Alcheringa tells the Story of Uluru & Its Impact Crater

Alcheringa Speaks:

The Story of Uluru

Uluru, in the heart of Australia
The mysterious Uluru, in the heart of Australia



Valerie Barrow has been prompted by the Oversighting Spirit of this planet, Alcheringa, to write on the history of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and the surrounding areas and their prehistory. In this article, you will read:

  • Uluru is intimately linked to the history of the Earth and the pre-conditions for the emergence of Modern Man;
  • Uluru and the surrounding geological areas have been affected by the aftermath of the Fall of Atlantis;
  • the Hierarchy advise that Uluru is an asteroid brought to Earth for a specific purpose (see Alcheringa’s talk of 21.12.1994;
  • the Cosmic Hierarchy advise that the Fall of Atlantis was caused by that civilisation attempting to harness (a later) asteroid—the results of which nearly destroyed the Earth;
  • St Germain gives a most graphic account of the impact of that asteroid and the after effects, giving rise to many changes in the region of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and inland seas of Australia;
  • the Plutonic Waters of the Great Artesian Basin are suggestive of the after-effects of the impact of this (later) asteroid;
  • Alcheringa gives a message that no more Asteroids will strike the Earth;
  • an Afterword gives the ongoing spiritual purpose of Uluru.

A Key is Given

Not long ago, after parking my car, I found I had lost my car keys. Retracing my steps, for about 1 hour, I could not find them. I became suspicious, as it was not the first time my keys had been spirited away from me, so I asked ‘upstairs’ where they were, only to be told … “Yes we have your keys, and we shall return them … with more keys”.

Car Keys

Sure enough they were found in the back seat of the car, with hardly enough room, zipped inside my address book, a place I would never have placed them.

This was a message, to grab my attention. When I contacted Alcheringa again, he advised me, ‘We would like you to write an article about ULURU—and more keys will be given to you with promptings as you research the internet‘.

Delivery of an Asteroid

Alcheringa has advised that Uluru is an asteroid sent to Earth by the Hierarchy to destroy the Dinosaurs … (Click here to read the 1994 transmission about this topic) and that another large asteroid hit the Earth at the time of the fall of Atlantis or as it is also known as ‘The Great Flood’. That asteroid was straying near the planet Earth. The scientists of the advanced civilization which lived on Earth at that time, who decided they would try to capture it and place it as another moon to use as a staging point for extraterrestrial observation and travel. Permission for this action had not been given by the Hierarchy (upstairs) and thus, this became a disastrous event in which the whole of the Earth was nearly destroyed … leaving no records of that time. (Click here to read St Germain’s description of the Fall of Atlantis) .

The first time my keys were spirited away was at Uluru in 1994 (see Cloudships and Starships at Canyonleigh) after the cloudships had appeared in the sky at Canyonleigh; just before a group of us travelled to Uluru.

Ancient Uluru seen from the air
Ancient Uluru seen from the air

It was a time when I had been working on my first book The Book of Love by a Medium that the ancient ancestral spirit of Alcheringa had first introduced himself to me. I had been inspired while sitting and holding the sacred Alcheringa Stone on my lap, which the Indigenous Australians say came from the stars. Through a series of co-ordinated incidents I had become the respectful “keeper” for two years.

On the day of the “Cloudship” appearance and while painting our symbols to take to Uluru, I had received a telepathic message from Alcheringa that,

Uluru was an Asteroid and that it had been brought to earth by us (the Hierarchy) to destroy the Dinosaurs

He had explained, the Dinosaurs were eating all the vegetation and some of them were very large and quite ferocious. They were killing each other and the huge carcasses were slow to deteriorate back into the soil. Consequently, the beautiful Garden of Eden the Hierarchy (upstairs) had worked so hard to create, was being despoiled, leaving behind a very bad odour. Without the trees and plants the atmosphere was losing oxygen.

Dinosaurs fighting with comets in the background
Dinosaurs fight while comets fly past

Alcheringa spoke to me many times about the preparation of our trip to Uluru and this is recorded in my book The Book of Love by a Medium.

At the time Alcheringa referred to our visit as an event and that the world would hear of it. Now as I write this, I realize the story is going out on the World Wide Web which is not exactly how I imagined, what he meant at the time, 15 years ago. There really is a lot more information given in my book … too much to quote here, but detail of the Asteroid coming to destroy the Dinosaurs and then later, another Asteroid causing “The Fall of Atlantis” and the massive flood, world wide, is explained, along with the separation of the tectonic plates and the rise and fall of land where there was previously water and the rising of water, where there was previously land.

ULURU is described as a monolith with only about 1/3rd of it showing above the sand. It is 348.7 metres above the surrounding plain and its circumference nearly nine kilometres. Uluru dominates the landscape. It is described as Arkose rock, which is rich in feldspar. It is coated with the rich mineral iron, red sand from the surrounding plains, although if you scrub this off the rock, or observe it inside protected caves, the rock is actually light grey in colour.

View of Uluru after rain
View of Uluru shortly after rain, showing lighter colours

The rock reflects back the light at different times of day and seasons, changing its colour into bright gold or orange, brilliant red or yellow, mauve and purple; and black and silver if it has been raining.

View of the many colours of Uluru at Sunset
View of the many colours of Uluru at Sunset

Within the Heritage National Park is also Kata Tjuta, a group of tall round mountainous mounds made up of rock conglomerate … of millions of years old but looking like it has been raised from an ancient seabed.

Scientists link the two sites in age, together, and yet they are totally different rocks … It is interesting that a deep palaeochannel has been discovered between Kata Tjuta and Uluru. It has an in-filling of about 100m, the sediments dating to the Late Cretaceous Age (65 millions years ago) to the Eocene Era (55 million years ago). The same geological time, scientists claim, the dinosaurs were destroyed. This is the same Earth evolvement time Alcheringa tells us Uluru crashed to Earth and pushed up mountainous clumps of seabed ahead, which has become known as Kata Tjuta.

When I visited Uluru National Park I was given the image, in my mind’s eye, of the Asteroid (Uluru) coming in from the east towards the west, and crashing into the water while pushing the seabed up ahead which now forms Kata Tjuta.

Kata Tjuta looking back from West to East to Uluru in the far distance-the ancient paleovalley exists in between
Kata Tjuta looking back from West to East
to Uluru in the far distance. (The ancient paleovalley exists in between)

Alcheringa has advised me that the Asteroid was split when coming into the Earth’s atmosphere sending other parts of the asteroid around the earth. This was at a time when the Dinosaurs were destroyed and when a sea existed in the centre of Australia.

I was thinking there must have been a massively huge impact crater left in the seabed and in my research I found there was the Eromanga shallow Sea dating to the Cretaceous period around 110 million years ago. The Cretaceous period is said to end at 65 million years ago.

Superimposition of the shallow Eromanga sea over Australia
Superimposition of the shallow Eromanga sea over Australia

There is a scientific theory that the Dinosaurs were destroyed 65 million years ago, which is the late Cretaceous period. Cretaceous period being 141 to 65 millions of years ago.

If the giant asteroid hit the Eromanga sea and went into the water it could have fractured the subterranean earth crust below the shallow seabed, allowing magma full of minerals to lift into the sea.

In my research I have found the Great Artesian Basin spans four states and covers one fifth of Australia.

Superimposition of the Great Artesian Basin over Australia
Superimposition of the Great Artesian Basin over Australia

There are other artesian basins such as the Adavale Basin, Amadeus Basin, Georgina, Ngalia, the Otways, Gippsland Basins, and the Lake Eyre basin and in Western Australian there are the Kimberley Basin, Willara, Gregory, Pilbara and Officer Basin-they could have all linked with The Great Artesian Basin found in the subterranean layers of the Centre of Australia. It is said that Australia is the flattest country on earth and the median is 300 metres. Lake Eyre is the lowest point in Australia being 15 metres (49 feet) below sea level. It is usually a dry salt bed, on rare occasions it fills. It is located in the deserts of central Australia.

Many deserts are found not only on the east of Australia but through the centre and to the west.

Composite satellite image of Lake Eyre using shortwave infrared, near-infrared, and blue wavelengths
Composite satellite image of Lake Eyre using shortwave infrared, near-infrared, and blue wavelengths

The Great Artesian Basin is considered a younger sea bed than the Ancient Eromanga Sea. Could this have been the Impact crater formed when ‘upstairs’ tells me the asteroid Uluru first landed into the sea, cushioning its landing?

The great heat from the split Asteroid hitting the earth would have been like atom bombs blasting off and the light would have been momentarily stronger than our sun. The Asteroids (The mother Asteroid being Uluru) would have been burning fire as it hit into our atmosphere and then plunged into a long period of extreme ice cold, and in so doing it would have ‘tempered’ the rock so that Uluru, being partly of Feldspar, would have been honed so that it became like a semi-precious crystal.

I was seeing this with my inner eye when visiting Uluru in 1994. About the same time, a string of asteroids (named a string of pearls) slammed into Jupiter and were photographed by NASA. Knowing that cycles can repeat themselves in the cosmos, I see this as no co-incidence, that event was a replay of what had happened on earth at another time.

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