Montségur, Languedoc, South of France – The Last Bastion of the Cathars

Montségur, Languedoc,
South of France – The Last Bastion of the Cathars

View of the fortress at Montségur from the air

View of fortress at Montségur from the air

We have been staying at the Chateâu des Ducs de Joyeuse at Couiza for three days now. There is something very nice about this Chateâu – we feel we are meant to be here – certainly not at Quillan where everyone had been recommending. John had not been well yesterday, so after we dropped our washing at Quillan we spent a quiet day here. A hot lemon drink and two Panadol tablets later, he is feeling much better today. I wish I could have thrown my flu off so easily, I am still not free of it completely.

We planned to travel the 60 kms to Montségur if the weather was pleasant. There has been a major shortage of diesel fuel, with up to only €30 (euros) allowed with each purchase. The French people were upset with their Government over an addition of two years to the pension retiring age and had ‘strikes’ everywhere, including airports.

It seemed a good excuse not to travel to Montségur – there and back would have been 120 kms – and we were soon to begin our return journey to Nice Airport. Montsegur is in region called the Pyrenees Mountains, almost at the Spanish border. For a while now, I have been dreaming up reasons as to why we should not go. Knowing, ‘upstairs’ may want us to go. I put it out to my Mentor, in my mind, that if John was keen, I would go. Anyway it was another beautiful day the next day and we set off for Montségur.

We have reached Montségur, parked our car, and begin to climb. ( You can see the cars parked in the background of these photos – gives you an idea of how far we have climbed)

John Barrow at the monument-stele to the Cathars

John Barrow at the monument-stele to the Cathars. This stele is in the place of ‘the field of burning’ when the Cathars refused to renounce their beliefs.

There is a monument to pass, in memory of the Cathars who lost their lives at the beginning of the Catholic Church Inquisition. See Wikipedia for an overview.

Valerie Barrow at the monument-stele to the Cathars

Valerie Barrow at the monument-stele to the Cathars

I begin to feel a bit strange and uncomfortable …

It is a very high and steep, tough climb. In some places I had to get down onto my buttocks and climb bit by bit so as to not slip over the dangerous drop.

Looking from the track down on Montségur

I took this photo sitting down at grass level – if you part the grass it drops suddenly over 1,200 metres. Montségur village can be see way below.

John and I began to feel quite shaky towards the top – the path is extremely narrow in places – I felt slightly giddy and the need to steady myself by bending over and clinging to tufts of grass just to keep my balance. I almost give up, breaking down into what I knew was a past-life memory of being there before and sobbed with a broken heart. The sobbing coming from deep within my inner being leaving me feeling completely lost and abandoned. All I could say was “God said he would always look after us – so how could this happen?” – I knew the base of the mountain was to be set alight and all upon her would be burnt to death if we didn’t surrender. Then when we came to the ground; we refused to deny our faith as Cathars and were burnt alive anyway – over 200 of us.

John felt I was taking on the past life memory for him also. In that life we were brother and sister.

I felt I couldn’t go on climbing it was just too narrow, with loose pebbles and one could easily slip over a huge, huge (1,207 metres) drop. John moved on ahead saying, “Look Valli, we are almost there.” I had sobbed into a bush that had been neatly trimmed and felt like a soft pillow. I regained my composure and ‘upstairs’ said, “We are very glad you have both come”

Track leading to the fortress at Montségur

Track leading to the fortress at Montségur

John came back for me and we both called on a ‘river of Divine Light’ from The World of Light to enter into us and earth it into the whole mountain in the name of Mother/Father God. To clear us of the painful energy we had been unconsciously holding onto and to clear the mountain also.

I then regained my nerve and continued just a few more steps around the corner – and ‘at last’ we were at the top. Then – out of the blue – a single delta winged fighter plane loudly, actually a deafening sound, zoomed over the top of us. Flying well below any radar screen only about 40 to 50ft above us. It was flying so fast it was out of sight as quick as a flash. John said, “They never fly singularly.” We both laughed – normally spirit sends us an eagle bird to confirm they are with us, but today a bit of modern technology instead! Thank you spirit!

Delta wing aircraft flies over Montsegur

Delta wing aircraft flies over Montségur

We felt uplifted and knew we would be safe going back down the mountain and that we would not feel any nervousness – which we didn’t. It had been a Mission that we had to do. I am so glad we did it and so is John. It wasn’t easy …

At a sub-conscious level I knew how dangerous the climb was and what had happened before. That was why I was holding back and not wanting to go there. But now all is perfect.

Looking along a wall of the fortress at Montségur - looking over the valley below

Looking along a wall of the fortress at Montségur –
looking over the valley below

We came back to our lovely Chateâu des Joyeuse in Couiza and collected our swimming togs to go for a swim at Rennes les Bains. The water is from warm mineral springs without the strong sulphur smell that often goes with such water. John was complaining at first but after our marvelous swim and cleansing of our etheric aura as well – we felt fantastic. – A ‘catharsis’ well done.

Museum in the village below Montségur - looking over the valley below

Museum in the village below Montségur. Note the sign; there are those two keys again – linking us with the two tiny keys found at Mt Bugarach Valley of God. Both of us were very disturbed by the artifacts we recognized in the museum. This healed after our swim at Rennes les Bains.

‘Alcheringa’ wanted to speak with us and I have a lovely interview from him on my recorder. He confirmed that we had experienced the memory of Cathars and that our visit to the ‘Bay of Marys’ and witnessing the ‘evocation’ had triggered the memory for us.

John:  (John asked about a dream where he saw himself directing the construction of a road to be built up to the castle atop of Montsegur. Many Cathars at the time, sought refuge there from the Crusaders. He also had a dream about the Church developing so misguidedly.)

Alcheringa: (speaking to my John) said, “You have the teachings in your soul – you have a connection to John – Is it not surprising when you are called John – there are several Johns. There is the one that is referred to as John the Divine – he is the brother of Jesus – and this is your connection – you may be surprised at this – but there was a dream that was given to you and you were one of those who began the teachings here in this country that was known as Gaul, at the time of the Roman Empire. Your dream was given to you to awaken your understanding.

John:  “Yes, my understanding is certainly awakened. Still a little hazy – in fact I feel I am not quite with this dimension – particularly if I walk and in particular with the one at Ste Maximin and Sainte Baume – I found that an extraordinary experience. I definitely felt I had been there before – but in what capacity I am not quite certain. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

Alcheringa: As I have said you are one of the disciples and very close to you is the family of Jesus and …   Valerie is aware that she also was close to the family of Jesus. So in actual fact in that time – you were brother and sister and part of the family of Jesus. Also you were older and like you are now – organizing and taking care of, and helping the group in their Mission. So you were very much part of that Mission in the early days. Which would be, shall we say – over 2,000 years ago.

Alcheringa: The feeling that you had, as if you were not quite here, comes from that memory because it comes from another time and that was why you were not feeling here in this time. It is nothing to be afraid of – it was actually an awakening my son – an awakening as to who you were and who you really are – in those days you were inclined to make judgements and that is understandable because you were very upset about what had happened to your brother.

Alcheringa: And there were others who were killed because of that – because of the teachings. It was hard for you to accept and be loving towards those people – but you came from a place where they did not understand – they were just not aware. Try to imagine as they are (then) and as they were back in that time. They were illiterate then, and did not know many things—they were not exactly ignorant—they had their way. It was a time. It was a time that has advanced from then, until the dark ages – but for now it is moving forward to the Golden Light – which is lifting everybody’s consciousness and helping them to know who they really are from the Soul that exists within them. Am I making myself understood?

John:  Yes. I have another question – I am always intrigued by the Nazis and Hitler and people like Himmler who had an interest in Montségur and I always watch movies on that particular subject. Now having come on this spiritual journey, which is exactly what it is – I am aware of the fact that there is association between the Nazis and people since the Nazis in Germany who have had this unbelievable association and I am not quite sure by association that it is with the Cathars – which is in the place that we are right now. (We had just been to Montségur) I wonder if you can explain to me. I don’t really quite understand.

Alcheringa: Everybody has a Soul and is driven by memories from that Soul in their actions in the life that they live in the body now. At that time it was the time of a great war, or the Great Second World War, there are people here who came from the Nazis as you say, came to this place where they had memories (in their soul) and knew of the beginnings of the teachings of Christianity and the way the people lived. Some people had these memories and translated them into the lives that they live in now, or as such as during the war. Because of interactions with one and another they fulfilled a conclusion to the reality of the story that exists in their soul and so, there was some confusion – there was some misunderstanding – and there are sometimes created myths that are really true. You understand what I am saying. And so they took the time in their lives as the Cathars as to their own, and began to believe that in some way they were connected to this and in some way the story was twisted in the outcomes and their deeds also. That the Jews had caused their downfall because it was only a thousand years or so after the disciples had first come to this new land that was called Gaul. So they were misleading themselves – not connecting – they had knowledge, but only part of the knowledge and they twisted other knowledge that they thought existed. So, do you understand?

John:  Yes. I guess … But does that justify the cruelty to the Jews and everybody else?

Alcheringa: Of course, it does not – and if you were to ask yourself you would not have to ask me that. As I have said … it was twisted and misunderstood. The knowledge was greatly misused for a power that they wanted to have for themselves. Do you understand this?

John:  Yes.

Alcheringa: This power was not used in the early days …. but as I have said it was twisted and misused and other energies from the etheric worlds and where it can be used; jump into the body and takeover – this is what happened to the man known as Hitler.

John:  One final question. Why am I on this spiritual pilgrimage?

Alcheringa: One thing I could tell you is it is to help Valerie because she has a Mission and you have long agreed and wanted to assist her on her Mission, but I would ask that you actually go into a meditation and ask yourself why you are here. Does that assist you?

John:  A – hem!

Alcheringa: And I think you are already understanding that?

John:  I have already asked that question and I am not getting an answer?

Alcheringa: And what is that question?

John:  Why am I on this spiritual journey? Is it purely to support Valerie or is there another reason?

Alcheringa: It is for the Grace of God. It is for the Mission that came with Jesus onto earth at that time and hopefully that energy still influences many on this earth now. Again some of the teachings have been twisted slightly – but not so serious as to what happened during the 2nd World War.

Jesus came with the simple message to “Love one another as you would love yourself” it is a very simple message, and when you think about it – it does not mean to judge another – it means to love one another – to accept one another. To accept the differences – to take care of one another – to help one another – to assist one another – to recognize that you are all brothers and sisters on earth no matter what race or bloodline. For it all comes from the Christos or the Christ which comes from the World of Light. Everybody, and I mean everybody in a physical body has been blessed with this energy of Light within them – so that everybody on this earth is of God. They already have this knowledge and the unlimited understanding in them – it is merely a matter for them to connect to that and become who they really are.

It is a matter of self discipline in oneself – that is all. Because the brain is always very active and sometimes goes off on little tangents – little journeys of its own – and the discipline within itself – needs to bring it back like a little pet on a string – it needs to be brought back and asked to quieten itself and sit beside you to allow you to connect the higher consciousness that exists within you – from you Soul. from God. Does this help you?

John:  Yes. I am going through a change.

Alcheringa: You are indeed. You are returning to the true being who you truly are.

John:  (Grunts) So why has it taken so long?

Alcheringa: “This is up to you my son. There is no limit in time at all for as I have said, it is a self discipline – it is a growth – It will not take long at all if you decide?

Alcheringa: Climbing the mountain as you did yesterday, is symbolic of what a life on earth is. It is over many boulders and it receives a few scratches and knocks but you still succeed – you climbed and you returned back onto the earth ground. You felt refreshed, particularly after swimming in the water and being released from the old energy. The swim in the water was important for you both. It actually helped cleanse your aura as well as your body. Because in your mind you were being freed from past memories that have upset you so much…as a life in the Cathars you lived and breathed your life as God intended- (it was cathartic )- as Jesus had preached it – and it had many thousands of people who have lived it then and do so now. And there is no reason why you still cannot do that.

Alcheringa: You can be guided from your Soul – it has the memory and it has the knowledge which is not only coming from the World of Light and this is can influence you very easily if you allow it.

John:  Right. One final question? With this evolution of my soul, which is taking place, what is my role now to be?

Alcheringa: Just that. To Be. To Be … to follow any opportunity that comes your way. You have a knowing when something comes your way that you need to do something about. This is not just a fantasy – it is your life. And it is the influence from your God self that is driving that feeling – that is driving you to do something.

John:  That sounds unpredictable.

Alcheringa: It is not unpredictable because everything in your life has a reason and a purpose. Everything. Are you understanding?

Alcheringa: It has been my pleasure in being with you my son – for you and I are very close. Now I know that Valerie has some questions. And she understands about the life that you have both had – again it was a life as a brother and sister – a very pure life – a very beautiful life – but one that was in your heart that God will always protect you – and so when the terrible thing happened and all those loved ones were destroyed – you were confused – you did not understand – for these things are part of the ‘Play’ if you like, for it helps others in many ways to find the True God within.”

And now I believe that you both have accepted that the true life that you have is everlasting – that the true life you have is your Soul. You understand that you come in a personality in a body for a time – then you leave – then you return and live a life again and then you leave – there is no end. There are many other lives in you – other worlds within the Cosmos – it is never ending – and so this is where you need to connect to and understand, that you have the love of God with you always. Any experience that you feel that you may have been let down by God – it was necessary to allow you to find your own inner strength and to never waiver in the knowledge that you are connected to God -that you are God and that you can create.

So there is a need for self discipline and to be careful as to what you do create – it is up to you …

And now it is time for me to leave – but I am always here with you. I sent the man made vehicle over your heads as a sign yesterday to say we were with you.

“There was a star-man made vehicle there with you also but it was held from your sight only because there are others who are not ready to see it. But we are there, we are there. God Bless you my son and God Bless Valerie. I have enjoyed coming.”

Val: Before Alcheringa left, I asked him if he remembered the time when “White Eagle” was first training me about 20 years ago. At that time he said that he would be taking us to France and that a manuscript named “The Book of Love” would be eventually found. He said he had written it at the time of Jesus, but God told him to “Eat it.” I heard later that the Cathars were supposed to have had it.

Alcheringa: “Yes it is obvious now to you isn’t it? That you were the one’s who held it in safe keeping. You were the Heads (Elders) of the settlement at Montségur.

Val: What did we do with it?

Alcheringa: You believed you were going to be set free by just coming down the mountain – but then you were all grabbed and put to the fire.

Val: It is said that they were held prisoner for about a week.

Alcheringa: Yes! You were able to hide it in your woman’s clothing. So that when you were burnt alive, the manuscript was destroyed. And that is your role now, to bring back the information of the story that was written at that time.

Val: Well, what was the manuscript about?

Alcheringa: The manuscript was about the evolvement of mankind upon the earth. It was actually too controversial to be spoken about at that time, and it is still controversial – but your role is to bring it out and John is to assist you with that Mission.

I thanked Alcheringa for all of his advice and assistance to us. He said he would continue to prompt me as I write.



Cathar Country is also called Languedoc – It is the langue of Oc. Or Occitan. This language was used by the troubadours to sing about the Art of Love, and there was a lot of interest in music, dance poetry and literature. After the crusade against the Cathars the political power of Northern France over the South increased. Currently, 48% of the population understands Occitan and 28% still speak it.

No chapter in the Roman Catholic Church is bloodier than the battle against the Cathars. Catharism developed during the 12th century in the South of France and in the North of Italy where they attracted followers from all walks of life, even some monks from the Catholic Church and members of the Knights Templar.

The Cathars were Christians but posed a direct threat to the traditions of the Catholic Church and were denounced as heretics. Over a period of 40 years they were gradually exterminated – something like 600,000 of them. Montsegur was the last bastion.

“Pope John Paul II (a truly saintly man) apologized for the sins of the Church in the past and asked for forgiveness for the terrible things done by the Church in the name of God, which had nothing to do with the God.

A priest has advised me that, “Pope John Paul ll gave this apology in Rome on 13 March 2000 at the commencement of the liturgical season of Lent. Speaking from the altar in St Peter’s Basilica, Rome, he led all Christians into unchartered territory by seeking forgiveness for sins committed against Jews, heretics, burning people at the stake, women, midwives, healers, Knights Templar, the Cathars, other break-away Christian groups, the Gypsies and native peoples. Fighting through trembles and slurring caused by Parkinson’s disease, the Pope electrified ranks of cardinals and bishops by pleading for a future that would not repeat the mistakes. “Never again,” he said.

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II apologised for the sins of the Church
in the centuries past and prayed, “Never again!”

Centuries of hate and rivalry could not recur in the third millennium. “We forgive and we ask forgiveness.” “We are asking pardon for the divisions among Christians, for the use of violence that some have committed in the service of truth, and for attitudes of mistrust and hostility assumed toward followers of other religions.

Everywhere we went in Languedoc we felt we knew the people, I was seeing the people as if they were my aunt, or brother or a family member. The only difference was they spoke a different language and they do think differently. I observed them arriving at work and going around to every fellow worker greeting them with a warm cheek to cheek, kiss both sides. I saw the children being disciplined in a quiet way and the children responding to that well. When they spoke to each other they would look straight into each other’s eyes which I consider highly polite – giving their total attention to the one to whom they are speaking, or listening too. We really liked the people and yet we were aware that there was a strength with them that could be called upon if they were under threat. They are proud people.

Looking from the village up to Montségur

Looking from the village up to Montségur

I personally felt this was where my family had come from before they moved to Scotland in ancient times. Intuitively I always knew it. Our family Coat of Arms had on it an upside down ‘fleur de lis’ signaling a connection to France. Am I going too far in saying when the Scots say “Och Aye”, could they be recalling their ancient connections to the language of Oc and Occitan? Do they mean, “Oc am I”?

Now it was time to begin our return to Nice and to catch the Emirates plane for Dubai.

We made for Avignon. Staying in the ancient City of the Palace of Popes. There still exists a slight evidence of ancient Rome.

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