I want to add this personal experience which I did not include in my first book. I was worried it may offend the Indigenous women. I have since found that many indigenous women wrote to me, thanking me for writing the book that most were of the ‘stolen generation’ and had missed out on there tribal teachings. They were not offended at all, in fact they loved it.

If you refer to page 116 – after the fourth paragraph … (So it was as if we were replaying the original initiation that had taken place on this Earth 10,000 years to 12,000 years ago when Alcheringa himself had returned to give the Cherished ones their missing Alcheringa Stones- after the Great Flood.) You will read that we had taken the symbols (see Cloudships and UFO’s) that we had been asked by the Star People to paint and journey to Uluru. We were asked to sing them into the ground between Uluru and Kata Tjuta to clear negative energies held within the ley lines. I believe that negative energy would have been held in the earth from the time of the Great Flood.

Uluru, sometimes known as Ayers Rock

Just before this initiation, I had previously experienced a private initiation of my own. When we all first sat down on the red sand, I had been uncomfortable because there was a small prickly salt bush between my legs. I didn’t move my legs because I did not want to disturb the beautiful silence that had descended upon us.

Then, I saw, in my mind’s eye, a giant black form take three huge steps from Uluru towards us and bellow in my inner ear, “White woman, white woman, close up your legs” and then go into gales of laughter as only a giantess can. I ignored what she said, wondering what on earth was going on. Then the Giantess again spoke, “White woman, white woman, close up your legs” and again this was followed by loud gales of laughter. This time I knew there were other black spirit women laughing with her. So … I moved myself as best I could, and sat with both legs closed together.

The Giantess spoke asking me to take off my sand-shoes and socks and to come with her. So I did, (in my minds eye, and in spirit form). In a flash I realised I was at mutitjulu springs (popularly called mutitjulu waterhole – the water spring is tucked into a corner at the base of Uluru) and the Black Giantess asked me to walk into the water. It was an initiation and I followed her instructions. Afterwards, I could see myself putting my sand-shoes back on, then suddenly I was back on the red sandy hill with everyone.

That was when the ranger, as a medium, had taken on The Rainbow Serpent energy. I guess I wouldn’t have received the Serpent energy as well unless my body was together like a snake. The whole experience was extraordinary, to say the least. When I related my little story to the ranger he said, “The Koorie know the Black Giantess well, her name is Goolagaia. She is said to travel with the sun when it hits Woollumbin, her resting place, first thing in the morning on the east coast of Australia – and in the day travels to Uluru.”

Wollumbin, known as Mt Warning
Wollumbin, known as Mt Warning, on the NSW North Coast

On the Eastern Coast of Australia, the Aborigine people call themselves ‘Koorie.’

Goolagaia has come to me a few times, in her giant spirit form; she tells us she sleeps with the crystals under Wollumbin, and has been holding the energy of the eighth sister from the Pleiades on earth – awaiting her eighth star sister’s return from the Pleiades. (See channelling from spirit named Goolagaia.) She recognises me.

The photo below was taken by Valerie at Mutitjulu Springs, Uluru, shortly after the initiation. If you look closely you can see two large ORBS of Rainbow Light which I know, Goolagaia, the Black Giantess sent to me.

Orbs of light at Uluru
Mutitjulu Springs, Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock)