Questions Asked of Alcheringa – Introduced by Cosmic Sai Baba – at the Lungkata Room, Uluru December 20th 2020


Valerie Barrow: I call upon now Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence amongst us.

Cosmic Sai Baba as channelled by Valerie: I am here and I am very pleased to be here and to see so many happy, smiling faces, and of course the Light Beings that you are. I want you to know that you are Light Beings, you have lived in the beginning of the human race, which was hue colour and it is of light. And so remember that always – you are Light Beings and from that you come from the creative source and that is what gives you inner strength. So you do not really have to worry about protection or worry about dark forces; they cannot exist at the layer of consciousness from the soul at the creation of source. I hope I am making myself understood.

Sometimes in thinking about a negative thing, about dark and light forces which of course is happening upon your planet, it is divided and that’s why you are all here, you have agreed before you came, you have agreed to come and hold the new light that is coming here onto your planet and raising, raising consciousness everywhere. And your agreement I will remind you now is to help each other. And that means of course not to judge anything because at this layer of consciousness you do not know the full story about anybody actually until you leave and return home, or where you have come from.

This is a place of school, of learning, and we oversee all and take records of what is taking place for instance today and take it to other races, other layers of consciousness. So be aware that you are helping in more ways than you realise at times. But with your heart and your consciousness of love and no judgement, you are helping. In such a degree that you are not totally aware of here at this layer of consciousness.

And so, with no further ado I would like to call upon Alcheringa who, I believe you have come to listen and he is a beloved of mine and he wishes to address you. So thank you my children, thank you.

Valerie Barrow: When I call upon Alcheringa he says he resides here, in this area at Uluru and so I’ve never climbed the rock but, in my mind, I have climbed it or floated to the surface of the top of Uluru and then I just sit and call his name and he comes. All the people I have been working with from other worlds have agreed to come when I call. I have been working now for, shall we say, well I started 1982 so it’s quite some time I’ve been working with upstairs or other worlds and I’m very grateful and thankful for all that I have learnt and you all can do the same, you all have that ability and that availability to connect to your soul consciousness which is where you will be led and understood. You have ideas, thoughts float into your mind and they come through your soul consciousness, your brain has an activity of recording everything for you. And so, if you want to reach past that, your consciousness in your Earth body is looked after by your brain and the link to the soul consciousness. But you can put the brain mind to sleep and then ask to connect to your soul consciousness which is the doorway to your over-soul. You can call upon Sri Sathya Sai Baba or Cosmic Sai Baba as he’s known now if you want. He was an avatar upon this Earth, or, you can call upon any of the God beings, the wise ones that you have known about or your God-self because from that place where you have been created there is pure love and a wisdom that comes in to your body that feels. When you feel something, it will feel right or it will feel not good. So focus on what feels right in your heart.

So I am now going to climb in my mind, be at the top of Uluru and I sing. Alcheringa, Alcheringa, Alcheringa…

Alcheringa as channelled by Valerie: I am here my dear, thank you for calling upon me. I have been waiting and I look forward to speaking and to speaking to these people here and to know that I am welcomed. I have come merely to answer questions. You have actually, meaning Valérie, has given a talk just a little while ago and if you have a question I may be able to help you, I may not, it depends. But certainly we will try. So, I have been here every since the creation of the Human race, before that it was animal man. There was a difference, there was evolution of man, shall we say upright, walking and evolved in different ways and many ways from experimentation from some of the wiser ones or the Star people that were just experimenting. But then it moved to a point where something had to be done to help because they were being used as slaves and even offerings to God or their God. There are different kinds of Gods as you well know. But the ones that we come from, all souls come from, is the one of enlightenment and divine energy of love. And that is what you return to.

So is there anything I can help you with? If anyone would like to make a question? Valérie has a little difficulty with here hearing these days although not with clairaudience but certainly with her body. It is slowly breaking down because the Human race does not live for a very long time but it still has a reason and a purpose for being here in this corner of your galaxy which is on the darkest arm of the galaxy Milky Way. I don’t think she mentioned that Andromeda was behind actually the creation of your planet Earth, I am reminding you now. It had to be replaced by another planet that was destroyed by star wars if you like. This does not happen so much now but it was a reason that the solar system existed with the different planets and they had a roll to play and so there needed to be a replacement for the one that was broken up and attacked which then became your asteroid belt. As the Leonines called them it was a planetoid belt because it was the remains of the planet that existed here before. There were others as well. So is there a question anyone would like to ask? And I would ask my friend Chris if he would repeat if I can not quite hear what you are saying.

Question 1: There was an aboriginal boy in spirit looking to me through a painting. He stayed with me for a number of years and then I had, with a friend, took a holiday to The Kimberley, which was a camping trip, and he came with me because it turns out the area of The Kimberley where we stayed was his homeland. So my question is, how did he know, five years before I did, that I would be travelling to The Kimberley for him to come with me?

Chris: This is a question about a woman who saw an aborigine boy in a painting and then she travelled to The Kimberley and the boy appeared to know five years before she did that she would travel to The Kimberley.

Alcheringa: Yes, what was the question?

Chris: How did the boy know?

Alcheringa: Well, as I have just explained actually your soul consciousness operates more with your over-soul, your God-self who knows a lot more about you than you know consciously here on this world that live in on Earth and so it would be as the children of these days are born with more gifts, they’re more readily in tune with the ability to converse mind-to-mind also. So your question was asking how would the boy know. He was taping into your over-soul and your God-soul and he was able to see that was a planned visit and was able to repeat it to you. Does that make sense?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

Alcheringa: And so I could say also this could happen quite often and it is not an unfamiliar thing that young children particularly when they’re under say five years old will talk about things that are far beyond the knowledge that they should really only know at five and they come out with pearls of wisdom and this is also coming through such past lives that they have lived or coming from their over-soul, their God-self, it quite joy really and with children it’s important that they do not quieten them or say that they are imagining or say that they are imagining but encouraging them to tune into these things, this knowledge and help them. Children should always be taught how to pray and to honour an intelligence that exists from above from the worlds of sight. This will help them. They may not realise or understand that while they are children but they will still gain from that, from that interaction of energy. And so does that help you as well?

Questioner: Yes, thank you.

Alcheringa: And is there another question that I perhaps could help you with at all? I would like also, not so much personal based questions, that is for another time, but general questions about the overview of the planet and it’s past evolution.

Question 2: I have a question about the Leonine whom you spoke of earlier. I’m wondering are they connected to the constellation of Leo and Leonis Regulus and is there a relationship with the Blue Star?

Chris: The question is about the Leonine race; do they come from the Leo constellation and are they connected with the Blue Star?

Alcheringa: Well of course there are many, many races and many, many physicalities that exist and certainly look very different as we know the Leonines do. The ones that we speak of that were like cosmic cops shall we say that actually maintain order within the universe. They came from Sirius, they still do, but they are not tasked in fighting wars now that exist at another time. This is something that is important general knowledge in the Human race because the existence of Star people and all the different worlds and the different languages, the different understanding, different cultures that exist and also whether they are coming from a limited understanding or they’re wise ones. It is not unlike all the different people that are on the races here on your planet. The reason for people being here on this planet is to help to come to understand because people come with a soul and they actually arrange for that to happen and so that was part of the work that Valérie did actually on star-ships actually agreed with some that were wanting to come and you could say learn or re-remember or understand other ways of another point because at the source of all creation it is more like a sacred geometry and an essence. However that’s another story but for the moment people come from all different direction onto this Earth into a Human body and so they can come to understand and know that by how I have said through their soul consciousness. So .. I have lost what the question was now!

Chris: There’s a new question for you.

Alcheringa: Right.

Question 3: Can you address judgement, personal judgement and good and evil on the planet and how to interact our judgement with the good and evil on the planet?

Chris: The question is about judgement on the planet and how do Humans interact with good and evil and the process of judgement on this planet?

Alcheringa: I understand, I understand what you are saying. You all have free will here and this is what makes it difficult for the wiser ones, the enlightened ones from other worlds to assist us. When I say us I mean Valérie and here Earth body for instance. Although she knows she has come from the stars she has been led and guided over what takes place with the Human so that she could write about it. And it’s only in more recent times that she found a connection with Andromeda who has played a very real role here upon this planet. I don’t think I have answered exactly the question, could you repeat it please?

Question 4: Hi, I would love to know how we can best open ourselves up to channel galactic channellings from galactic beings who would like to come through and galactic light language, that may want to come through.

Chris: The question is “How can we as humans best open up ourselves to galactic channellings, how to channel galactic light beings and the light language?”.

Alcheringa: Yes, well it is to do with intent and focus. That is all. So if you reach out and, there is an understanding with dreaming in that when you dream the eyes flutter and scientists realise that the person is experiencing images and connection with a theta called a layer of consciousness. This is what you need to reach to.

So it’s very simple, everybody can do this now if they like, they learn to sit with a straight back and their feet on the ground, or you could lie on the ground and actually then have the intent to connect to your theta layer of consciousness which will take you into your soul consciousness. In the meantime, or before that, we clear your energy field, consciously ask for God to fill you with divine light and you want to connect to the source of all creation and you want to ask your brain, who is looking after your body, to go to sleep now so see it closing like a computer, with the lid closing, going to sleep and then reaching out through the theta level of consciousness which is connecting to your soul consciousness which exists. It is eternal when it reaches the God-self.

When you are connecting there that is the focus, and the connection then is to let your eyes roll up so that your eyes, don’t hurt, but they fall back as if you’re looking up past the Earth atmosphere and then reach into the world of light, of love. Then ask the question. Ask to call upon your God-self, or some angelic being or some ancestor that you trust and know already. Ask a question, allow it to settle for awhile, keep your brain asleep, and then, after a little time to slowly come down and focus on your hearts. And a feeling or a knowing, or an image, or even your words may come to you. And when you do this more and more, your God-self knows you’re really willing and wanting to work with that part of you. Some people call it your higher self, it’s the same thing. Some people call it your “I am” and that is your God-self or creator self, it’s the same thing. So it’s bypassing your personality and your every day personality, your ego if you like. We need all of these things so it is not judging one better than another it is just making a clear connection to your God-self, and ask that.

You’re surrendering brain and your thoughts as an ego person and then connecting to hearing and understanding and knowing the bigger picture shall we say. For that is what happens. You are given more information and you will find yourself covering and understanding much more in your universe than what you do in your everyday life. And that’s when it makes it easy for you to make a decision about something because you can just simply go through these little bits of clearing and closing down your brain, connecting with your eyes rolled up, connecting to the world of light and ask your question in the name of God.

Nothing can touch you, it is the strongest energy that exists. And then let it roll down and just sit awhile quietly and a feeling and a knowing will come. Something symbolic might happen, not necessarily straight away if you’re only doing this for the first time but it will happen. I can assure you that is the way, and the easy way to communicate and find the answers for yourself because every body on this Earth is different, some are similar but no two people are the same and yet all those thoughts and people and their paths lead back to the one and that is what the wise ones are asking you to do is to become one. It is simple really, it is simple. It’s just a matter of conducting yourself and focusing and with intent the way will come, the intuition is inside teaching, it’s the same thing. So does that answer your question? Or would you like me to expand it more?

Question 5: In the Andromeda system a planet was destroyed. Do you have any information about this? And who was responsible for the destruction, and what role forgiveness plays in the healing of such planetary destructions?

Chris: In the Andromeda system, we’re told that a planet was destroyed. The question is “Who was responsible for that destruction, and what role does healing play, forgiveness play in the healing of this?”.

Alcheringa: The planet you speak of is that the one that existed before the Earth, is that what you are meaning?

Questioner: Yes, it’s in the Andromeda system.

Alcheringa: That is in the Milky Way galaxy, Andromeda is in another galaxy, it’s much bigger, it has many, many suns, billions, it has different customs, different races. But there has been one that was created as the Adonis race and it has been taken from genetic engineering from a time that existed upon your planet not all that long ago that was considered as abduction and the thing is it was agreed to by the people before they came. And they didn’t really think they would be aware of it taking place but some were. And then unfortunately the shadow people, the ones that were already here, and victims of being created without the permission of source, they started doing similar things and because they were cold-blooded they had no idea that it was hurting or giving pain to some people, or fear. And so there was this agreement finally that the whole thing should stop. So, in the meantime, there were a lot of samples shall we say of the Human DNA and the little foetus, of some of them, and there was a race created.

Valérie was visited by one that was from her ancestor if you like, 6000 years ahead in Andromeda and she appeared beside the bed and introduced herself, she was very happy to do so, and explained also that the race was very Human looking and had been created with, not only taking samples to always help and find cures for different diseases that existed upon this planet with the human but also to actually converse and even appear before them without fear, that is why it was created. There are some being born now and that is like a hybrid race. Stronger and stronger, there’s a different way of looking at things, but, it was always for the good and for always helping. And even the cold-blooded people that could actually, in this layer of consciousness, pick up a gun, point it at someone and shoot them in cold blood. This does not happen at a raised consciousness that exists at Andromeda. The thought of raising a weapon to sought out a problem does not exist anymore.

So does this help you or did you want me to expand anymore?

Questioner: No, that’s fine, thank you.

Question 6: Alcheringa, I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak to you. Would you be able to explain if there’s a connection between the Australian aborigine language cultural ceremony to the time were you come from which is the creation of the human race? Could you explain if there is a connection?

Chris: The question is that the Australian aboriginal language and culture, and when Alcheringa first came to the Earth, what is the connection between yourself and aboriginal language and cultural?

Alcheringa: Alcheringa is a role that I play here for understanding and assistance to the indigenous race, right from the beginning of the creation of the human. That is the light man that was actually created from genetic engineering and it actually was then raised in consciousness and became a light being with a soul. This was a gift from the source. And was also to help raise consciousness in the human race. The race from the animal man to the light man. There has been scholars that talk about whether the human race was created, or whether it was evolved from animal. And I will say it is both. Neither are wrong, it was a transition that took place. Does that make some sense?

Question 7: Alcheringa I’m wondering how many aspects of the over-soul can be incarnate time, either in human form or other form? And is there able to be a connection between those aspects of soul of those that are incarnate?

Chris: The question is the components of the over-soul, and how many aspects of the over-soul in the human body, and not within the human body, can incarnate at the same time. What is the connection between the body of the soul and the over-soul?

Alcheringa: It can be complicated and there’s a differs with everyone. And so to start spelling out all the difficulties it is actually something I would suggest you try asking within yourself because the answers for you, within you, are meant for you. They are your truth and you don’t have to have, shall I say another, to tell you although sometimes that is organised for you just to assist you, but you really have the answers within you. I’m sorry to suggest this, I feel I know that you want an answer but the range is too different and too many and too confusing I think to say it for one and not for all. That is the problem. If that makes sense. You also asked Alcheringa, me, what role I had also before I became, shall I say, an aspect of myself really, as you all are, an aspect of your God-self.

I actually took upon my role to actually assist the newly created human indigenous people. They were the first people, the first humans, in this area. I can say that before that I was a star being and actually was part of the mother-ship, the huge mother-ship that came with the 50,000 people, or star people, from the Pleiades. And there were those that had volunteered to come from different places. And he came, he was in charge, he was the commander in chief. And he was destroyed along with the mother-ship, he was not one of the survivors and this was his way of helping for what had taken place. For it had actually been agreed that the races that had taken over this planet, and it was not meant to be the way they were going. It had to stop. Because that was changing the whole plan that the Andromedans or the angelic realm had in place. And so when the ship was destroyed he actually lost his life also and then continued on here all that time later to assist the indigenous race. So does that help you at all?

I’m encouraging you to actually start, I mean not to you My Dear but all the people in this room to experiment and start to listen to your own inner voice for it has the answers. It is a matter of remember of focus. And you will hear the answer. Intent of course. So is there anything else?

Question 8: To what extent would the average human in the western world evolve in my lifetime?

Chris: The question is from the young man, he’s asking to what extent will the western human evolve in his lifetime?

Alcheringa: There has been major incarnations and interactions with evolving human since it first began. And that is written in the book that, was actually helped, I helped Valérie write in Alcheringa when the first humans were created. So reading the book would help you and if you like you can always write to Valérie, she has invited that and you can ask questions if you want from her. It would probably be best, if you had not read that story because it was given by many people as humans remember being star people and part of that event that took place with the star people and that ship that was destroyed when it was supposed to be a proper ceremony, a hand-over, so many so that the previous, shall we say, occupants of the Earth could leave and then allow the proper progression that was planned from the Angelic realm. However it did not play out that way and so adjustments had to be made in the arrangement. The Andromedans at the time were not happy but it had to take place because that was not the agreement. It was not following universal law. So I think I have to leave that question for the moment. So is there anymore questions?

Question 9: How do you suggest tracing our star origin or our star race, yeah the star people.

Chris: The question is from the young lady, she is asking how do we trace those star origins, how do we discover which star race we have come from?

Alcheringa: That is an interesting question. Probably the best question would be where did I come from when I came to Earth? Because many of you have travelled into many worlds, different customs, different cultures of different star races, and experienced different lives and so there, if you remember, I said your God-self is eternal and so to get a human brain to think about something that was forever eternity is a bit hard to imagine. Because we live here in an Earth body with a beginning, a middle, and an end. But we continue as a light being and our soul is taken to as well. It is sorted out, there are different stories again for each person and again I would say if you go through that little exercise that I was showing you, or talking to you about, you can receive the knowledge of that, where you came from before you came here. That would be the best one to start with. But as you open up of course you could can record your messages that you receive so that you can look because it is coming from a different layer of consciousness. It can be easily forgotten the same as dreams are easily forgotten. Then you can look at what the questions that are, that you would like to ask more explanation about and then ask that way so it’s a communication that’s very real, it goes back and forth from your God-self to you as you are here, back and forth. It can happen, it does happen. And it will if you want it to make it clear to your God-self you would like to know and understand much more than you understand here at this time. I’m trying to encourage you to take that step. Is that alright?

Question 10: I would like to ask about the changes that are happening in the core of the Earth planet at this time now. Could you expand on the changes that are happening in the core of the planet?

Chris: This is your last question. The question is about the changes that are happening at the core of the Earth, the very centre of the Earth. What are the changes, what are the three dimensional raising, what are these changes that are happening at this time?

Alcheringa: There have been major changes taking place upon this planet that were not meant to happen but they have and there have to be adjustments. When Atlantis fell which was not all that long ago, and there has been a lot written about it, and talked about. At the time it had two moons, the scientists were actually experimenting, and they were wanting an easy place to land for the different star people to come and then enter into your atmosphere upon your planet and actually live. And there was actually 300,000 years ago that there was a strong movement from Venus and they came. There were others that came from Arcturus and other planets, all different places. They came, lived here quietly, and lived along side, shall we say the Lemurian people and they were the indigenous people. They had this love for the environment, the Earth itself and lived within that understanding and chemistry of the whole thing. Physics as well. But the others were advanced of course and they did start to break away and experiment. They did mate with some of the humans also that has been written and that did take place. What they worried about was when they were star people mating with the human that had genes from the animal that it would actually influence and lower the light-being in some way. It didn’t actually it was the opposite it did the children actually were raised and there are evidence of races, the Hebrew races were one and they are very clever and very into art and theatre and science and history and many, many forms of raised or advanced ways of projecting or thinking or creating. Architecture is another. Now there’s no judgement in any of this, however when the scientists did start experimenting with creating another moon they were warned by scientists from other worlds that it could break free and would be dangerous. However they went ahead and did it and it did break free.

There are those that have past life memories of that happening. This is supposed to have landed in, in fact I have given information about it landing around the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean. This was the story of the Atlan. As I said it wasn’t all that long ago. However it was catastrophic and the hierarchy from Andromeda immediately had to tighten the, what can I say, the net that surrounds holding the atmosphere for the planet Earth had to be tightened to stop this catastrophic blowing up of what was happening upon this Earth. And so it was tightened, and that has been loosened ever since. As I said it wasn’t all that long ago in evolutionary time. And so that is opening up and it’s allowing new energy to come back to raise the consciousness upon this Earth. It is doing so and with it, just automatically people’s minds and thinking, change or raise in consciousness. There is also a movement of the Earth that actually became a little unbalanced in a core of suns that leads back to the source of all creation. That is also slowly coming into alignment from planet Earth and back to the star of our, of your rather, cosmic solar system and going back to the many suns that exist to the beginning of creation. It’s ever so hard sometimes to actually imagine or see exactly our view, you will understand when you return home because you’re not limited with the weight of the consciousness that exists upon this planet. But I can assure you it has been and is a little off balance and it is readjusting. And that is taking place now and it will lead to the Golden Age.

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