Archangel Mikael’s Message

mikaelMany will know that Valérie Barrow has been serving “Upstairs” as a medium and channel for many years. Valérie’s journey began with Sanat Kumara (one of the four sons of the creator, Brahma), and the Spirit Being Alcheringa has been speaking through her in the travels to uncover the story of the origins of man. The Mother Goddess, Goolagaia, has also spoken through Valérie Barrow. On the Cosmic Sai Baba website, you will find 8 years work of transmissions by the Cosmic Sai Baba. Archangel Mikael has come through Valérie several times, and the most recent occasion was on 7th June 2016, wherein a message about caring for the Earth was given. This took place during the monthly tranmission by Cosmic Sai Baba, when He asked Valérie to allow another to come through. This message is given below.

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