The Museum of Cairo

Visit to the Famous Cairo Museum

Museum of Egypt at Cairo

Museum of Egypt at Cairo

Finally we are taken to the famous Cairo Museum.

Visiting the museum is an incredible experience. Ahmed is so knowledgeable and we had him all to ourselves, where others visiting the museum were in groups of 20 or more following their guide around the museum. Ahmed touched his heart and said he would show us the most important artifacts known to the Egyptian people.

We were not allowed to take our camera into the museum or bags. We visited the famous Tutankhamun room with the solid gold burial sarcophagus and also his solid gold burial mask.

Sarcophagus of Tut anhk amon

Sarchophagus of Tutankhamen

When we entered the ‘mummies room’ I was surprised not to feel some repugnance at the site of the dead people. John asked Ahmed where the ‘daddy’s room’ was and he was immediately led to the toilet.

The ancient mummifying techniques allowed the bodies to look almost alive after thousands of years. I experienced smelling a beautiful perfume when near one of the mummies with long hair who was a Queen. I felt she was being drawn to my attention for a reason and that I had known her when she was alive. The feeling was a little overwhelming and I refrained from asking ‘upstairs’. I didn’t have a pencil and paper with me to take notes. Her name was long and complicated, and I asked John to please take particular note with me. John remarked, “She must have been beautiful when she was alive with that long reddish hair.” I think I will ask Alcheringa more about her at another time.

At Home: (Two weeks later)

Exactly on a Monday and at the same time as I was viewing the mummies in Egypt- Two weeks later – I was on a ‘John of God crystal bed‘ at Amanda’s house, in an altered state of consciousness, literally feeling I was a ‘mummie’. Amanda later said she was clairvoyantly seeing me looking like a rag doll. I hadn’t told her then about the perfume in the mummies’ room in the Cairo Museum. Well of course as a mummie I would look like a rag doll. Amanda did beautiful work, massaging my head and neck which had been very sore and aching for the past two weeks. Amanda saw the healer working through her, removing the cloth around the mummies head as if releasing the memory … … She also saw a huge golden disc across my chest – which was inscribed.

Amanda saw my spirit body levitating just above the mummie. Other work was done – the healer working through Amanda was the energy of Jesus and it felt like a very strong male energy. He came from other worlds capable of changing and moving me, I could have been physically lifted off the massage table.

A strong voice, in my inner ear, was telling me that I had been a Queen in an Egyptian life (I immediately thought of the female ‘mummie’ and the beautiful perfume at Cairo) and had given birth to Akhenaten in the same way Avatars are born. It was a great honour and it was because I had been one of the starmother’s who had first given birth to the altered genes of the ape-like creature – who later went on to be the first humans of the race of earthlings. (see eBook “Star People Revisited“) My attention was continually drawn to the memory of having ‘grandchildren and being a grandmother’ at the time of being a ‘mummie’ and I wasn’t sure what that was about.

I was also advised, “It is also why you have been chosen to do the Transmissions for Cosmic Sai Baba.”

While in the altered state of consciousness connecting to the past life memory which began to be released while I was on the crystal bed table, I felt moved to stretch and push to release the Golden disc that was ethereally hanging around my neck. – I knew that more information from that disc would be released later and that I was to research the World Wide Web and find out more about Akhenaten’s family.

I find as recently as February 2010 complicated DNA studies have been released to the public about the mummies at the Cairo Museum. In particular the Pharaohs of the Sun, Amenhotep III, Arkenaten and Tutankhamen. The key is mitochondrial DNA, which, is something passed on only through the women, which forms the basis of tracing evolution.

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye who has curly red/blonde hair

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye who has curly red/blonde hair

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye were the parents of Akhenaten, so this must be the Queen referred to when told I had given birth to him; in a different life of course, and speaking from a Soul History point of view. Akhenaten was born the same way Avatars are born – from a ‘blue light’ entering the mother’s stomach and influencing the growth of the little fetus with an uplifted consciousness. He grew into a man, looking strangely effeminate; with a potbelly ‘A’ line shaped body, a thick-lipped, elongated face and large skull having a more ‘star people’ likeness.

On the same day I was researching this information, my husband John arrived home with a copy of the National Geographic dated September 2010, with an article about King Tut’s DNA – Unlocking Family Secrets (Link to National Geographic article)

I almost laughed out loud, and without saying to John why, I asked him to put his hand palm over the image of the mummie, Amenhotep III. Then I asked him to close his eyes, let his eyes roll back into his head as if he was looking way above into the Universe to the World of Light, and ask Mother/Father God, “Was the personality of Amenhotep III, the Great Pharaoh in his Soul Story?” John sat quietly for a very short time, and opened his eyes with a look of amazement, and said, “I am being told YES!”

Well that would account for some of his behavior in this life (only joking … )

The Great Pharaoh Amenhotep III reign became known as a period of peace and abundance, many structures were constructed that still stand today. He was known as the pharaoh that beautified Egypt. He was an excellent diplomat in International worlds and received riches from far and wide.

Amenhotep III celebrated three Jubilee festivals of his continued reign in his Year 30, Year 34, and Year 37 (the last before he died in his 39th year) respectively at his summer palace in Western Thebes. The palace, known as of “House of Rejoicing” in ancient times, comprised a temple of Amun and a festival hall built especially for this occasion. One of the king’s most popular epithets was Aten-tjehen which means “the Dazzling Sun Disk”; it appears in his titulary at Luxor temple and, more frequently, was used as the name for one of his palaces as well as the Year 11 royal barge, and denotes a company of men in Amenhotep’s army.

It is at the Luxor Temple that exists a story of the Immaculate Conception.

John in this life was, by his family, nicknamed “Jubilee John” I can see a lot of similarities in his personality that existed in the life of the Pharaoh.

John tells me that ever since he had that experience inside the Great Pyramid, “That up until that time, my whole being and thinking was muddled and misty – foggy – I couldn’t see the way around stuff – now I can see with absolute clarity.”

“Nothing to do with spirit I suppose, but I just see things in a clear perspective.” “Nothing seems to be confused anymore more; I feel centred in my mind – my understanding is becoming clearer” “When I am reading about historical fiction, and it is well researched, I know about it already. One of the things that has changed in me is, that I have always been a worry wart, but now I just don’t get panicky any more.”

“France had an affect on me too. When you think it through the South of France, and Egypt are close. It is like they influenced one another somehow.”

Akhenaten was married to Nefertiti and they had 5 daughters, he had another wife named Kiya. Images of the family look extraterrestrial. He fathered 2 sons with a different wife said to be a sister, the eldest is said to have died before Akhenaten, leaving Tutankhamen to inherit the throne.

Akenaten, Nefertiti, playing with children

Akenaten, Nefertiti, playing with children

When Akhenaten came to the Throne, Queen Tiye was still around after her husband Amenhotep lll passed on. She moved, as the elder lady, with her family to Amarna, 200 miles away from Thebes. Amarna was a new city Akhenaten had established saying, “The Father from above had pointed out the site as the Horizon of the Sun“. He changed the way of worshipping God from a polytheistic one, where the priests were the intermediaries with the gods to a monotheistic one where the Pharaoh was the only intermediary. He claimed, “I and the father Aten are One from the World of the Sun” and set up a new way of living, offering only food and flowers to God. All other images and sacrifices were forbidden – being replaced with the symbolic image of the Sun.

All blessings flowed through to Amarna where he constructed a new city with only temples to the Aten, The Sun, his One God. It was taught that all things were equal.

After Akhenaten died, this new religion and capital did not long survive. During young Tutankhamun’s short reign, the old ways were gradually reinstated and the capital moved back to the temples of Amun, run by the powerful priests in Thebes. Akhenaten was declared a heretic, and a lot of evidence was destroyed. How poignant it is that despite this, King Tutankhamun’s tomb was hidden and protected for so long that the story of Armana has been clarified with the DNA research.

Funerary mask of Tut ankh amon

Funerary mask of Tutankhamen

Tutankhamen inherited the throne, after Akhenaten died, at a very young age. King Tutankhamen married his half sister, his only wife, Ankhesenepaatan. This is the long and difficult name of the mummie, when John and I were assailed with the beautiful perfume at the Cairo Museum and I knew we were being asked to remember her.

This connects to the advice, “Grandchildren, Grandchildren,” and The words, “Grandmother.” while on the healing table, I was thinking of that mummie with the perfume, we had seen in the Cairo museum.

Tutankhamun’s DNA shows he is the offspring of a union between siblings, this often studied pharaoh is now revealed to have had a congenital clubfoot afflicted with bone disease, which would have made walking painful, causing him to use a walking stick. Inbreeding may have caused the deformity and even prevented him from producing an heir with his only wife Ankhesenepaatan, a daughter of Akhenaten. It was believed that Tutankhamun may have been poisoned as he died at only 19 years of age. DNA research also showed he had serious malarial disease.

I have always been interested in the fetus 1 and 2 who are the premature babies born to Tutankhamun and his young wife Ankhesenepaatan. I watched a documentary a number of years ago when an x-ray photo was allowed to be taken of them and they looked extraterrestrial. Now I realize I knew of them when the babies were born to Queen Tiye’s grandchildren. DNA testing also found a lock of Queen Tiye’s hair inside the babie’s coffinette.

My Mentor has advised that Queen Tiye had actually died by then. “Your grandchildren knew that you would be looking after their Souls after they moved on to the other side. And, so that is why they placed a little lock of your curly blonde/red hair (from your mummie) within their tiny coffin.” I knew of them, when I was in the World of Light.

I asked my Mentor why it is important that we speak about this family of Amarna?

I was advised, “It is a replay of what took place when Jesus was alive, My Dear, and what is happening now. It is a time that the Golden Age will come upon this Earth. In some form it did before. But this time the Angelic Realms have made an edict that only those who can be trusted with the power to help take your Solar System through its transition into alignment with a core of suns leading to the Source of all Creation; are those who are allowed to work with that power, and so it will definitely take place … and the turning point is as you have been given; will be at the end of 2012 with the December Summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere and December Winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth Planet.”

He also advised that, “Akhenaten was an energy of the same Light Being that incarnated later as Jesus.” Both ‘times’ were a replay of suppression of Divine Light coming onto the Earth, but it did bring important changes at the time.

My thoughts wandered to Jesus also saying, “I and the Father are One.” Is this the real meaning of, “God the Father, God the Son (Sun) and God the Holy Ghost?” (Meaning God is in everything, the way the indigenous people believe.) And isn’t it interesting that the Christian Holy Day is ‘ Sun Day’?

Jesus with the divine light emerging from his heart

Jesus with the divine light emerging from his heart

My thoughts also wander to the altar in the Catholic Basilica of Mary Magdalene at Saint Maximin where it looks like a huge sun. A Catholic priest has advised me that it is referred to as the “Holy Spirit” – I saw a lot of images looking like the sun in Catholic churches in South of France.

Disk of the Sun - illustrating the light of the Holy Spirit at the Basilica of Mary Magdalene at Saint Maximin

Disk of the Sun – illustrating the light of the Holy Spirit at the Basilica of Mary Magdalene at Saint Maximin

My thoughts wander to our visit to Stonehenge and Avebury where open stone circles joined with lintels were built to capture the Winter/Summer Soltice Sun Light.

Sunrise at Stonehenge

Sunrise at Stonehenge

The Disk symbol of the Sun is shown on top of the heads of many gods as well as Queen Tiye who is said to be the progenitor of monotheism through her first son Crown Prince Thutmose, who predeceased his father, and her second son, Akhenaten who ultimately succeeded Amenhotep III to the throne.

Queen Tiye with the Disc symbol of the sun

Queen Tiye with the Disc symbol of the sun

My thoughts go to the memory on the healing table with the ethereal golden disk sitting ethereally on my heart and what I now know represents – The One God leading back through a ‘core of Suns’ aligning with The Creator of All.

And for goodness sakes! Look how I have been ‘set-up’ with the photo of me in front of a golden disk that we have on our loungeroom wall. It has been subsequently used on the Home page of my website. This was taken long before I had any awareness of what I am being asked to write about by my Mentors.

Valerie and John Barrow at the Pyramids of Giza

Valerie with the Golden Disk

Sai Baba on the Golden Chariot of the Sun

Sai Baba on the chariot with the Golden Disk of the Sun


The warrior goddess  Sekhmet, shown with her sun disk and cobra crown

The warrior goddess Sekhmet, shown with her sun disk and cobra crown

I am prompted to research Isis and Osiris the Gods whose child is Horus and when traveling South of France how like the Mother Mary and her child looked so like Isis of Egypt with her child Horus on her knee. I found an image of Isis with a Golden Disk symbolizing the Sun upon her head.

Isis nursing Horus, wearing headdress of Hathors

Isis nursing Horus wearing the headdress of Hathors

The Hathors are the blue people, the Light Beings who are an advanced race that have lived on Earth before the so-called “Fall of Atlantis” which happened all over the Earth, nearly destroying Earth in something like 12,000 years ago. Please refer to The channeled work on page 108 of the Book of Love by a Medium (Valerie Barrow) and with the sacred number of 144 pages, which has been physically blessed by Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

They are star people who are still here in the Ethereal Worlds waiting to assist the little Earthling. We have also inherited their Star genes. The HOLY BLOOD which is in all of us.

Statue of Hathor outside the museum

Statue of Hathor outside the Museum

The missing Sun Goddess I believe speaks of the time when the Earth was plunged into darkness after The Chaos caused by some of the Light Beings that belonged to The blue people known as the Hathor.

The Winged Sun

The winged sun was an ancient (3rd millennium BC) symbol of Horus, later identified with Ra.

“During the later period of Roman history, sun worship gained in importance and ultimately led to what has been called a “solar monotheism.” Nearly all the gods of the period were possessed of solar qualities. The feast of Sol Invictus (unconquered Sun) on December 25th was celebrated with great joy, and eventually this date was taken over by the Christians as Christmas, the celebrated birthday of Christ.” Source: Wikipedia – the Missing Sun

Hindu Sun God Savitri (sometimes called Surya)

Image of the Hindu Sun God Savitr (sometimes called Surya). Note the green ring on the left hand just like Sai Baba gave to me,
and then changed it to my right hand.

“Even the Gayatri Mantra, which is regarded as one of the most sacred of the Vedic hymns is dedicated to Savitr, one of the principal Adityas. The Adityas are a group of solar deities, from the Brahmana period numbering twelve. The ritual of sandhyavandanam, performed by Hindus, is an elaborate set of hand gestures and body movements, designed to greet and revere the Sun.” Traditionally the Gayatri Mantra is chanted 32, 64 or 108 times. See more about Sandhyavandanam .

Since we are on the subject of Sun and Divine Light I am advised that Sai Baba has only ever given ONE meditation. A meditation on Light which ends, “I am in the Light, the Light is in me, the Light and I are one”. You can view this meditation here

It has been recorded that the burial chamber of Osiris is way below the Statue of the Sphinx at Giza. The myths and legends of Greece, India and South America describe the rule of Osiris and Isis. Alcheringa has already said, “They were Gods or Star People.” The Mighty Osiris and Isis walked into the Egyptian Valley out of nowhere and assumed command. They were taller and more imposing than the men of the time, with long blond hair, marblelike blue/white skin and remarkable powers that enabled miracles.

They were from the race of the Hathors, the Blue people who lived on Earth for hundreds of years before and had come originally from Venus. Some of these light beings had mated with the earth women. It is from them we, as earthlings, have inherited our royal blood, our HOLY SPIRIT blood. The HOLY SPIRIT bloodline has spread into every being upon this Earth.

Everybody on Earth has a Soul/Spirit. It is our HOLY BLOOD line. It is our Light Body, seen easily on modern medical scanning equipment, and easily seen emanating from our earth body.

If you think of our earth-body having a genetic DNA inheritance from our ancestors – so too, we have a spirit-body inheritance from our Soul history ancestors. Our spirit ancestors are who we have been in other lives from our Earth experiences or our cosmic experiences. Each is an individual being whom we are closely related. These we can remember when we connect to our Soul Consciousness.

In our earth physical body with red blood we can examine our past inheritance through examining our DNA. In our spirit physical body we can examine our past inheritance through examining our Soul history. You could think of it as “Spirit blood, or essence.”

It is said by the Avatars that life here on Earth is not the reality. We are born from an embryo; foetus which grows into our physical earthbody and eventually dies, going back to dust.

An aspect of our Soul grows into the embryo, foetus and body as a spiritbody. But when we die, the aspect of the Soul, our spiritbody continues to live on and returns to the World of Light.

Our earth-body has a brain like a computer that thinks …

Our spirit-body has a Soul Seat that holds the consciousness that guides us through a Blue print of what our life is meant to achieve.

Our life on Earth should be simple if we can recognize the difference and raise our consciousness to become one with our Soul. We are experiencing many lives on Earth and in the Cosmos but where do we go in between those lives?

We return to THE SOURCE, of our Light Being in the World of Light. Our HOLY GRAIL we call HOME.

Videos you may wish to watch are

I asked Alcheringa if he would like to add a message: He thanked me for asking him and said:

I would like you to say that the whole reason for your future book – is about your sacred journey that you and your husband have taken.

He went on to add:

You could recommend for others to travel to sacred places … it helps to lift the spirit to the Soul Consciousness – which you have already mentioned – for what has happened is that you have been given knowledge. What began in Egypt and the period of Amarna, has now become a huge cycle that is taking the earth and its solar system into the alignment of the Central Sun and the Core of Suns that enables all to come from God Consciousness.