About the Pandemic being an Opportunity for Us (Meaning Our World) to Change!!!

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Here is the YouTube video of this meeting.

Valérie Barrow: So today is the 5th of May, that’s a five five, in 2020. And with great love and respect we are meeting here at Moss Vale in New South Wales and we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba and Andromeda Val, or whomever it is they want to send a message through us or to us. I’m calling upon with great love and respect Cosmic Sai Baba to introduce us to this meeting today. Thank you. With great love and respect.

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URGENT MESSAGE Direct from Andromeda M31 – Those who Created our Planet

Andromeda Val delivers an urgent message

Valérie Barrow: So we’re gathered here today on the 17th of March 2020. Cosmic Sai Baba has requested that a session be held today for there is a message to come from Andromeda M31. So with great love and respect we call upon Cosmic Sai Baba to be amongst us.

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SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM COSMIC SAI BABA received on Christmas Day 2019

At 9.40 am Christimas morning – My hearing aids began to ring, ring, ring both in the left ear and then the right ear and kept doing it until I realized the message was to contact Cosmic Sai Baba and ask him if He had a message for us? It was like He was ringing me from a radio station – He used to call upon me this way when I first began channelling. Now I know He is calling me from Andromeda Galaxy M31.

This is what He said:

Cosmic Sia Baba:

I am Cosmic Sai Baba and it is Christmas Day, the 25th of December 2019. I have called upon Valérie to ask if I could give a message to mankind. I am talking in a slightly different way because the energies upon your atmosphere is very out of control AND because of that it is interfering with the radio contact that we take when we contact you. And I mean the human race upon your planet Earth.

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