Memory – Past Lives and Releasing

standing at the precipiceSometimes our purpose on Earth – our soul contract – is to live with another (the one I am married to!!!) and to go through the release (or clearing) of what was experienced in past lifetimes together. Or past lifetimes when we inflicted an action upon someone – or was the one receiving the infliction. These stories are prompted by “Upstairs” … for me to share, for you to read: for this is a time when we may seek release for ourselves. The Earth and all its denizens have progressed well into the 5th Dimension and the healing of the Earth, the healing of ourselves. It is as if we are standing at a precipice – and looking to the far side, where there is peace, harmony and co-operation. When we look behind us, we see conflict, suffering, dark emotions and anger. This time, this moment of now, we all have the opportunity to ask and you shall receive: receive release from the past.

More insights given with the many past lives I have experienced with John.

This time when I was reallocated to the hotel, after finding I could not live in our Villa because of the presence of Black Mould I was seriously allergic to: I found myself in a lovely bright, newly painted room with a delightful view of autumn coloured parkland.

Only thing was during the night I was awakened several times with a ‘ghost’ walking in on me, peering through the door, and generally making himself a nuisance. I have in the past been willing to “assist’ these lost spirits to move on – to go back home – but this one was stubborn and didn’t want to go anywhere else.

So I called on Cosmic Sai Baba to explain to him that I was weakened; because of illness and I needed to be left alone to rest. The ‘ghost’ then disappeared. BUT I thought to myself ‘upstairs’ was allowing this to happen for a purpose. When I asked, I was reminded of a Past life I had at the same time with a girlfriend. We both lived in Spain and were in a jail, placed in cells adjacent to one another. We used to communicate with each other through the brick wall.

It was the time of the Spanish Inquisition and we as young women had been proclaimed to be witches as we were clairvoyant – Our eyes had been gouged out but we could still see with our inside eyes. My friend in this life (the same woman) had advised that I spent all my time writing to God and that I was very fearful because of the beliefs of the time, of evil, judgement of God, being a sinner and HELL.

I realised that my earth body in this life was still holding that fear in the DNA consciousness and that I was being asked to be aware of it and release the motion (action) of it and also the emotion of it. It was buried deep with a need for me to become aware that it was still there.

I was reminded of the understanding that everything is recorded in the world and never destroyed. The way that we feel about it and experience it can be changed and healed. Particularly now that we have moved on from that terrible time of the Inquisition and the auto-da-fe. The teachings the Church gave at this time are not true of course.

The Source of all Creation (or God) where we come from is a place of Universal Love and non-judgement. The only one who judges us is our own self. In the beginning we are God Beings.

My friend and I realised something important in that life: John (my husband) in that life was a priest, and had unwittingly been responsible for our disastrous situation.



I will say as the above life memory began to leave me I found I was still weak from my recent time in hospital. The friend who rescued our cat and another friend both of whom are healers came to visit the Hotel I was staying. I thought, I would ask for their healing and prayers to assist my releasing of that memory in Spain. Which they graciously gave straight away. They entered my room and felt no ghost present. We stood in a circle and held hands. I remembered Jesus saying when “two or more are gathered in my name – I am there.” I began to feel a strong energy of LIGHT ENTER MY BODY – RELEASING THE MEMORY -AND SLIP BACK INTO MOTHER EARTH -and I felt stronger and taller. Next day I was a much stronger woman again, and no longer nervous of the ghost. The strength showed in my voice, people said so.



In my last article I was reminded of the different ‘animal’ DNA that made up our Man (ape like appearance) physicality and linking in the early part of experimentation with the Dolphins, long before the blessing as Human race occurred (No judgement here at all but it is why other Galactic races are so interested in the Human Race having such a variety of DNA and RNA). When I was asking if there was anything to do with the Dolphins to be released I found myself swimming with them. Jumping high out of the water and diving back in the sea with great joy and speed. And always with a group – a family you might say. It was a lovely surprise and no co-incidence that I am a water baby in that I love swimming.


dolphins swimming


At another recent time – just yesterday actually – I opened my computer and found an article looking back at me of a time John and I had spent in France for 6 months. John wanted to investigate the Knights Templars and I wanted to find out more about the Bay of MARYS in the south of France. Obviously Alcheringa wanted me to remember something from the article in France, so when I clicked on it, up came the page about Eleanor of Aquitaine and my past life as Eleanor .

Eleanor of Aquitaine died on April 1st, 1204

Co-incidence of when we were thrust into the major change of our lives starting with travelling to the hospital in the same ambulance

That happened April 1st, 2022 and now it has been brought to my attention that I went through a similar near death experience when living in France.

Bumps, Falls, Soul Stories and Releasing in 2015

I began to encounter our connection from the past with Eleanor, Henry II and Richard I, who is known as Richard the Lionheart. In that life John (my husband) was my son. The article was all about releasing, releasing and releasing … … so coming back to doing more releasing.

April 1st again … in 2022 I was in the Intensive Care Unit at Bowral Hospital and nearly left this world on that day. BUT upstairs said it is not my time yet and that I have a lot more work to do once the ULURU book is published.

It was Mother’s Day when John was taken to 8.5.2022 after a fall at Respite care and injuring his lower spine.

The same ambulance crew took John to Hospital from Anthem and as it turned out … And then took me from the Hotel to Hospital in the middle of the night two nights after John, when I was experiencing internal bleeding. We had both separately been sent back to our rooms, in a taxi paid by the hospital.

John’s room in Anthem is 28
Valérie’s room at the hotel is 28

It was like we were separated but still linked

I felt it was time John really knew what was going on. He has been diagnosed by a geriatrician to stay permanently in care.

Sathya Sai - Light bodyI sat with him at the nursing care place. He held the photo of Sri Sathya Sai Baba showing Sai Baba’s light body. John had asked me to bring the photo to him. I was prompted, by Alcheringa, to not say or do anything but to just hold the Divine light shining down onto John for around half an hour. John closed his eyes and seemed to go to sleep except I knew he wasn’t asleep he was experiencing something. I had suggested John ask Sai Baba if he was meant to go home yet? I felt he was being called home and advised that our Mission together was now finished with the latest book to be published in 3 weeks or so. After first meeting John (as Himel) on Earth and our beautiful mothership Rexegena had been attacked and destroyed. 5 years later the Leonines led by John the Star Man from Sirius had come to rescue us. There was a brief war and the illegal occupants of our earth planet went underground. This was 900.000 years ago….

John opened his eyes and smiled a few times, then closed them again. He said he had been taken to another world.



John has four personalities in his soul story for the Crusade Era including Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) who was one of Eleanor’s sons. Up until now I have never thought I had ever been John’s mother, although we share lifetimes of him being my father. Eleanor’s lifetime had been so difficult – it was a lifetime I never wanted to look at. However it is time now – I have agreed to write about it long before we came here.


Stained Glass – Richard I and his mother, Eleanor of Aquitane

And now the Mission John and I had agreed to take on since that time… was now finished. Nearly a million years ago — what a story…

In ancient times people knew when they were being called Home. They would announce it and then quietly leave their earth body which would then be returned to mother earth… their Soul and Light body would then return to their God Self, in the Source of all Creation. It was a time of celebration.

Hopefully I will be receiving a message from Cosmic Sai Baba and the family in Andromeda M31 on 7th June, 2022, our monthly Youtube.

I still haven’t been advised by the surgeon as to when I am to have the stent placed into the centre of my heart. I am so grateful for all the assistance I am receiving…