Memory – Past Lives and Releasing

standing at the precipiceSometimes our purpose on Earth – our soul contract – is to live with another (the one I am married to!!!) and to go through the release (or clearing) of what was experienced in past lifetimes together. Or past lifetimes when we inflicted an action upon someone – or was the one receiving the infliction. These stories are prompted by “Upstairs” … for me to share, for you to read: for this is a time when we may seek release for ourselves. The Earth and all its denizens have progressed well into the 5th Dimension and the healing of the Earth, the healing of ourselves. It is as if we are standing at a precipice – and looking to the far side, where there is peace, harmony and co-operation. When we look behind us, we see conflict, suffering, dark emotions and anger. This time, this moment of now, we all have the opportunity to ask and you shall receive: receive release from the past.

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Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

mmagdalenWhether you are of the Catholic Religion or not – I am sure you will be overjoyed to know that Pope Francis has made a new decree bumping the liturgical celebration honouring St. Mary Magdalene from a memorial to a feast, putting her on par with the apostles. The feast day is July 22nd – Today!

When John and I were in France last year we were aware the Knight’s Templars revered her and all along the South of France many churches we visited, depicted her with long red hair along with an equal sided cross somewhere on the church walls – connecting it to the Knights Templars. My father was a Freemason – a Grand Master – who also knew her to be an apostle. His birthday was July 22nd. Let us rejoice that at last St. Mary Magdalene has been recognised for who she truly is.

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The Museum of Cairo

Visit to the Famous Cairo Museum

Museum of Egypt at Cairo

Museum of Egypt at Cairo

Finally we are taken to the famous Cairo Museum.

Visiting the museum is an incredible experience. Ahmed is so knowledgeable and we had him all to ourselves, where others visiting the museum were in groups of 20 or more following their guide around the museum. Ahmed touched his heart and said he would show us the most important artifacts known to the Egyptian people.

We were not allowed to take our camera into the museum or bags. We visited the famous Tutankhamun room with the solid gold burial sarcophagus and also his solid gold burial mask.

Sarcophagus of Tut anhk amon

Sarchophagus of Tutankhamen

When we entered the ‘mummies room’ I was surprised not to feel some repugnance at the site of the dead people. John asked Ahmed where the ‘daddy’s room’ was and he was immediately led to the toilet.

The ancient mummifying techniques allowed the bodies to look almost alive after thousands of years. I experienced smelling a beautiful perfume when near one of the mummies with long hair who was a Queen. I felt she was being drawn to my attention for a reason and that I had known her when she was alive. The feeling was a little overwhelming and I refrained from asking ‘upstairs’. I didn’t have a pencil and paper with me to take notes. Her name was long and complicated, and I asked John to please take particular note with me. John remarked, “She must have been beautiful when she was alive with that long reddish hair.” I think I will ask Alcheringa more about her at another time.

At Home: (Two weeks later)

Exactly on a Monday and at the same time as I was viewing the mummies in Egypt- Two weeks later – I was on a ‘John of God crystal bed‘ at Amanda’s house, in an altered state of consciousness, literally feeling I was a ‘mummie’. Amanda later said she was clairvoyantly seeing me looking like a rag doll. I hadn’t told her then about the perfume in the mummies’ room in the Cairo Museum. Well of course as a mummie I would look like a rag doll. Amanda did beautiful work, massaging my head and neck which had been very sore and aching for the past two weeks. Amanda saw the healer working through her, removing the cloth around the mummies head as if releasing the memory … … She also saw a huge golden disc across my chest – which was inscribed.

Amanda saw my spirit body levitating just above the mummie. Other work was done – the healer working through Amanda was the energy of Jesus and it felt like a very strong male energy. He came from other worlds capable of changing and moving me, I could have been physically lifted off the massage table.

A strong voice, in my inner ear, was telling me that I had been a Queen in an Egyptian life (I immediately thought of the female ‘mummie’ and the beautiful perfume at Cairo) and had given birth to Akhenaten in the same way Avatars are born. It was a great honour and it was because I had been one of the starmother’s who had first given birth to the altered genes of the ape-like creature – who later went on to be the first humans of the race of earthlings. (see eBook “Star People Revisited“) My attention was continually drawn to the memory of having ‘grandchildren and being a grandmother’ at the time of being a ‘mummie’ and I wasn’t sure what that was about.

I was also advised, “It is also why you have been chosen to do the Transmissions for Cosmic Sai Baba.”

While in the altered state of consciousness connecting to the past life memory which began to be released while I was on the crystal bed table, I felt moved to stretch and push to release the Golden disc that was ethereally hanging around my neck. – I knew that more information from that disc would be released later and that I was to research the World Wide Web and find out more about Akhenaten’s family.

I find as recently as February 2010 complicated DNA studies have been released to the public about the mummies at the Cairo Museum. In particular the Pharaohs of the Sun, Amenhotep III, Arkenaten and Tutankhamen. The key is mitochondrial DNA, which, is something passed on only through the women, which forms the basis of tracing evolution.

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye who has curly red/blonde hair

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye who has curly red/blonde hair

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye were the parents of Akhenaten, so this must be the Queen referred to when told I had given birth to him; in a different life of course, and speaking from a Soul History point of view. Akhenaten was born the same way Avatars are born – from a ‘blue light’ entering the mother’s stomach and influencing the growth of the little fetus with an uplifted consciousness. He grew into a man, looking strangely effeminate; with a potbelly ‘A’ line shaped body, a thick-lipped, elongated face and large skull having a more ‘star people’ likeness.

On the same day I was researching this information, my husband John arrived home with a copy of the National Geographic dated September 2010, with an article about King Tut’s DNA – Unlocking Family Secrets (Link to National Geographic article)

I almost laughed out loud, and without saying to John why, I asked him to put his hand palm over the image of the mummie, Amenhotep III. Then I asked him to close his eyes, let his eyes roll back into his head as if he was looking way above into the Universe to the World of Light, and ask Mother/Father God, “Was the personality of Amenhotep III, the Great Pharaoh in his Soul Story?” John sat quietly for a very short time, and opened his eyes with a look of amazement, and said, “I am being told YES!”

Well that would account for some of his behavior in this life (only joking … )

The Great Pharaoh Amenhotep III reign became known as a period of peace and abundance, many structures were constructed that still stand today. He was known as the pharaoh that beautified Egypt. He was an excellent diplomat in International worlds and received riches from far and wide.

Amenhotep III celebrated three Jubilee festivals of his continued reign in his Year 30, Year 34, and Year 37 (the last before he died in his 39th year) respectively at his summer palace in Western Thebes. The palace, known as of “House of Rejoicing” in ancient times, comprised a temple of Amun and a festival hall built especially for this occasion. One of the king’s most popular epithets was Aten-tjehen which means “the Dazzling Sun Disk”; it appears in his titulary at Luxor temple and, more frequently, was used as the name for one of his palaces as well as the Year 11 royal barge, and denotes a company of men in Amenhotep’s army.

It is at the Luxor Temple that exists a story of the Immaculate Conception.

John in this life was, by his family, nicknamed “Jubilee John” I can see a lot of similarities in his personality that existed in the life of the Pharaoh.

John tells me that ever since he had that experience inside the Great Pyramid, “That up until that time, my whole being and thinking was muddled and misty – foggy – I couldn’t see the way around stuff – now I can see with absolute clarity.”

“Nothing to do with spirit I suppose, but I just see things in a clear perspective.” “Nothing seems to be confused anymore more; I feel centred in my mind – my understanding is becoming clearer” “When I am reading about historical fiction, and it is well researched, I know about it already. One of the things that has changed in me is, that I have always been a worry wart, but now I just don’t get panicky any more.”

“France had an affect on me too. When you think it through the South of France, and Egypt are close. It is like they influenced one another somehow.”

Akhenaten was married to Nefertiti and they had 5 daughters, he had another wife named Kiya. Images of the family look extraterrestrial. He fathered 2 sons with a different wife said to be a sister, the eldest is said to have died before Akhenaten, leaving Tutankhamen to inherit the throne.

Akenaten, Nefertiti, playing with children

Akenaten, Nefertiti, playing with children

When Akhenaten came to the Throne, Queen Tiye was still around after her husband Amenhotep lll passed on. She moved, as the elder lady, with her family to Amarna, 200 miles away from Thebes. Amarna was a new city Akhenaten had established saying, “The Father from above had pointed out the site as the Horizon of the Sun“. He changed the way of worshipping God from a polytheistic one, where the priests were the intermediaries with the gods to a monotheistic one where the Pharaoh was the only intermediary. He claimed, “I and the father Aten are One from the World of the Sun” and set up a new way of living, offering only food and flowers to God. All other images and sacrifices were forbidden – being replaced with the symbolic image of the Sun.

All blessings flowed through to Amarna where he constructed a new city with only temples to the Aten, The Sun, his One God. It was taught that all things were equal.

After Akhenaten died, this new religion and capital did not long survive. During young Tutankhamun’s short reign, the old ways were gradually reinstated and the capital moved back to the temples of Amun, run by the powerful priests in Thebes. Akhenaten was declared a heretic, and a lot of evidence was destroyed. How poignant it is that despite this, King Tutankhamun’s tomb was hidden and protected for so long that the story of Armana has been clarified with the DNA research.

Funerary mask of Tut ankh amon

Funerary mask of Tutankhamen

Tutankhamen inherited the throne, after Akhenaten died, at a very young age. King Tutankhamen married his half sister, his only wife, Ankhesenepaatan. This is the long and difficult name of the mummie, when John and I were assailed with the beautiful perfume at the Cairo Museum and I knew we were being asked to remember her.

This connects to the advice, “Grandchildren, Grandchildren,” and The words, “Grandmother.” while on the healing table, I was thinking of that mummie with the perfume, we had seen in the Cairo museum.

Tutankhamun’s DNA shows he is the offspring of a union between siblings, this often studied pharaoh is now revealed to have had a congenital clubfoot afflicted with bone disease, which would have made walking painful, causing him to use a walking stick. Inbreeding may have caused the deformity and even prevented him from producing an heir with his only wife Ankhesenepaatan, a daughter of Akhenaten. It was believed that Tutankhamun may have been poisoned as he died at only 19 years of age. DNA research also showed he had serious malarial disease.

I have always been interested in the fetus 1 and 2 who are the premature babies born to Tutankhamun and his young wife Ankhesenepaatan. I watched a documentary a number of years ago when an x-ray photo was allowed to be taken of them and they looked extraterrestrial. Now I realize I knew of them when the babies were born to Queen Tiye’s grandchildren. DNA testing also found a lock of Queen Tiye’s hair inside the babie’s coffinette.

My Mentor has advised that Queen Tiye had actually died by then. “Your grandchildren knew that you would be looking after their Souls after they moved on to the other side. And, so that is why they placed a little lock of your curly blonde/red hair (from your mummie) within their tiny coffin.” I knew of them, when I was in the World of Light.

I asked my Mentor why it is important that we speak about this family of Amarna?

I was advised, “It is a replay of what took place when Jesus was alive, My Dear, and what is happening now. It is a time that the Golden Age will come upon this Earth. In some form it did before. But this time the Angelic Realms have made an edict that only those who can be trusted with the power to help take your Solar System through its transition into alignment with a core of suns leading to the Source of all Creation; are those who are allowed to work with that power, and so it will definitely take place … and the turning point is as you have been given; will be at the end of 2012 with the December Summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere and December Winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth Planet.”

He also advised that, “Akhenaten was an energy of the same Light Being that incarnated later as Jesus.” Both ‘times’ were a replay of suppression of Divine Light coming onto the Earth, but it did bring important changes at the time.

My thoughts wandered to Jesus also saying, “I and the Father are One.” Is this the real meaning of, “God the Father, God the Son (Sun) and God the Holy Ghost?” (Meaning God is in everything, the way the indigenous people believe.) And isn’t it interesting that the Christian Holy Day is ‘ Sun Day’?

Jesus with the divine light emerging from his heart

Jesus with the divine light emerging from his heart

My thoughts also wander to the altar in the Catholic Basilica of Mary Magdalene at Saint Maximin where it looks like a huge sun. A Catholic priest has advised me that it is referred to as the “Holy Spirit” – I saw a lot of images looking like the sun in Catholic churches in South of France.

Disk of the Sun - illustrating the light of the Holy Spirit at the Basilica of Mary Magdalene at Saint Maximin

Disk of the Sun – illustrating the light of the Holy Spirit at the Basilica of Mary Magdalene at Saint Maximin

My thoughts wander to our visit to Stonehenge and Avebury where open stone circles joined with lintels were built to capture the Winter/Summer Soltice Sun Light.

Sunrise at Stonehenge

Sunrise at Stonehenge

The Disk symbol of the Sun is shown on top of the heads of many gods as well as Queen Tiye who is said to be the progenitor of monotheism through her first son Crown Prince Thutmose, who predeceased his father, and her second son, Akhenaten who ultimately succeeded Amenhotep III to the throne.

Queen Tiye with the Disc symbol of the sun

Queen Tiye with the Disc symbol of the sun

My thoughts go to the memory on the healing table with the ethereal golden disk sitting ethereally on my heart and what I now know represents – The One God leading back through a ‘core of Suns’ aligning with The Creator of All.

And for goodness sakes! Look how I have been ‘set-up’ with the photo of me in front of a golden disk that we have on our loungeroom wall. It has been subsequently used on the Home page of my website. This was taken long before I had any awareness of what I am being asked to write about by my Mentors.

Valerie and John Barrow at the Pyramids of Giza

Valerie with the Golden Disk

Sai Baba on the Golden Chariot of the Sun

Sai Baba on the chariot with the Golden Disk of the Sun


The warrior goddess  Sekhmet, shown with her sun disk and cobra crown

The warrior goddess Sekhmet, shown with her sun disk and cobra crown

I am prompted to research Isis and Osiris the Gods whose child is Horus and when traveling South of France how like the Mother Mary and her child looked so like Isis of Egypt with her child Horus on her knee. I found an image of Isis with a Golden Disk symbolizing the Sun upon her head.

Isis nursing Horus, wearing headdress of Hathors

Isis nursing Horus wearing the headdress of Hathors

The Hathors are the blue people, the Light Beings who are an advanced race that have lived on Earth before the so-called “Fall of Atlantis” which happened all over the Earth, nearly destroying Earth in something like 12,000 years ago. Please refer to The channeled work on page 108 of the Book of Love by a Medium (Valerie Barrow) and with the sacred number of 144 pages, which has been physically blessed by Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

They are star people who are still here in the Ethereal Worlds waiting to assist the little Earthling. We have also inherited their Star genes. The HOLY BLOOD which is in all of us.

Statue of Hathor outside the museum

Statue of Hathor outside the Museum

The missing Sun Goddess I believe speaks of the time when the Earth was plunged into darkness after The Chaos caused by some of the Light Beings that belonged to The blue people known as the Hathor.

The Winged Sun

The winged sun was an ancient (3rd millennium BC) symbol of Horus, later identified with Ra.

“During the later period of Roman history, sun worship gained in importance and ultimately led to what has been called a “solar monotheism.” Nearly all the gods of the period were possessed of solar qualities. The feast of Sol Invictus (unconquered Sun) on December 25th was celebrated with great joy, and eventually this date was taken over by the Christians as Christmas, the celebrated birthday of Christ.” Source: Wikipedia – the Missing Sun

Hindu Sun God Savitri (sometimes called Surya)

Image of the Hindu Sun God Savitr (sometimes called Surya). Note the green ring on the left hand just like Sai Baba gave to me,
and then changed it to my right hand.

“Even the Gayatri Mantra, which is regarded as one of the most sacred of the Vedic hymns is dedicated to Savitr, one of the principal Adityas. The Adityas are a group of solar deities, from the Brahmana period numbering twelve. The ritual of sandhyavandanam, performed by Hindus, is an elaborate set of hand gestures and body movements, designed to greet and revere the Sun.” Traditionally the Gayatri Mantra is chanted 32, 64 or 108 times. See more about Sandhyavandanam .

Since we are on the subject of Sun and Divine Light I am advised that Sai Baba has only ever given ONE meditation. A meditation on Light which ends, “I am in the Light, the Light is in me, the Light and I are one”. You can view this meditation here

It has been recorded that the burial chamber of Osiris is way below the Statue of the Sphinx at Giza. The myths and legends of Greece, India and South America describe the rule of Osiris and Isis. Alcheringa has already said, “They were Gods or Star People.” The Mighty Osiris and Isis walked into the Egyptian Valley out of nowhere and assumed command. They were taller and more imposing than the men of the time, with long blond hair, marblelike blue/white skin and remarkable powers that enabled miracles.

They were from the race of the Hathors, the Blue people who lived on Earth for hundreds of years before and had come originally from Venus. Some of these light beings had mated with the earth women. It is from them we, as earthlings, have inherited our royal blood, our HOLY SPIRIT blood. The HOLY SPIRIT bloodline has spread into every being upon this Earth.

Everybody on Earth has a Soul/Spirit. It is our HOLY BLOOD line. It is our Light Body, seen easily on modern medical scanning equipment, and easily seen emanating from our earth body.

If you think of our earth-body having a genetic DNA inheritance from our ancestors – so too, we have a spirit-body inheritance from our Soul history ancestors. Our spirit ancestors are who we have been in other lives from our Earth experiences or our cosmic experiences. Each is an individual being whom we are closely related. These we can remember when we connect to our Soul Consciousness.

In our earth physical body with red blood we can examine our past inheritance through examining our DNA. In our spirit physical body we can examine our past inheritance through examining our Soul history. You could think of it as “Spirit blood, or essence.”

It is said by the Avatars that life here on Earth is not the reality. We are born from an embryo; foetus which grows into our physical earthbody and eventually dies, going back to dust.

An aspect of our Soul grows into the embryo, foetus and body as a spiritbody. But when we die, the aspect of the Soul, our spiritbody continues to live on and returns to the World of Light.

Our earth-body has a brain like a computer that thinks …

Our spirit-body has a Soul Seat that holds the consciousness that guides us through a Blue print of what our life is meant to achieve.

Our life on Earth should be simple if we can recognize the difference and raise our consciousness to become one with our Soul. We are experiencing many lives on Earth and in the Cosmos but where do we go in between those lives?

We return to THE SOURCE, of our Light Being in the World of Light. Our HOLY GRAIL we call HOME.

Videos you may wish to watch are

I asked Alcheringa if he would like to add a message: He thanked me for asking him and said:

I would like you to say that the whole reason for your future book – is about your sacred journey that you and your husband have taken.

He went on to add:

You could recommend for others to travel to sacred places … it helps to lift the spirit to the Soul Consciousness – which you have already mentioned – for what has happened is that you have been given knowledge. What began in Egypt and the period of Amarna, has now become a huge cycle that is taking the earth and its solar system into the alignment of the Central Sun and the Core of Suns that enables all to come from God Consciousness.





Valerie and John Barrow at the Pyramids of Giza

Valerie and John Barrow at the Pyramids of Giza

When John and I first began planning our holiday journey overseas, I asked John could we please visit the Bay of Marys, and also the Valley of God in South of France. We also planned to visit the United Kingdom, my husband’s birth land, and I asked could we also visit Glastonbury Abbey. John arranged the itinerary for 6 weeks travel overseas and we were to stopover at Dubai to visit our family residing there. I did ask if it was possible that, perhaps, we could visit Egypt and the Pyramids. It didn’t look like we were going to be able to make it to Egypt, our budget was fast fading. So when ‘upstairs’ advised me we would be visiting the Pyramids in Egypt I didn’t believe them. It came as a surprise when John came home to announce that he had changed the itinerary (at little extra cost I might add) so we could visit Egypt from Dubai for 3 days only. I must say I was overjoyed and wondered what ‘upstairs’ had in store for us.

Our whole journey has been wonderful and enlightening to say the least and has brought John into sharing and understanding of what working with ‘Holy Spirit’ is all about. With all the unexpected insights, signs, and promptings along the way to visit various places, we both ‘knew’ we were being guided the whole journey.

We arrived in Cairo and the very first impression we both experienced, as soon as we alighted from the plane and put our feet on the ground – was we felt we had come home.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and largest city in Africa. When flying in you can see on one side of the plane a vast unending desert and the other is a huge metropolis located on the river Nile. We were met by a friendly Egyptian who introduced himself as Ahmed and advised he was to be our guide while we were here on our brief visit. Ahmed was more than just a guide, as you will soon read!

We were driven in a small mini-bus by Mohammed who was to collect us from our hotel and stay with us the whole time we were sightseeing. As we drove to our hotel (the Movenpik at Giza), our first impression was sand, dust and dirt everywhere. We were advised it only rains about 3 or 4 times per year and even then it is only a light shower, not enough to wash the place clean. There were many hi-rise buildings that were unfinished and had colourful washing hanging out of holes in the wall (that should have been windows) which gave a strong contrast to the dull grey cement exterior of the buildings. We were advised that if the buildings had been completed there would have been a difficult tax to pay. People were allowed to live in the apartment blocks even though they were not finished.

It took about one hour from the airport to arrive at The Movenpik Resort Hotel, a little oasis with a welcoming swimming pool and cool restaurants. The hotel was only one kilometer from the Pyramids. Just looking at them I began to feel shaky and when walking, I was slightly unsteady. I welcomed John’s steady arm to lean on.

Photo of from the Hotel with Pyramids behind Valerie Barrow

Photo taken from the Hotel with Pyramids behind Valerie

What a difference Cairo is in the evening when everything comes to life! The dullness comes to life with bright lights everywhere. And EVERYBODY seems to be out and about, in cafes, markets or just walking. The traffic is totally chaotic and yet somehow our driver misses everything and we often squeeze into the most extraordinarily narrow spaces.

We loved the people and if we were to think what other place is like Cairo – I would say – India … although there is something about Egypt you cannot define; but we loved it.

Unlike Dubai, from where we had just come, there is not the rich lavishness and yet the people all seem to be healthy, and happy, although now as I write 3 months later, I find they were not happy with their government. The travel arrangements are not all the same. Little tock tocks, donkeys with people on them, and donkeys drawing tiny carriages behind them; buses are large, full to the brim with people going to or from work and cars with kids crammed inside going home from school. The odd camel is seen and pushbikes and taxis too, but thank goodness we have a driver to ourselves with an airconditioned mini-bus. It is pleasantly cool in the morning and evening.

To the Pyramids

Today we begin early on a day-long tour. Our first visit is to the pyramids. I keep tottering unexpectedly. A swim in the pool, with the Nile water had helped a little, the evening before. A message from ‘upstairs’ advises I am being introduced to the energy of the pyramids gradually – in the similar way I had been introduced to the Moldavite stone. I awake this morning remembering a dream that I would not be happy if I was to go inside the great pyramid. When we arrive with our guide at the Great Pyramids we are confronted by hundreds of people already gathered and waiting to buy their tickets to enter the grounds. The city of Cairo now almost reaches to the base of the pyramids – the suburb is known as Giza. The other side of the Pyramids is the unending Sahara desert.

We find our guide Ahmed to be very knowledgeable and in fact is a student of Egyptology in English and Russian and is studying for his PhD. We feel we are not only being guided on our whole trip but also, the right people are being brought to us. This is proven in itself with Ahmed being our guide and lecturing us on the ancient beliefs of the Egyptians. He speaks about the Dynasties and also later, about the Muslim beliefs and the culture of modern day Egypt. Wonderful.

I advised Ahmed I had a dream warning me not to enter inside of the Pyramids and would it be alright if I just sit outside and meditate. He doesn’t know what I mean about meditation until I describe it as prayer. He understands immediately and is respectful.

John is not happy that I choose not to enter the pyramid to visit the King’s chamber and begins to put pressure onto me until I ask him not to ‘force’ me as I have received ‘a message’ not to go inside. It did not matter really for the tunnels where only added later and it is not the real reason I am here.

I encourage him to go and then he will be able to tell me what it is like. So off he goes climbing the pyramid outside until he comes to the entrance and disappears – along with many other peoples. I notice that not everybody is going inside and Ahmed has warned John that it will be a difficult climb inside.

Ahmed stays behind with me, and I then explain to Ahmed that I want to climb the outside of the pyramid just a little way (about 30 ft) and just sit on one of the large stones and meditate. I want to move along until I come to a place I feel I can sit down and not be bothered by all the people climbing past each other on a rather narrow path of blocks of rock. (Must be a destiny for me on this trip – to walk narrow paths.) I find a place past where there is rope separating the crowd at the base level below. I am disturbed by a Japanese couple who want to know if this was a special place of some sort as I was just sitting quietly. I reply, with a smile, “No, I just want to meditate quietly away from the crowd.”

They are immediately sympathetic and move away. Then the Security Policeman calls out to me; signaling for me to move back with the other people. I call out, “I just want to meditate” and he immediately signals, with his hand on his heart, “Oh, that’s alright” and leaves me to it.

Looking up to the top of the Pyramid, with the Moon visible

Looking up to the top of the Pyramid, with the Moon visible

As I look up the full height of the Great Pyramid above me I feel slightly giddy and again I have to steady myself by holding onto the corner of a big block of stone. I can see a clear blue sky and the moon which prompts me to take a photo. Still feeling shaky. Then, when I settle my Mentor begins speaking to me clearly and firmly. “You will be channeling later with a lot of information,” I am told. “But for now I am asked to write another book.” I agree, but I say, “I am disappointed in how difficult it has been for my other books to get off the ground so to speak.” I am told that, ” This book will be very important and that it will receive more attention – it is in your Soul Blue-Print that you will do this.” In otherwords I have agreed to write three books when I came into this body. I only want to serve – so I shall not worry about outcomes – even though it can be frustrating when I am trying to share information from ‘upstairs’ with as many people as possible.

My Mentor gives me the outline of the book, at the time of Jesus’s family and the Roman Empire. The ancient changes in the earth’s movement, and other past life memories will remind me of past experiences and the role my husband John, has played in this.

I communicate to my Mentor on how disappointed I am at the size of the stones I am standing on, at the Great Pyramid. He advises, “The Sphinx, My Dear, was built long before the pyramids and so yes, it was long before Atlantis fell. You will see the size of the stones at the Sphinx entrance and that is actually the same size that exist at the Great Pyramid now … but they have been overlaid by smaller stones and the drawings found around the Pyramids showing how men were working to build them up, is what happened. Actually it was the Star People who first built the Great Pyramid. If the outer layer of stones were taken away they would find the larger stones there, My Dear.”

We are all Mediums

When I return to Ahmed, I try to explain what I was doing while we are still waiting for John to come back from the inside of the Great Pyramid. I say “I am a medium,” he doesn’t understand this. So I say, “I can tune into other worlds and receive messages” and that I have agreed to “The Gods” from other worlds that they can use my voice-box and speak through me.” I didn’t need to explain any further … he smiles and begins nodding his head quite quickly – so I think he is impressed. I am not sure if he hears me add, “Everybody can be a Medium, and in fact they are whether they realize it or not.”

Everyone is a medium, a Spirit Being with a Soul, living in an earthly body who is often inspired with a ‘thought’ or an ‘idea’ that is motivating. God wants us all to be happy; anything that we think or feel or do in a negative way, is pulling us against God. Inspiration comes straight from our Creative Centre, our God Centre; it assists us to write, paint, sculpt, build, sing, dance and explore. We can explore with our mind, our emotion, or our feet – this is what motivates us. The rest is ‘choice‘; what we choose to activate within us. There are good choices and not so good choices, there is a need to listen to the ‘voice within’ and choose what feels right.

I find all this information such a joy—I just want to share it—but there is a need to use discernment at all times, in how I express myself. I don’t want to sound like I am forcing anyone, or preaching. The Truth is we are all “Gods” whether we are on this planet or another. We are all children from the Creative Source of All. It is what we do with our lives, in this life, or a past life, or a future life that makes us worthy of being children of God.

God is Love.

All else is pulling away from that.

John and Shamanic Initiation

Poor John hasn’t come out of the pyramid yet. I know he will be looked after by Holy Spirit. Whatever he experiences it will have a reason and a purpose. Everything always does … … He is here now, sweating profusely and looking very shaken. In fact he can hardly stand. We sit for a while giving him time to recover.

He is saying, ” I cannot believe I have just done that, I could have had a heart attack or a stroke.” … …. “I had to bend over to get through the tunnel in some places. People were pushing up the steep slope and down the slope, with small slats across the footing stopping me from slipping. I was hot, there was no air-conditioning, and sweating profusely – I really thought I was going to have a heart attack or another stroke, but I pushed on.”

Light around a man inside the Great Pyramid

This a photo of a man who had a similar experience to John on his way to the Kings Chamber within the Great Pyramid pyramid climb. If you put your cursor on the solid rope of light you will see it looks like a cobra – meaning power over life and death. Photo is by Mary Shaw –

When he has recovered I take this photo and look who is with them?

Photo of John and Ahmed with an ancestral spirit

Photo of John and Ahmed with an ancestral spirit (Orb of Light) behind them

I feel he is in no danger and that he has experienced a shamanic initiation – similar to when people experience a ‘Sweat Lodge’ given by the American Red Indians. It allows for energy fields to change within the body and to release negative past life memories. People usually change for the better after such an initiation.

John is saying, “I have changed!” He says, “While I was in there, I kept thinking about you telling me how apples can last longer, stored in a pyramid shape container, and I felt my life had been extended.”

I don’t remember ever saying anything about apples; I believe he was hearing ‘a voice’ that was explaining what was happening to him. It is possible to break free from all our Soul History and operate from the Monad consciousness, which holds our soul family history together – thus coming from a consciousness without limit and seeing everything from an overview, or the Big Picture, so to speak. This is how we shall graduate into the Golden Age.

Photo of light around a man inside the Great Pyramid

Mark is a friend of Mary – This is another photo of him at the entrance to the inside of Great Pyramid. This photo is by Mary Shaw of They plan to journey to Egypt soon if anyone is interested … you can visit Mary’s website. Thanks are given to her allowing the use of these photos.

We only have One full day for sight seeing with a lot more to see. We are allowed to walk a temporary path above the Sphinx. We use the original entrance to the Sphinx, and it was here that I recognized the Huge Stones that had been tessellated together (by the star people) just as my Mentor had told me. We were not allowed to enter the ground level of the Sphinx as a new ancient wall has recently been discovered and work was still happening to uncover that.

Sphinx photo showing huge slabs of stone

Sphinx photo showing the large blocks of stone

Temple Entrance to the Sphinx showing perfectly cut of stone

Temple Entrance to the Sphinx showing perfectly cut blocks of stone

Pyramids and Preshistory: The Fall of Atlantis

If I may digress a little, I know I was involved with the pyramids and the Sphinx in another life. A psychic medium once gave me an impromptu ‘past life reading’. The reading was about ‘just before Atlantis fell’; as a male I helped build the pyramids using levitation techniques which were quite normal for the ‘blue people,’ known as the Hathors. We had been an advanced race of Light Beings who lived for hundreds of years on the planet Earth (or Mu as we referred to it then).

Some of our scientists were experimenting in capturing an asteroid to use as another moon to orbit the planet — it was to be a landing platform for star ships from other planets — we tried to warn them — but warnings were ignored and they succeeded in losing control of the asteroid and it slammed into our Earth bringing absolute chaos. I remembered leaving the Earth in a star ship and looking back with great sadness at the total devastation and loss of life that was occurring on the planet.

The edict by the Angelic Realms was that the Earth was to be ‘contained’ with an ethereal net so that the chaos would not go out and affect other solar systems in the galaxy. The Earth operated in the 4th dimension at that time but it FELL into the 3rd dimension. The ‘ethereal net’ is now being slowly opened as our Solar System moves into alignment with the Galactic Sun and other Suns leading back to the Creative Source of All. This will return the Earth into the 4th Dimension and as it does, depending upon the weight and measure of the frequency of consciousness upon this Earth, is, as to how smoothly or roughly our transition into the Alignment will take place leading into the 5th Dimensional Golden Age.

If all can raise in consciousness – which is the “HOLY GRAIL” within ourselves and connect to our God selves, then the weight and the measure of consciousness upon this Earth will give a smooth transition to the Alignment. The Turning Point is said to occur on the Summer/Winter Solstice of 2012 … …

Back to the Pyramids: We are then driven further up the road behind the Pyramids … overlooking the City of Cairo; the other way overlooks an unending desert.

Photo of scene overlooking Cairo

Photo of scene overlooking Cairo

The Citadel of Saladin

We then took a visit to Saladin’s Citadel, a majestic site on a hill. It is in the nature of a fortification that also contains two beautiful mosques, called Muhammad Ali mosque and the Mosque of Nasir. Saladin’s Citadel is a structure that bears great importance to the history of Cairo. During the time of the Crusades, Fustat (now a part of Cairo) was the capital of Egypt, and Saladin wanted to ensure that his rule was safe from the Crusaders and other enemies. So, Saladin’s concept was to build a massive structure as well as a huge wall.

There are wonderful photographs of the Citadel of Salaid (Al Qalaa) to be seen on this website

Photo of the Mohammad Ali Mosque - note the Freemason symbol on the ceiling

Photo of the Mohammad Ali Mosque – note the Freemason symbol on the ceiling

After that we are driven to a shop selling art painted on Papyrus, where we are the only two given a demonstration of how Papyrus is made.

Ahmed speaks of the most important painting from Ancient Egypt as The Judgment Day. It shows the spirit of the person that has died as going before a panel of 7 jurors before one can move on to heaven. The spirit moves on to another 7 jurors if the weight of the person’s heart is too heavy–it needs to be reviewed.”

Photo of Judgement Day Painting

Photo of Judgement Day Painting

Ahmed continued: “The heart of the deceased person is measured upon a scale against the spirit, seen as a feather. If the heart is too heavy some of it is eaten by a God in the form of a crocodile known as “yum, yum” and if it is then balanced the soul is allowed to ascend to heaven. If the heart is still too heavy it is then totally eaten and is lost forever.”

Isn’t it strange how we still refer to being “light hearted” which is a state of happiness – a willing spirit not reluctant, who is pleasant always, in good spirits and all those other nice feelings. The heart is where we experience emotions. If we are “heavy hearted” we are sad, angry, irritable or even experiencing feelings of hate and when you think about that, it all makes us feel awful. It is a natural feeling for us to feel love and all that goes with that.

So yes, God is Love.

My next article, the last of this series, will be about our visit to the Museum of Cairo

The Palais des Papes

The Palais des Papes
Vaucluse, South of France

Avignon and the Palais des Papes

Avignon and the Palais des Papes

John and I were on our way to Nice to catch the Plane to Dubai. We had about four days to spare and decided we would visit Avignon on our way. We thought it would be fun to find the bridge in Avignon connecting to the French song sung by children. “Sur le pont d’Avignon, l’on y danse, l’on y danse, Sur le pont d’Avignon l’on danse, tout en rond.”

In translation: “On the bridge of Avignon – We all dance there, we all dance there, On the bridge of Avignon, We all dance there in a ring.

The famous pont (Bridge) of Avignon, of the nursery rhyme

The famous pont (Bridge) of Avignon, of the nursery rhyme

Avignon has over five thousand years of history with the Palace of Popes being in the centre of the medieval walled city. I have to confess we knew nothing about the Palace of Popes, although we knew there had been a few French Popes. How wrong we were – there had been seven popes residing at the Palace over seventy-three years. At the time it was the capital of the Christian world until the Papacy moved back to Rome.

Here is a list of Popes who resided in Avignon:

Avignon became the residence of the Popes in 1309, when Gascon Bertran de Goth, as Pope Clement V, unwilling to face the violent chaos of Rome after his election (1305), moved the Papal Curia to Avignon, a period known as the Avignon Papacy.

The Popes departed Avignon 73 years later although there were more Popes in other places (antipopes) creating yet another Papal Schism, with Popes reigning in France and Popes reigning in Rome (and later on, Pisa) at the same time. These inauthentic Popes are called antipopes. This was resolved with the Council of Constance electing an Italian as Pope in 1417. The Palace des Papes remained under papal control, along with the surrounding city for 350 turbulent years.

View of Avignon

View of Avignon

We found a comfortable place to stay within the walled city and once settled, made our way to the large Place du Palais and then to the Palace itself. We paid our entrance fee and were given individual audioguides to listen to as we wandered through all the buildings. Some of the halls were large, empty and cold.

Hall in the Palais-des-Papes

Hall in the Palais-des-Papes

I began to experience that ‘past life’ memory feeling again. I wasn’t happy. I recalled a time when sitting with a medium, about 20 years ago, who channeled a message about me having a life as a Pope and then I remembered the name given to me was Clement V. At the time I didn’t take much notice but now it was becoming overwhelming. I had been told that he had died with a broken heart. He believed the life had been so wrong, even though he was guided back to the World of Light by a white dove.

As I walked, I listened to the audioguide speak of many things as I became more and more uncomfortable. I came to a room where an artist had painted portraits of all the popes. They all wore a ring on their finger; either a ruby ring or an emerald ring – but what startled me was the rings looked just like the ring (with the same setting) that Sai Baba had given to me in India.

King Phillip lV of France owed money to the Knights Templar and wanted them destroyed (so would not have to pay the debt). It was said that Pope Clement V was a puppet to his whim. How could The Knights Templar who were held in such high regard and were so well respected, be treated in this manner?

You may read an account of the background of about King Phillip IV and the Knights Templar on The Wayback Machine.

The French King wanted the Church to use their powers of Inquisition to judge the Knights Templar guilty of horrendous initiation rites. He also wanted them denounced as heretics and to be burnt at the stake so that he, the king, could take all their wealth and property unto his own. There has been much written about this and (until the very recent past) history took the view that Clement V acquiesced and allowed this to occur.

View of Palais des Papes

View of Palais-des-Papes – plus modern art

For about a week I suffered, constantly thinking, “How could I have been part of this abomination of torture and the Templars being burned alive and cast out from the protection of the Church?”

I mentally made a decision I would record this ‘past life memory’ in this article, when I wrote it, no matter how bad it might seem.

How could Pope Clement V have believed all of the vicious gossip about initiation rites and agree to disband the Order? God’s army, the Knights Templar—who were monk warriors—had sworn never to use the sword in anger or for their own gain. It is true they had become very wealthy from grateful, well-to-do pilgrims giving them treasures and land, in return for The Templars’ giving the pilgrims safe journeys to the Holy Lands.

In this life I am looking at my soul story and the memory of a life as a Cathar. They were the “The Pure Ones” who loved God, and lived with the Love of God. I felt I had to call on Alcheringa and ask what on earth was happening with the life as Pope Clement V; particularly as my soul would have been born into an earth body at Aquitane, South of France, and eventually become the Pope – only 50 years after the previous lifetime as a Cathar. That Cathar lifetime would surely have still been a strong influence within him.

After settling in front of my altar I switched on my Ipod, to make a recording and called Alcheringa by name.

Valerie: “Is Pope Clement V in my soul story?”

Alcheringa: “He is indeed My Dear and it is an earth life that your have found very painful indeed. For you did not want to go along with the edict from the French King. He was asking for all the papers that you had written to be destroyed.

You did not want this at all. And in fact the inquisition went ahead without your sanction – although it was said that you had sanctified the torture and inquisition into the charges being made against The Knights Templar – but this was not true. You, as The Pope, had not sanctified such action.

There were false papers put forward for an inquisition My Dear and you were very upset about this, when you found out.

You wrote another paper to exonerate the Church and what you had really thought and believed. But unfortunately this was not found until much later. [See here]

The life itself gave you insight into another point of view of the Church and you were not happy with this at all. You had come with a Mission, to try and stop the Inquisitions and torture. In the World of Light, the Hierarchy were not pleased that such a thing was taking place, on Earth, in the name of Jesus Christ.

So when you returned to your soul plane, you committed yourself to come back again, to try to rectify this. And that life was as a young woman known as Jeanne d’Arc. She tried to encourage the church to teach, by her example, to listen to God within.

This is enough for you My Dear, but I will be helping you, I will be helping you.

Comment by Valerie: Now that I have received the above information from Alcheringa – I feel now that I can relax – and I understand my feelings about the life. It doesn’t matter how others have written the history, or what they believe. I can certainly understand how when someone has a position of power and comes with the best intentions, it is not always easy to ‘carry off’ the best decisions when there are dark forces around you, trying to usurp what you are attempting to do.

Alcheringa added a little more understanding a few days later …

Alcheringa: “You recorded your dissatisfaction with the course the King wanted to take, My Dear. And so when the papers were falsified and the action of the burning of the Templar Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, had taken place – this upset you greatly. You had met the man personally and did not believe of what he was being accused. In fact you respected the man as honourable, fair and just. It was against your wishes and you did not know the papers had been falsified until after Molay had been burned to death…

You continued to be deeply upset… … However the deed had been done and you wanted to protect the honour of the Church. For there were many, particularly within your cardinals and bishops who were not happy with what immoral actions were said to have taken place by the Knights Templar.

There was a lot of gossip – a lot of writings about strange orgies that were going on. Which you yourself doubted.

And so My Dear you were put in a ‘cleft stick‘ shall I say. To say publically that the French King had gone against your wishes would not have augured well. And to say that you had not agreed with your own cardinals would not have augured well either. You were very angry about this, that the Grand Master had been burnt to death and it had taken place so quickly, against your wishes.”

Valerie: “Who were the cardinals who had falsified my documents—do I know them?” I was told, “Indeed you do”; “And they are with you again in this life.”

Alcheringa: “They felt strongly about it My Dear, that the Templars were guilty of such immoral conduct.” “So it was a moral issue as well My Dear – not just one of the French King owing money to the Templars, and wanting their wealth.”

Alcheringa went on to say,

Alcheringa:”You are receiving the correct information My Dear. The correct documents were found much later – long after you had left your body.”

Alcheringa: “It is important that you release the frustration and anger, before you continue with your story telling.” He also said that I did nothing wrong – and that they know that. The Power of the World of Light know how the truth really is, and it will now be revealed. You have been honoured My Dear – and it is why Sai Baba has given you the ring.

I thanked him sincerely.

I was prompted to research a little more and found Pope Clement V had a strong connection to England through his birthright as a subject of the English King Edward I, in France. Pope Clement V was his own man with powerful allies long before taking the papal throne. He was strong and cleverly insistent on keeping a balance of power between England, France, and the Catholic Church, but most of all his loyalties were to his fellow French countrymen.

I then discovered, just like Alcheringa has said, that the correct papers have been found long after Pope Clement V left his body – in fact this was discovered 700 years later:

Knights Templar win heresy reprieve; Pope Clement V exonerated the Knights Templar before his death over 700 years ago.” (You may click the link to read the story of the missing Chinon document, which has been authenticated by the Vatican Secret Archives)

The Two Keys on the cover of the recently released documents

The Two Keys on the cover of the recently released documents

And what is more, the two symbolic keys that have followed us for the last two articles appear again; these were given to us by Holy Spirit at Mount Bugarach, at the Valley of God. They are visible on the red velvet cover of the recently released papers from the Vatican, in 2007.

My husband John felt familiar in the Palais des Papes also. He didn’t like it. We did a little kinesiology test on him and it seems he was a Cardinal attached to Pope Clement V; he looked after the treasury. This also explained the feeling we both had; we felt that “we had visited before” when we walked up and through the sacred forest to The Cave of Mary Magdalene at La-Sainte-Baume. It is recorded that Pope Clement V visited there during his reign as Pope. I wrote, “We seemed to walk into a parallel universe when we met the young people dressed in medieval clothes, collecting truffles”.

In that life we weren’t able to stop the medieval inquisition or torture that was carried out in those dark times. My next incarnation came with more power from the World of Light – A Mission to ring changes in France – she was Jehanne d’Arc. Jehanne, regrettably, also fell victim to the inquisition. John, my husband, often joked about how “I burned her (meaning me) in another life.” We later discovered he had been the Duke of Burgundy, who, after Jeanne had been captured–for political reasons—handed her over to the English, who wanted her destroyed. This came after her trial. You can read about the trial of Jehanne d’Arc

Nothing has given me more inner peace than to read the formal apology given by Pope Jophn Paul II – repeated in my last article (see here)

I, too, ask for forgiveness for any hurt I may have caused to anyone in the past, I also forgive myself and I pray to God to forgive me – I love you.

It is easier to go into an altered state of consciousness to recall Past Lives. Sometimes a Soul can experience a ‘parallel lifetime’ meaning living in more than one body at the same time. Some lives are very ordinary lives with an opportunity to experience an understanding as a pauper, a leper, a male life, a female life, an incapacitated life, a happy life, a sad life, a wealthy life – other lives maybe one of great power and/or leadership – we always go back to the World of Light and consolidate what we have gained in the weight and measure of our character building. We are always connected to an Angelic Being who cares for us and guides us. In the order of things I am advised by my Mentors that there is a 3rd and 4th Earth consciousness which they say are together, an Emotional consciousness which stays with us even when we finally leave a body. There is Cosmic Consciousness, a Hierarchy and an Angelic Realm that has no abode at all, and some of us work with The Greater Plan.

Images of people from a past life can be quite similar to that image of themselves in their present life – this is even when there is no inherited bloodline or DNA connection.

John and I have a memory of walking together as friends, as elderly people, dressed in white, living in India. The work we did then is now continued … although not the same.

Annie Besant and Rev Charles Leadbeater  

Annie Besant and Rev Charles Leadbeater; John Barrow

John in this life still wears a large ring on his finger and gave me an equal sided cross, like the one he is seen wearing in the photo – this was all before we became aware of the life in India. He looks like Charles Leadbeater, he used to have a beard, and he still has that ‘twinkle’ in his eyes. We carry forth characteristics from other lives to either heal or to assist us with abilities from the past on our journey in this life.

I have a photo of myself when I was 16 years old and the likeness is very similar to the photo of Annie Besant, taken in her late teens.

Annie Besant  

Annie Besant when she was young; Valerie Barrow at 16

There are other characteristics and abilities of Annie that have been carried forth into this life.

Past lives still exist, for the Universe does not operate in a linear time; rather, a quantum time. It means everything is happening at the same time. A soul has many aspects from its Monad – its God self.

This is why it is possible to regress into a Past Life and remember or know of other aspects of one’s Soul. A Soul’s story is infinite.

There are a number of ‘experienced living on planet earth’ Souls returning to earth at this time who have permission from the Hierarchy to exchange with another Soul, who want to leave, but who are willing to gift their body to a new Soul. (see my article Does a Soul exist?)

John and I are both ‘walk-ins‘ as the term is often used, and we have a Mission.

My next two articles (the last in this series) will be about our visit to Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza


Montségur, Languedoc, South of France – The Last Bastion of the Cathars

Montségur, Languedoc,
South of France – The Last Bastion of the Cathars

View of the fortress at Montségur from the air

View of fortress at Montségur from the air

We have been staying at the Chateâu des Ducs de Joyeuse at Couiza for three days now. There is something very nice about this Chateâu – we feel we are meant to be here – certainly not at Quillan where everyone had been recommending. John had not been well yesterday, so after we dropped our washing at Quillan we spent a quiet day here. A hot lemon drink and two Panadol tablets later, he is feeling much better today. I wish I could have thrown my flu off so easily, I am still not free of it completely.

We planned to travel the 60 kms to Montségur if the weather was pleasant. There has been a major shortage of diesel fuel, with up to only €30 (euros) allowed with each purchase. The French people were upset with their Government over an addition of two years to the pension retiring age and had ‘strikes’ everywhere, including airports.

It seemed a good excuse not to travel to Montségur – there and back would have been 120 kms – and we were soon to begin our return journey to Nice Airport. Montsegur is in region called the Pyrenees Mountains, almost at the Spanish border. For a while now, I have been dreaming up reasons as to why we should not go. Knowing, ‘upstairs’ may want us to go. I put it out to my Mentor, in my mind, that if John was keen, I would go. Anyway it was another beautiful day the next day and we set off for Montségur.

We have reached Montségur, parked our car, and begin to climb. ( You can see the cars parked in the background of these photos – gives you an idea of how far we have climbed)

John Barrow at the monument-stele to the Cathars

John Barrow at the monument-stele to the Cathars. This stele is in the place of ‘the field of burning’ when the Cathars refused to renounce their beliefs.

There is a monument to pass, in memory of the Cathars who lost their lives at the beginning of the Catholic Church Inquisition. See Wikipedia for an overview.

Valerie Barrow at the monument-stele to the Cathars

Valerie Barrow at the monument-stele to the Cathars

I begin to feel a bit strange and uncomfortable …

It is a very high and steep, tough climb. In some places I had to get down onto my buttocks and climb bit by bit so as to not slip over the dangerous drop.

Looking from the track down on Montségur

I took this photo sitting down at grass level – if you part the grass it drops suddenly over 1,200 metres. Montségur village can be see way below.

John and I began to feel quite shaky towards the top – the path is extremely narrow in places – I felt slightly giddy and the need to steady myself by bending over and clinging to tufts of grass just to keep my balance. I almost give up, breaking down into what I knew was a past-life memory of being there before and sobbed with a broken heart. The sobbing coming from deep within my inner being leaving me feeling completely lost and abandoned. All I could say was “God said he would always look after us – so how could this happen?” – I knew the base of the mountain was to be set alight and all upon her would be burnt to death if we didn’t surrender. Then when we came to the ground; we refused to deny our faith as Cathars and were burnt alive anyway – over 200 of us.

John felt I was taking on the past life memory for him also. In that life we were brother and sister.

I felt I couldn’t go on climbing it was just too narrow, with loose pebbles and one could easily slip over a huge, huge (1,207 metres) drop. John moved on ahead saying, “Look Valli, we are almost there.” I had sobbed into a bush that had been neatly trimmed and felt like a soft pillow. I regained my composure and ‘upstairs’ said, “We are very glad you have both come”

Track leading to the fortress at Montségur

Track leading to the fortress at Montségur

John came back for me and we both called on a ‘river of Divine Light’ from The World of Light to enter into us and earth it into the whole mountain in the name of Mother/Father God. To clear us of the painful energy we had been unconsciously holding onto and to clear the mountain also.

I then regained my nerve and continued just a few more steps around the corner – and ‘at last’ we were at the top. Then – out of the blue – a single delta winged fighter plane loudly, actually a deafening sound, zoomed over the top of us. Flying well below any radar screen only about 40 to 50ft above us. It was flying so fast it was out of sight as quick as a flash. John said, “They never fly singularly.” We both laughed – normally spirit sends us an eagle bird to confirm they are with us, but today a bit of modern technology instead! Thank you spirit!

Delta wing aircraft flies over Montsegur

Delta wing aircraft flies over Montségur

We felt uplifted and knew we would be safe going back down the mountain and that we would not feel any nervousness – which we didn’t. It had been a Mission that we had to do. I am so glad we did it and so is John. It wasn’t easy …

At a sub-conscious level I knew how dangerous the climb was and what had happened before. That was why I was holding back and not wanting to go there. But now all is perfect.

Looking along a wall of the fortress at Montségur - looking over the valley below

Looking along a wall of the fortress at Montségur –
looking over the valley below

We came back to our lovely Chateâu des Joyeuse in Couiza and collected our swimming togs to go for a swim at Rennes les Bains. The water is from warm mineral springs without the strong sulphur smell that often goes with such water. John was complaining at first but after our marvelous swim and cleansing of our etheric aura as well – we felt fantastic. – A ‘catharsis’ well done.

Museum in the village below Montségur - looking over the valley below

Museum in the village below Montségur. Note the sign; there are those two keys again – linking us with the two tiny keys found at Mt Bugarach Valley of God. Both of us were very disturbed by the artifacts we recognized in the museum. This healed after our swim at Rennes les Bains.

‘Alcheringa’ wanted to speak with us and I have a lovely interview from him on my recorder. He confirmed that we had experienced the memory of Cathars and that our visit to the ‘Bay of Marys’ and witnessing the ‘evocation’ had triggered the memory for us.

John:  (John asked about a dream where he saw himself directing the construction of a road to be built up to the castle atop of Montsegur. Many Cathars at the time, sought refuge there from the Crusaders. He also had a dream about the Church developing so misguidedly.)

Alcheringa: (speaking to my John) said, “You have the teachings in your soul – you have a connection to John – Is it not surprising when you are called John – there are several Johns. There is the one that is referred to as John the Divine – he is the brother of Jesus – and this is your connection – you may be surprised at this – but there was a dream that was given to you and you were one of those who began the teachings here in this country that was known as Gaul, at the time of the Roman Empire. Your dream was given to you to awaken your understanding.

John:  “Yes, my understanding is certainly awakened. Still a little hazy – in fact I feel I am not quite with this dimension – particularly if I walk and in particular with the one at Ste Maximin and Sainte Baume – I found that an extraordinary experience. I definitely felt I had been there before – but in what capacity I am not quite certain. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

Alcheringa: As I have said you are one of the disciples and very close to you is the family of Jesus and …   Valerie is aware that she also was close to the family of Jesus. So in actual fact in that time – you were brother and sister and part of the family of Jesus. Also you were older and like you are now – organizing and taking care of, and helping the group in their Mission. So you were very much part of that Mission in the early days. Which would be, shall we say – over 2,000 years ago.

Alcheringa: The feeling that you had, as if you were not quite here, comes from that memory because it comes from another time and that was why you were not feeling here in this time. It is nothing to be afraid of – it was actually an awakening my son – an awakening as to who you were and who you really are – in those days you were inclined to make judgements and that is understandable because you were very upset about what had happened to your brother.

Alcheringa: And there were others who were killed because of that – because of the teachings. It was hard for you to accept and be loving towards those people – but you came from a place where they did not understand – they were just not aware. Try to imagine as they are (then) and as they were back in that time. They were illiterate then, and did not know many things—they were not exactly ignorant—they had their way. It was a time. It was a time that has advanced from then, until the dark ages – but for now it is moving forward to the Golden Light – which is lifting everybody’s consciousness and helping them to know who they really are from the Soul that exists within them. Am I making myself understood?

John:  Yes. I have another question – I am always intrigued by the Nazis and Hitler and people like Himmler who had an interest in Montségur and I always watch movies on that particular subject. Now having come on this spiritual journey, which is exactly what it is – I am aware of the fact that there is association between the Nazis and people since the Nazis in Germany who have had this unbelievable association and I am not quite sure by association that it is with the Cathars – which is in the place that we are right now. (We had just been to Montségur) I wonder if you can explain to me. I don’t really quite understand.

Alcheringa: Everybody has a Soul and is driven by memories from that Soul in their actions in the life that they live in the body now. At that time it was the time of a great war, or the Great Second World War, there are people here who came from the Nazis as you say, came to this place where they had memories (in their soul) and knew of the beginnings of the teachings of Christianity and the way the people lived. Some people had these memories and translated them into the lives that they live in now, or as such as during the war. Because of interactions with one and another they fulfilled a conclusion to the reality of the story that exists in their soul and so, there was some confusion – there was some misunderstanding – and there are sometimes created myths that are really true. You understand what I am saying. And so they took the time in their lives as the Cathars as to their own, and began to believe that in some way they were connected to this and in some way the story was twisted in the outcomes and their deeds also. That the Jews had caused their downfall because it was only a thousand years or so after the disciples had first come to this new land that was called Gaul. So they were misleading themselves – not connecting – they had knowledge, but only part of the knowledge and they twisted other knowledge that they thought existed. So, do you understand?

John:  Yes. I guess … But does that justify the cruelty to the Jews and everybody else?

Alcheringa: Of course, it does not – and if you were to ask yourself you would not have to ask me that. As I have said … it was twisted and misunderstood. The knowledge was greatly misused for a power that they wanted to have for themselves. Do you understand this?

John:  Yes.

Alcheringa: This power was not used in the early days …. but as I have said it was twisted and misused and other energies from the etheric worlds and where it can be used; jump into the body and takeover – this is what happened to the man known as Hitler.

John:  One final question. Why am I on this spiritual pilgrimage?

Alcheringa: One thing I could tell you is it is to help Valerie because she has a Mission and you have long agreed and wanted to assist her on her Mission, but I would ask that you actually go into a meditation and ask yourself why you are here. Does that assist you?

John:  A – hem!

Alcheringa: And I think you are already understanding that?

John:  I have already asked that question and I am not getting an answer?

Alcheringa: And what is that question?

John:  Why am I on this spiritual journey? Is it purely to support Valerie or is there another reason?

Alcheringa: It is for the Grace of God. It is for the Mission that came with Jesus onto earth at that time and hopefully that energy still influences many on this earth now. Again some of the teachings have been twisted slightly – but not so serious as to what happened during the 2nd World War.

Jesus came with the simple message to “Love one another as you would love yourself” it is a very simple message, and when you think about it – it does not mean to judge another – it means to love one another – to accept one another. To accept the differences – to take care of one another – to help one another – to assist one another – to recognize that you are all brothers and sisters on earth no matter what race or bloodline. For it all comes from the Christos or the Christ which comes from the World of Light. Everybody, and I mean everybody in a physical body has been blessed with this energy of Light within them – so that everybody on this earth is of God. They already have this knowledge and the unlimited understanding in them – it is merely a matter for them to connect to that and become who they really are.

It is a matter of self discipline in oneself – that is all. Because the brain is always very active and sometimes goes off on little tangents – little journeys of its own – and the discipline within itself – needs to bring it back like a little pet on a string – it needs to be brought back and asked to quieten itself and sit beside you to allow you to connect the higher consciousness that exists within you – from you Soul. from God. Does this help you?

John:  Yes. I am going through a change.

Alcheringa: You are indeed. You are returning to the true being who you truly are.

John:  (Grunts) So why has it taken so long?

Alcheringa: “This is up to you my son. There is no limit in time at all for as I have said, it is a self discipline – it is a growth – It will not take long at all if you decide?

Alcheringa: Climbing the mountain as you did yesterday, is symbolic of what a life on earth is. It is over many boulders and it receives a few scratches and knocks but you still succeed – you climbed and you returned back onto the earth ground. You felt refreshed, particularly after swimming in the water and being released from the old energy. The swim in the water was important for you both. It actually helped cleanse your aura as well as your body. Because in your mind you were being freed from past memories that have upset you so much…as a life in the Cathars you lived and breathed your life as God intended- (it was cathartic )- as Jesus had preached it – and it had many thousands of people who have lived it then and do so now. And there is no reason why you still cannot do that.

Alcheringa: You can be guided from your Soul – it has the memory and it has the knowledge which is not only coming from the World of Light and this is can influence you very easily if you allow it.

John:  Right. One final question? With this evolution of my soul, which is taking place, what is my role now to be?

Alcheringa: Just that. To Be. To Be … to follow any opportunity that comes your way. You have a knowing when something comes your way that you need to do something about. This is not just a fantasy – it is your life. And it is the influence from your God self that is driving that feeling – that is driving you to do something.

John:  That sounds unpredictable.

Alcheringa: It is not unpredictable because everything in your life has a reason and a purpose. Everything. Are you understanding?

Alcheringa: It has been my pleasure in being with you my son – for you and I are very close. Now I know that Valerie has some questions. And she understands about the life that you have both had – again it was a life as a brother and sister – a very pure life – a very beautiful life – but one that was in your heart that God will always protect you – and so when the terrible thing happened and all those loved ones were destroyed – you were confused – you did not understand – for these things are part of the ‘Play’ if you like, for it helps others in many ways to find the True God within.”

And now I believe that you both have accepted that the true life that you have is everlasting – that the true life you have is your Soul. You understand that you come in a personality in a body for a time – then you leave – then you return and live a life again and then you leave – there is no end. There are many other lives in you – other worlds within the Cosmos – it is never ending – and so this is where you need to connect to and understand, that you have the love of God with you always. Any experience that you feel that you may have been let down by God – it was necessary to allow you to find your own inner strength and to never waiver in the knowledge that you are connected to God -that you are God and that you can create.

So there is a need for self discipline and to be careful as to what you do create – it is up to you …

And now it is time for me to leave – but I am always here with you. I sent the man made vehicle over your heads as a sign yesterday to say we were with you.

“There was a star-man made vehicle there with you also but it was held from your sight only because there are others who are not ready to see it. But we are there, we are there. God Bless you my son and God Bless Valerie. I have enjoyed coming.”

Val: Before Alcheringa left, I asked him if he remembered the time when “White Eagle” was first training me about 20 years ago. At that time he said that he would be taking us to France and that a manuscript named “The Book of Love” would be eventually found. He said he had written it at the time of Jesus, but God told him to “Eat it.” I heard later that the Cathars were supposed to have had it.

Alcheringa: “Yes it is obvious now to you isn’t it? That you were the one’s who held it in safe keeping. You were the Heads (Elders) of the settlement at Montségur.

Val: What did we do with it?

Alcheringa: You believed you were going to be set free by just coming down the mountain – but then you were all grabbed and put to the fire.

Val: It is said that they were held prisoner for about a week.

Alcheringa: Yes! You were able to hide it in your woman’s clothing. So that when you were burnt alive, the manuscript was destroyed. And that is your role now, to bring back the information of the story that was written at that time.

Val: Well, what was the manuscript about?

Alcheringa: The manuscript was about the evolvement of mankind upon the earth. It was actually too controversial to be spoken about at that time, and it is still controversial – but your role is to bring it out and John is to assist you with that Mission.

I thanked Alcheringa for all of his advice and assistance to us. He said he would continue to prompt me as I write.



Cathar Country is also called Languedoc – It is the langue of Oc. Or Occitan. This language was used by the troubadours to sing about the Art of Love, and there was a lot of interest in music, dance poetry and literature. After the crusade against the Cathars the political power of Northern France over the South increased. Currently, 48% of the population understands Occitan and 28% still speak it.

No chapter in the Roman Catholic Church is bloodier than the battle against the Cathars. Catharism developed during the 12th century in the South of France and in the North of Italy where they attracted followers from all walks of life, even some monks from the Catholic Church and members of the Knights Templar.

The Cathars were Christians but posed a direct threat to the traditions of the Catholic Church and were denounced as heretics. Over a period of 40 years they were gradually exterminated – something like 600,000 of them. Montsegur was the last bastion.

“Pope John Paul II (a truly saintly man) apologized for the sins of the Church in the past and asked for forgiveness for the terrible things done by the Church in the name of God, which had nothing to do with the God.

A priest has advised me that, “Pope John Paul ll gave this apology in Rome on 13 March 2000 at the commencement of the liturgical season of Lent. Speaking from the altar in St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, he led all Christians into unchartered territory by seeking forgiveness for sins committed against Jews, heretics, burning people at the stake, women, midwives, healers, Knights Templar, the Cathars, other break-away Christian groups, the Gypsies and native peoples. Fighting through trembles and slurring caused by Parkinson’s disease, the Pope electrified ranks of cardinals and bishops by pleading for a future that would not repeat the mistakes. “Never again,” he said.

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II apologised for the sins of the Church
in the centuries past and prayed, “Never again!”

Centuries of hate and rivalry could not recur in the third millennium. “We forgive and we ask forgiveness.” “We are asking pardon for the divisions among Christians, for the use of violence that some have committed in the service of truth, and for attitudes of mistrust and hostility assumed toward followers of other religions.

Everywhere we went in Languedoc we felt we knew the people, I was seeing the people as if they were my aunt, or brother or a family member. The only difference was they spoke a different language and they do think differently. I observed them arriving at work and going around to every fellow worker greeting them with a warm cheek to cheek, kiss both sides. I saw the children being disciplined in a quiet way and the children responding to that well. When they spoke to each other they would look straight into each other’s eyes which I consider highly polite – giving their total attention to the one to whom they are speaking, or listening too. We really liked the people and yet we were aware that there was a strength with them that could be called upon if they were under threat. They are proud people.

Looking from the village up to Montségur

Looking from the village up to Montségur

I personally felt this was where my family had come from before they moved to Scotland in ancient times. Intuitively I always knew it. Our family Coat of Arms had on it an upside down ‘fleur de lis’ signaling a connection to France. Am I going too far in saying when the Scots say “Och Aye”, could they be recalling their ancient connections to the language of Oc and Occitan? Do they mean, “Oc am I”?

Now it was time to begin our return to Nice and to catch the Emirates plane for Dubai.

We made for Avignon. Staying in the ancient City of the Palace of Popes. There still exists a slight evidence of ancient Rome.

Go to the next article: about the Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes) in Avignon


Rennes-le-Château and the Valley of God

Rennes-le-Château and the Valley of God

View at Rennes-le-Château

View of the Magdala Tower at Rennes-le-Château

You may also read the Wikipedia page on Rennes-le-Château

location of Rennes-le-Chateau in France

We travelled from Carcassonne though the Aude Valley on our way to Rennes-le-Château. This is Cathar country where the Albigensians were tortured and burnt to death for heresy. It was the beginning of the Inquisition. The whole area is full of intrigue, history and mystery and in particular the area around Mt. Bugarach where it is said there are the most frequent sightings of UFO’s in the whole of France. That particular area is known as “Val de Dieu” or The Valley of God but I jump ahead of myself a little; we needed to find a place to stay which we can use as an centre point to travel to and from as a base, visiting all the marvellous sites in the surrounding area.

Quillan had been recommended, but as we were driving towards that location, John suddenly made a turn right and we found ourselves in front of the lovely Chateâu des Ducs de Joyeuse in Couiza; a medieval castle restored to a charming hotel restaurant. It is at the confluence of a mountain stream and the river Aude that the Chateâu of Couiza now stands; on the site of an ancient Gallo Roman settlement whose original name was Couzanum.

It didn’t take John long to talk the owner into giving us an excellent deal for a four night stay. We both felt we had visited the Chateâu before; particularly when climbing the ancient stone circular staircase to our room.

Entrance to the Chateâu des Ducs de Joyeuse

Entrance to the Chateâu des Ducs de Joyeuse

Our first visit was to make the short journey up a mountain drive to Rennes-le-Château. As we arrived we were blessed with a calm, clear, sunny day overlooking the mountain peaks towards Mt. Bugarach.

View from Rennes-le-Chateâu looking towards Mt Bugarach

The view from Rennes-le-Chateâu looking towards Mt Bugarach

There is much mystery and history surrounding the church up here. A new priest, Father Bérenger Saunière arrived at the Monastery in 1885. Within the space of a few years, he changed forever the destiny of the small village in the Aude. Saunière’s renovations and above all his high-profile building projects rapidly raise the question as to the origin of his funds. The rumour spreads that he has discovered some sort of treasure.

Museum image of Fr Sauniere with his houskeeper

Museum model of Fr Saunière with his housekeeper

This has inspired many researchers, scientists and historians to trace many questions. In particular, the strange statues and secret codes that exist at Rennes-le-Château, appeared to be hiding concealed information that sent researchers into a complicated search, with many different aspects and avenues.

One of the most famous works, is The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, written in collaboration by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. Publication of this book in 1982 sparked off a storm of controversy, the reverberations of which are still resounding throughout the Western World. It has spawned many articles and questions, along with conspiracy theories, all to be found on the Internet. Dan Brown’s book, The Da Vinci Code, is thriller fiction (along the lines of the non-fiction book “The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail,”) which sold over 80 million copies and is translated into 40 languages.

Some of the questions raised are:

  • Where did Father Saunière receive the funds to pay for such elaborate renovations?
  • What were the secret manuscripts said to be found by Saunière (in a secret cavity within a stone column), and was Mary Magdalene really buried under the floor of the old church at Rennes-le-Château?
  • Did a secret society exist named The Prieure de Sion?
  • Did the Knights Templar keep The Holy Grail in France and if so, where?
  • Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene, and did they have children – leaving a dynasty of Holy Blood?
  • Did Jesus survive the Crucifixion and live to an old age?
  • Did the Cathars hold a secret manuscript named The Book of Love, and if true, where is it now? (I will speak more about this in my article about Montségur.)

I will attempt to discuss some of these questions a little later on, but for the moment I would like to quote, “A word from Father Saunière.” The following is taken from a pamphlet given at the Museum at Rennes-le-Château. It is written and signed by Abbé B. Saunière, 1903.

L'Abbe Saunière

Rennes Ie Chateau owes its origins to the fortified city of Rhedae, which was founded in the 5th century by the Visigoths. The city lay on the plateau extending towards the south-east at the foot of the present village and numbered some 30,000 inhabitants. The capital of the vast district of Rhedae, it was destroyed in 1170 by the King of Aragon’s army.

In the 14th century Pierre II des Voisins, seneschal of Carcassonne, restored the fortifications and the town grew prosperous once more. It was seized anew by the Spanish, however, who left only the ancient church dedicated to St Mary Magdalene, the castle of the lords of Rennes and a few dwellings standing.

1362 thus marked the end of the city of Rhedae, which subsequently became the small settlement of Rennes-le-Château.

Following these disasters, the modest village seems for a long time to have been forgotten by the rest of the world.

In recent years, however, the old feudal castle, still standing, has seen the activity of the past resume around it. The church, which was falling into ruin, has been completely restored and magnificently decorated.

The grounds around the church, formerly full of rubble, now feature a splendid Calvary, half hidden amongst flowers and shrubs. The Villa Bethany, a superb residence in the most sophisticated style with a large garden in front and surmounted by a fine statue of the Saviour, His arms open wide, has just been completed. The old ramparts have been replaced by a broad walkway running along the crest of the mountain. An elegant veranda acts as bartizan. At the other end, the Magdala Tower, a crenellated marvel of civil and military architecture, serves as a library.

These works of art have taken the place of the murderous architecture of the past. The turrets and crenellations now serve for contemplating, close to heaven, the magnificent panorama stretching away on every side as far as the eye can see.

And the hordes of warriors have been replaced by peaceful hordes. They come up here to admire, within this incomparable setting, the marvels of art wrought by a priest with an artist’s soul, one who loves his church and his parishioners—Bérenger Saunière, Rennes-le-Château, 1903

I have been advised by a Catholic Priest of the Mass intentions – “these can be for the gospel of the day, the welfare of the people in the local parish, the poor and the needy (as is often the case) and for the memorials, what we call the stipends (payments), which may either private or public. (For example, one may give a stipend for a mass for deceased members of one’s family – i.e., mother, father, grandparents. This can be kept a private matter, and the mass said publicly. This is a common sort of practice.) In the sacristy there is a register and anyone may view this. Now, the rule is you are only supposed to say masses for people in the diocese; outside the diocese, it is another matter. And there is ample evidence that Abbé Saunière received stipends for masses from far away, far outside the diocese that contained a ruined chapel at Rennes-le-Château. He was accused of selling masses in his lifetime and was suspended for unaccounted incomes – people just thought he was selling masses. Here is an extract of the parish register for Rennes-le-Château” – see

“These are simply a list of his mass stipends; at 50 or 60 Francs at the turn of the last century, this was a stupendous amount. Nearly like $500 or $600, or perhaps more in today’s terms. There has been a heck of a lot inflation after the two world wars.”

Donations, from wealthy visitors, for building improvements had been received also. Father Sauniere did not accumulate monies for personal gain; rather, it is recorded he died a pauper.

In our travels all through the South of France we found old churches and statues dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. She was honoured and respected by the Knights Templar.

Mary Magdalen in the chapel at Rennes-le-Château

Mary Magdalen in the chapel at Rennes-le-Château

I have no doubt she would have walked the mountains in this area, she would have known of the important Cosmic aspect of the area. (More to follow about this) I have written about the legend of her landing at the Camargue and her living out her last days at the Cave of Sainte La Baume. That cave has been visited by thousands including Kings and Popes.

My ‘miracle’ photo of the image of her remains on the Cave roof – I believe is confirming that her remains were at the Cave of La Sainte Baume.

Reversal of photo of entrance to Grotto

Whether a secret society existed named the Prieure de Sion is questionable, after a list of Grand Masters was published and later to be discovered to be fraudulent.

I know that when John and I visited the Mary Chapel at Mont St Michel (click here to read the article), I recognised the relics of Jehanne D’arc hanging on the wall. I also lifted a pamphlet, written in French, advising of a meeting to take place by the Prieure de Sion.

That was 1990 and it didn’t suggest any conspiracy.

I know the Masons in the past, as far back as the time of the Temple of Solomon, had secret signs and initiations. They had Grand Masters; members of my family were grand masters in Scotland. They were good men and only wanted to assist communities. I have a friend who is a Knight of Malta and a member of a Masonic Temple. Over the medieval times in Europe they could have been burnt at the stake if they spoke of their secrets. These days their initiation rites are public knowledge and the public are invited to their meetings.

Their secrets did hold knowledge of the The Holy Grail and a marriage between Mary Magdalene and Jesus.

Also The Templars knew that Issa lived a long life in India long after he was crucified.

Jesus was born of an immaculate conception, I have found that easy to believe. Similarly, Sai Baba was conceived by his mother Easwaramma – who, when directed by Sai Baba, told of an immaculate conception where a Blue Light came into her stomach and formed a child. Not long after Sai Baba was born he was found to have a cobra under his cradle. The symbol of life everlasting. All this was similar to the birth of Jesus.

I have a friend who advises her mother’s family came from Srinagar, Kashmir. She tells me that the same family have been looking after a grave for over 2,000 years in Srinagar, Kashmir where it is said Issa is buried. He was known as “The Prophet.” You can read of the Tomb of the Prophet in Kashmir

Issa-Jesus meditating in the Himalayas

Issa – Jesus meditating in the Himalayas

On further research, there is a book written called Jesus Died in Kashmir, by Andreas Faber-Kaiser dated 1978. It speaks about Jesus’ boyhood trip to Kashmir at the age of 13 to study Buddhism. His gospel of love pleased the Buddhists, but the Hindus saw it as a challenge to the caste system and the power of the Brahmins. Jesus visited Persia, but the Zoroastrian priests also saw him as a threat and ask him to leave. Jesus then returned to Israel.

The author obtained this story from one Nicholai Notovich and later when travelling in Kashmir, which is known as little Tibet, he visited a lamasery where he was told of “Issa, a son of Israel” visiting there 2000 years ago.

The author tells the story of Jesus’ travels after the crucifixion, saying his wounds healed and that he set out with Mary and Thomas in search of the ten lost tribes of Israel. Mary died in Pakistan, not far from the Kashmir border. Jesus continued on to Kashmir which was familiar to him, while Thomas moved to southern India teaching as he went and dying on a hill (Mt. St. Thomas, or St-Thomas-Mount) nearby where the city of Chennai stands today.

I worked with a lady in a regression 4 years ago who remembered a life as Thomas. She remembered a lot of detail of how Issa was assisted after the crucifixion and that his wounds had healed. Thomas then travelled, in secret, with a few others and Issa to India; she had not read the above book. She remembered the separation from Jesus in India and then Thomas continuing his teachings in the South of India until he upset the Brahmins and was finally killed.

Previous to this work I had wondered about what happened to Mother Mary – at the time somebody began speaking about Mother Mary being buried at Ephesus and the apostle John also being with her. Then I was given an article about someone visiting Patmos to find a cave that was said to be where John wrote of the Apocalypse.

These were ‘signs’ given to me by coordinated incidence to confirm the information given to me by my unseen Mentor.

My Mentor had already told me that Mother Mary had travelled from South of France, to Syria (Turkey) with her son John – many Jewish people lived there without danger. The area was on the outskirts of the Roman Empire.

Her daughter, the third Mary, had travelled to India with Issa. Unfortunately she died before she reached Kashmir and is now buried in Pakistan. (link to archived page)

Another regression was conducted for a lady who remembers the life of Mary Magdalene. She remembers the simple life as an Essene and the initiations that the “Marys entered into”. She remembered marrying Issa and having a child. She loved him deeply. After the crucifixion and the family’s escape to South of France, most of them moved on to other places. Issa had the gift of bi-locating and would come to visit her in South of France just to talk. He was then living in India and had remarried with more children. She remembers him visiting her, and being very comforting when she died.

Jesus was birthed from an immaculate conception which gave him the gift of Holy Blood. The Holy Grail is within all of us. All of us have gone on to inherit the Holy Blood and the uplifted consciousness that goes with it, we just need to realize we have inherited an earth body also and the need to lift its consciousness. We can receive help from the Enlightened Ones – we just have to ask.

AND, if you look at the ‘bigger picture’ to all of this – hasn’t Father Bérenger Saunière been inspired by the Enlightened Ones, to create this mystery around Rennes-le-Chateâu that led to all the controversy:

“Dan Brown states on his website that his books are not anti-Christian, though he is on a ‘constant spiritual journey’ himself, and says that his book The Da Vinci Code is simply “an entertaining story that promotes spiritual discussion and debate” and suggests that the book may be used “as a positive catalyst for introspection and exploration of our faith.”

The same could be said for the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, written by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln.



Sacred Landscape and Stargate Geometry

Henry Lincoln has become an expert in discovering over the last 30 years, the history, the mystery and the fascinating landscape geometry of Rennes-Le-Chateau and the Aude Valley. He is co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Along the way he has written and presented a DVD “Guide to Rennes-le-Chateâu and the Aude Valley.” John felt we had to purchase a copy, and his insistence made me feel Spirit was speaking through him. In this DVD Henry Lincoln deals with his discovery of the eighth wonder of the world – the Rennes-le-Chateâu Pentacle of Mountains and the geometry hidden in the stunning countryside surrounding it.

Mt Bugarach, in the vicinity of Rennes-le-Chateâu

Mt Bugarach, in the vicinity of Rennes-le-Chateâu

Henry Lincoln demonstrates – drawing on a map – joining the five mountain peaks in a circle and how they are equidistant forming a five pointed star. He links this remarkable symbology to Venus. One of the mountain peaks is Rennes-le-Chateâu and more specifically the Tower of Magdala.

In another demonstration Henry Lincoln places a compass point on the town of Esperaza; then drawing a full circle, including the mountain peak of Rennes-le-Chateâu, the mountain peaks are equidistant forming a 6 pointed star. This is the symbol for Venus, and also, the Star of David.

Now I have been shown that the 5 pointed star of Venus represents man and then the 6 pointed star of Venus is an upliftment of man into a being capable of having the higher essences of the starpeople. The Blue people, who came from Venus to establish an evolved civilisation on Earth, came to bring more Light into this corner of the galaxy. The Blue People were Light Beings who inhabited Earth before the Fall of Atlantis.” I have written about the Blue People – see Continuing the Story from the Ghost of Jehanne D’Arc

Some of the Star People went against the ‘edict’ that they were never to inter-marry with the Earth people as that would reduce their own Light. Some did mate with the earth-women and I believe that is where the story of Adam and Eve evolved and when they were told not to eat an apple because of the serpent. See here for further explanations about “Angels” mating with humans. This matter is referenced in the Hebrew Old Testament. here for links to the Book of Jubilees.

The Earth people had been created with part reptilian blood, and this still infiltrates the earth people – however with the melding of blood from the race of Light Beings, the earth people have inherited ‘Holy Blood’ as well. It is when they master the influence of the reptilian (and animal blood within them) – they will become Masters, inherit their true destiny and enter the Universal Race of Light Beings (or Star Beings if you like). Blood holds a consciousness.

Long-necked dinosaur and (in the background) a smaller dinosaur skeleton in in the museum at Esperaza

Long-necked dinosaur and (in the background) a smaller dinosaur skeleton in in the museum at Esperaza

Returning to the discovery by Henry Lincoln of this important sacred geometry within the Aude Valley (or the Valley of God) – known as Val de Dieu in France, I would like to narrate about our visit to Esperaza, which is not far from where we were staying in Couiza. Remember, Henry Lincoln established that the town of Esperaza is the centrepoint of the circle of mountain peaks that form the Star of David.

We had driven past Esperaza on our way to Quillan from Couiza when I felt Spirit wanted us to visit there. A Dinosaur Museum beckoned us and I hoped it wouldn’t be an amateurish venue to attract children, without any real fossils or ancient bones.

Dinasaur skeleton in in the museum at Esperaza

Dinosaur skeleton in in the museum at Esperaza

I couldn’t have been more wrong, it is a fabulous museum with many fossils and dinosaur bones that have been found in the immediate area. You can visit the Museum online here.

The richness of the site has led paleontologists to prospect the Upper Aude Valley, resulting in the discovery of forty dinosaur localities, including many locations of dinosaur eggs. The Upper Aude Valley is now the best known area in Europe for Late Cretaceous period dinosaurs, and excavations are being conducted several months each year by the team of the Esperaza Dinosaur Museum.

A mass extinction occurred about 65 million years ago.

Narrative of the Catastrophe in the museum at Esperaza

Narrative of the Catastrophe in the museum at Esperaza

Friends of mine, on two separate communications, and unbeknownst to each other, visited the Val de Dieu and felt there was a connection to Sacred Uluru. Certainly there is evidence of red earth which is also found in Central Australia. My ‘Mentor’ has advised that Uluru is an asteroid that was sent by the Angelic Realms to destroy the dinosaurs. (click to read this article)

Red Earth, Val de Dieu - Valley of God, France
Red Earth, Val de Dieu (Valley of God), France

This means there has been major changes to the Earth’s structure in the Aude Valley about 65 million years ago. I find it an extraordinary thought that, although utter chaos would have happened at that time, the Angelic Realms still created Mountain Peaks with such precision—that Sacred Geometry was created—which has been discovered by Henry Lincoln. While presenting his work on the DVD, he was shaking his head in disbelief that the drawings could measure so accurately between each Mountain Peak.

The other thing I noticed was that the circle containing the 5 point star on Mountain Peaks—partly overlaid the circle with the 6 point Star—creating a Vesica Piscis, which is the sign used in symbology for Jesus Christ.

This really is The Valley of God. When we visited Mt. Bugarach, we felt a beautiful calm, peaceful and uplifting energy. The grass was particularly green with little flowers everywhere; the air was warm with butterflies abounding. A heavenly place. John and I agreed to sit and meditate by a little stream. As we were about to sit on some stones John found a little packet with 2 tiny keys in it.

Surely this was a sign from God. In my little book of alchemy, the meaning of ‘key’ is given as Inner awareness that opens door to all truth; wisdom, knowledge. Was this our Holy Grail?

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