About the Pandemic being an Opportunity for Us (Meaning Our World) to Change!!!

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Valerie Barrow: So today is the 5th of May, that’s a five five, in 2020. And with great love and respect we are meeting here at Moss Vale in New South Wales and we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba and Andromeda Val, or whomever it is they want to send a message through us or to us. I’m calling upon with great love and respect Cosmic Sai Baba to introduce us to this meeting today. Thank you. With great love and respect.

Cosmic Sai Baba through Valerie Barrow:

I am here my dear and I am very pleased to be with you today.

We have spoken telepathically and I have said Andromeda Val is not coming with questions today. In fact I am connecting with you today, I wish to make a message if that is all right?

Valerie Barrow: Of course it is! Thank you Cosmic Sai Baba we enjoy that, thank you. Cosmic Sai Baba through Valerie Barrow:

I am not limited of course, I come from the Galaxy Andromeda and I also am just in to the next world with you.

I am omnipresent and this is something some people can not quite understand but that is all right. If they google it they can examine it and find out exactly what that means. But for the moment I will go on with my message which is one of hope, and one to reassure everybody that things will move on from this pandemic. But it is a time, it is a wakeup call, it has been allowed by the hierarchy from Andromeda who created your planet Earth and have always been overseeing everyone upon this Earth and monitoring everybody’s, shall I say, daily lives. They can easily do this. So in some ways you are not as unknown to others as you may think you are. However I say this with love because it is always in your interest that people are monitoring you. And this is through your soul consciousness.

Your soul consciousness is, or has been, like a passport to come upon this Earth. And, before you come, there is agreement with those that have agreed also to meet you or to certainly be your family, allowing you to birth into. At some times you will agree to meet others from time to time. Others also that perhaps have not worked out very well in other lives and it gives opportunity to correct those misunderstandings or pure forgiveness, from both sides, and from the Creator itself because Creator does not judge and if you are carrying animosity within you, you are actually holding yourself back from the love of God.

I hope you will understand and will also make allowances for Valerie because she is ageing now, the body is ageing. We are borrowing her voice box for there is no other way we can communicate to you from other worlds. Your human race is the one with voice boxes and communicating in that way.

There have been other ways in other races that have made noises so that is like a voice box I would say but, it is not actually the communication that you are used to. And so that is why we come through a medium or with agreement to speak through a borrowed voice box which is exactly what I am doing with Valerie. And of course she has long agreed to all this.

Her life has been unfolding as if in a play. And she has been held back so that the story would unfold and it would be an interesting one to write about. That is what her book Starlady is about. And it is about mainly to speak of other worlds and to also advise everybody that they come from somewhere else when they come into an Earth body here. As a little baby they grow and they have family that help them to grow and to get to a place in their lives about 18 or 21 years old that they are then able to take on their life and move forward and, move on with their life without care, they have to look after themselves in other words. This of course you know, I am just over-viewing this for you.

Now I would like to clarify this pandemic. There has been a lot of confusion about where it has come from and why it is here. And there is a lot of experimentation going on around Earth in secret places. It is not necessarily a good idea to point fingers because if you’re pointing fingers with a judgement then you are judging others but you are also judging yourselves because as you point your finger, you clutch your fist and you find three fingers looking back at you. And so I would remind you not to be too ready to judge.

It is important that you actually consider the larger picture. There has not been enough, and we have been trying to warn you, there has not been enough care taken of planet Mother Earth. This does need to be reconciled and dealt with, for if you keep going the way you are, there has been words such as extinction and this could happen in the longer term, but it would not be the same. You have a beautiful planet here and everything has been adjusted so that you can breath comfortably here, you can tolerate the sun, you have hair on your skin which does protect your lighter skin. When I say light skin I am not talking about the colour, I’m talking about the texture of the skin because it would burn very easily if it was not protected from time to time. In particularly hot sun. But all the races have come to know and understand that and take precaution and when I say that I’m talking about indigenous people.

Now that is another thing I would like to bring up. There is a lot of talk about whether there are UFOs or whether there are other people in other worlds and I can assure you there are many, many other worlds and many, many other peoples, other races. The indigenous people around the world, all of them, have known about the Star People. The Australian indigenous people call them Sky People. They are still real and they know it. And they communicate with them. They communicate with their mind to mind. This is what they call their dreaming. It is not exactly a dream or a sleep or imagination but rather it is a real conversation with another race in other worlds. This is capable of everybody. It is within you. And I would like you to consider that and realise that you are not just your brain in an Earth body, but rather you are a being from another world and that you have come with a soul consciousness which helps you to incarnate onto this planet Earth into the Human race. It is a very special race, it is a hybrid race that has come from many, many imports of different genetic history and it is hard sometimes to sort that out or to even be aware of it. Where it started of course is Creator itself. And this is another thing too I would like to remind the scientists that work with genetics, in that it can not be copyrighted, it is the law of creation, it is life itself and any work that is done with it is meant to be shared always. That is just something I would like to remind the scientists.

I am hoping that you will realise and understand that you have this other consciousness that’s within you. The consciousness within your brain helps to remember things, it’s a recorder; it is like your computer. Ideas and new thoughts or sudden feelings of prompting as if something has come out of the blue – in a way it has – it has come as a suggestion through your soul consciousness which is linked with your over-soul.

Now your over-soul is a very different thing again, although when I say very different it is not really it is just that in your consciousness of your brain and your Earth body, you are not aware of it or, I will correct myself and say there are quite a few that are aware of it but not in the way I am speaking in the reality of it’s life-force it is consciousness and it holds a place within the Creator, the consciousness of God. The Creators, the source of all, a force field and people come from that originally. You are all from the force field of God. I would like you to think about that.

Religions, various religions, and I am not speaking about any one or two, all of them have come with similar messages. Some have been interpreted differently and not really meant the way they are or to control of put fear into people, but on the whole they speak of creation. And that is who you are, you come from the Creator, the Creative Source, from the force field that is the place which you would call home. When you go there it is never judgement and I would like you to remember that. Any feelings of judgement or fear about going to a place like hell or some other place that is not a nice place to go to, is only in the imagination. It is in the reality of what Man has created but it is not the reality of the eternal force that comes from your creator. So be … aware of this because there is no need to fear, no need to fear at all. When you leave your Earth body you are still in a form, a physical form, it is a light form, it is made of atoms. It is a physical body, it has consciousness. Then it does free you it does move on to the source and then you go home. Or you may move on to another race within another world. All this is arranged through the source of the hierarchy that exists for the good of all, and it is love.

So I would like you to really think about this, that you are not just who you think you are as a personality in an Earth body, but rather an eternal being that is of light that is never destroyed and it comes eventually from the source of Creation in a consciousness. That consciousness exists in that force field I speak of. Everyone comes from there. And I would like you to think about that. It is not a place where people judge. It is not a place of consciousness that wants to control people. It is not a place of consciousness where people want to take over or harm or to create a battle. It is nothing like that at all. However, you are all like the children that come from there and you have been given free will. And there is a universal law so that even the eternal, shall I say God source, can not interfere without you making a choice. And so it is important that you make the choices that are good for you and good for those around you and good for your planet and the Earth, the Mother Earth herself.

With this pandemic it is awakening people. If you look at it from that point you can see how Mother Nature is very quickly recovering from pollution. Pollution is damaging, very seriously, your Earth planet. You need to deal with that. Not argue about whether there’s climate change or not. Rather think about if you fix the pollution that is upon this Earth that was not in its creation in the first place; the climate will heal itself. It all follows, it all interacts. Even your Earth bodies and the way you breath and how you eat, interacts with what happens with the rest, when it is all one. I’d like you to think about that. And I would like you to really consider not to be too ready to judge about things. Nothing can take your freedom away, it is only if you let it or you give it to others or other thoughts. You need to go into your intuition which means inner teaching. It is directly connected to your soul consciousness which is directly connected to your over-soul, and the MONAD which is God the Creator.

Please think about all these things and I will come again and speak at our next meeting. Thank you, thank you my children, thank you. I give my love and blessings, always, always, always.

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