The Sai Baba Photo

Blessed Sai Baba Photo

Sathya Sai with Light in his Hand

To explain how I came by the photo is as follows:

Sai Baba Photo

When I visited Sai Baba’s Ashram at Whitefield, he called me for an interview, he gave me the ‘green ring’ saying, “When I look in the green stone, He would be there” I have since found that it helps other people also, if they touch it or if I place it on their forehead.

The following is taken from the page on the Cosmic Sai Baba website titled, About Valérie :

“Then he turned to me, and holding up His hand He very sternly asked, “What is that?” I was completely confused, and couldn’t answer. Did he mean the light coming from his hand, was I doing the wrong thing with healing. He then said, “It is nothing.” I still haven’t said anything. Swami then put up His other hand and said, “What is that?” Again I was confused and didn’t answer. Did He mean two nothings, what was He meaning? He was so stern; I was shaking; had I done something wrong? Then He turned to everyone else in the room and said, “God is nothing, God is everything, God is absolute.”

When I arrived home from this wonderful experience, I was sharing out various photos of His Holiness Sri Sathya Sai Baba and inviting friends to take one of their choosing. As they took one I was thinking “Oh! I love that one please don’t take it” but I didn’t say anything out loud. I wanted to hold on to them all which was not my natural way of giving and sharing. Anyway I was left with one only – and when I looked at it closely I realized with a thrill, that there was a Light in His hand – and again I was overcome with Joy for I believe it was His way of saying to me, that “No, the Light from His hand is real and it is a way of healing” and that I was doing nothing wrong – so I believe the photo has been truly blessed. I have had many copies made of it and have given it to those who want to share its blessing.

You may download a full size copy of this photo.