Are You a Walk-in?

Are You a Walk-In?
Or do you know one?

This could explain why a loved one or a friend has changed so dramatically!

My husband John had decided we needed a rest and organized a week’s holiday staying at the Pinetrees Guest House. Lord Howe Island was first inhabited only as far back as 1834. The original house ‘Pinetrees’ was built about 1884 and holds a history of the Andrews-Nichols-Kirby families since that time. The two younger daughters, with their husbands, now run the guesthouse. John and I became friendly with one of them when we visited and where invited to their private house which had a magnificent view looking toward Mt. Lidgbird, the smaller of the two volcanic mountains that dominate the little coral island.

Lord Howe Island

It was Pixie that suggested to John that we try climbing Mr. Lidgbird first to prepare us, or as we realized later, to see if we could face the grueling climb up to the top of Mt. Gower, for that was where John really wanted to go. There is, we believe, quite different foliage up there, very ancient and tropical. Lord Howe Island is now listed as a World Heritage Area.

Nothing could dissuade John from climbing a mountain; he is Capricorn, the birth sign of the goat! and he was insistent that I join him. I had climbed hills before with him, and as our destination was ‘the Goat House’ I imagined it to be a cave not too far up the mountain. How wrong I was. It was above the tree-line, into the sheer rock face and dangerously difficult to reach. (These Lord Howe people were all pioneer types and tended to vastly understate distances, heights and difficulties.) I had a ‘knowing’ that guiding spirit wanted me to make the climb with John and that I would receive an insight into our spiritual journey upon reaching the top.

When we had first alighted off the plane at the airport we had felt ‘different;’ it was hard to define. We admired the beauty of the place and marveled how relaxed and friendly everyone was. We did notice right from the beginning how the locals seemed to understate everything. It was as if we had come from a different country – even though we were still supposed to be in Australia and the locals regularly made journeys to the mainland.

We had trouble sleeping, even though the bed was very comfortable. It was unusual for us as we usually adjust very quickly to a new environment. So what was it? It was within the first day of being there that John made up his mind we were going to climb a mountain together.

Mt Ligbird and Mt Gower on Lord Howe Island

To get to Mt. Lidgbird it required a ride on a push-bike for a couple of kilometres “Up a few inclines,” said the locals, “Quite steep hills,” I would say. Then a fair walk through cow paddocks, a climb over a few fences, and then to begin climbing up the base of the mountain through wet tropical growth. The further we climbed the steeper it became.

We had been told there were steps in places, but we found ourselves faced often with ropes to pull the self up to a new height, or very steep ladder like steps with safety ropes to hall oneself up. The more we climbed, the steeper it became, so that it was no longer a hike through woods but rather rock shelves to negotiate and even steeper areas to walk aided at times with ropes to pull the self up. I was shaking so badly at times with the exertion, I began to cry. I was afraid I would fall and cause a problem to John in how to get help to us. He kept encouraging me to keep going, “It isn’t that much further.” he had said. (How would he know that? He hadn’t been there before?)

So I kept going, for guiding spirit had said, “I would receive new understanding when I reached the top.” John did admit later that he was feeling shaken up also, but there was no way he was gong to give in.

It was a beautiful day and when we did finally break out of the tree line to a point where we could see right across the whole of the coral bay and the other side of the island; the view was magic. The day was warm and I decided to just sit right where I was, on a very narrow path, and lean back onto the sheer cliff face that stretched far above me, holding onto to tufts of grass to get my balance. I was feeling totally exhausted, disoriented but elated. John decided to continue along the path, holding onto a rope that had been strung along the cliff face; anchored by iron loops about a metre apart that stretched all the way around the cliff face to ‘The Goat House’ about another 500 metres on.

We had brought sandwiches, fruit and water for lunch, but I decided to wait for John to return before starting to eat. As I sat and watched at eye level, an eagle circling out at sea, I began to wonder what the message was to be from guiding spirit.

It was like an open-eyed meditation looking out into the distance of the sea and feeling so on top of everything. I began to realise that this Island had been preserved as it was originally at another time compared to the mainland. That there was a connection somehow to the ancient time that still existed here and a feeling of rumblings of soul knowledge within me, which also existed on the mainland. It was the ancient energy that we were unconsciously connecting to when we first set foot on Lord Howe Island. It was why we had felt so unsettled and unable to sleep at first. Our bodies were literally adjusting to the older time warp that existed here on the Island. And as we climbed the mountain to day we had been shaken up so much, that our body cells had been literally forced to adjust to the different time warp. Both of us had experienced frustrating emotions that we seemed to shed the further we climbed the mountain.

As I sat looking out over and beyond, I remembered experiencing a near-death experience 30 years ago when my sons were only little. I knew I was dying and I had prayed that I be allowed to stay so that I could look after them. I could remember floating out of my body but I could also remember a voice saying “I would be all right” but that was only after I had promised to help God in return for allowing me to stay. Now, as I sat here, I remembered that when I came back from the hospital I was looking at everything with new eyes. It was as if I was a stranger in my own house. That my then first husband was a stranger. I didn’t feel that way about the little boys but I found it hard to relate to memories of my childhood.

Here now, feeling so high and so elated, I knew that I had not been born into the body I walked in. That I had come into the body at that time before, 30 years ago, it had been an agreement with the previous owner, and it had allowed me now to come on a Mission knowing God. This was why I had been having so many mystical experiences, like a reminder of why I had come and what I had promised to do. I couldn’t wait for John to come back to tell him. I spent the rest of the time singing.

View from Mt Ligbird, Lord Howe Island

When he did come back, he was very pleased with himself on finishing the journey. He said “The Goat House” was just a cave but was a fair way around the other side of the Mountain giving a totally different view – a little cooler and shaded on that side. He sat down beside me, on an equally very narrow piece of path and we began eating our lunch. It was then I told him of my revelation.

What I hadn’t expected was his readiness to understand what I was trying to tell. He said “he felt shaken also, and that my speaking of being a walk-in he could really relate to also.” He was reminded as we sat, that he had first come to Australia the same year that I had nearly died. It took another 7 years of each of our then separate lives to be sorted out, when destiny put us together. I know now that no matter what happened we were destined to come together. We had agreed to come together long before either of us had come to earth, and John said “He knew he was with me to support me in the Mission.”

Our hearts were singing as we climbed down the mountain. It didn’t seem so difficult going down although at one point we both stopped and looked at a bird perched on a branch of a tree at our eye level. It seemed to want to tell us something. When I listened to guiding spirit I asked John “If he would allow me to hold his hands and assist a healing to come through for him.” He agreed. It seemed to help him and myself coming from spirit to become more entrenched into our physical bodies. Over the past 7 years or so I had experienced a number of times being out of my body, and having difficulty in getting back into it. It really shows one how we are truly spiritual beings, not just John and I, but everyone on earth is a spiritual being walking in a physical body.

What is the Mission I hear you ask? It is a saga held in the ancient past memory of the mysterious land that we now call Australia. “The Book of Love by a Medium” is guiding spirit’s way of beginning the story.

The Internet has a lot more information about people experiencing the ‘walk-in’ phenomena. Just search for walk-ins .