Valerie is in France!

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Valerie and John have gone to France, abiding a gentle and loving request from “Upstairs”! We look to their last journey in France to see what we may expect.

During the February 2015 transmission by Cosmic Sai Baba, Cosmic Sai Baba announced that Valerie and and her husband John were going to France for six months. Cosmic Sai Baba went on to say that Valerie would continue to receive messages during their time there. It is a “working” holiday in many respects – and we take a look at Valerie and John’s last Journey overseas.

Valerie Barrow and her husband John spent the end of September, all of October and the early part of November 2010 travelling through the UK, France and parts of Egypt. On the European mainland, there was an important visit at Bay of Marys, down south in France and the sacred event that was to unfold, unbeknownst, for them – the Evocation des Saintes Maries, the arrival of the Saint Marys after their flight from Egypt.

Valli and John then went on to visit Saint Maximin and la Sainte-Baume where the relics of St Mary Magdalene are kept. The relics of the saint were discovered here in 1280, in a crypt dating back to the fourth century AD, and thenceforth preserved in a primitive local church. There was the construction of the Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene and Convent on the same spot. Valerie and John visit the Crypt and Valerie receives an inner guidance about the relics of the saint. You can read about this visit to Saint Maximin and la Sainte-Baume here.

Valerie and John then went on to visit the grotto in the cave of Mary Magdalene. A long and arduous walk on a cold, wet and windy day that blew trees across their climb up to the grotto. They appear to walk back in time and encounter a trio clad in medieval wear, and Valerie experiences past life memories when she arrives at the entrance to the grotto; something about a past as a Pope, it is an uncomfortable memory. Valerie takes many photos and makes a surprise discovery with one photo. Read about the visit to the Cave of Mary Magdalene.

The next stop on their 2010 visit was to Glastonbury Abbey and Tor, the site of the birthplace of Christianity in England, and the resting place of Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of Jesus. There is much information about Jesus recounted, along with links to the narrative of Jesus in Caledonia. (That is what the English Hymn – Jerusalem – sings of – a hymn that is sung at many public events in the United Kingdom.) There have been three abbeys at Glastonbury and King Henry VIII had it taken over during the reduction of monasteries and abbeys. Only the Abbot’s Kitchen remains. Valerie and John visit Glastonbury Tor and have a session wherein the presence of Jesus is experienced. You can read about the visit to Glastonbury Abbey and Tor.

The next point of call was to Stonehenge and Avebury in Wiltshire, U.K. They were made World Heritage Sites in 1986 for the outstanding prehistoric monuments from the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods. Stonehenge (3000-1600BC) is the most famous and sophisticated stone circle in the world, aligned on the solstice sunrise and sunset. Ancient and mysterious, Stonehenge is also an amazing feat of prehistoric engineering. It is during this visit to Stonehenge that Alcheringa speaks to Valerie about the beginnings of Stonehenge. They move on to examine the barrows of Avebury and the Whitehorses of Wiltshire. You may read about Valerie and John’s visit to Stonehenge and Avebury.

Return to France; the next travel was from Carcassonne though the Aude Valley on our way to Rennes-le-Château. This is Cathar country where the Albigensians were tortured and burnt to death for heresy. It was the beginning of the Inquisition. The whole area is full of intrigue, history and mystery and in particular the area around Mt. Bugarach where it is said there are the most frequent sightings of UFO’s in the whole of France. It is here that Valerie and John explore the connections to the Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code, and the various sacred geometries. Read about Rennes-le-Château and the Valley of God.

After inner hesitations and poor weather for some days, Valerie and John make the trek to Montsegur, the last bastion of the Cathars. A great cartharsis takes place for Valerie and John, and there is a significant conversation with Alcheringa, the guiding spirit of this Galaxy. Much is explained, including the role of the Nazis in WWII taking a symbol and twisting it, thus twisting the energies. John explores the interest of the Nazis in Montsegur, and Alcheringa reveals how that twisting of symbols twisted thinking and inner energies, also. Valerie explores the life she and her husband John had at that time at Montsegur, and much is healed. Alcheringa also reveals a connection to the life of Jesus. Read about Valerie and John at Montsegur.

After this, Valerie and John have some days to wait (four days, in fact) for their plane in Nice. They decide to visit Avignon in the south of France, where the Avignon Papacy existed for 73 years. Valerie and John both have an uncomfortable experience and Val discovers that Pope Clement V – the first of the Avignon popes – is in her soul story. Val undertakes much research and uncovers deception and finds a reprieve for the Knights Templar as well as a humble, heartfelt apology from Pope John Paul II. Valerie gives some reflections on soul stories and universal time, which we may perceive to be linear. In the soul story, time is not linear at all. Valerie gives some examples of herself and John and their soul stories. Read about the visit to Avignon and the Palais des Papes.

On their return to Australia, Valerie and John stop off at Dubai and visit family; they then have several days to explore Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza. Valerie has a dream forewarning her not to enter the Pyramid with all the tourists. John, on the other hand, has a shamanic initiation, and experiences something akin to “rebirth” whilst traversing the innards of the Pyramid. Valerie receives messages about her work in the future, and and is told how the Pyramids were actually constructed vis-a-vis the Sphinx by her mentor. Read about Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza.

The last stop on this oversea journey by Valerie and John is to the Museum at Cairo. There, in the room containing the mummies, Valerie and John sense a sweet perfume when they examine one “mummy”. Valerie hears (on the inner level), grandmother, grandchildren. John is also involved as he discovers, much to his surprise that his soul story includes one of the pharoah personalities they had explored. Valerie does much research and is advised by her mentor Alcheringa how the Sun and Sun worship is the common thread in this journey. Read more about the Museum of Cairo.

And now, through the gentle guidance of her mentors and “upstairs”, John and Valerie once again travel overseas to unlock more mysteries of the story of Humanity, the involvement of the Star People in the human genetic history, unravel the knotted sacred history of Gaul and France, and follow the guidance of their mentors.


Gaul at the time of Caesar