Valerie and John Barrow at the Pyramids of Giza

Valerie and John Barrow at the Pyramids of Giza

When John and I first began planning our holiday journey overseas, I asked John could we please visit the Bay of Marys, and also the Valley of God in South of France. We also planned to visit the United Kingdom, my husband’s birth land, and I asked could we also visit Glastonbury Abbey. John arranged the itinerary for 6 weeks travel overseas and we were to stopover at Dubai to visit our family residing there. I did ask if it was possible that, perhaps, we could visit Egypt and the Pyramids. It didn’t look like we were going to be able to make it to Egypt, our budget was fast fading. So when ‘upstairs’ advised me we would be visiting the Pyramids in Egypt I didn’t believe them. It came as a surprise when John came home to announce that he had changed the itinerary (at little extra cost I might add) so we could visit Egypt from Dubai for 3 days only. I must say I was overjoyed and wondered what ‘upstairs’ had in store for us.

Our whole journey has been wonderful and enlightening to say the least and has brought John into sharing and understanding of what working with ‘Holy Spirit’ is all about. With all the unexpected insights, signs, and promptings along the way to visit various places, we both ‘knew’ we were being guided the whole journey.

We arrived in Cairo and the very first impression we both experienced, as soon as we alighted from the plane and put our feet on the ground – was we felt we had come home.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and largest city in Africa. When flying in you can see on one side of the plane a vast unending desert and the other is a huge metropolis located on the river Nile. We were met by a friendly Egyptian who introduced himself as Ahmed and advised he was to be our guide while we were here on our brief visit. Ahmed was more than just a guide, as you will soon read!

We were driven in a small mini-bus by Mohammed who was to collect us from our hotel and stay with us the whole time we were sightseeing. As we drove to our hotel (the Movenpik at Giza), our first impression was sand, dust and dirt everywhere. We were advised it only rains about 3 or 4 times per year and even then it is only a light shower, not enough to wash the place clean. There were many hi-rise buildings that were unfinished and had colourful washing hanging out of holes in the wall (that should have been windows) which gave a strong contrast to the dull grey cement exterior of the buildings. We were advised that if the buildings had been completed there would have been a difficult tax to pay. People were allowed to live in the apartment blocks even though they were not finished.

It took about one hour from the airport to arrive at The Movenpik Resort Hotel, a little oasis with a welcoming swimming pool and cool restaurants. The hotel was only one kilometer from the Pyramids. Just looking at them I began to feel shaky and when walking, I was slightly unsteady. I welcomed John’s steady arm to lean on.

Photo of from the Hotel with Pyramids behind Valerie Barrow

Photo taken from the Hotel with Pyramids behind Valerie

What a difference Cairo is in the evening when everything comes to life! The dullness comes to life with bright lights everywhere. And EVERYBODY seems to be out and about, in cafes, markets or just walking. The traffic is totally chaotic and yet somehow our driver misses everything and we often squeeze into the most extraordinarily narrow spaces.

We loved the people and if we were to think what other place is like Cairo – I would say – India … although there is something about Egypt you cannot define; but we loved it.

Unlike Dubai, from where we had just come, there is not the rich lavishness and yet the people all seem to be healthy, and happy, although now as I write 3 months later, I find they were not happy with their government. The travel arrangements are not all the same. Little tock tocks, donkeys with people on them, and donkeys drawing tiny carriages behind them; buses are large, full to the brim with people going to or from work and cars with kids crammed inside going home from school. The odd camel is seen and pushbikes and taxis too, but thank goodness we have a driver to ourselves with an airconditioned mini-bus. It is pleasantly cool in the morning and evening.

To the Pyramids

Today we begin early on a day-long tour. Our first visit is to the pyramids. I keep tottering unexpectedly. A swim in the pool, with the Nile water had helped a little, the evening before. A message from ‘upstairs’ advises I am being introduced to the energy of the pyramids gradually – in the similar way I had been introduced to the Moldavite stone. I awake this morning remembering a dream that I would not be happy if I was to go inside the great pyramid. When we arrive with our guide at the Great Pyramids we are confronted by hundreds of people already gathered and waiting to buy their tickets to enter the grounds. The city of Cairo now almost reaches to the base of the pyramids – the suburb is known as Giza. The other side of the Pyramids is the unending Sahara desert.

We find our guide Ahmed to be very knowledgeable and in fact is a student of Egyptology in English and Russian and is studying for his PhD. We feel we are not only being guided on our whole trip but also, the right people are being brought to us. This is proven in itself with Ahmed being our guide and lecturing us on the ancient beliefs of the Egyptians. He speaks about the Dynasties and also later, about the Muslim beliefs and the culture of modern day Egypt. Wonderful.

I advised Ahmed I had a dream warning me not to enter inside of the Pyramids and would it be alright if I just sit outside and meditate. He doesn’t know what I mean about meditation until I describe it as prayer. He understands immediately and is respectful.

John is not happy that I choose not to enter the pyramid to visit the King’s chamber and begins to put pressure onto me until I ask him not to ‘force’ me as I have received ‘a message’ not to go inside. It did not matter really for the tunnels where only added later and it is not the real reason I am here.

I encourage him to go and then he will be able to tell me what it is like. So off he goes climbing the pyramid outside until he comes to the entrance and disappears – along with many other peoples. I notice that not everybody is going inside and Ahmed has warned John that it will be a difficult climb inside.

Ahmed stays behind with me, and I then explain to Ahmed that I want to climb the outside of the pyramid just a little way (about 30 ft) and just sit on one of the large stones and meditate. I want to move along until I come to a place I feel I can sit down and not be bothered by all the people climbing past each other on a rather narrow path of blocks of rock. (Must be a destiny for me on this trip – to walk narrow paths.) I find a place past where there is rope separating the crowd at the base level below. I am disturbed by a Japanese couple who want to know if this was a special place of some sort as I was just sitting quietly. I reply, with a smile, “No, I just want to meditate quietly away from the crowd.”

They are immediately sympathetic and move away. Then the Security Policeman calls out to me; signaling for me to move back with the other people. I call out, “I just want to meditate” and he immediately signals, with his hand on his heart, “Oh, that’s alright” and leaves me to it.

Looking up to the top of the Pyramid, with the Moon visible

Looking up to the top of the Pyramid, with the Moon visible

As I look up the full height of the Great Pyramid above me I feel slightly giddy and again I have to steady myself by holding onto the corner of a big block of stone. I can see a clear blue sky and the moon which prompts me to take a photo. Still feeling shaky. Then, when I settle my Mentor begins speaking to me clearly and firmly. “You will be channeling later with a lot of information,” I am told. “But for now I am asked to write another book.” I agree, but I say, “I am disappointed in how difficult it has been for my other books to get off the ground so to speak.” I am told that, ” This book will be very important and that it will receive more attention – it is in your Soul Blue-Print that you will do this.” In otherwords I have agreed to write three books when I came into this body. I only want to serve – so I shall not worry about outcomes – even though it can be frustrating when I am trying to share information from ‘upstairs’ with as many people as possible.

My Mentor gives me the outline of the book, at the time of Jesus’s family and the Roman Empire. The ancient changes in the earth’s movement, and other past life memories will remind me of past experiences and the role my husband John, has played in this.

I communicate to my Mentor on how disappointed I am at the size of the stones I am standing on, at the Great Pyramid. He advises, “The Sphinx, My Dear, was built long before the pyramids and so yes, it was long before Atlantis fell. You will see the size of the stones at the Sphinx entrance and that is actually the same size that exist at the Great Pyramid now … but they have been overlaid by smaller stones and the drawings found around the Pyramids showing how men were working to build them up, is what happened. Actually it was the Star People who first built the Great Pyramid. If the outer layer of stones were taken away they would find the larger stones there, My Dear.”

We are all Mediums

When I return to Ahmed, I try to explain what I was doing while we are still waiting for John to come back from the inside of the Great Pyramid. I say “I am a medium,” he doesn’t understand this. So I say, “I can tune into other worlds and receive messages” and that I have agreed to “The Gods” from other worlds that they can use my voice-box and speak through me.” I didn’t need to explain any further … he smiles and begins nodding his head quite quickly – so I think he is impressed. I am not sure if he hears me add, “Everybody can be a Medium, and in fact they are whether they realize it or not.”

Everyone is a medium, a Spirit Being with a Soul, living in an earthly body who is often inspired with a ‘thought’ or an ‘idea’ that is motivating. God wants us all to be happy; anything that we think or feel or do in a negative way, is pulling us against God. Inspiration comes straight from our Creative Centre, our God Centre; it assists us to write, paint, sculpt, build, sing, dance and explore. We can explore with our mind, our emotion, or our feet – this is what motivates us. The rest is ‘choice‘; what we choose to activate within us. There are good choices and not so good choices, there is a need to listen to the ‘voice within’ and choose what feels right.

I find all this information such a joy—I just want to share it—but there is a need to use discernment at all times, in how I express myself. I don’t want to sound like I am forcing anyone, or preaching. The Truth is we are all “Gods” whether we are on this planet or another. We are all children from the Creative Source of All. It is what we do with our lives, in this life, or a past life, or a future life that makes us worthy of being children of God.

God is Love.

All else is pulling away from that.

John and Shamanic Initiation

Poor John hasn’t come out of the pyramid yet. I know he will be looked after by Holy Spirit. Whatever he experiences it will have a reason and a purpose. Everything always does … … He is here now, sweating profusely and looking very shaken. In fact he can hardly stand. We sit for a while giving him time to recover.

He is saying, ” I cannot believe I have just done that, I could have had a heart attack or a stroke.” … …. “I had to bend over to get through the tunnel in some places. People were pushing up the steep slope and down the slope, with small slats across the footing stopping me from slipping. I was hot, there was no air-conditioning, and sweating profusely – I really thought I was going to have a heart attack or another stroke, but I pushed on.”

Light around a man inside the Great Pyramid

This a photo of a man who had a similar experience to John on his way to the Kings Chamber within the Great Pyramid pyramid climb. If you put your cursor on the solid rope of light you will see it looks like a cobra – meaning power over life and death. Photo is by Mary Shaw –

When he has recovered I take this photo and look who is with them?

Photo of John and Ahmed with an ancestral spirit

Photo of John and Ahmed with an ancestral spirit (Orb of Light) behind them

I feel he is in no danger and that he has experienced a shamanic initiation – similar to when people experience a ‘Sweat Lodge’ given by the American Red Indians. It allows for energy fields to change within the body and to release negative past life memories. People usually change for the better after such an initiation.

John is saying, “I have changed!” He says, “While I was in there, I kept thinking about you telling me how apples can last longer, stored in a pyramid shape container, and I felt my life had been extended.”

I don’t remember ever saying anything about apples; I believe he was hearing ‘a voice’ that was explaining what was happening to him. It is possible to break free from all our Soul History and operate from the Monad consciousness, which holds our soul family history together – thus coming from a consciousness without limit and seeing everything from an overview, or the Big Picture, so to speak. This is how we shall graduate into the Golden Age.

Photo of light around a man inside the Great Pyramid

Mark is a friend of Mary – This is another photo of him at the entrance to the inside of Great Pyramid. This photo is by Mary Shaw of They plan to journey to Egypt soon if anyone is interested … you can visit Mary’s website. Thanks are given to her allowing the use of these photos.

We only have One full day for sight seeing with a lot more to see. We are allowed to walk a temporary path above the Sphinx. We use the original entrance to the Sphinx, and it was here that I recognized the Huge Stones that had been tessellated together (by the star people) just as my Mentor had told me. We were not allowed to enter the ground level of the Sphinx as a new ancient wall has recently been discovered and work was still happening to uncover that.

Sphinx photo showing huge slabs of stone

Sphinx photo showing the large blocks of stone

Temple Entrance to the Sphinx showing perfectly cut of stone

Temple Entrance to the Sphinx showing perfectly cut blocks of stone

Pyramids and Preshistory: The Fall of Atlantis

If I may digress a little, I know I was involved with the pyramids and the Sphinx in another life. A psychic medium once gave me an impromptu ‘past life reading’. The reading was about ‘just before Atlantis fell’; as a male I helped build the pyramids using levitation techniques which were quite normal for the ‘blue people,’ known as the Hathors. We had been an advanced race of Light Beings who lived for hundreds of years on the planet Earth (or Mu as we referred to it then).

Some of our scientists were experimenting in capturing an asteroid to use as another moon to orbit the planet — it was to be a landing platform for star ships from other planets — we tried to warn them — but warnings were ignored and they succeeded in losing control of the asteroid and it slammed into our Earth bringing absolute chaos. I remembered leaving the Earth in a star ship and looking back with great sadness at the total devastation and loss of life that was occurring on the planet.

The edict by the Angelic Realms was that the Earth was to be ‘contained’ with an ethereal net so that the chaos would not go out and affect other solar systems in the galaxy. The Earth operated in the 4th dimension at that time but it FELL into the 3rd dimension. The ‘ethereal net’ is now being slowly opened as our Solar System moves into alignment with the Galactic Sun and other Suns leading back to the Creative Source of All. This will return the Earth into the 4th Dimension and as it does, depending upon the weight and measure of the frequency of consciousness upon this Earth, is, as to how smoothly or roughly our transition into the Alignment will take place leading into the 5th Dimensional Golden Age.

If all can raise in consciousness – which is the “HOLY GRAIL” within ourselves and connect to our God selves, then the weight and the measure of consciousness upon this Earth will give a smooth transition to the Alignment. The Turning Point is said to occur on the Summer/Winter Solstice of 2012 … …

Back to the Pyramids: We are then driven further up the road behind the Pyramids … overlooking the City of Cairo; the other way overlooks an unending desert.

Photo of scene overlooking Cairo

Photo of scene overlooking Cairo

The Citadel of Saladin

We then took a visit to Saladin’s Citadel, a majestic site on a hill. It is in the nature of a fortification that also contains two beautiful mosques, called Muhammad Ali mosque and the Mosque of Nasir. Saladin’s Citadel is a structure that bears great importance to the history of Cairo. During the time of the Crusades, Fustat (now a part of Cairo) was the capital of Egypt, and Saladin wanted to ensure that his rule was safe from the Crusaders and other enemies. So, Saladin’s concept was to build a massive structure as well as a huge wall.

There are wonderful photographs of the Citadel of Salaid (Al Qalaa) to be seen on this website

Photo of the Mohammad Ali Mosque - note the Freemason symbol on the ceiling

Photo of the Mohammad Ali Mosque – note the Freemason symbol on the ceiling

After that we are driven to a shop selling art painted on Papyrus, where we are the only two given a demonstration of how Papyrus is made.

Ahmed speaks of the most important painting from Ancient Egypt as The Judgment Day. It shows the spirit of the person that has died as going before a panel of 7 jurors before one can move on to heaven. The spirit moves on to another 7 jurors if the weight of the person’s heart is too heavy–it needs to be reviewed.”

Photo of Judgement Day Painting

Photo of Judgement Day Painting

Ahmed continued: “The heart of the deceased person is measured upon a scale against the spirit, seen as a feather. If the heart is too heavy some of it is eaten by a God in the form of a crocodile known as “yum, yum” and if it is then balanced the soul is allowed to ascend to heaven. If the heart is still too heavy it is then totally eaten and is lost forever.”

Isn’t it strange how we still refer to being “light hearted” which is a state of happiness – a willing spirit not reluctant, who is pleasant always, in good spirits and all those other nice feelings. The heart is where we experience emotions. If we are “heavy hearted” we are sad, angry, irritable or even experiencing feelings of hate and when you think about that, it all makes us feel awful. It is a natural feeling for us to feel love and all that goes with that.

So yes, God is Love.

My next article, the last of this series, will be about our visit to the Museum of Cairo