A Journey Nears Accomplishment: From Leonine lives to Earth-body fulfilment

Valerie Barrow

Again I am in Hospital and unable to do the monthly May Youtube message from the team at Andromeda M 31.

I have been asked to write of my experiences as it happened in that I am advised it could help people – as a reminder of self healing – explained in my message of 1.4.2022 when John and I were unexpectedly taken together by ambulance to our local Bowral Public Hospital.

But first I would like to bring attention to the photo of John and I standing in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on my 85th birthday – the image was used in the message given in April. 2022.

When I looked closely I could see something added to my chin and neck, and I wondered what it was. It was not the first time something has been added to my image by the star people.


Valerie Barrow
Valerie with ginger fur
The Leonine with fur
The Leonine with fur


It is Andromeda Val showing her connection at another time to the Leonine race. It reminds me of the song “Valerie with the ginger hair” … upstairs love to play jokes …

Alcheringa was having a little fun but always with a purpose and that was to remind me of the conversations we had previously had about the evolvement of the animal we have all come from in the human race. The next lot of text is what he wanted me to share again with the reader and ask them to release the energy of the motion and emotion from our earth body – to free us from that past influence (no judgement) of the evolvement of our Earth Body. Of man leading to the Human Race. This includes the DNA and RNA of the consciousness we have inherited not only from past lives but our parents and our ancestors.

Also I asked Alcheringa “How far does our genetic history go back for the human race?”, and he said, “Billions of Years!” I was dumbfounded. WHAT? And thought immediately of all the different names archaeologists have given to the many, many evolvements of our Human Race.

LOOK WHAT I HAVE JUST COME ACROSS, I have always been told that everything on our planet comes from somewhere else:

These meteorites contain all of the building blocks of DNA

Scientists found the building blocks of DNA and RNA in several meteorites, including the Murchison meteorite. (Image credit: Marie-Lan Taÿ Pamart, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Three meteorites contain the molecular building blocks of DNA and its cousin RNA, scientists recently discovered. A subset of these building blocks had been detected in meteorites before, but the rest of the collection seemed mysteriously absent from space rocks — until now.



Alcheringa Speaks: The Lion People, the Dugong and the Adonis Race

the white lions
In this article, Valerie Barrow engages Alcheringa – the oversighting spirit of this planet -for Alcheringa has sighted the history and transformation of this planet for eons past. Valerie seeks to recover information about her past life as a Star Person, a Leonine of the race from Sirius.

Valerie explores the role of the Leonines, and the creation of the hairy up-standing ape like creature. The role of the Dugongs (the sea cow) is also discussed in the genetic history of creating the up-standing hairy ape like creature. The conversation with Alcheringa also engages with the Future of Humans on this planet.



This passage is a personal discussion between Valerie and Alcheringa on 8th April, 1999 about the Leonine Race. I feel it is time to share some of my memories of being yet another Star Person. This conversation with Alcheringa is about The Leonine Race that exists in the Cosmos and is based on Sirius.

This discussion took place on a 12 day – adding up to 40. Almost like 40 days, or 40,000 or 40,000,000 years of walking out of the wilderness and into the reality of the all-knowing.

As I called upon Alcheringa I was reminded that where one stood on whale rock at Kariong overlooking the waters, it looked towards the island that is known as Lion Island (it looks like that), which heads the entrance into Broken Bay, NSW, Australia.

I asked Alcheringa if I had ever had a life as a Leonine? A friend had just given me a copy of a drawing of a very regal female Leonine and had said she had to buy it for me as it reminded her of me?

The Leonine Card
Inside the card it shows Susan Seddon Boulet (Brazilian, b. 1941 as the painter) for LEO.
The text for this card is …

LEO The symbol for Leo represents the heart, the central pulsating force of life. The lion always has to express himself creatively and has the fiery flame within to summon up the courage and will make his way to success. The lion cub will shine only through his casting shadows around him. The noble Lion is ignited by the fire of the Father-Sun and will glow with divine inspiration. The cub’s light will always dim, while the true Lion has a light of his own that never ceases. – Alan Oken.

I asked him why it was I can’t seem to remember it?

It is there within you my child, do not worry we are helping you to focus on the memory that you came to the Earth as a Lyran at the time of the Rexegena Mothership. That is the memory we wish you to focus upon. However, you did indeed have many lives as a Leonine. Some male, some female – the weight was towards female.

Have the Leonine race evolved into a different image? I have read a book recently written by Murry Hope that tells that the Lion Race, the Paschats she called them, are from the future. I am not understanding that. At least, I thought I did, but now I am thinking differently.

That they did evolve into the future is what you are connecting with at this time, my child, and yes the image has changed. But they did evolve from the Leonine Race. They had a hierarchy that existed in this part of the Galaxy – they evolved just as the other races are evolving. So, is there another question my child?

That prompts me to ask now, what do they look like now in our future – what have they evolved into?

Well I have been actually communicating with you this morning my dear – this is what has prompted you to sit and ask these questions. You already have a feeling that the Leonine Race evolved into a race that is very different in appearance – and this is more human like. It is exactly the same as is what happened to the races here on this Earth. They evolved from an upstanding ape-like creature and gradually changed in appearance to look as the human, the earthling as you now know.

It was a little different in the Cosmic world. The technology was much more advanced. However the Leonine Race has evolved now. The essence of the Leonine is still with the beings that they have evolved into. But they have now evolved into a race now that is much wiser, they do not need weapons any longer to – shall we say – come to agreement with other beings, other races. They have come from an evolved point of thinking and doing. They are not as limited as they were as Leonine races – as you were also limited as the up-standing ape like creature. So are you understanding My Dear, there is a parallel here, and this is what I wanted you to understand.

Gosh, thank you, thank you indeed. Can I ask about the race that the Leonines have evolved into now?



The Adonis Race

Indeed My Child I have already told you this morning. It is known as the Adonis. It is a combination of the Leonine and the Isis. In your Bible you talk about the Genesis – which is the Gene of Isis. Isis (should be read as) is-is, and it is a state of being, of much wisdom, calm, influence, love and compassion and it is from that state of being that the Leonine race have evolved into.

The Adonis Race now come from a point of no limit at all, and they can change their appearance if they wish. A little like the image that you were being shown when it was explained to you how the influence of the image came upon Earth’s humanity and they also were impulsed with that image. So are you understanding, My Dear?

Oh yes, I am indeed. Thank you. But obviously the earthling haven’t evolved into the maturity that the Adonis have.

No My Dear but that will happen, because it reflects. It is a mirror of what you are here on this Earth. Does this help you?

Yes, yes it does. I think sometimes there are a lot of light-beings that often depart from a medium by saying “Adonai”!

Yes, Yes, and indeed that is what it stands for. It means Adonis the race. The Race I am. Adon-I.

Genetic Engineering

(I laughed.) Thank you Alcheringa. This prompts me to ask – are there any Leonine cells – I mean I know that that the Leonines came and did battle with the Reptoids and the Draconians at times and I know also that there were some that died in those battles – and of course the Reptilians – they were brilliant geneticists – would have used the cells.

We have already been given the understanding that they used the cells to create the big cats and the domesticated cats. Did they use them somehow with the upstanding ape like creature?


The African people hold White Lions as sacred beings who are humanity’s guardians in times of transformation. For the African shamanic tradition, they are seen as transmitters of divine love and wisdom. Their natural and spiritual homeland is the Timbavati region of South Africa, neighbouring the Kruger National Park, where snow-white lions were born into wild, golden prides

Indeed they did My Child. Indeed they did. And I am very glad that you have asked this, because this is actually where the hair came from. This is what was genetically used to create the ape like creatures that were first formed by the Reptilian and the Dinoid peoples; because they were looking to create a being that could become a slave that would work and mine gold for them, and other work to do for them on this planet Earth.

And so they were created in the earlier days. They were rather brutish and this was because there were different energies used in the creation of that up-standing-ape-like creature. But it did have some of the genetic material in it from the Leonine that had been left behind because of battles – those that had lost their lives – you understand?

Yes I do. I am getting the feeling that quite a number of them, when they moved onto other bodies, were still quite concerned that the bodies (in their eyes) had been misused by other races to create beings that were now virtually victims, I guess. They would have felt very strongly about ‘repression’ of the new beings.

(Something my husband John felt strongly about regarding the Dinosaurs in his memory)

That is so My Dear, and I am very pleased that you are receiving this image, for this is what I am giving to you.



The Dugongs

Oh, thank you. May I ask what other animal like creature that the original ape-like creature was formed from?

Well there were variations of course. The Dugong was used. It was given arms and legs. and this also came from the genetic material from the Leonine. In actual fact this combination was very much used by the Reptilian.

Can I ask where the brutishness came from? The animals such as Dugongs – just mentioned – made me feel they were rather gentle creatures … although the Leonines would have been warriors.

Indeed My Child. In acts of war, they (Leonines) were very aggressive and very angry. They believed what was right, and so some of that energy would have infiltrated into the upstanding ape-like creature. The influence that existed in this dimension on the Earth, also infiltrated that being and so they did become quite brutish, weapon wielding and they did lose some of the light that was originally with the Leonine creature.

It is easy to lose the way, when one has forgotten or been taken away from the Source. These creatures did lose the way. I must remind you My Dear that they were created in this part of the galaxy and they were not created with permission from the Source which, would have automatically born with them the energy of love and compassion. This was of great concern to the Leonine race, they were upset at the misuse of the cells of the bodies of their own race and they wanted to make this right.

The Reptilian and Dinoid races were not exactly a loving race, and they had no concern or feeling towards the Leonine race – particularly as they (the Leonines) had wiped out their creations – the Dinosaurs – are you understanding My Dear? So in a way it was a little like ‘pay back’.

However destiny changed and when the Mission of Love and Light was sent at the time of when you have been writing about (the Rexegena), this was time for all to be corrected. There were some of the Leonine races who did volunteer to come also. They never intended to stay but they came along with Himel who had been a Leonine in previous lives, but in this one he chose to be a Sirian male who still came with the energy and still came with that same belief pattern, that same fervour that pushed him, if you understand.

There was a ‘higher plan’ even then and all that occurred in the ‘play’ that took place – you did not totally understand – however they served in the name of God and what was meant to take place, was fulfilled.

Oh! (sigh) Thank you, thank you very much! So when the survivors from the Mothership Rexegena – did we continue to use the Leonine cells in genetic experiments? I mean they were with us?

No, My Dear. No, not at all – the genetic engineering was quite different. In fact I have explained this before – but no – the Leonine cells were not used again. Rather they had already been used and so there was a change that took place within the beings that were created when that light was established in this corner of the Galaxy.

So it was the Leonine cells from the body that were originally used and not the psyche, the consciousness of the brain?

That is true My Child, that is true. That is exactly true. With the combination of the Dugong, the face is flatter and there were teeth, but it was the energy from which it was born into — that influenced them and they were without understanding about the Source and so the up-standing ape-like creatures were brutish and weapon wielding. They did as they were bid. You could say they were man – not human as you are now.

They had a very limited consciousness.

Gee, thank you Alcheringa! I am wondering why they used the Dugong in the first place?

They were just playing My Dear. Just playing.

(I laughed.) Thank you.

With the race of the Adonis. Where are they and who are they?

They are of no limit. Sai Baba was very pleased to introduce you to the beings that had no limit, that had beauty about them and wisdom and the ability to change from one form to another. They see it as a game. All the beings on this Earth will move into the future, and these beings the Adonis are there and it is where the Earthling is heading. Do you understand, My Dear? Do you understand? This is when the aspect of Cosmic Beings that exist on this Earth will then meld with the Cosmic Beings that exist in the world of the Cosmos and will be united with the future that holds the race of the Adonis.

Good heavens, good heavens! Thank you very much Alcheringa. Thank you very much.

And My Dear we will be united at that time.




I was given more understanding as they day wore on.

The Dugongs had teats ( I also see limpid brown eyes more like our human eyes). They had already come from Sirius, and the Reptilian had tried to capture their consciousness but were not totally successful. The Reptilians also knew the Leonines came from Sirius and so would have similar energies. (The Dugong and Leonine were both mammals.) The Dugongs gave birth to the new up-standing ape like creature and suckled them. This really helps one to understand why ‘water births’ are supposed to be more natural for human mothers – and more successful, more loving, more easy.

In my mind Dolphins are related to Dugongs. Scientists have discovered the DNA of the Dolphin being so similar to the human.


Dugongs have teats (mammary glands) under their flippers

The Ancient Greeks spoke about Adonis as being beautiful youth. (They loved the dolphins as well.) Adon is same as atom. Adon-is = Atom-is. I am adon. Adon is free of beast image. (I see the symbol of the circle with the dot in the centre) It is the eternal atom. That has always existed. It just ‘is’

Is-is or Isis is the mother. The Bible speaks of Genesis. Gene of Isis.

The ancient Egyptians must have known all the above, that is why they held so many god like statues looking like cats. The Sphinx would be depicting the beast like creature becoming the image of Adonis, on its face.

And twice in the last few weeks I have had given to me the image of the Sun at the horizon with the two Aker lions called “Yesterday” and “Tomorrow”. The commentary on this image reads, “To me belongs yesterday and I know tomorrow. What is this?” Yesterday is Osiris, tomorrow is Re” (Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 17) This figure has been taken from R.R. Schwaller de Lubiez, “Symbol and the Symbolic – Ancient Egypt, Science and the Evolution of Consciousness..



Is Osiris a play on the words Oh Sirius? or ‘of Sirius‘? We know that Isis was supposed to be his wife. (Sirius energies and the eternal atom coming together to birth to the Sun?) (Or worship of the Son of the Sun?)

The same image is in Murry Hope’s book The Lion People, Intercosmic Messages from the Future. Only Hope labels the image as the Lion Gods of yesterday and today. Murry Hope also talks about the Crystal People (Ishnaans). Maybe they co-joined with the Leonines in some way to move forward into the Adonis race?

The Crystal atom frequency is what we are all moving into now with ascension in Consciousness.


 Osiris is a regular feature in ancient Egyptian tombs (shown here in a painting from the Tomb of Pashedu in Luxor) along with the goddess Isis, whom is also shown in the Kushite scene



Another stay in Hospital

All the above is looking back to 2017 – we have moved on in our understanding and so coming back to now, which is May 2nd, 2022 and I have returned to yet another stay in Hospital for tests in the Private hospital at Liverpool to see if my aging body can cope with future surgery of having to receive a stent in the arterial centre of my heart.

I would also like to add that all record of our past present and future is never destroyed. But we can change how we think and feel about it. Hence the request by the Hierarchy asking everyone to release any past trauma in actions taken and the emotions involved so that we can become free of the weight that no long serves us in our human race, and move forward into a new and much better world.

I was introduced to the Surgeon who is to perform the surgery on my heart when I was only just recovering from the local Anaesthetic and sedation. The tests were good and he asked if I was conscious enough to hear his name and that he would be letting me know of when yet another visit to yet a different hospital was to take place. His name interested me and I asked where it came from? He smiled and said “Have a guess” from nowhere in my thoughts I said “ Arabic” and laughed and he said “Egyptian.” I said my husband and I had visited Egypt and loved it.

A thought then came to me that maybe when we have past lives with people they come back in our most recent life to play another part – in this case as a healer – and it was probably the same in Ancient times. John and I had extraordinary memories of being in Egypt in Ancient times – written about in our Starlady book.

John is now in palliative care. He cannot look after me and I cannot look after him.

Which means we are separated, deeply sad about it but there is no choice. We are advised where we first met as starpeople when he along with the Leonines came to rescue the survivors on our Earth, of the attacked and destroyed Mothership Rexegena from the Pleiades. The book “Alcheringa when the first ancestors were created” shares the stories of many people who remembered being starpeople and the same event.

The story was released when Gerry Bostock, from the Bundjalung Tribe took us to the Egyptian like hieroglyphs cut into rock walls at Kariong near Gosford, New South Wales, in 1995. We all know that the Egyptian Tomb is real and that it was created in the land of Australia, 4,500 years ago.

Steven and Evan Strong of Our Alien Ancestry have researched the area for many years.

This link is very interesting because Steven and Evan have done some wonderful research on how discovery of the presence of Ancient Egypt present in Australia was accepted before the 2nd World War – after that there was a lot of ignorant scepticism about Egyptians in Australia.

Returning to my personal experiences our Villa was a badly affected by the heavy rain flooding most of the East Coast of Australia in February, 2022. I cannot live in the lower floor because of the Black Mould affecting not only everything downstairs but also the mould gives off spores in the air and has to be Toxic sprayed. I am seriously allergic to it and have been given a place in a hotel down the road to escape until it is fixed.

Blue Sai Baba
Sathya Sai Baba would take on healing for others
What I wanted to mention is that Sri Sathya Sai Baba used to take on healing for people when he lived in a human body on Earth. Now he is using healers and chosen ones like myself to assist with healing on Earth. On the Sunday before last my whole body and skin became bright red and extremely itchy -so much so I was in tears and asked Cosmic Sai Baba to help me. He suggested I climb under a cool shower and stay there earthing the new energy coming into our atmosphere and release the pain and extreme discomfort of my Earth body.

He also explained that it was the memory of being star people who survived the attack and when on Earth the race from the Pleiades had no hair. The sun, on their head was too hot for them. Also their skin was too soft and vulnerable being subjected to insect bites and disease that caused them to suffer extreme ITCH that they had never experienced before. So the healing was going out to all those who had been survivors and the action and emotions of that time was being released.

Our cat was rolling around on the affected floor and so I could not look after her. A choice had to be made to return her to the pound where she would be safe from when the Toxic spray is to be done. I was very sad about this and in particular, John adored the cat and I didn’t know how I was going to tell him.

A friend came to visit me at the Hotel, down the road, and while we were talking over coffee my son rang to say he was about to take the cat back to the pound. My friend overheard the conversation and said “I will take her.” My son thought she meant she would take the cat to the pound but she is a true cat lover and wanted to look after her along with her other two cats. So with great joy we did not have to take our cat to the pound and she is being safely looked after. And best of all John will still be able to visit her on days when he can leave care and go out for the day with me. I cannot tell everyone how much I was relieved and happy about it all. Cosmic Sai Baba has a habit of re-arranging everything at the very last moment. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I still have to be advised about yet another visit to another hospital for the surgery and when.

When John was ‘Himel’ the star man I looked after him when he first came to rescue us nearly 900,000 years ago. He was bitten by a snake and had great difficulty in coming to terms with being brought down close to death on Earth from such a small, insignificant bite. He was used to advanced technology that could destroy planets with asteroids etcetera.

We have now shared lives and written about them – but most of all we were commissioned to work together by the Karmic Board who commissioned us to bring forth the information of the evolvement of the human race. This has always been overseen by the Benevolent Hierarchy from Andromeda M31. We are advised that the work we were commissioned to do so long ago, nearly 1 million years ago, is now finished at the time when the last book ULURU and the Star People is published in about 3 weeks time.

John is being called HOME and I will be not far behind him – however – I am advised I still have some work to do.


Valerie and John
John and Valerie during happy days, in France, 2015