands over the years – and we thought (at the time) we were just being prompted to holiday there – when in fact, we were serving our spirit mentor and walking ancient Lemuria to register our presence in this era.

I have never been prompted to research Lemuria until now. Certainly we were given that the first humans were the early Australian Aborigines and that story was said to be in the time of Mu. (see Alcheringa – when the first ancestors were created.) I had always thought that the starpeople, as we were, considered visiting this planet from the Pleiades and referred to the whole planet as Mu.

And now as I begin to research – I find that Mu was an ancient mythical land and was when man was said to have been first created. This resonates with information we have been given.


Lemuria existed well before Atlantis and during the time of Atlantis.

We know we are part of the 144,000 prophesized. And that we have come back from the future.



This map is interesting – a suggestion of how Melanesian migrated to Polynesia And dates back to Philippines to Taiwan and before that 3,000 BC

This article puts Lemuria in the Indian Ocean –

Now we have Lemuria crossing from Madagascar – Australia – to New Zealand. Virtually from Indian Ocean to Pacific Ocean with land bridges..

I must say when John and I visited Taiwan we had strong feelings of being there before and we could not believe how alike the indigenous people were to the American Red Indians. Even with the Tee Pees, the tom-tom drums, dress and dancing.

Lemuria was originally an hypothesised continent in the southern Indian Ocean, proposed in 1860 by the geologist William T Blandford (1832-1905) as a means of explaining the presence of identical Permian rocks in South Africa and Gondwana (in southern India). Geologists noted that strata of Permian age in India, South Africa, Australia, and South America (245 to 286 million years ago) were almost identical in the types of sedimentary rocks that comprised them. In addition, these strata on these continents contained identical fossils of land plants, e.g. cordaites and “Glossopteris” and land animals, e.g. Therapsids.

Because these land plants and animals could not have crossed the open sea and continents were thought to be immobile, geologists explained the presence of identical fossil plants and animals on India, Africa, South America, and Australia by postulating the existence of land bridges and even whole continents that had long since sunk beneath the oceans. In 1864, the English zoologist Philip Lutley Sclater (1829-1913) suggested the name Lemuria for this land bridge, and the name stuck.


You can see maps of the Pacific Ring of Fire here. This somewhat resembles the Wikipedia map of Mu, the lost continent. This page gives a summary of earlier esoteric explorations into the location, nature, inhabitants and the sinking of the lost land of Lemuria. (All connected to Charles Darwin and other anthropologists who found bones of Lemurs both in Madagascar and India – hence the speculation and research into a missing land bridge. (Discernment is needed; keep in mind that time was different, possibly faster, and tectonic plate movements were a natural part of the formation of the continents we have today. Much discernment is needed where earlier esoteric explorers were lacking information.


It is well known that ley-lines criss-crossed the Earth. What is not known that there were also lines where energy – electrical and magnetic – was directed to cities and satellite states around the earth for consumption as power. Esoteric researchers find the Inca of South America have some connection with circles of Avebury, and this highlights the unknown, forgotten channels of magnetic and electric currents under the earth. The Hypercosmic Sun connects Quetzlcoatl with Farokar of Ancient Egypt and Persia. These are also recorded in the Chaldean Oracles.

There is also confusion about names. Valerie (see Alcheringa, when the first Ancestors were created) records the mission of the 50,000 from the Pleiades who came to Earth. At that time, our star was known and the planets were called Zu, Vu and Mu. Some from the Pleiades called the entire planet Mu, whereas others used interchangable names of Mu and Lemuria to name this lost, forgotten continent. In this article, you will also read how Lemuria was connected to Australia and how the story “Alcheringa” When the first ancestors were created – This is the memory of Star People who came to our planet and called it Mu.

The Great Southern Land

Macrobius used the term Australis (South Land) on his maps in the 5th Century. Captain Quiros, the Portuguese navigator of the 16th Century called it La Austrialia del Espíritu Santo – South Land of the Holy Spirit. He did not find the great south land, but rather, the largest island of Vanuatu which bears the name Espiritu Santo to this day. Matthew Flinders was the one who coined the name Australia, as it was more agreeable to the ear than Terra Australis, and the new name stuck. But did it have another name, unknown to Latin scholars and explorers in ships? Was the missing South Land Gondwanaland, and was Lemuria part of that? Here, you can explore the question, Is Gondwana the same as Lemuria? (From Google Books, Earth’s Forbidden Secrets. This book contains some amazing recent discoveries off the coast of Japan in 1995 that are not generally known?


About Gondwana written by Mary E White in her book ‘The Greening of Gondwana‘ – Australia’s plant ancestry.

“The landmasses of the world were once aggregated into a single supercontinent called Pangea. Eventually Pangea separated into two parts, Laurasia to the north and Gondwana in the south. Gondwana (an Indian word meaning ‘Land of the Gonds’) comprised South America, Africa, Madagascar, Antartica, Australia and New Zealand, and some now northern lands including India, Turkey and Arabia. Gondwana started to break up into smaller continents about 180 million years ago. Fifty million years ago Australia broke away from Antartica, severing its last links with the other great lands of Gondwana.


I can see a land between South Africa and Australia is placed as Antartica – but I believe part of Antartica was known as Lemuria. That land has gone under the water. We know part of Australia was Lemuria and so are the Islands and land of New Zealand and its surrounds. – Maybe as far as Hawaii.

We had travelled mainly in the South Island of New Zealand – A beautiful, yet ancient land . What caught our eye was a foundation Stone Laid by the Duke of Gloucester in 1935 at the Church of the Good Sheppherd at Lake Tekapo – Mount Cook. It was in memory of the first settlers in the Mackenzie Country and we know that the Duke of Gloucester is Head of the Knights Templars. That is what we had been researching while we lived in France. There on the Foundation stone you will see the familiar equal sided cross we saw almost everywhere in the churches of Aquitaine/France.

Here is a beautiful photo of the Church both night & day: Mt Cook


We had travelled from Christchurch, still recovering from a mighty earthquake, and on to Mt. Cook. It was breathtaking country – Queenstown, Te-Anau – Milford Sound and Glaciers. Greymouth and the most beautiful train ride, best in the world, across the Alps back to Christchurch. There is something interesting for all ages. The people are very friendly – and helpful. And Tours are well organized and professionally run. Everything was so neat and tidy – rare these days.


Auckland is also a great place to visit must not miss the Sky Tower, there is so much to see in the North Island also. John wanted to visit yet another ancestor of his – Sir George Grey. It would take a book to write of Grey’s adventures but we did catch a boat north of Auckland, to Kawau Island. We lived liked the Islanders for 3 days and visited the stately Mansion house owned and lived in retirement by Sir George Grey.

We felt very welcomed on the Island – particularly when John told them he was related to Sir George Grey – on his maternal side. John’s name is John Wynford Grey Barrow (note the Grey is with an e.) It is not one of his past lives but he did feel familiar visiting the House and Island. The story is obviously held emotionally in his DNA.

When you visit New Zealand – plan your holiday but allow for the unexpected, we visited for 2 weeks – not enough to see all. But you will not regret a holiday in the beautiful place and you may even feel you are walking the ancient time of Lemuria.


Taken on the Skyline at Queenstown just before travelling up the mountain.