Does the Soul Exist

Does the Soul exist?

“Does the soul exist” you ask – “Of course it does” comes a firm reply – “and who are you?” you may ask. So let me tell you, if you will listen, how I know about some exchange of souls taking place in a physical human body.


From time to time people come to visit me and ask for a healing. On one occasion a man, we will name him Jeremy, came feeling very unhappy with hi life, with little energy and no will to go on. He had tried many avenues to help himself. He wanted me to just talk to him. I led him into a quiet, advanced, meditation and with his eyes closed he told me he could see a young man standing beside him who wanted to take over his physical body. Jeremy said, “I am ready for the exchange to take place although I am a little worried that the new soul is not very experienced and won’t look after the body.”

Jeremy lay very still, hardly breathing, he looked almost dead, when I felt an angelic presence overlight my body and gently lift his soul up through the top of his head and back to the World of Light. As I watched, I saw the new soul come into the top of his head and climb into Jeremy’s body as if he was putting on a body suit. Stretching his legs and then his arms and running his hand over his jumper an even the hairs on his arms, it was if he was feeling the sensations for the first time. His eyes were still closed. I assisted him to sit up and asked him to remain quiet while I moved away to get him a drink of water to help ‘earth’ him.


As I returned with the glass of water I was startled to see Jeremy standing on his head in the middle of the room, with his legs crossed above his head – yoga fashion. I asked him “Have you ever done this before Jeremy?” and he replied, “No.” With that he jumped up and began running around the room excitedly. He was a different personality. He wanted to go for a swim in the pool outside and even run down the hill to the dam and jump in. It was all I could do to stop him; it was winter and far too cold for swimming. He was, as has been described, a younger soul and not so experienced in life here.

At other times, in an altered state of consciousness, people have regressed to a past memory in this present life of when a soul exchange had taken place within their physical body. It helped them emotionally, giving them understanding as to why so much had changed in their life afterwards. Usually the past memory had been during a serious accident or illness. All of these experiences were brought to me to show how the same thing had happened when my physical body had nearly died. I hasten to add that this exchange does not happen in every ‘Near Death Experience’ event.


I am an ordinary grandmother who has had some extraordinary experiences – and still do. Since I had an NDE I have come to understand that not only did I briefly die, but that there was an exchange of souls that took place at that time. I am a very different person from the person who left this body.

Knowing that skeptics or doctors could say I was, or am hallucinating, doesn’t explain why there is often such a major change in the personality of someone who has experienced an N.D.E. It is true that such a life threatening challenge could profoundly affect people, causing them to question life itself. “Why didn’t I die?” “Why am I still here?” ” Who am I?”

One has to ask why is it so many N.D.E. people seem to begin seeking answers and enter into a spiritual search within themselves. In my case there was a calling. A reminder of why I am here. It is nothing to do with religion or an obsessive need to convert people. Not only do I believe; I know; and for me there is nothing to prove. How could I anyway?


I can only tell you of an authorative male sounding voice calling me one night and telling me I was going to receive messages. And so it began, a joyful experience, one where I was awakened at night by this voice who literally taught me many things, including basic physics and chemistry – an insight into how everything is energy; and nothing is solid. Nothing is ever lost although it may change its form. I was shown how spiritual healing works; it is true it has a lot to do with a state of mind, and the acceptance of a power from the creative source of all, one that can be drawn upon by intent. It is the same all pervading power that forms a human body in the first place. The same power that causes flowers to bloom, and then die back to seed, growing to bloom again – Never ceasing –


Since science has graduated from physics to quantum physics there is an uplifted understanding of other dimensions. I have been shown the existence of other worlds, other dimensions as if I have developed a quantum mind. Science doesn’t need to be re-written to explain these things – just gain an expanded understanding. There is a measure past the speed of light. A frequency, blinding in its brightness, that will not burn, if you are ready for it.

Out-of-body experiences, prophetic dreams, psychometry, synchronicity, mental telepathy – clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, mediumship and past life memories have all been my experience from time to time. Have I lost you? If so, I apologize. These are difficult subjects to explain if you don’t believe in souls, or life after death, or accept that we are not only the body we walk in. What I can assure you is that I am normal, not hallucinating and my soul is standing in this body with both feet firmly on the ground.