Bumps, Falls, Soul Stories and Releasing

Valerie tells of a fall in the house she is staying in. Laid up for four weeks, Valerie reflects on her experiences and how they are connected to all she has discovered so far – about her own soul personalities and those of her husband John. In this instance, the soul stories of Eleanor of Aquitane and her son King Richard I – Richard the Lionheart – emerge into the present day experience. Much releasing takes place, and Valerie shares a transmission from her spirit mentor, Alcheringa, the over-sighting spirit of this corner of our Universe. A rare crop circle heralds Valerie’s connection to Jehanne D’Arc!


More information will be written soon, to continue sharing our research and travelling regarding our past lives and the Knights Templar. In the meantime our spirit mentor wants me to share my experiences over the past 6 weeks.

A Full Circle…

I fell about one metre down 3 very large steps from the kitchen to living area hitting things as I fell bump, bump, bump, bomp on to a very hard floor but taking the weight of my fall on my rib cage (broken) before hitting a very hard metal protrusion. My big toe is also broken.


photo of kitchen stairs showing metal protrusion

I have never fainted in my life but just as I was falling I felt I was taken over and of course I later wondered if it was a malevolent entity – but it was Alcheringa. I found myself arguing with him just like a husband (in a way) “Well why didn’t you protect me?” and he yelled back at me “I’m sorry” really loudly. As time goes on I realise he did protect me … however, there are changes – much needed – within this body. (I have inherited this body with agreement from another dear soul who wanted to leave.)

So all will be good and I trust him, and I have said ‘Sorry‘ too.

When I first went to India, I was granted a personal interview by the Holy Man Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He gave me a green stone ring. He has often sent messages through the ring to me in symbolic ways.

When I was blessed with the interview (a woman alone by the way) he manifested the green ring and then put it on my left 4th finger. I was communicating with him telepathically the whole personal interview. I said, (telepathically) “Oh that is my marriage finger!” and he, Baba, nodded, smiled and removed the ring and put it on my right hand 4th finger. Later I was set up to visit the local Mother Mary Church (in Brindavan) and he said to me telepathically, “You have been married to God many times as a nun”.

Now – after the accident, my right hand 4th finger is too swollen so that I have to wear the green ring on my left hand 4th finger (my wedding ring finger – its the only finger it will fit safely.) It was my John’s suggestion that I wear it there.

So now I feel I have done a complete circle of some kind. And I believe, probably more insight to come, that the accident is linked with the 8th sister from the Pleiades in the story we have written about the creation of the first humans.

Cleansing Tears open a “doorway” to Soul Personalities

John triggered a reaction in me just the other day, when I began crying and it was so different- almost primordial in its feeling and sound and it was like I hadn’t cried (but was doing so now) when – as a star person landing on Earth after my husband and 4 children had been killed – let alone tears and sorrow for all the other people who perished on the Mothership.

I must say,while I was recovering from crying, I was prompted to reassure my body it would be all-right and I felt so much better after the tears and emotion had been released – I calmed down.

The experience of the accident, although very painful, seem to assist ‘opening a door’ into the life of Eleanor of Aquitane and I was overwhelmed with unhappy emotional memories of her life. I wasn’t coping very well at all. I know now that I had agreed to ‘write about’ that life and time, when we were in a position of power and able to carry out what we believed, at the request of the Church at the time of the Crusades.

John has four personalities in his soul story for the Crusade Era including Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) who was one of Eleanor’s sons. Up until now I have never thought I had ever been John’s mother, although we share lifetimes of him being my father. Eleanor’s lifetime had been so difficult – it was a lifetime I never wanted to look at. However it is time now – I have agreed to write about it long before we came here.


Stained Glass – Richard I and his mother, Eleanor of Aquitane

I had been struggling for weeks to cope with the pain. Driving anywhere in our little car only made things worse when hitting many a rough part of the narrow roads and giving me a nasty painful jolt under my rib cage. Let alone trying to continue walking with a swollen and bruised broken toe. The doctor had given me very strong pain killers but warned if I felt dizzy taking them to come back to see him.

I was getting worse in that I could no longer think clearly and kept bumping into things; I was not alert enough to realise that the medication was not good for me – although it was helping to lessen the pain. After 4 weeks of taking the pills 3 times a day, I stopped taking them.

Three days later – I had a serious reaction:

We had a number visitors and then the last few days have been more than difficult. And I have been feeling I was pushing myself for quite a while and not taking enough rest. It was four weeks since my fall – accident.

It was five weeks after the fall and I did end up in hospital – I had a strange reaction – I couldn’t walk and breathing was difficult. An ambulance took me to the hospital but it was difficult as a patient (explaining the problem to the ambulance people) when I don’t speak much French. Many tests found nothing to worry about so I was sent home – but at least I was able to walk carefully by then.

I don’t think the medical world have caught up or can explain everything that can happen to someone. For instance nearly eight years ago I suffered an allergic reaction to penicillin – my heart stopped beating – and I was told by the nurse that if I had taken another tablet I wouldn’t be here. At the same time I had been writing about my past life experience as Jehanne d’Arc and when she was in jail and on trial as a heretic. She became ill and was given a choice as to whether she wanted to stay or not – and face being burned at the Stake. She chose to stay at that time and I was replaying that choice. I had been finding my life very difficult at that time.

Now that I find that Eleanor of Aquitane is in my Soul Story it is probably the hardest past life problems I have been asked to deal with. All female agendas. And John has been strangely playing the part of Henry II at times, which I recognised and brought up emotions and reactions that I do not like within myself. These I have to release.

Anyway it just so happens Eleanor died in April 1st, 1204 when she was 82 years old and I was replaying that (for various reasons I will write about) I did feel I was leaving, and I am 82 years old and it was in April that we first began to encounter our connection from the past with Eleanor, Henry II and Richard I, who is known as Richard the Lionheart.

Eleanor of Aquitaine (French: Aliénor/Éléonore; 1122 or 1124 – 1 April 1204) was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in western Europe during the High Middle Ages and a member of the Ramnulfid dynasty of rulers in southwestern France. She became Duchess of Aquitaine in her own right while she was still a child, then later Queen consort of France (1137–1152) and of England (1154–1189). You can read more about Eleanor of Aquitane on Wikipedia.

I was given another choice about whether I wanted to stay … …

When I collapsed, I couldn’t move – and my breathing was very shallow – it was June 11th I could feel my spirit slipping out of my body – and the feeling of icy cold gradually creeping through the inside of my body as if it was switching off. – exactly the same as when I nearly died once before when the exchange of Souls took place when I first came here in 1968. In particular my feet were icy and I couldn’t even feel my right foot – even though John said the feet felt warm. With great effort I asked him to hold onto my feet and ask God to allow my spirit to come back into the body. With that I felt pins and needles and the warmth of Life Force come back into my feet. John, poor thing was having a fit in that he felt sure I was dying. (And I was) but I am feeling better now and home with lots of rest and drinking water. And it’s all good.

The only way the ambulance people could get me to the ambulance was through the window and tie me into a sort of walking stretcher down the hill. Must have looked strange and funny – John said he wished he could have taken a photo. I can see they would have to be very inventive to remove people from some of these French houses.!! The young male attendant said he has thrown people over his shoulder – not for the first time – to remove a patient from a house. So glad he didn’t have to do that to me.

The Guerisseur

I have stayed in bed most of the day – on and off for the next few days. Still feeling very weak, and not able to think clearly at all – I heard about ‘The Guerisseur‘ who often live in villages in France. And local people visit quite often even being recommended by their doctor. You visit ‘The Healer’ to simply ‘take the fire.’ Well John found one and we visited her. A beautiful soul who says she is not a medium but a healer. It is a gift from God.

I was asked to take a photo of me and as we sat in her little office surrounded by images of Mother Mary, she held the photo in the palm of her hand with the other hand over the top and asked if I could feel anything. I sat opposite her and could see bright white light when I closed my eyes. In no time I was overwhelmed with releasing tears and found I was beginning to breathe better. She said it was releasing negative energy. She asked if she could place her hands on my body and then told me to mix a glass of water with 6 teaspoons of sugar – dissolve it – and rub it on my rib and toe – clockwise into the skin -with the palm of my hand until was dry – when I went home.

the guerisseur asked if she could keep my photograph

She asked if she could keep my photo for a week and she would pray over it everyday sending Divine White Energy to me and the water. And ever since, I am aware when she is working with my photo, because I have to lay down and rest for quite sometime to recover – but I feel very relaxed. And I am beginning to think clearly again.

A marvellous healer and so powerful- there was no charge – but you can gift if you want to. She gives you your photo back at the next appointment. And I noticed a pile of photos on her desk that she obviously works with for a time and then comes another pile. What a commitment to God’s work.

Oh how I wish all countries would honour their local ‘Healers.’

No wonder the French people here seem so happy and spiritual – even though I am told they don’t go to church so much any more. But they do still like the ceremonial blessings of babies, weddings and funerals. And they do still pray. Their church doors are always open.

I have been asked to write about all of this – for I am aware there are many people facing difficult times of change – both within themselves and around the earth.

Lately I have had the image of the Ouroboros shown to me by Spirit. It is an ancient symbol meaning many things but in our case it means immortality. We know we have come back from the Future. Nothing is still, and our lives are in the past, present and future all at the same time. Quantum Physics can explain that. It is recognising we have an Overview of Consciousness that is not simply our brain but rather a Consciousness that lives forever – and it is just a matter of where our focus lies.


We have, as I suspected, completed a full – and complete – circle here.




Speaking with Alcheringa 19th June, 2015

Alcheringa confirmed that I did have a choice about staying here or not – I chose to stay.

It is true there are some people that work with us (The Hierarchy) who still do not recognise that other people can come into a body and that a Soul can give up the body in an agreement so that it can be used for the highest purpose of that body.

There are Souls that do come (do not have to come) but they are of advanced thinking – and because they understand – they do not have to go through the normal process of being a child and learning at earth level again.

So you can mention this if you like my dear, but I am reassuring you that YES you are from the FUTURE. And you have gone through the circle of shall we say, the life that is the base of what is known as the Serpent which has now become the Human.

A Human is now a blessed being from the Source of All Creation. A Human, is not only an Earth man – but is also a spiritual light man from the Source. Hence an aura or radiance that you all walk in.

I would like to reassure the people that the Solar System is moving quite quickly into the Golden Age, of peace and harmony with all life. There is much change taking place and it is also a difficult time for the change to take place. There is RELEASING, RELEASING, RELEASING.

I think if people understand that and understand that the difficulties that they are facing and experiencing at this time – is a type of growing and releasing – and with this, change will take place.

It has already taken place at another level of consciousness.

Ask them to not lose hope – to know that they are part of the change – and that the reason they are taking part on this Earth now is to anchor the new energy coming on to Earth and to respect that. Respect Mother Earth and know that the physical earth-body that they are walking in is not the reality of who they really are.

Just say that My Dear – it will give them great pleasure.




Now, I need to show you a rare crop circle at Alsace, France where Jehanne d’Arc lived. It appeared on 11th June !!! The same day I had another Near Death Experience in France. I do work with the Starpeople.



A crop circle appeared in France, on June 11, 2015 at Rauwiller ( Alsace Bossue, near Sarrebourg.) Here are the photos Laurent Mami took, and were published in the newspaper “le Républicain Lorrain”. Crop Circles are a rare occurrence in France.

I am being reminded that the Moldavite Stone is a Green Grail Stone and is helping many people to evolve.

Helpful if people work with it for this coming solstice – and onwards. You can read an astrological overview of the Solstice and how it is linked to Ascension here.