The Mission of Alcheringa – When the First Ancestors were Created

John the Divine

My voices were telling me, ‘Its really The Lost Book of Love, a manuscript written by John the Divine, who was asked by God to eat it By that I presume it meant he was to hold it back, or even consume it. Strange!

“Yet The Cathars in France, around 1244 were said to have possessed a mysterious manuscript, “The Book of Love” written by St. John, in which “marvellous revelations” were recorded. It seems it was lost then, when The Cathars were attacked and destroyed by fire.

It is said that a manuscript was recorded and now lies in a cave somewhere south of France. It will be revealed to the world at a “pre-ordained time, by a predestined being of perfect innocence and absolute purity, who will be under the sign of the Dove.”

(Refer: ‘The Sign of the Dove’ by Elizabeth Van Buren.)

So many clues …

When “The Voices” of the White Brotherhood, first spoke to me about a group of souls who had agreed to come together at this time; they said they would speak of a past-life memory in which they had come from the stars. It had been a time when humanity was first created.

And so this has come to pass …

The Book ALCHERINGA (aka Starpeople Revisited) tells of how many people visited a cave here in Australia, well below France, where there is a manuscript written in stone in the shape of hieroglyphs.

ALCHERINGA, our creator ancestral spirit tells us that the Hieroglyphs would mean many things to many people and indeed they have triggered memories in people. Many have spontaneously regressed into a past-life memory speaking of a time of when they were star people. It was a time when the upstanding ape-like creature evolved from an animal-man to human when imbued with genes from the star people.


The Star People had come from the Pleiades, also known as the Dove, on a Mission of Love. The Mission was to free the up-standing ape like creatures who were being used as slaves by other star beings of a reptilian form and nature. They had genetically engineered them into a race and were using mind-control to enslave them. This had been done without permission from the Cosmic Law.

It is not a simple story, but one filled with intrigue, deception, and the planned destruction of a mission that left only ninety survivors to be cast upon the Earth. Part of the story is about their survival – on a planet whose atmosphere they could barely breath, a sun they could not expose themselves to and a dangerous and poisonous environment that took many of their lives. Their struggle and success in creating our race is the miracle they wrought. It is our past. They are our heritage.

Much of this knowledge has been held by secret societies down through the ages.

A secret church of love was decreed by Christ, the leader of the star people. John the Divine was appointed its founder. The Cathari in France were one branch of this church.

The Merovingian Kings were said to be direct descendents of Christ holding the holy blood in their veins. The Holy blood being the genes from the starpeople.

Jeanne D’arc was of direct descent of the Holy Blood. She was born of the Merovinigian Dynasty and whisked away to be cared for by foster parents in Lorraine, France. In her time it was extremely dangerous to be born to inherit the role of Grand Master of the Prieure de Zion (or any other secret society for that matter).

In my 3rd book ‘Two Soulmates Walking Through Time & History I was asked by Alcheringa, my spirit mentor, to write yet another book while we were standing on the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. It is about the many past-life memories John, my husband and I had experienced while travelling to sacred places. In particular we were given insight about ‘The Lost Book of Love’ written by John the Divine and held for over a thousand years by the Cathars at Montsegur.

When I asked Alcheringa what had happened to the ‘Lost Book of Love’ by John the Divine we were advised that my husband John and I, in that life had been brother and sister and had been the Elders of the settlement at Montsegur. A whole group of Cathars, about 220 people living on the peak were ordered by the French King’s army to come down from the mountain or they would set fire around the base; so we came down. Then we were commanded to denounce our beliefs – which we refused and thus we were all burnt to death. As the woman elder, I had hidden the precious ‘Book of Love’ in my woman’s clothing and so the manuscript was destroyed to ashes by the fire.

This is why we, John and I, have returned on a Mission, to raise the book from the fire, like a phoenix from the ashes and rewrite the story – recording the marvellous revelations. Alcheringa tells us that my John has a connection in his soul story to John the Divine who is also connected to Alcheringa. And I have a connection in my soul story to Jehanne d’arc who often referred to herself as the ‘Pure One’ which is how the Cathars also referred to themselves.

When I first began my work I had a dream where I saw myself driving a huge Road Train pulling 3 large trailers. I continued to drive off the coast of Australia through the ocean and came out safe and sound at Hong Kong.

Book Cover - two soul mates

My soul contract has been to write 3 books with the assistance of John my Soulmate. Alcheringa has been guiding us and assisting both of us from the World of Light -in our journey here on Earth.

We are now in our Eighties.

Custom Book Publications of Hong Kong have already published my/our 3rd book, ‘Two Soulmates’ – Walking through Time and History. Custom Book Publications of Hong Kong are now going to re-publish my 2nd book, including some of the story from my 1st book. The three trailers represented my 3 books which I drove through water (representing some emotional difficulties) in a road train to Hong Kong where they were published – which is the dream come true.