Valerie Invited to the Cosmic Consciousness Conference in December at Uluru

Wow! we almost got there with a personal visit from Andromeda Val, our Star friend from the galaxy Andromeda M31.

This article explains Cosmic Consciousness Conference – 2020 – 13th January.

Now I have been asked as a Galactic Channeller to present again at the next Cosmic Consciousness Conference on December 20th, 21st and 22nd at Uluru conference centre. We can ask our Star People friends if they – meaning Alcheringa and Andromeda Val, can again have another try at presenting themselves at the Conference so that everyone present can see them. They are lowering their LIGHT FREQUENCY to appear to us and all delegates present also need to RAISE THEIR LIGHT FREQUENCY to allow them to show themselves.

It was so close.  I didn’t tell everyone that when showering in the morning I was to Channel Alcheringa both my feet where a bright blue colour. That was preparing me to hold onto the energy as explained in the article above.

It was the same colour blue, that later Alcheringa showed himself on stage of the Androgynous image – see top left hand corner.  Only some could see that colour – but it was recorded on the photo taken by Chris Parnell.

Originally Alcheringa, the Ancient Creator Ancestor – also known as the Golden One from the stars (see Oxford Dictionary – Australian Edition) placed his image – overlaying my image – in black and white on my computer. He is from another world, and put it there on my computer. Don’t you think that is amazing?? I had trouble uploading the black & white photo Alcheringa produced onto the screen on stage.

Anyway lets pray that we can get it right for the next Cosmic Consciousness Conference in December 2020 at Uluru.

Please click here to watch the Vimeo of my presentation on stage 13th January, 2020  and note how, through misunderstandings my feet were touched before Alcheringa had finished his channelled message.

He is real everyone – very real.