About the Pandemic being an Opportunity for Us (Meaning Our World) to Change!!!

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Valérie Barrow: So today is the 5th of May, that’s a five five, in 2020. And with great love and respect we are meeting here at Moss Vale in New South Wales and we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba and Andromeda Val, or whomever it is they want to send a message through us or to us. I’m calling upon with great love and respect Cosmic Sai Baba to introduce us to this meeting today. Thank you. With great love and respect.

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La Perouse – a place of Origins ~ Yesterday and Today

sorry2000On this day in National Reconciliation Week when many indigenous peoples are commemorating the original Sorry Day March across the Sydney Harbour Bridge – and the inscription of “Sorry” above the skies of Sydney, NSW, Valérie recalls a recent visit to a childhood area where she lived, and her connections to La Perouse, a place of Indigenous, English and French origins in this land: this land which the oversighting spirit is the Indigenous Spirit Being by name Alcheringa.

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