A Night on the Town

A Night on the Town
(Turning War into Peace)

A quiet night out at the local Thai restaurant in a small country town seemed like a good idea – no food for me to prepare – no washing up – just plates of tempting, exotic, aromatic morsels of food placed in front of me.

Thai Resturaunt

But we didn’t expect 5 or 6 tables along with chairs to go flying across the room. Not to mention broken dishes, glasses, cutlery and flowers flying into the air.

As we were shown to our seats in the restaurant I noticed two adolescent boys wearing earrings, tattoos, singlets and their hair in dreadlocks, eating at a table in the corner. One seemed to be having trouble with hot chili or something for he was coughing, gasping and gagging, very loudly – both were laughing as well, with bits of food hanging from their mouth. The room was crowded with people who showed signs of being disgusted with their behaviour for it was enough to put you off your food.

A youngish couple with two little children sat between us and the offensive behaviour of the adolescents. The father, obviously upset, asked them to settle down; the boys gave him cheek and ignored his request.

I am a medium and was aware that there were other ‘forces’ at work. The adolescent boys were under the influence of drugs (no smell of alcohol). Sometimes they were apologizing for their behaviour and then next the ‘dark force’ would overcome them and they would behave in a most offensive way. I am sure everyone felt some relief when they stood to leave. As the younger one passed the table between us, he suddenly took a swing at the young father and knocked him off his chair to the floor.

All hell broke loose! The father quickly jumped up, restrained the boy in a head and arm lock, pushing him to the floor and sat on him but not before tables and chairs were sent flying with a deafening sound of crashing, dishes and glass breaking and metal clashing. The children were screaming at the top of their voices, terrified because their father had been attacked. The mother was stunned and seemed unable to do anything.

I mentally called upon Sai Baba to help us. The father was outnumbered with the big ‘other’ teenage boy that wanted to protect the younger one.

Immediately I felt a strong energy of calmness wash over me. The quietness was in my voice and I knew exactly what to do and what the subtle form of Sai Baba was doing. My husband had gone to the car to call the police. The little Thai people hid in the kitchen. Most of the others went outside, particularly the men, I realized later that Sai Baba had influenced them in this. He had also removed the unseen demonic influences that were hanging around…

I found by putting my hands on the men (they were all big ) and speaking quietly they would calm down. I had absolutely no fear at all. The police seem to take forever to come (45 mins) . The young father continued to restrain the adolescent boy still struggling, by sitting on him. The boy had feral power under the influence of drugs and the father called for assistance, but no one else came.

Then it was found that the young adolescent was deeply cut on his back from the broken glass, the flesh was hanging free and bleeding badly. Cloths were brought and I applied pressure to the gaping wound – this gave opportunity for the father to leave and the boy was then encouraged to lie quietly on the floor until an ambulance arrived. That left just the two men sized adolescents and myself in the room. I knew if I could keep the younger one calm, the older adolescent boy would remain quiet. He became upset when the younger one was upset. It was said later that at least they didn’t have a gun or knife. Uh? The restaurant was full of knives and shards of broken glass.

The Ambulance

When two police did come they remained outside waiting for back up! The ambulance would not attend either until back-up arrived. When more police eventually arrived they came inside and asked the young adolescent his name. He immediately gave impudence until I quietly suggested to him (my voice still had that unbelievable calmness to it) to speak respectfully as he was already in enough trouble. He did. He was then taken on a stretcher by the ambulance to the local hospital. He wanted to give me a kiss as a thank you for helping him.

I was acutely aware that the ‘dark forces’ had stirred up mischievous trouble. I was also shown how easy it was to diffuse the situation by calling upon the `the force of love and light’ in the name of Sai Baba. Help was given immediately. If only more would understand that this is the time of the battle between the unseen dark and light forces. The Armageddon as it has been written in the Bible. The time when the force of Divine Light can be victorious in liberating mankind from darkness and lead us into the Golden Age.

All we have to do is ask God for assistance.