Regression with Marjorie Lane – Galactic Fish Race

hoodieIn the year 2000, Valerie leads a regression with a woman who recalls being a fish. This lady recalls a return to Earth in the whale species and how the whales hold the structures of the oceans. Further in this recall, the whale sound – vibration is explained as helping the beings on land. The destruction of the dinosaurs and the removal of the Reptilians are also mentioned.

Regression with Marjorie Lane – Galactic Fish Race 25.7.2000
(real name of client has been changed to protect identity.)

Marjorie relaxed into the Healing seat and quickly went into a deep regression.

She was led into a memory of meeting someone she knew. She liked to work with her guide whom she called Lord Sananda. He is said to be known as Jesus by the earth people – and it was he who was helping her with her memory.

Marjorie, was feeling apprehensive. She didn’t want to go back in time –


(She was reassured it was just a memory and that sometimes going back in memory helped to understand why you should feel apprehensive – there is nothing to be afraid of.) She was asked to take the Lord Sananda’s hand -but she said, “It is not my past, it is my future.”

“Oh, gosh – I see my brother’ (She was overwhelmed being in the presence of her brother)

(Where are you now?)

“I am on a spaceship. It is very beautiful. The energy is indescribable – it makes you feel you are all one inside.”

(So you are not apprehensive any more?)

“No, not at this stage, no.”

(Can you look around and tell me who else you can see?)

” Many people are like my brother. They are all my brothers and sisters”.

(Do they all look the same?)

“The ears are a little bit different. He has authority – He looks a little bit different. He is from the Dolphin world.”

(Do you know where that is)

“It is hundreds, and hundreds of miles away from this galaxy. The ship is massive. Families live on it. They are taking me now to show me where I live. I look very much like them.”

(And who are they?)

“They look very beautiful.”




(Do you have large eyes?)

“They are fish eyes,” she said proudly. “I have a nose and a mouth and I have scales all over me. (She described the face as having the nose spreading up to the forehead (a little like a fish) and the eyes on the side of the face. The mouth was full lipped on the same line as the forehead, nose and very like a fish head only human looking.”

(She was asked to have a look at her hands and feet)

“I have big spaces between the fingers, but I don’t have fingers like humans, they are different fingers. Slender, very long and pointy fingers. And there is a suction like cup on the end of the fingers. The feet are quite big and similar. The toes are suction toes – padded on the feet.”

(She was asked if she had any clothes on? )

” I have a gown on. A rich magenta coloured cloak like an attachment but it just flows. It is what I wished to wear at that time. These things do many things. We can make things with our minds to put on our bodies to suit our needs.”

(I see, and what was the need for you to wear this magenta?)

“Because it is the colour that makes me rise up above the denseness of what I am when on earth. It helps me to connect with them.”

(Could you just look at your brother and describe him)

“They have oblong bodies, very long. We don’t have a shape like you. We have a round body and oblong. The skin is scaly. It is all scales for that is where we came from.” (Are they all the same colours) “No. We can change our colours because of who we are. It is the hierarchy’s privilege to change.” (Is the hierarchy just you or others?) “My race has many colours.”

(What do you do? )

“I help people. I am a doctor. I help my people on the star ship. I help my people get well. When they travel sometimes they get out of tune – they may have to be realigned again.”

(Are you talking to any of them?)

“I am in awe at what I see. I can’t believe that I am with them. They make such a fuss over me.”

(So what do they do in making a fuss over you?)

“They communicate.” (How do they communicate?) “They communicate their thoughts and speech.” (Is their speech familiar?) “They make a clicking sound.” – She started speaking what sounded like “Tika, tiko, Tika tikki, oksisi, tika oka tiki, tiki” (And that means something to each other?) “They say “Greetings, great One” (and the greeting was for Val)

(Can I ask what they are doing on the ship. Are they going some where?)

“They are travelling here. (They are not here yet?) Soon they will be here. (She was visibly overwhelmed at the thought)

(You have come ahead of them?) After a long pause she said “Yes” (She continued to be overwhelmed with joy at meeting with them again.)

(She apologised for not being able to speak. That’s alright – recognise that you are always with them – Take in their love and their culture – they obviously are a culture -do they believe in certain things – do they behave in a certain way – a family structure?)

“They believe that all is one within the universe. But our structure is different. We are much more freer than you are. The structure of the family is different. We don’t have different races. We are one race – all together. ”

(I See, Can I ask how you multiply?)

“We copulate” – (Do you have a sexual organ?) “Yes we do have one” – and she started laughing (She was asked why she laughed? ) “I don’t know – it just seemed a natural thing. The children do grow within our belly – after they are born they cling to our chest we nurture them – a whole lot of them at once. ” (She was delighted to remember)

“They take 5 months to be born – they come out with speech – they come out with knowledge.” (And what do they look like?) “They just look like me.”

“They cling to us – we nurture them on us. They are under this part of me (she pointed to
her chest) They cling with those little suction pads on their fingers and feet.” (That is quite lovely) She said we are much more advanced than you as humans.”

(In what way are you more advanced?)


“We have gone through many restructures in our lives. We are one now with the universe”. (Was there a time when you were different?) “We as Arcturian are much different from other people.”

(Is that where you came from originally)

“Yes. That is where we come from – yes. That is where my place is. My brothers and sisters, my aunties and uncles. They are all there waiting for me now – for my return.”

(On the ship – where is it going – what is its mission?) ” It is on its way here. It is many light years away from here. But they are coming here soon – to help”
(To help in what way?)

(She seemed a little confused here for awhile.) Marjorie then said “There are so many changes here on this earth. My race is coming to help you to understand the universe There will be many destructions upon this earth. But my people will help people on this earth to know what to do.”

(Has anybody sent you?) “Yes. They have sent me.” (Who is they?) “The Godforce of Love and Light.” (I see) “Are you the only ones coming or are you aware of others coming?) “Yes there are three? You understand that don’t you? We want you to understand what happened in the last time when we came here to help?”

(When was the last time you came to help?) “Ten million years ago.” (And how did you come then?) “We came by spaceship.” (And what was going on that you had to come 10 million years ago) “There were dinosaurs on this earth – they had to be eradicated – all peoples on this earth had to be eradicated also for they were not using the knowledge properly.”

(Do you remember that time now?)

“Yes. It is not a very nice time. It was very hard.” (Where you on a ship then?) “Yes.” (She was asked to look at what her body was like at that time?) “They were the same as before.” (You seem to be a little distressed – what is troubling you?) “It was very hard to do what we had to do. ” (And what did you have to do? ) “To eradicate them. Because they were not from the race of the Universe. They were another people that had come here to destroy what God had given on this earth. Many people have died.” (Are you aware of what kind of people they were/) ” Of this earth.” (She was very distressed) (She was reassured it was just a memory)

“They were like giants on this earth.”

(Is this the dinasours you are speaking of?)

“No, Reptillians.” (Why did they have to be destroyed?) “Because they wanted to destroy this earth too.” (I see) ” It was God’s plan for this place to be very different.”

(Does this earth have a future?) “Yes, it has a future.” (She was very definite) (Can you tell me what the future is?) “There will be many pyramids built upon this earth. I see everybody that will be on this earth in beautiful colours – they will understand (Her voice changed here) what is meant to be on this earth. The pyramids will be made of crystals.

“They will be connected to the Earth. There will be no wars – no race that knows not love.”

(What will the race be?)

“Connections between races wont be the same.” (Will they look like humans?) “Yes they will look like humans – but different – nicer – it is God’s way of rewarding the earth people. You will all love each other regardless of race or creed.”

(Will there still be different religions, different creeds?)

“No, no she whispered – just all one.


(I see, well that sounds quite wonderful something to look forward to – do you see it very far into our future?) “They say it will come at the turning of the tides.” (In 2011, 2012?) “Yes.” (That is the turning point is it not?.) “She fell silent.”

(She was asked to draw the fish like race. She was asked if any of her brothers or sisters came on the Rexegena when it came on its Mission from the Pleiades? Does your race know about this?) ” No we were not on the mothership.”

“She remembered her race was sorry about what happened. ” (Were your people already here on earth?) ” Some of us were – yes.” (Can I ask what role you played here on earth?)

“We structured the sea.” (How did you do that?) We put our people in the sea. The sea mammals that you have here. (She was in a deep state of regression – she shuddered at the memory) “I was one of those – and I cried out to my family to come and get me. But they did not hear me ”

(Did you feel you were stranded here?)


(Abandoned?) “Hmm. Though it was my choice to come.”

(How did you come to get here?) ” Souls – souls came into these sea mammals.” (what mammals are you speaking of?) “The whales. Whales.” (Do you feel you lived inside a whale?) “Hmm …”

(She was still in a deep regressed state)

(What are you doing now?)

“I am talking to my mother and she says, “Yes it was here on earth.” (Had trouble hearing her) “She is showing me my whale” ..(her voice was tremulous) “The ocean is very deep. But the cry of the whales helped people come into the earth.” (How did that help them?) The sounds of their cries bounced off the walls – the walls of peoples walls ?? (I see and so did that help them in some way?) ” It gave them what they needed at the time.”

(What people are we speaking of?) “The people of the Universe, star people. When they came – they had to have sound to guide them in – and we made sounds for them to guide them in.” . (Did they come all at once or at different times or a specific time?) ” When they came – they just came. We knew when they came. When the Orions came – when other star people came – telepathically we knew when they came. We knew.” (Were you pleased when they came?) “Yes we were waiting. ”

“Our ship, they tell me is an organic type ship.”” (Can you explain what you mean by organic type ship?) “The structure is very organic like – it is a living thing. ” (I see, do you know what shape it is?)

(She drew it later) “Dome like – comes out – flat underneath with a dome inside.” (What are you doing now) ” It has a hard shell on top so that we can travel. ” (Can you come and go in smaller ships?) ” We can transport ourselves (again a tremulous voice) we can transport ourselves down by free will. Thought. We don’t need vessels.” ( She laughed)” we teleport ourselves down ” (Onto the earth you mean?) ” anywhere! ”

(Back home on your own planet how do you live. Do you have a house? )

“Dome like homes. There is a lot of love in our homes. We are very happy we live within our hearts.. We have communal homes We live within our house – we have transport that takes us from our homes that takes us to the big places.” (and what are those big places?) ” Where we meet and talk to discuss things – to be with each other – eating places. ” (What do you eat?) ” organic – vegetarian. We don’t eat animals. We eat the fruits that we grow within ourselves “- (you grow within yourselves did you say?) “Yes – we produce it – I don’t know – it is just there. ”

(Have you heard of the Adonis race?) Long pause.(Helen was still in a deep regression).. ” Angelic type people.”


(Do you know of the dolphins?) ” We know dolphins.” (What do you know) ” Angelic Race.” (Is that the same as the whales?) “Close family to whales. They are sent from the blue race. She pointed and said ‘over that way'” (She still had her eyes closed.)

(Do the people that look like dolphins are they the same as they look here or are they different? She was asked to hold the image in her mind) “They are a blue colour but they don’t look like dolphins – not like the way we see them now. ( She had mentioned her brother being one at the beginning of her regression)

Marjorie was asked to come back. She was still feeling very out of it. She was asked to hold that love in her heart from the Fish Race, as she began to re-feel her body and open her eyes. She began to smile because she said they were cuddling her.

Marjorie felt very happy after this regression to make contact with her Galactic Fish Race. In her memory, her mother had reminded her also of incarnating from her Fish Race into a Whale on Earth.

She came back knowing how hard it had been for us off the Mothership Rexegena. She knew and said, “The responsibility was very hard for you (Valerie) wasn’t it? That is why you are all gathering with the information again. To speak of it? ” (‘Upstairs’ had told us that the story was known throughout the Universe)

Valerie Speaks

I, Valerie, remembered also that the starpeople off the Mothership had remembered some fish like people present at the hand-over ceremony just before the Rexegena was attacked. (It is interesting that science on earth, links fish with the further development of birds and lizards – maybe genetically the Galactic Fish Race helped evolve those beings at another time)

In Marjorie’s drawing the scales were soft. There was a wide forehead and then tapering forward to the nose which comes down from the forehead. The lips were full. They eyes were big – (her description was starting to look more like a bird) The babies attached themselves to the chest. (Its like the scales were soft and round -could almost be feathers – obviously an evolvement had occurred here at sometime) They were shiny – greeny iridescent. But they could wear clothes. The mood, how you felt would change the colour. She felt that a lot of our sayings like black mood, in the pink, feeling blue, green and yellow etc.came from them. They multiplied with copulating and the fish grew inside the females. The heads are slightly bigger. She drew the mothership also that they lived in.

Marjorie feels in this life as a human, that family is very important. Everybody is family. “I have a tendency to have vegetation growing around me. If I moved to another house, living plants, would be the first thing I went out and bought or created around me. I always likes to be near the sea. I love swimming in the sea. I find boundaries very hard for me to keep in.”

(She was asked how she felt about eating fish?)

“She said yes, she can eat fish. She loved the whales and dolphins, but not to eat.. I feel part of them and they part of me. I can still feel myself as a whale – how good it feels as they glide and feeling the young rubbing against your side. They do give love.

I believe the sound waves confuse them now and that is why they become beached. I have had some lovely connections with dolphins. I have felt overjoyed with the connection with them. I have always loved the water. I taught myself to swim.

In this life I felt the older I got the more boundaries were put upon me but it didn’t break my spirit. In the other life I had freedom and when I came here this time I had freedom to a point . I kept being aware of boundaries.”


Massive pod of Beluga whales eating fish, Churchill, Manitoba