7th December, 2021 – Cosmic Sai Baba introducing Andromeda Val & Alcheringa

Meeting December 7th, 2022 – Moss Vale


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Valérie Barrow: Hello everyone. The is the 7th of December, 2021 and we’re calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to be with us, to bless this meeting and introduce us to our friends in Andromeda, the galaxy M31.

So, I’ll just take a minute to make a recording or so. Thank you.

Cosmic Sai Baba as channelled by Valérie: I am here my dear and I am very pleased indeed to be here. I welcome the opportunity to come and to give a message. Although it is not me giving the messages today, I am here to just oversee what is taking place. Understand that from a world of light, the world of creation, we are aware of what is happening all the time, everywhere upon your planet Earth. And so there are no secrets from us my dear. But I’m sure you understand that. However, we only have the best intentions at all times and we offer help if we can. It is a case of you because you have freewill upon this planet. All Human race has the opportunity to ask and draw, from their god self, or, the god beings that they know exist in the source of all creation.

So now I’d like to call upon Andromeda Val because she and Alcheringa, who are twin souls, to come and to be with you.

Thank you my children, thank you, thank you indeed. God bless you.

Andromeda Val as channelled by Valérie: I am Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to be here of course. I am supporting Alcheringa who is the one that’s wishing to speak more these days because he has had a lot of experience of being part of, shall we say the Human race, the indigenous Human race. But in spirit also. An ancestor as they know of him. And he has been with you a long time upon the evolvement of your planet Earth. And as we have said before, the planet Earth has been created by the hierarchy here in Andromeda, to replace another planet that was here within the solar system and the balance was off so it needed to be corrected. That is another story and Valérie has been asked to write about that in the book Uluru – From the Star People.

I have actually spoken in our language, but I’m not going to do this today. I am going to ask Alcheringa to please step in and give us his message this day.

Thank you, thank you. I send you my love and blessings. Thank you.

Alcheringa as channelled by Valérie: I am Alcheringa and I am very pleased to be here indeed. As always, I am here and there and everywhere!!! Haha. But my focus is always upon the people and the life forms upon the planet of Earth. That is my role, that is what I have been appointed to do.

And so there are no questions today, but I would like to remind everybody that they are not alone ever. And that if they have fear or misunderstandings, or, a wondering of what was to do next, they can call upon us at any time and we are ready and here waiting to guide or make suggestions. We are not here to say you must do something. That is not our role. However, we are concerned with the state of the planet Earth at this time, and I have spoken about that before. It needs care. It does not need holes dug into it because in actual fact that causes it to tip into an off balance from the rotation that it is in with the solar system. So please be aware of that. It is a simple thing to say, and a simple thing to think about, but what is happening upon this planet is another thing and it needs to be corrected.

The Human race is also being challenged. This is a time of separation when each Human being upon this Earth can make a choice. Whether they’re ready to move on to a raised consciousness, which is a much brighter frequency of vibration and love. But whether their physical body can handle that is another thing. Or perhaps they would like to go elsewhere, that is their choice. And they are always assisted if they make that choice.

So understand, those that are leaving now because of the pandemic that is on your planet at this time, are, I can assure you, very happy and have gone to a place that is a lot easier to live than the challenges that the Human race faces upon this planet. We have talked about that before also.

And my role I think today is merely to assure you you are not alone. And there is a need for you to understand that everyone upon this Earth comes from somewhere else. In other words they are Star People or extraterrestrials if you like. Everything upon the planet is terrestrial and everything off the planet Earth is extraterrestrial. Simple. And the Human race actually handles both frequency and vibration. Your Earth body, holds the frequency of vibration of similarity in the biochemical and physics of your planet Earth and its environment. And so you are one with everything that lives upon this planet. There is also a light being and a soul, an oversoul that is connected to your light being and your god self. Everyone that comes on to this Earth into an Earth body, has agreed to help one another regardless of history of what they have done in the past, present or future. I would like to remind you that we come as your friends and ones that care for you, from your future. We are 6,000 years ahead in the time that you measure things upon this planet. However, there really is no time or distance at all when you focus. It is to do with intention, and a feeling of magnetic connection with everything that you are on this planet. Everyone is also an electromagnetic energy force. That is how you are light. And that is how you are connected to the Sun, which is light.

I’d like you to think about that, and connect with that, and realise the one source of love and God comes mainly through your Sun. And when I say mainly, there is a core of suns that lead back to the source of all creation. Understand that you are an eternal being and that is perhaps a little hard for a Human brain to consider, but I can assure you, when you leave this Earth, your Earth body goes back to the Earth, along with the brain, and a consciousness moves on with the soul and the light body to who you really are. You can investigate that, I would encourage you to do so. Do not brush off anything that you feel that you are intuitively being asked to investigate. But know, that whether you connect to the past, or the present, or the future, it is all one and it is where you focus and your intent that is important.

So my dear ones I will leave you with these thoughts and I hope you will consider and realise you cannot make any judgements about anything or anyone upon this Earth because you are really an aspect of who you really are and what your eternal life has been. So think about that. And as I said, there’s no judgement. God, the source of all creation, is love. Eternal love. Universal love. With compassion always.

Thank you my beloved, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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