7th September, 2021 – Cosmic Sai Baba introducing Andromeda Val & Alcheringa

Meeting September 7th, 2021 – Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia

2nd Announcement From Andromeda

Introduced by Cosmic Sai Baba, Andromeda Val, Alcheringa (twin Souls)

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Valerie Barrow: Today is Tuesday the 7th of September and we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to introduce us to the message that is coming today from Andromeda Val and Alcheringa. I believe that there is a message today and there is to be no questions. So we welcome their presence and we call upon Cosmic Sai Baba with great love and respect.

Cosmic Sai Baba as channelled by Valerie: I am here my dear and I am very pleased to be here.

We do have another announcement today, but as it flows you will see what it’s about. So, I thank you my dear for the time that you give, and your husband, for this meeting once a month. We recognise and always are here waiting and ready to make that connection.

Thank you my dear, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Andromeda Val as channelled by Valerie: I am Andromeda Val and it gives me great pleasure to be here today and to know that I am welcome. As Cosmic Sai Baba has said, there is yet another announcement, continuing from what was given the last meeting which was in August. For this reason, I am handing you over to Alcheringa who has been overseeing this planet, as we all have with different roles. Alcheringa has presented himself as an ancient ancestor which he is. But he also comes from the stars and he would like people to know and understand that now. It is time for everyone upon this planet to realise and understand that there are other races in other worlds. There’s different layers of consciousness, and they’re not readily seen by the Humans with their Human eyes. However, they can get images given to them on their inside eyes, if I can speak of it that way. It is a dreaming, with the same eyes that are within everyone when they dream.

So now with great love I’m handing over to my twin soul, Alcheringa.

Alcheringa as channelled by Valerie: I am here my dear and I thank you, thank you indeed, thank you for arranging this meeting this morning and it gives me pleasure to be able to speak on behalf of those that work so hard and so willingly to assist the little earthlings upon your planet in the Milky Way.

We do have a further message from the one that was made in August. And we did invite at that time that your leaders would be willing to receive us as a visit in a hologram of light – we do have that technology. It has already been shown to Valérie when she was awakened one night in 2017. And she was shown Andromeda Val in a hologram of light.

And so, this is how we would present ourselves because we all communicate mind to mind. There will still be a need for people like Valérie to channel and to receive the messages. What we will do actually is borrow the voice box and speak through that being. So I hope I am making myself understood. This is the announcement actually that we wanted to further and to explain this is how it would operate.

Now, if you are willing and want to, all you have to do is call upon me, Alcheringa, and I will respond. I am waiting. And I look forward to hearing from those that are truly wanting to connect to we that come from Andromeda M31. And in particular the Adonis race which has been created so that it is similar – it is a hybrid race and it has a similar appearance to you Human race and so there should not be any fear what ever.

We are in your future as I am speaking to you now, 6,000 years ahead and I have explained at other times how that can happen and how it is. Everything is happening at once actually. It is past, present and future all at the same time. This is consciousness I am speaking of, not a measurement. And consciousness of course is unlimited.

So I hope you hear this message for we truly would like to come and address those that are truly committed and open to wanting to hear from other worlds, and from another race that exists and has existed for long before your Earth and the Human race was created. I make this point because it would be an uplifting realisation to you all, the hybrid Human race or the Earthlings as we call you, to know and understand much more, and confirm also, the differences in what scientists have views about and not quite understanding how different things are. So, it is easily cleared by us. So, please listen, please listen. And please, call upon me, Alcheringa.

I have been known by many of the indigenous races of Australia down through the time of the evolution of this planet.

I welcome any true, and honest, reaching out to us and we will pick it up, I can assure you.

Thank you my children, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you everyone. If you have any questions you could write to me. I have my website which is www.valeriebarrow.com.

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