The Sacred Alcheringa Stone

The Sacred Alcheringa Stone

An intelligent, knowledgeable lady, who worked in media, brought the Alcheringa Stone to our property. Our property had already been named Alcheringa, an Aborigine word meaning Dreamtime, Golden Age or when the first ancestors were created and this is what attracted her to us.

The Stone was wrapped first with paperbark, then a white calico cloth and tied with string – the size of a shoebox. Sitting with the Alcheringa Stone, while holding it in my lap I experienced a bright blue/white opalescent light in my inner scene. Over a period of time I suspected that the Sacred Stone influenced people in some way to find their way to our property. I knew that I was never to open the package to look at the Stone, nor to photograph it. I missed the stone when it had to go. I have become very attached to it, almost as though it was part of my family. I actually love it. I suppose that feeling has come from the energy of the stone, and from where it originally comes. I remember sitting with it, not long after I had begun the readings for my first book, The Book of Love by a Medium, when I became aware there was a small spirit-being attached to it. The little spirit was helping The Stone on its travels down through the ages it had been on earth. The spirit told me it just put a thought into somebody’s head to lift it and carry it to wherever it wanted to go. Nothing surprises me these days.

While holding the Sacred Stone the day the little spirit introduced itself to me, the little spirit-being moved into my energy field, speaking through me with a stilted voice, (a different voice from my mentor) while moving my head from side to side as it communicated. It told me that, “I have come from the stars and I am the one that is influencing The Stone’s travels,” adding ” It is easy to put a thought into someone’s head so that The Stone will be picked up and travel from one place to another. The Stone had a role to play on this planet after the development of the animal man into the hu-man.”

The Australian Aboriginal people have always known the Alcheringa Stone had come from the stars, and we too were receiving the understanding that the stone was moulded clay from another planet. It had been brought to our planet by the Leonine people and the star people. As told in my 2nd book Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created. The Leonines and the Siriuns [from Sirius] had arrived about five years earth time, after the Mission of Mercy by the Mothership Rexegena had come from the Pleiadian star constellation. The Mothership had fifty thousand star people on board; was attacked and destroyed in Earth’s outer atmosphere.

Everyone in the galaxy heard of the tragedy. There were ninety survivors living on the land we now call Australia although the star people referred to this planet as Mu. The survivors welcomed their rescuers from Sirius and the gift of The Alcheringa Stone; holding it felt like going home. It was imbued with the energy from the home planet; it held the energy of love and compassion. It presented as a blue/white light and lifted the consciousness of those holding it, to a place that I could only describe as Conscious Dreaming.

In the beginning1 the Alcheringa Stone was given to the new breed of upstanding ape-like creatures, who had inherited the genes of the star people. They were known to the star people as the Cherished Ones. They continued to hold The Stone and remember, long after the star people had left their bodies. It was held with deep reverence. Over the years, the indigenous Stone Keeper, generation after generation, in trying to keep it safe, put fear into the hearts of their tribe about its power. It was only ever to be handled by the appointed Stone Keeper. No one else. The tribe began to believe they would get sick if they opened its paperbark package and look upon it.

The earth nearly died, around ten thousand years ago, when sea water rose and land sank all over the earth. The Australian Aborigine have Dreamtime stories about the event of a Great Flood.2 The Stone was rescued again by the star people; Alcheringa himself once again returned from the stars, giving the sacred stone to the Cherished Ones. Somehow the Stone became lost yet again, probably when the white man came to Australia.

In the early days of the white man’s settlement, it was found in a cave by an Afghanistani wandering the Australian desert with his camel, selling goods. He tried to give it back to the local tribes but they refused it. They were frightened of it. Generations later the Afghanistani’s family gave it to a white lady, whom they knew had contact with a local tribe. She also experienced difficulty in coaxing the tribal people to take it back, even though she had been initiated into the Tribe.

The white lady had opened the package to look inside. That was how I came to know the Stone looked like moulded clay with ochre concentric circle drawings upon it. Intuitively I knew it was not to be opened, that it was said to be only for the clever people of the tribe to view it. I honoured and respected that.

The white lady travelled to Central Australia to try to find the indigenous Keeper of The Stone. On her journey she experienced a very clear past life memory of her being the Afghanistani, in the early days of the white man’s settlement, who had walked with his camel through the outback and found the Stone in a cave. In her inner sight she could see The Stone glowing, and knew it was special. It was somewhere near Uluru.

Now the white lady understood why she felt so responsible, and driven to return The Stone to its rightful owners. She became seriously ill, not from having the Alcheringa Stone, but because she had over-indulged alcohol in her life and had serious liver damage. It was then she heard of me living on the property ‘Alcheringa.’

She made her way, with friends, to Alcheringa at Canyonleigh3. As soon as she walked through our front door and met me, she decided I could be trusted to look after The Stone for a while until she recovered. Unknown to me at that time, she had told her friends that The Sacred Stone was to stay with me should anything happen to her.

I had it in my care for two years always keeping it safely deposited in our Healing Room facing the East. John, my husband and many of my psychic friends had sat with it and experienced its power. Some to the point they cried with recognition when they held it, just as I had done when I first took hold of it.

After two years, the white lady recovered for a while and wanted The Stone returned to her. This was a great wrench for me. The Alcheringa Stone had been like a baby to me, much loved, and attached to the memory of the star being in my soul memory, when it first came to this earth. So it seemed very appropriate that on the Sunday 12.5.1996 that upstairs co-ordinated events for it to be handed back to the white lady. It was Mother’s Day.4

The white lady and I agreed to meet at the Light House at Byron Bay – Bundjalung tribal country, the furthest point east of the coast of Australia. It was evening and as the sun was setting we could see in the distance, Wollumbin5. The sunset was magnificent in rainbow colours and the clouds like wings of a giant angel spread across the sky, that was reflected in the calm bay from Wollumbin mountain to the Light House. The sight took our breath away.

Image of Angel in Clouds

(This photo was taken using an old camera and did not capture the breathtakingly beautiful colours of the sunset, but you can see the outline of what looks like a giant angel with arms outstretched, just like when Goolagaia presented herself to us, telling us she sleeps with the crystals under Woollumbin, aka Mt. Warning. (see Goolagaia channelling).

The white lady, suggested that I sit alone with the Stone before I passed it back to her. Spirit then spoke to me very clearly in my head, I was surprised at the clarity, and was told that the green crysophase ( or Chrysoprase) that I had brought to be passed on as a gift to the future indigenous Stone keeper was a gift from the heart of Australia. The crysophase ( or Chrysoprase) had been given to me when I had visited Uluru. It was an appropriate gift to the Stone Keeper. The voice also said I was to ask the white lady to pass on the message to the future Aboriginal Stone Keeper, that I was carrying the energy of the being known as ‘The eighth sister from the Pleiades, and that she had now returned as promised.’

I handed the paperbark package to Helen and wished her a safe and successful journey, although I was concerned that she was not looking well at all.

Within half an hour of parting with the stone, Gerry, my aboriginal friend, rang me on my mobile. I was surprised by his call, I hadn’t spoken to him for ages and he didn’t know I was within view of his beloved Wollumbin. It is his country, Bundjalung Country. Breathlessly, I repeated what the Alcheringa Stone had said about the eighth sister from the Pleiades. “Oh yeah, I’ll have to tell you more about her. It is said she will return when the time is right, it is in our Dreaming stories.”

He must be referring to Egarina, the star person from the Mothership Rexegena the one who had survived its destruction, my soul ancestor.6

Now the white lady, carrying the precious Stone, set off in her car with great determination, once again into the Red Centre of Australia. Sadly, she failed and returned home still with The Stone in her possession. She then became seriously ill. Her friends were convinced that it was The Stone that was making her sick and quickly took The Stone to the Aboriginal Land Council in Redfern, Sydney insisting they take it back.

Sadly, the white lady died7.

After her funeral, I rang the Land Council to ask what had happened to the Sacred Stone. They advised it had been posted on to The Land Council at Alice Springs. I was aghast; I couldn’t believe that a sacred relic could just be posted somewhere. In a slow drawl, the Aborigine on duty said, “It ‘ll get to where it’s meant to go, like you said The Stone has a mind of its own.”


1 Refer to full story of star people survivors in the book ‘Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created.’

2 Great Flood also refers to ‘Fall of Atlantis.’

3 Canyonleigh, on the edge of wilderness in the Southern Highlands, N.S.W. Australia

4 The day, month and year added to 33, something used by Spirit as a sign for me to ‘take note

5 Mount Warning, Northern New South Wales.

6 Please refer to the Mission of Rexegena chapter 10.

7 The white lady’s name is withheld in respect of her memory.