Memory – Past Lives and Releasing

standing at the precipiceSometimes our purpose on Earth – our soul contract – is to live with another (the one I am married to!!!) and to go through the release (or clearing) of what was experienced in past lifetimes together. Or past lifetimes when we inflicted an action upon someone – or was the one receiving the infliction. These stories are prompted by “Upstairs” … for me to share, for you to read: for this is a time when we may seek release for ourselves. The Earth and all its denizens have progressed well into the 5th Dimension and the healing of the Earth, the healing of ourselves. It is as if we are standing at a precipice – and looking to the far side, where there is peace, harmony and co-operation. When we look behind us, we see conflict, suffering, dark emotions and anger. This time, this moment of now, we all have the opportunity to ask and you shall receive: receive release from the past.

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Eleanor of Aquitaine Part 3: a place where she was born.

Chateau where Eleanor of Aquitane was bornJohn and Valerie had stayed in France for six months and decided to leave a little earlier than planned. Their journey takes them first to a lunch at Verteuil-sur-Charente where Valerie discovers the Chateau wherein Eleanor of Aquitaine had lived as a child. The Chateau is related to the La Rochefoucauld family. Valerie and John visit another chateau on the Charente, and meet with the Duchess. Their journey then takes them to Fontevraud Abbey where the tombs of Henry II, Eleanor and Richard the Lionheart are laid. Their next stop is Paris, where they pray at Chartres Cathedral and meet with friends made through the website.

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Eleanor of Aquitaine – Part I

Although there were unforeseen accidents and hidden purposes in our visit to France – John thought he was going to traipse all over France and follow the Knights Templar – we were landed right in the Duchy of Aquitaine and our task was to heal the emotional memories left over from many lives past.

Henry II with Eleanor of Aquitaine

And we did discover many past lives in France, and John was shown that he also had 4 significant lives in that era. The memories of all our lifetimes are buried within and, although the situations are different, and the people are different, we tend to treat life with all those old emotions and reactions. Read on as we learn on our journey through the Duchy of Aquitane and the lives of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Louis VII, Henry II and Richard the Lionheart.

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The Crypt of St Martial and St Valerie – Limoges

John has been navigating Valerie around various churches with finesse as he interprets the stained glass windows and the narrative of John and Valerie’s past lives – so incredibly close together it seems difficult to comprehend – right here in this city of Limoges – not two hours away from where John and Valerie reside. Valerie has been busy with the camera, as you will encounter. Our image here is of John standing next to an altar in a French Cathedral in a pensive mood.

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