Does the Soul Exist

Does the Soul exist?

“Does the soul exist” you ask – “Of course it does” comes a firm reply – “and who are you?” you may ask. So let me tell you, if you will listen, how I know about some exchange of souls taking place in a physical human body.


From time to time people come to visit me and ask for a healing. On one occasion a man, we will name him Jeremy, came feeling very unhappy with hi life, with little energy and no will to go on. He had tried many avenues to help himself. He wanted me to just talk to him. I led him into a quiet, advanced, meditation and with his eyes closed he told me he could see a young man standing beside him who wanted to take over his physical body. Jeremy said, “I am ready for the exchange to take place although I am a little worried that the new soul is not very experienced and won’t look after the body.”

Jeremy lay very still, hardly breathing, he looked almost dead, when I felt an angelic presence overlight my body and gently lift his soul up through the top of his head and back to the World of Light. As I watched, I saw the new soul come into the top of his head and climb into Jeremy’s body as if he was putting on a body suit. Stretching his legs and then his arms and running his hand over his jumper an even the hairs on his arms, it was if he was feeling the sensations for the first time. His eyes were still closed. I assisted him to sit up and asked him to remain quiet while I moved away to get him a drink of water to help ‘earth’ him.


As I returned with the glass of water I was startled to see Jeremy standing on his head in the middle of the room, with his legs crossed above his head – yoga fashion. I asked him “Have you ever done this before Jeremy?” and he replied, “No.” With that he jumped up and began running around the room excitedly. He was a different personality. He wanted to go for a swim in the pool outside and even run down the hill to the dam and jump in. It was all I could do to stop him; it was winter and far too cold for swimming. He was, as has been described, a younger soul and not so experienced in life here.

At other times, in an altered state of consciousness, people have regressed to a past memory in this present life of when a soul exchange had taken place within their physical body. It helped them emotionally, giving them understanding as to why so much had changed in their life afterwards. Usually the past memory had been during a serious accident or illness. All of these experiences were brought to me to show how the same thing had happened when my physical body had nearly died. I hasten to add that this exchange does not happen in every ‘Near Death Experience’ event.


I am an ordinary grandmother who has had some extraordinary experiences – and still do. Since I had an NDE I have come to understand that not only did I briefly die, but that there was an exchange of souls that took place at that time. I am a very different person from the person who left this body.

Knowing that skeptics or doctors could say I was, or am hallucinating, doesn’t explain why there is often such a major change in the personality of someone who has experienced an N.D.E. It is true that such a life threatening challenge could profoundly affect people, causing them to question life itself. “Why didn’t I die?” “Why am I still here?” ” Who am I?”

One has to ask why is it so many N.D.E. people seem to begin seeking answers and enter into a spiritual search within themselves. In my case there was a calling. A reminder of why I am here. It is nothing to do with religion or an obsessive need to convert people. Not only do I believe; I know; and for me there is nothing to prove. How could I anyway?


I can only tell you of an authorative male sounding voice calling me one night and telling me I was going to receive messages. And so it began, a joyful experience, one where I was awakened at night by this voice who literally taught me many things, including basic physics and chemistry – an insight into how everything is energy; and nothing is solid. Nothing is ever lost although it may change its form. I was shown how spiritual healing works; it is true it has a lot to do with a state of mind, and the acceptance of a power from the creative source of all, one that can be drawn upon by intent. It is the same all pervading power that forms a human body in the first place. The same power that causes flowers to bloom, and then die back to seed, growing to bloom again – Never ceasing –


Since science has graduated from physics to quantum physics there is an uplifted understanding of other dimensions. I have been shown the existence of other worlds, other dimensions as if I have developed a quantum mind. Science doesn’t need to be re-written to explain these things – just gain an expanded understanding. There is a measure past the speed of light. A frequency, blinding in its brightness, that will not burn, if you are ready for it.

Out-of-body experiences, prophetic dreams, psychometry, synchronicity, mental telepathy – clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, mediumship and past life memories have all been my experience from time to time. Have I lost you? If so, I apologize. These are difficult subjects to explain if you don’t believe in souls, or life after death, or accept that we are not only the body we walk in. What I can assure you is that I am normal, not hallucinating and my soul is standing in this body with both feet firmly on the ground.

The Road to Lake Mungo

The Road to Lake Mungo
Adventure or Nightmare?

Because of the urgent need for John, my husband, to make a trip to South Australia from New South Wales, and the difficulty in connecting air flights at such a short notice, John decided we would drive and make the journey a bit of a holiday as well.

Lake Mungo National Park

We drove steadily, sharing the driving, along the main Sydney to Melbourne highway, turning onto the Sturt Highway towards Wagga Wagga and spent the night at Hay. In the morning we set off early to continue driving on our way to Berri in the Riverland district north of South Australia, where John was to have his urgent meeting.

On the way we passed through Balranald and noticed signposts to Mungo National Park 150 kms inland. With a little persuasion from me,(upstairs was prompting me to go) John agreed it would make an interesting visit and agreed we should investigate the possibility of travelling there upon our return from Adelaide where he was to have another business meeting.

Mungo National Park is an ancient Lakes area, now arid desert. It is were the Mungo Man was discovered dating back 62,000 years and other evidence of life and living by the early indigenous people of the once verdent country. Geologists, archaeologists and paleontologists are able to read the area as if it is an ancient history book. It is for this reason I was so interested in visiting the area.

When we left Adelaide and reached Mildura we found signs to the National Park advising the distance to travel was 110 kms, mostly dirt road and we could pick up the 150 kms on to Balranald, also mostly dirt road but we would be further along the Sturt Highway on our way home. At Mildura we visited the large and impressive information centre to find out what we should do to make the trip. We were advised that the road was good, although mostly dirt and we would be able to make the journey in our sedan car. We should take plenty of water and food and make sure we had a full tank of petrol. There would be no mobile telephone connection along the way.

We set off at 6am the next morning, for some reason feeling nervous. The road signs advised the roads were open. It had been hot when we had passed through the town on the way down to Adelaide, in fact drought had been experienced for the past seven years and the townsfolk were allowed to only water their gardens once per week. The farmers and pastoralists were only allowing the most profitable fruit trees and pastures to receive allotted water from the drought stricken riverlands. Most farmers were hurting severely and could no longer afford to buy extra water to keep all their crops alive.

So it was a surprise to us that it began to sprinkle rain half way into the desert lands.

The lands being so dry we could see the rain disappearing into the very dry road. It was a good road with no pits or bumps. Cattle from time to time ran across in front of us, and so did sheep – houses had long been left behind. We had driven for 1 and half hours with out passing a soul and now we were into very flat and vast desert as far as the eye could see, with only tiny salt bush and red earth. We seemed to have even left the kangaroos and emus behind.

One sign said we were entering Willandra Lakes, the ancient lakes of which Mungo National Park was a part. We began to worry and even though the rain was falling lightly we decided to push on to hopefully find people stationed at Mungo Park. At least it was cool for we had expected an extra hot day.

Not a good idea, for traveling at about 80 kms per hour we suddenly began to fishtail and then slide sideways for quite a way. John had military training in such a situation and we didn’t flip over but we did stop quickly, ploughing into soft sand. When we climbed out of the car we found the ground was a thin layer of wet red clay and under it was still dry fine red sand. While in the car, the road had looked no different from what we had been driving on for the past 100 kms. We had trouble standing up for we began to slip and slide around on the slick damp surface. Our shoes were immediately covered in thick mud so that we looked like we were walking around on clay plates.

Lake Mungo National Park

It was impossible to keep the red clay mud out of the car, not that that was the main problem. John managed to dig us out and we drove for another 100 metres and bogged again. Now we were in real trouble. – In the middle of nowhere and not being able to move forward or go backwards. The spinning wheels only dug us deeper into the mud and dry sand. The rain was now falling heavier. We were nervous and feeling fear, not a normal reaction for us. We could be stuck out here for days before someone came by. And what if the rain became even heavier? Where we were, could become a quagmire – our car could even begin to sink if it became too wet.

This was dangerous – what on earth were we to do. We are in our seventies with grey hair and even though John is English and not used to outback Australia, I was born Australian and well new of the dangers of being stranded in the desert, particulary in the hot summer. How could we have been so naive, and yet we had done all the right things to make the journey. I had visions of the newspapers carrying the story of some silly old couple who had ventured into the desert being ill equipped in a sedan car and not being found for days.

There is a God! For when I prayed for help in less than ten minutes there were 4 vehicles at the scene and nine people. In the distance I could see a white mini-bus coming from Mungo. John managed to walk towards them and hailed them to a stop. They then bogged also. Although I like to think it was right they were stopped or they may have slid and even tipped over. They were German tourists who had camped at Mungo Park the night before. They wanted to watch the beautiful and eerie sunset known for the area but they had to run for cover when a bad sand storm blew in and no one could see anything. We were told, heavy rain had begun about 2am in the morning and then had eased.

The next vehicle to arrive was a red 4 wheel truck that did not hesitate to pull out the mini bus. It was groaning and slipping all over but managed to pull the bus to firmer ground about 20 kms down the road. Then another whitish 4 wheel truck came from Mungo and began to try to assist us. Fortunately for us they were plumbers and a builder who had been working at the Mungo site to upgrade facilities there. We still had no mobile connections. They said they didn’t realize how bad the road would be – we were apparently sitting in the middle of what was once a lake.

By now the rain had become heavier and we were all wet and cold. One of the men from Broken Hill drove our car and the others pushed. I stood on the side of the road propped by a spade and managed to get splattered with sticky flying red mud as our car was pushed around a half circle to face back to the direction we had come. We then discovered we did not even have a towing facility on our car.!!! Persistently they found a way to connect a tow rope to the wheel base under the engine and gradually pulled the car free. It wasn’t easy – our car was sliding to and fro and so was the truck. Once or twice the truck bogged slightly itself, pulling up quickly and it was only from the experienced drivers our car didn’t slam into the truck. Without their assistance, persistence and expertise from living in the outback we could still be there.

We were nervous as to what the good part of the dirt road had become, with steady rain falling. The men foresaw that and once we finally reached the firmer ground 20 kms down the road, we traveled for 70kms in convoy – one truck in front, our car with one of the men driving it, and the other truck behind with John in it. We now felt safe and arrived unscathed, very grateful to these men, and after hugs and shouts of happiness we continued on the now tar sealed road back to Mildura. It was raining steadily in a joyous Mildura. John has a new respect for Australian men and Australia.

We never did make it to Mungo Lake although we were only 10 kms away.

Follow Your Spirit

How to Follow Spirit

We are first spirit having a life on earth in an earth body. We need, therefore, to nourish our spirit everyday in the same way as we eat food every day.

With that in mind, people can ask their own spirit through intuition as to the best way to nourish their spirit.

Food for thought, could be the way I nourish my spirit every day. I light a candle, which I see as representing the light of our heart and the Universal heart from the Creator of All.

In my mind’s eye I see and feel, the bright Divine Light from our Sun coming from above, down through the top of my head and spine – connecting to my inner sun where my heart is and continuing down to the base of my spine.

At the same time I see and feel the inner sun from our mother earth coming up through the soles of my feet and body to connect together with the inner sun of my heart.

I breathe in both streams of Divine Light coming from the top and the bottom at the same time and connecting to my heart – making the third sun.

Mudra 1

As I do this I sing OM and put my index finger and thumb together of each hand (in a mudra) so that I am singing the spirit into strength filling the whole of my auric field with Divine Light energy, while shaking off any unwanted energy.

I continue this, changing to the middle finger and thumb and continue the same OM sound with the vibration filling the auric field (don’t forget your head)

Then the fourth finger and thumb … … keep singing OM

and finally the little finger and thumb of both hands and shake off any stray energies I may have picked up in the day until I feel clear and fully nourished.

The focus is connecting to the God centre of Creation of All.

One can do this night and morning. It only takes 5 or 10 minutes when used to it.

Explanation of our earth body connection to our spirit, soul, and God.

There are 5 sheaths of energy connecting our spirit body and earth body to our soul.

  1. The thumb is a direct link to our earth body and God self
  2. The index finger is a direct link to our vital body and God self
  3. The third finger is a direct link to our mental body and God self
  4. The fourth finger is a direct link to our emotional body and God self.
  5. The little finger is a direct link to our angelic body and God self.

Each sheath has its own consciousness including the physical body.

The 5 sheaths are renewed in 7 year cycles, and with that is the 3 aspects of God contained in every atom and cell of our body and spirit in total.

If you multiply 5 x 7 = 35 x 3 (creation, destruction and holding all together) = 105

and then add the 3 aspects of God of All creation, the Universal God = 108.

The same number of beads found in a japamala. (Indian Prayer Beads )

I like to look at the hands in this way because it also embraces all the energy fields that I have been shown. My first lesson in spirit was that everything is energy.

And that God exists in everything and everybody.

Everything has a consciousness – sometimes we need to think of that as a template, or an over-seeing intelligence underlining everything.

My second lesson was that there is the Earth Dimension, they called the 3rd Dimension and the 4th Dimension or the Astral. In the Star Peoples’ minds there is no separation.

The 5th Dimension is the Cosmic Consciousness and can reach into higher dimensions of frequency such as the 6th, 7th 8th and 9th and more.

There is a Hierarchy in the World of Light.

And there is an Angelic Realm, which is really a State of Being without limit.


Mudra 1

All you have to do is ask.

If I am concerned about something or needing help I put my hand over a photo of Sai Baba (the same as psychometry) and give Him my problem. Then holding my head up straight I let my eyes roll back into my head, imagining I am looking up to the sky and well above the clouds. This connects to one’s Theta level of consciousness. I then respectfully ask for His advice.

I see Sai Baba in His earth body holding a doorway of Divine Light onto this earth.

Or you could ask the Angels …
Guiding Holy Spirit,
an Holy Image you love or,
God the Universal Creator of All
or The Force. (said with a smile)

The secret is connecting to the spirit-energy of the image or the Source, with love in your heart and ASK.

Are You a Walk-in?

Are You a Walk-In?
Or do you know one?

This could explain why a loved one or a friend has changed so dramatically!

My husband John had decided we needed a rest and organized a week’s holiday staying at the Pinetrees Guest House. Lord Howe Island was first inhabited only as far back as 1834. The original house ‘Pinetrees’ was built about 1884 and holds a history of the Andrews-Nichols-Kirby families since that time. The two younger daughters, with their husbands, now run the guesthouse. John and I became friendly with one of them when we visited and where invited to their private house which had a magnificent view looking toward Mt. Lidgbird, the smaller of the two volcanic mountains that dominate the little coral island.

Lord Howe Island

It was Pixie that suggested to John that we try climbing Mr. Lidgbird first to prepare us, or as we realized later, to see if we could face the grueling climb up to the top of Mt. Gower, for that was where John really wanted to go. There is, we believe, quite different foliage up there, very ancient and tropical. Lord Howe Island is now listed as a World Heritage Area.

Nothing could dissuade John from climbing a mountain; he is Capricorn, the birth sign of the goat! and he was insistent that I join him. I had climbed hills before with him, and as our destination was ‘the Goat House’ I imagined it to be a cave not too far up the mountain. How wrong I was. It was above the tree-line, into the sheer rock face and dangerously difficult to reach. (These Lord Howe people were all pioneer types and tended to vastly understate distances, heights and difficulties.) I had a ‘knowing’ that guiding spirit wanted me to make the climb with John and that I would receive an insight into our spiritual journey upon reaching the top.

When we had first alighted off the plane at the airport we had felt ‘different;’ it was hard to define. We admired the beauty of the place and marveled how relaxed and friendly everyone was. We did notice right from the beginning how the locals seemed to understate everything. It was as if we had come from a different country – even though we were still supposed to be in Australia and the locals regularly made journeys to the mainland.

We had trouble sleeping, even though the bed was very comfortable. It was unusual for us as we usually adjust very quickly to a new environment. So what was it? It was within the first day of being there that John made up his mind we were going to climb a mountain together.

Mt Ligbird and Mt Gower on Lord Howe Island

To get to Mt. Lidgbird it required a ride on a push-bike for a couple of kilometres “Up a few inclines,” said the locals, “Quite steep hills,” I would say. Then a fair walk through cow paddocks, a climb over a few fences, and then to begin climbing up the base of the mountain through wet tropical growth. The further we climbed the steeper it became.

We had been told there were steps in places, but we found ourselves faced often with ropes to pull the self up to a new height, or very steep ladder like steps with safety ropes to hall oneself up. The more we climbed, the steeper it became, so that it was no longer a hike through woods but rather rock shelves to negotiate and even steeper areas to walk aided at times with ropes to pull the self up. I was shaking so badly at times with the exertion, I began to cry. I was afraid I would fall and cause a problem to John in how to get help to us. He kept encouraging me to keep going, “It isn’t that much further.” he had said. (How would he know that? He hadn’t been there before?)

So I kept going, for guiding spirit had said, “I would receive new understanding when I reached the top.” John did admit later that he was feeling shaken up also, but there was no way he was gong to give in.

It was a beautiful day and when we did finally break out of the tree line to a point where we could see right across the whole of the coral bay and the other side of the island; the view was magic. The day was warm and I decided to just sit right where I was, on a very narrow path, and lean back onto the sheer cliff face that stretched far above me, holding onto to tufts of grass to get my balance. I was feeling totally exhausted, disoriented but elated. John decided to continue along the path, holding onto a rope that had been strung along the cliff face; anchored by iron loops about a metre apart that stretched all the way around the cliff face to ‘The Goat House’ about another 500 metres on.

We had brought sandwiches, fruit and water for lunch, but I decided to wait for John to return before starting to eat. As I sat and watched at eye level, an eagle circling out at sea, I began to wonder what the message was to be from guiding spirit.

It was like an open-eyed meditation looking out into the distance of the sea and feeling so on top of everything. I began to realise that this Island had been preserved as it was originally at another time compared to the mainland. That there was a connection somehow to the ancient time that still existed here and a feeling of rumblings of soul knowledge within me, which also existed on the mainland. It was the ancient energy that we were unconsciously connecting to when we first set foot on Lord Howe Island. It was why we had felt so unsettled and unable to sleep at first. Our bodies were literally adjusting to the older time warp that existed here on the Island. And as we climbed the mountain to day we had been shaken up so much, that our body cells had been literally forced to adjust to the different time warp. Both of us had experienced frustrating emotions that we seemed to shed the further we climbed the mountain.

As I sat looking out over and beyond, I remembered experiencing a near-death experience 30 years ago when my sons were only little. I knew I was dying and I had prayed that I be allowed to stay so that I could look after them. I could remember floating out of my body but I could also remember a voice saying “I would be all right” but that was only after I had promised to help God in return for allowing me to stay. Now, as I sat here, I remembered that when I came back from the hospital I was looking at everything with new eyes. It was as if I was a stranger in my own house. That my then first husband was a stranger. I didn’t feel that way about the little boys but I found it hard to relate to memories of my childhood.

Here now, feeling so high and so elated, I knew that I had not been born into the body I walked in. That I had come into the body at that time before, 30 years ago, it had been an agreement with the previous owner, and it had allowed me now to come on a Mission knowing God. This was why I had been having so many mystical experiences, like a reminder of why I had come and what I had promised to do. I couldn’t wait for John to come back to tell him. I spent the rest of the time singing.

View from Mt Ligbird, Lord Howe Island

When he did come back, he was very pleased with himself on finishing the journey. He said “The Goat House” was just a cave but was a fair way around the other side of the Mountain giving a totally different view – a little cooler and shaded on that side. He sat down beside me, on an equally very narrow piece of path and we began eating our lunch. It was then I told him of my revelation.

What I hadn’t expected was his readiness to understand what I was trying to tell. He said “he felt shaken also, and that my speaking of being a walk-in he could really relate to also.” He was reminded as we sat, that he had first come to Australia the same year that I had nearly died. It took another 7 years of each of our then separate lives to be sorted out, when destiny put us together. I know now that no matter what happened we were destined to come together. We had agreed to come together long before either of us had come to earth, and John said “He knew he was with me to support me in the Mission.”

Our hearts were singing as we climbed down the mountain. It didn’t seem so difficult going down although at one point we both stopped and looked at a bird perched on a branch of a tree at our eye level. It seemed to want to tell us something. When I listened to guiding spirit I asked John “If he would allow me to hold his hands and assist a healing to come through for him.” He agreed. It seemed to help him and myself coming from spirit to become more entrenched into our physical bodies. Over the past 7 years or so I had experienced a number of times being out of my body, and having difficulty in getting back into it. It really shows one how we are truly spiritual beings, not just John and I, but everyone on earth is a spiritual being walking in a physical body.

What is the Mission I hear you ask? It is a saga held in the ancient past memory of the mysterious land that we now call Australia. “The Book of Love by a Medium” is guiding spirit’s way of beginning the story.

The Internet has a lot more information about people experiencing the ‘walk-in’ phenomena. Just search for walk-ins .

A Night on the Town

A Night on the Town
(Turning War into Peace)

A quiet night out at the local Thai restaurant in a small country town seemed like a good idea – no food for me to prepare – no washing up – just plates of tempting, exotic, aromatic morsels of food placed in front of me.

Thai Resturaunt

But we didn’t expect 5 or 6 tables along with chairs to go flying across the room. Not to mention broken dishes, glasses, cutlery and flowers flying into the air.

As we were shown to our seats in the restaurant I noticed two adolescent boys wearing earrings, tattoos, singlets and their hair in dreadlocks, eating at a table in the corner. One seemed to be having trouble with hot chili or something for he was coughing, gasping and gagging, very loudly – both were laughing as well, with bits of food hanging from their mouth. The room was crowded with people who showed signs of being disgusted with their behaviour for it was enough to put you off your food.

A youngish couple with two little children sat between us and the offensive behaviour of the adolescents. The father, obviously upset, asked them to settle down; the boys gave him cheek and ignored his request.

I am a medium and was aware that there were other ‘forces’ at work. The adolescent boys were under the influence of drugs (no smell of alcohol). Sometimes they were apologizing for their behaviour and then next the ‘dark force’ would overcome them and they would behave in a most offensive way. I am sure everyone felt some relief when they stood to leave. As the younger one passed the table between us, he suddenly took a swing at the young father and knocked him off his chair to the floor.

All hell broke loose! The father quickly jumped up, restrained the boy in a head and arm lock, pushing him to the floor and sat on him but not before tables and chairs were sent flying with a deafening sound of crashing, dishes and glass breaking and metal clashing. The children were screaming at the top of their voices, terrified because their father had been attacked. The mother was stunned and seemed unable to do anything.

I mentally called upon Sai Baba to help us. The father was outnumbered with the big ‘other’ teenage boy that wanted to protect the younger one.

Immediately I felt a strong energy of calmness wash over me. The quietness was in my voice and I knew exactly what to do and what the subtle form of Sai Baba was doing. My husband had gone to the car to call the police. The little Thai people hid in the kitchen. Most of the others went outside, particularly the men, I realized later that Sai Baba had influenced them in this. He had also removed the unseen demonic influences that were hanging around…

I found by putting my hands on the men (they were all big ) and speaking quietly they would calm down. I had absolutely no fear at all. The police seem to take forever to come (45 mins) . The young father continued to restrain the adolescent boy still struggling, by sitting on him. The boy had feral power under the influence of drugs and the father called for assistance, but no one else came.

Then it was found that the young adolescent was deeply cut on his back from the broken glass, the flesh was hanging free and bleeding badly. Cloths were brought and I applied pressure to the gaping wound – this gave opportunity for the father to leave and the boy was then encouraged to lie quietly on the floor until an ambulance arrived. That left just the two men sized adolescents and myself in the room. I knew if I could keep the younger one calm, the older adolescent boy would remain quiet. He became upset when the younger one was upset. It was said later that at least they didn’t have a gun or knife. Uh? The restaurant was full of knives and shards of broken glass.

The Ambulance

When two police did come they remained outside waiting for back up! The ambulance would not attend either until back-up arrived. When more police eventually arrived they came inside and asked the young adolescent his name. He immediately gave impudence until I quietly suggested to him (my voice still had that unbelievable calmness to it) to speak respectfully as he was already in enough trouble. He did. He was then taken on a stretcher by the ambulance to the local hospital. He wanted to give me a kiss as a thank you for helping him.

I was acutely aware that the ‘dark forces’ had stirred up mischievous trouble. I was also shown how easy it was to diffuse the situation by calling upon the `the force of love and light’ in the name of Sai Baba. Help was given immediately. If only more would understand that this is the time of the battle between the unseen dark and light forces. The Armageddon as it has been written in the Bible. The time when the force of Divine Light can be victorious in liberating mankind from darkness and lead us into the Golden Age.

All we have to do is ask God for assistance.



I want to add this personal experience which I did not include in my first book. I was worried it may offend the Indigenous women. I have since found that many indigenous women wrote to me, thanking me for writing the book that most were of the ‘stolen generation’ and had missed out on there tribal teachings. They were not offended at all, in fact they loved it.

If you refer to page 116 – after the fourth paragraph … (So it was as if we were replaying the original initiation that had taken place on this Earth 10,000 years to 12,000 years ago when Alcheringa himself had returned to give the Cherished ones their missing Alcheringa Stones- after the Great Flood.) You will read that we had taken the symbols (see Cloudships and UFO’s) that we had been asked by the Star People to paint and journey to Uluru. We were asked to sing them into the ground between Uluru and Kata Tjuta to clear negative energies held within the ley lines. I believe that negative energy would have been held in the earth from the time of the Great Flood.

Uluru, sometimes known as Ayers Rock

Just before this initiation, I had previously experienced a private initiation of my own. When we all first sat down on the red sand, I had been uncomfortable because there was a small prickly salt bush between my legs. I didn’t move my legs because I did not want to disturb the beautiful silence that had descended upon us.

Then, I saw, in my mind’s eye, a giant black form take three huge steps from Uluru towards us and bellow in my inner ear, “White woman, white woman, close up your legs” and then go into gales of laughter as only a giantess can. I ignored what she said, wondering what on earth was going on. Then the Giantess again spoke, “White woman, white woman, close up your legs” and again this was followed by loud gales of laughter. This time I knew there were other black spirit women laughing with her. So … I moved myself as best I could, and sat with both legs closed together.

The Giantess spoke asking me to take off my sand-shoes and socks and to come with her. So I did, (in my minds eye, and in spirit form). In a flash I realised I was at mutitjulu springs (popularly called mutitjulu waterhole – the water spring is tucked into a corner at the base of Uluru) and the Black Giantess asked me to walk into the water. It was an initiation and I followed her instructions. Afterwards, I could see myself putting my sand-shoes back on, then suddenly I was back on the red sandy hill with everyone.

That was when the ranger, as a medium, had taken on The Rainbow Serpent energy. I guess I wouldn’t have received the Serpent energy as well unless my body was together like a snake. The whole experience was extraordinary, to say the least. When I related my little story to the ranger he said, “The Koorie know the Black Giantess well, her name is Goolagaia. She is said to travel with the sun when it hits Woollumbin, her resting place, first thing in the morning on the east coast of Australia – and in the day travels to Uluru.”

Wollumbin, known as Mt Warning
Wollumbin, known as Mt Warning, on the NSW North Coast

On the Eastern Coast of Australia, the Aborigine people call themselves ‘Koorie.’

Goolagaia has come to me a few times, in her giant spirit form; she tells us she sleeps with the crystals under Wollumbin, and has been holding the energy of the eighth sister from the Pleiades on earth – awaiting her eighth star sister’s return from the Pleiades. (See channelling from spirit named Goolagaia.) She recognises me.

The photo below was taken by Valérie at Mutitjulu Springs, Uluru, shortly after the initiation. If you look closely you can see two large ORBS of Rainbow Light which I know, Goolagaia, the Black Giantess sent to me.

Orbs of light at Uluru
Mutitjulu Springs, Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock)

The Sacred Alcheringa Stone

The Sacred Alcheringa Stone

An intelligent, knowledgeable lady, who worked in media, brought the Alcheringa Stone to our property. Our property had already been named Alcheringa, an Aborigine word meaning Dreamtime, Golden Age or when the first ancestors were created and this is what attracted her to us.

The Stone was wrapped first with paperbark, then a white calico cloth and tied with string – the size of a shoebox. Sitting with the Alcheringa Stone, while holding it in my lap I experienced a bright blue/white opalescent light in my inner scene. Over a period of time I suspected that the Sacred Stone influenced people in some way to find their way to our property. I knew that I was never to open the package to look at the Stone, nor to photograph it. I missed the stone when it had to go. I have become very attached to it, almost as though it was part of my family. I actually love it. I suppose that feeling has come from the energy of the stone, and from where it originally comes. I remember sitting with it, not long after I had begun the readings for my first book, The Book of Love by a Medium, when I became aware there was a small spirit-being attached to it. The little spirit was helping The Stone on its travels down through the ages it had been on earth. The spirit told me it just put a thought into somebody’s head to lift it and carry it to wherever it wanted to go. Nothing surprises me these days.

While holding the Sacred Stone the day the little spirit introduced itself to me, the little spirit-being moved into my energy field, speaking through me with a stilted voice, (a different voice from my mentor) while moving my head from side to side as it communicated. It told me that, “I have come from the stars and I am the one that is influencing The Stone’s travels,” adding ” It is easy to put a thought into someone’s head so that The Stone will be picked up and travel from one place to another. The Stone had a role to play on this planet after the development of the animal man into the hu-man.”

The Australian Aboriginal people have always known the Alcheringa Stone had come from the stars, and we too were receiving the understanding that the stone was moulded clay from another planet. It had been brought to our planet by the Leonine people and the star people. As told in my 2nd book Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created. The Leonines and the Siriuns [from Sirius] had arrived about five years earth time, after the Mission of Mercy by the Mothership Rexegena had come from the Pleiadian star constellation. The Mothership had fifty thousand star people on board; was attacked and destroyed in Earth’s outer atmosphere.

Everyone in the galaxy heard of the tragedy. There were ninety survivors living on the land we now call Australia although the star people referred to this planet as Mu. The survivors welcomed their rescuers from Sirius and the gift of The Alcheringa Stone; holding it felt like going home. It was imbued with the energy from the home planet; it held the energy of love and compassion. It presented as a blue/white light and lifted the consciousness of those holding it, to a place that I could only describe as Conscious Dreaming.

In the beginning1 the Alcheringa Stone was given to the new breed of upstanding ape-like creatures, who had inherited the genes of the star people. They were known to the star people as the Cherished Ones. They continued to hold The Stone and remember, long after the star people had left their bodies. It was held with deep reverence. Over the years, the indigenous Stone Keeper, generation after generation, in trying to keep it safe, put fear into the hearts of their tribe about its power. It was only ever to be handled by the appointed Stone Keeper. No one else. The tribe began to believe they would get sick if they opened its paperbark package and look upon it.

The earth nearly died, around ten thousand years ago, when sea water rose and land sank all over the earth. The Australian Aborigine have Dreamtime stories about the event of a Great Flood.2 The Stone was rescued again by the star people; Alcheringa himself once again returned from the stars, giving the sacred stone to the Cherished Ones. Somehow the Stone became lost yet again, probably when the white man came to Australia.

In the early days of the white man’s settlement, it was found in a cave by an Afghanistani wandering the Australian desert with his camel, selling goods. He tried to give it back to the local tribes but they refused it. They were frightened of it. Generations later the Afghanistani’s family gave it to a white lady, whom they knew had contact with a local tribe. She also experienced difficulty in coaxing the tribal people to take it back, even though she had been initiated into the Tribe.

The white lady had opened the package to look inside. That was how I came to know the Stone looked like moulded clay with ochre concentric circle drawings upon it. Intuitively I knew it was not to be opened, that it was said to be only for the clever people of the tribe to view it. I honoured and respected that.

The white lady travelled to Central Australia to try to find the indigenous Keeper of The Stone. On her journey she experienced a very clear past life memory of her being the Afghanistani, in the early days of the white man’s settlement, who had walked with his camel through the outback and found the Stone in a cave. In her inner sight she could see The Stone glowing, and knew it was special. It was somewhere near Uluru.

Now the white lady understood why she felt so responsible, and driven to return The Stone to its rightful owners. She became seriously ill, not from having the Alcheringa Stone, but because she had over-indulged alcohol in her life and had serious liver damage. It was then she heard of me living on the property ‘Alcheringa.’

She made her way, with friends, to Alcheringa at Canyonleigh3. As soon as she walked through our front door and met me, she decided I could be trusted to look after The Stone for a while until she recovered. Unknown to me at that time, she had told her friends that The Sacred Stone was to stay with me should anything happen to her.

I had it in my care for two years always keeping it safely deposited in our Healing Room facing the East. John, my husband and many of my psychic friends had sat with it and experienced its power. Some to the point they cried with recognition when they held it, just as I had done when I first took hold of it.

After two years, the white lady recovered for a while and wanted The Stone returned to her. This was a great wrench for me. The Alcheringa Stone had been like a baby to me, much loved, and attached to the memory of the star being in my soul memory, when it first came to this earth. So it seemed very appropriate that on the Sunday 12.5.1996 that upstairs co-ordinated events for it to be handed back to the white lady. It was Mother’s Day.4

The white lady and I agreed to meet at the Light House at Byron Bay – Bundjalung tribal country, the furthest point east of the coast of Australia. It was evening and as the sun was setting we could see in the distance, Wollumbin5. The sunset was magnificent in rainbow colours and the clouds like wings of a giant angel spread across the sky, that was reflected in the calm bay from Wollumbin mountain to the Light House. The sight took our breath away.

Image of Angel in Clouds

(This photo was taken using an old camera and did not capture the breathtakingly beautiful colours of the sunset, but you can see the outline of what looks like a giant angel with arms outstretched, just like when Goolagaia presented herself to us, telling us she sleeps with the crystals under Woollumbin, aka Mt. Warning. (see Goolagaia channelling).

The white lady, suggested that I sit alone with the Stone before I passed it back to her. Spirit then spoke to me very clearly in my head, I was surprised at the clarity, and was told that the green crysophase ( or Chrysoprase) that I had brought to be passed on as a gift to the future indigenous Stone keeper was a gift from the heart of Australia. The crysophase ( or Chrysoprase) had been given to me when I had visited Uluru. It was an appropriate gift to the Stone Keeper. The voice also said I was to ask the white lady to pass on the message to the future Aboriginal Stone Keeper, that I was carrying the energy of the being known as ‘The eighth sister from the Pleiades, and that she had now returned as promised.’

I handed the paperbark package to Helen and wished her a safe and successful journey, although I was concerned that she was not looking well at all.

Within half an hour of parting with the stone, Gerry, my aboriginal friend, rang me on my mobile. I was surprised by his call, I hadn’t spoken to him for ages and he didn’t know I was within view of his beloved Wollumbin. It is his country, Bundjalung Country. Breathlessly, I repeated what the Alcheringa Stone had said about the eighth sister from the Pleiades. “Oh yeah, I’ll have to tell you more about her. It is said she will return when the time is right, it is in our Dreaming stories.”

He must be referring to Egarina, the star person from the Mothership Rexegena the one who had survived its destruction, my soul ancestor.6

Now the white lady, carrying the precious Stone, set off in her car with great determination, once again into the Red Centre of Australia. Sadly, she failed and returned home still with The Stone in her possession. She then became seriously ill. Her friends were convinced that it was The Stone that was making her sick and quickly took The Stone to the Aboriginal Land Council in Redfern, Sydney insisting they take it back.

Sadly, the white lady died7.

After her funeral, I rang the Land Council to ask what had happened to the Sacred Stone. They advised it had been posted on to The Land Council at Alice Springs. I was aghast; I couldn’t believe that a sacred relic could just be posted somewhere. In a slow drawl, the Aborigine on duty said, “It ‘ll get to where it’s meant to go, like you said The Stone has a mind of its own.”


1 Refer to full story of star people survivors in the book ‘Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created.’

2 Great Flood also refers to ‘Fall of Atlantis.’

3 Canyonleigh, on the edge of wilderness in the Southern Highlands, N.S.W. Australia

4 The day, month and year added to 33, something used by Spirit as a sign for me to ‘take note

5 Mount Warning, Northern New South Wales.

6 Please refer to the Mission of Rexegena chapter 10.

7 The white lady’s name is withheld in respect of her memory.

The Sai Baba Photo

Blessed Sai Baba Photo

Sathya Sai with Light in his Hand

To explain how I came by the photo is as follows:

Sai Baba Photo

When I visited Sai Baba’s Ashram at Whitefield, he called me for an interview, he gave me the ‘green ring’ saying, “When I look in the green stone, He would be there” I have since found that it helps other people also, if they touch it or if I place it on their forehead.

The following is taken from the page on the Cosmic Sai Baba website titled, About Valérie :

“Then he turned to me, and holding up His hand He very sternly asked, “What is that?” I was completely confused, and couldn’t answer. Did he mean the light coming from his hand, was I doing the wrong thing with healing. He then said, “It is nothing.” I still haven’t said anything. Swami then put up His other hand and said, “What is that?” Again I was confused and didn’t answer. Did He mean two nothings, what was He meaning? He was so stern; I was shaking; had I done something wrong? Then He turned to everyone else in the room and said, “God is nothing, God is everything, God is absolute.”

When I arrived home from this wonderful experience, I was sharing out various photos of His Holiness Sri Sathya Sai Baba and inviting friends to take one of their choosing. As they took one I was thinking “Oh! I love that one please don’t take it” but I didn’t say anything out loud. I wanted to hold on to them all which was not my natural way of giving and sharing. Anyway I was left with one only – and when I looked at it closely I realized with a thrill, that there was a Light in His hand – and again I was overcome with Joy for I believe it was His way of saying to me, that “No, the Light from His hand is real and it is a way of healing” and that I was doing nothing wrong – so I believe the photo has been truly blessed. I have had many copies made of it and have given it to those who want to share its blessing.

You may download a full size copy of this photo.