Past Life of Ruth – half sister of Issa

Past Life Regression of Ruth, half-sister to Issa – Jesus

Issa-Jesus meditating in the Himalayas
Issa – Jesus meditating in the Himalayas

Transcript 1st January 2007 – Rosemary/Ruth – Time of Jesus.

PAST LIFE REGRESSIONitalics are Val asking Rosemary the questions.

We are asking that you be taken into the Halls of Records and you are asking to be led to the book – regarding the life you had with Jesus. When you saw yourself in the House of Miriam.

“I feel my choice is that I am being offered to be transported into a room and it is like that there is many photo albums on a desk. It is being suggested I have a look at these albums. Each one is open and seems to represent a Lifetime I have had. At the top of the desk above the photo album is an engraved nameplate of the year ‘from – to’

So he is suggesting I walk around the room until I find the one I want to look at. It is a large hall and desks are wooden with the albums opened on it.

I am naturally being drawn to the year 33 BC. I am just turning the pages of the album until there is something I want to stop. It’s funny because as I look at the pages they become alive and I could just walk into them if I wanted to. Farmers are going around with oxen. There is a wooden yoke on the oxen and they are plowing the ground.

I am being told it is Joseph the husband of Mary who is going to be my father. But he is not married yet. He is younger. (It’s like I am being shown my mother’s album. There are little white stone houses. They are whitewashed. They are small and people live in them. (She later said they belonged to the Essenes)

Just very ordinary country people and life.

She then sees Mary is carrying a child in her stomach and Joseph is walking with her.

They have a fair way to go. When they arrive in town (Bethlehem) they are greeted and led into a simple house – There is a place where water is boiled. And as time passes in the corner there is a huge bale of hay ready for the birth so that the after-birth etc. can easily be disposed of once the baby is born. (It is not a manger but something she can lean back on while giving birth.) She has 4 women acting as mid-wives attending to her. This birth is long awaited by many for they know the child is the prophesized one. They are all rejoicing – singing.

She was asked if she could see a date on the record.

I am just seeing the date the 29th February. And the year is in the reign of King Herod (it sounded more like Harold) and it was in the 16th year of his reign. Year one was in the first year of his reign.

When asked she said the country was Judea.

She said she was being shown that after Jesus was born – it was after that Joseph and Mary got married. Or became husband and wife together. (You mean the marriage hadn’t been consummated up until then? Rosemary said “yes”.) Jesus was the first born – but Joseph was not the father. A Light from God had impregnated Mary and Jesus was born from that. So that she wasn’t of the lineage of Jesus but rather after his birth the family lineage came from Joseph.

Rosemary said “I wasn’t the first born of the family of Mary and Joseph. The children are James, Phillip, and John then they had a girl called Judith then Ruth. Then another two.

The house was communal living – the children belonged to everyone. You weren’t separate from your cousins or your relatives – it was tribal – everyone belonged to everyone. All were aunts and uncles and so on.

I loved Jesus – he was so much older than me. He was a grown man when I was born. He was 18 when I was born. He used to call me Esmeralda – and funnily my father called me that in this life when I was young.

I had to look after the stove – that was one of my chores. I can feel myself in the body putting the wood on the fire and not wanting to get burnt. Everyone is wearing brown cloth. They wore White on special occasions or if we were out.

(Cannot hear tape well)

Moving on – can you see yourself getting older?

Something has happened in the three years. I call him Issa (pronounced Eesa). He is always talking to men. It is not like when I was little he played with me more. Now is always busy and he goes away a lot and he goes to other places.

She was asked if He was happy.

She said sometimes he sings – other times he is serious – always teaching.

Sometimes he liked to be alone – it was then he said he was with his father. I thought Joseph was his father but he said no. He talked about God a lot He said I have come straight from the Father little one.

He had kind face. A big face. Dark brownish hair – (not dark) sometimes his beard was bushy. He had beautiful eyes – He would give my plait a jerk and say Wake up! Wake up! (She sounded young when experiencing this memory.)

Sometimes he would take my hand and take me walking when he wasn’t too busy.

Then it was like a dark cloud came. People were always talking about soldiers, And dangerous times. Sickness and death. And wanting to be free. They wanted my brother to be king. They wanted my brother to be a head of something. A government? To set the people free. He would say, “But this is not my work. You do not understand. You listen but you do not understand. That is not what I have come to do. You will be set free.

If you believe in me, if you believe and understand the truth will set you free.”

Ruth is upset, here. She is saying:

“Listen to him – it is the Light that will set you free“.

But they wanted their pain to go. They wanted the fighting to stop and the slavery. And the things they saw that was wrong with the world.

He was trying to show them another world. A real place. A real world. That everything that they believed was just an illusion of the mind. He was trying to show them they were trapped by the mind – not the soldiers. But they couldn’t hear him

And I heard him say “Those that have ears to hear – let them hear.”

And it would make me sad. For I thought that what he had come to do – wasn’t going to happen – because they couldn’t hear him (she was crying now). And that made me sad. And I thought that I could be like mother …

She was asked to move on in her memory – after Issa was crucified … There is danger and there is need to get away …

Ruth interrupted and said:

I must tell you, the Marys knew – and the Marys got together to leave that country. The Marys were empowered by the Word. And the Word was with them. And the Word was not (as I can see it) with the men. The Word was with the Marys. And the Marys took the Word to France.

She was asked if they had other traveling with them:

There were several boats. But the Marys held … (I have grown now – I am older – I feel I am about sixteen.) I am one of the servants or the handmaiden of the Marys.

Val comments: this makes sense – if Jesus was 18 years old when she was born and she is now sixteen after Jesus was crucified at age 33, then this would make it that Jesus would have been 34 had he lived.

She was asked who the Marys are?

The Marys are the Mary Magdalene, My Mother (Mary of Jesus) and there is one called Miriam – she is Mary also. She seems to be a cousin to Jesus.

There is another one called Mary. There seems to be 4. I don’t know if there is 3 plus 1 and she has a different function – but there are 4 women. I don’t know if she is supporting the 3 women that hold the Word or whether the 4 hold the Word. So – Oh my God – they have the Holy Grail.

Ruth says she is looking at the Light coming out of it. It is metal and has configuration of other metals forming a design.

It reminds me of a trophy cup. There is engraving on it. It has been designed by someone back in the village.

It is always higher than my eyes – I am always looking up to it.

Do the other Marys talk about it, then?

They seem to worship it? Jesus used to drink out of it.

Is this the one that was said to be at the Last Supper?

I think so – but I don’t know, for I wasn’t at the Last Supper.

I think it is the only thing we have that belonged to him. I … Oh! … I think you will find that his hands touched it after the resurrection.

This is after he had arisen – after the resurrection?

Yes – It has a sound in it.

It emanates a sound.

It’s like a higher sound

In a cave, there is a ledge in the cave and The Marys have made that part of their altar – they give thanks to it – because it carries the Light and it represent the Light to them – it holds the power – it is a focus for them.

It’s like a vortex to another World.

… It is like a doorway. It is iridescent. It is shimmering!

… It has all the colours in it.

She was asked where it was.

She doesn’t know where she is.

We landed and we were met by shepherds. But Mary calls them wisemen. They only look like shepherds to me. They knew we were coming. They took us to this cave for the grail had to be kept safe.

She was asked if they were away from the water?

Ruth said yes.

It was mountainous; there is a cave there.

She had to come back (from the past life regression) then.

We asked first if she could ask if she knew where the Chalice is now?

As far as I can see, the Chalice has been de-materialised. It has returned to its real world. But it can be gifted back.

Just one more question?. Do you have Baba with you?

He says keep the Pyrenees in mind.

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Continuing the Story from Jehanne D’Arc

Continuing the Story from Jehanne D’Arc

Mont St Michel
Mont St Michel

“I am sister Manieure …I would like to be with you … I always like being with you …. in France … 1508 … It was a Monastery … we loved being nuns … we loved being part of God … it was our whole life … we loved praying … we loved giving of ourselves. We loved to pray … all the answers come in prayer … God is always there. He is in our hearts … but not everybody seems to know that. (She is upset) They say I am Evil … I am not Evil. I am of God and I know everyone else is of God too. But they make me confused. I have to be burned because I am Evil. I am brave.”

This was the spirit of Mani speaking, who manifested through me back in July, 1990. She had been Jehanne D’Arc in a previous life.

We, the four of us, had been sitting in our warm meditation room when White Eagle from the White Brotherhood of Divine Light manifested through me, advising he wanted us to investigate and develop a past-life we had shared in France. He said it was no co-incidence that the meeting was taking place that day; there was a reason and a purpose behind it. Now, it seems, is the time for us to speak of our experience.

Spirit guidance was clearly working on us, taking us over, holding us and gently sliding us off our chairs so that we didn’t crash to the floor. Amidst much laughter, we sat on the floor in full lotus position. We later returned to sitting in our chairs. Three of us were given our names, Theresa, Rebecca and Mani as novice nuns, and the fourth lady was known as Maria. She had been the Mother Superior of the order of nuns that existed on Mont Saint Michel, at Normandy, France in 1508.

Nun at Mont Saint Michel
Nun at Mont Saint Michel

With much joyous emotion, coupled with a little fear, and a little apprehension, we were all given the memory of living on the island of Mont Saint Michael. Maria was the Mother Superior and fussed over us, three novices, as if we were her children. We all had special gifts, of clairvoyance, and clairaudience. We were extremely devout young girls. We attended a little Mary chapel at the base of the island for Vespers and Holy Communion. We had to make a confession every day to a priest (who I met in this life) and we were told it was evil to hear voices and we must stop. I became distressed as I couldn’t stop the voices and broke out into a hot red itchy rash all over my body. When I told the priest about the hot red rash at confession, he said, “There you see it is evil.” This was reported to the Bishop and we were tried and committed under the then law of inquisition as being evil. The Mother Superior tried to speak up and protect us, but ended being tried as well and we were all sentenced to be burned at the stake.

The tide is out at Mont Saint Michel
The tide is out at Mont Saint Michel

Many of the monks and guests on the Island were aghast at the thought of the Priests burning their own nuns. While the tide was out, four piers of straw and wood were hurriedly built. We were tied to a stake and burnt unceremoniously in time for the huge tide to return and wash away all the evidence. In our memory I remember being in spirit, comforting and waiting for the other women and helping them in spirit to return to the World of Light. I was experienced at being burnt alive.

Mont Saint Michel was first inhabited by hermit monks when in 708 the head monk Aubert was approached miraculously by Archangel Michael and commanded to build a place of prayer for the archangel of God. A thousand years of history has been recorded on the island being surrounded by sea and dangerous tides. An invasion of barbarians came from Scandinavia, who converted to the Catholicism, later became the dukes of Normandy. In the 10th century beautiful abbeys and castles were built. Life within the Abbey of St. Michael in the Middle Ages revolved around the three social orders who lived there together: at the top were the monks, and priests. Mid level, housed wealthy distinguished visitors, often as pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem and the bottom occupied common pilgrims. The glorious role of protection played by 119 knights of Mont San Michel became legendary.

The Auburt Chapel at Mont Saint Michel
Auburt’s Chapel

There is no mention in travel brochures, of the monastery ever housing Catholic Nuns.

When my husband John and I visited France, at the request of our mentor, White Eagle, we were asked to trace the footsteps of Jehanne D ‘Arc. We were also led intuitively to other places that sparked past-life memories within us. White Eagle had said he would be with us and we felt his presence. Often an eagle would swoop down towards us as we drove along the country road. We even once drove under a rainbow.

I have always been drawn to Mont Saint Michael in Normandy, even as a young woman. So we travelled to the famous Mont which now had a causeway from the mainland to the island. As tourists we looked around with hundreds of other tourists, with me feeling the place was very familiar. I knew where everything was. I dragged John down to the basement where there were rock caves and remembered being there as a novice nun running around serving food, drink and bedding to all the pilgrims as they arrived in boats. We had been kept very busy. When John suggested we eat an early dinner and look for accommodation on the Island we found ourselves in a smoke filled restaurant, with windows shut because of the cold and crammed full of people. I began to panic; trying to calm myself but it became too much … I couldn’t breathe … I had to get out quickly and run for dear life. I just took off … with my husband running behind me trying to catch up. There was no way I was going to agree to sleep on the Mount. When I look back I marvel how patient and caring my hubby was…

We found accommodation on the mainland and planned to walk back over the causeway to the Abbey. It was Sunday morning and the church bells began to toll.

Suddenly I panicked again, I had to run or I would be late for morning prayers. I kept running until I found the little Mary Chapel up the top of some stairs and out of the way of the tourists. Stopping short I found myself looking at a statue of Jehanne D’Árc dressed in armour, with those silly pointed metal shoes and holding a metal banner, erected outside the arched entrance. I quickly entered the chapel where Holy Communion had begun and knelt at the pew. Tears were streaming down my face and as I looked around I was stunned to see Jehanne’s banners, the ones of Jhesus and Maria in blue, white and gold hanging on the chapel stone wall. I couldn’t believe it. They looked like her original banners just pinned there.

Entrance to the Chapel, Eglise d' S Pierre, Mont St Michel
Entrance to the Chapel, Eglise d’ S. Pierre, Mont St Michel

By this time, John had caught up with me and we sat through the chapel service, with the priest probably wondering why I was crying. There were only a few people taking the service. As we passed out the arched door I picked up a leaflet, written in French, but connected to the Priory de Sion. It was a notice of the next meetings to take place.

I had read about them being a secret society. It caught my interest.

There has been much written about Secret Societies, in particular Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln and in recent times the fictional story written by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code wherein a controversial theory was published that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene married and founded a holy blood-line, just over 2,000 years ago.

Mary and the Priory of Sion
Mary and the Priory of Sion

I have been thinking about the Priory of Sion and the disagreement amongst scholars, as to whether they existed in times past or even if they exist now. Well, I saw a meeting advertised by them in France in 1990 and knowing a friend of mine is connected to the Knights Templar, I have asked if I could interview him. This is the insight he has so willingly given to me.

I showed Keith, having just arrived from his home overseas, a recent newspaper article in The Australian (newspaper) on 7/4/2009 announcing that the Vatican revealed how medieval knights hid and secretly venerated the Holy Shroud of Turin for more than 100 years after the Crusades. The Knights Templar were founded at the time of the First Crusade in the 11th century to protect Christians making the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The order was endorsed by the Pope until the Crusaders lost their hold on the Holy land. Rumours about the order’s corrupt secret ceremonies claiming novices had to deny Christ, spit on the cross, strip naked and submit to sodomy led to King Philip IV of France, who coveted the order’s wealth and owed it money, to put pressure on Pope Clement V to dissolve it. Many were burnt at the stake. The present time finds self proclaimed heirs of the Knights Templar in Spain and Britain asking the Vatican to ‘restore the reputation’ of the order.

Knights Templar
Knights Templar

Keith is an initiated member of the Knights Templar of Malta. He said, “With the unknown Scottish rites you are actually stripped naked of all your clothing and you are asked to stand before a mirror and on that mirror is written, ‘know yourself’. Then you are ‘loaned’ some clothing so that when you are taken into the lodge during the part of the initiation ceremony all the men are asked to contribute into a poor box and when they come to the initiate, they make a point of saying to him, ‘Have you anything to give?’ Of course the initiate is embarrassed because he doesn’t have any money to put into the ‘poor box’.

“You don’t have anything, not even a ring on your finger, you are stripped down to your bare self … everything is taken off your body. So that you get to know your inner-self. And that embarrassment is to remind you from that point on, that when you are asked to give to someone in need, you can remember how when you stood on the floor of the Lodge in front of 80 or 100 men and you had nothing to give, for you stood in borrowed clothes. Those rumours of the ceremony, this nakedness, are blown out of proportion.”

I asked, “So that is a ‘world wide’ initiation?”

“Yes, it is very dramatic in the way it is done. When people ask can you help them, your mind does immediately flash back to instantly wanting to help and how it felt to be without anything. The lesson is there; you should come from the heart because that is all that is left.”

I told Keith how my father used to study a whole lot of books. “I used to wonder what he was reading. He was a Grand Master of a Lodge, so was his father, and his grandfather and great grandfather before him. It is interesting you mention the Scottish rites, he came in the early days of settlement to Australia on a family remittance from Edinburgh, Scotland.”

Hiram, King of Tyre
Hiram, King of Tyre

“All the rituals, like the first degree are about giving, coming from the heart, your birth and the 2nd degree is everyday living and the 3rd degree is preparing for dying. The stories are taken from the Hiram Glyphs – King David and Hiram, King of Tyre…they were Grand Masters of the Stonemasons, the stories are from there. They have adapted what happened to them.”

Tomb of Hiram, King of Tyre
Tomb of Hiram, King of Tyre

“The Knights Templar began around the 12th century the time of the crusades in England with Richard the Lionheart. Richard went back to England leaving many of the crusaders in France. The highways were so treacherous the knights actually invented the “cheque system” so that if a traveller wanted to get to your place – you could deposit your money with the Templars at the end and they would then give you a note and you were paid the value of the note when you arrived. Certainly the Knights were very wealthy … people were so grateful for what they did for them with chivalry and protection of their journey as pilgrims to the Holy Lands. Some pilgrims were so wealthy they gave them land as well as money in gratitude.”

“The French order of Knights lost everything when the King of France, Phillip IV had the order dissolved. They went underground, so to speak. The glue that holds the system together is personal relationships, the charisma of the leader and the loyalty of his followers.”

I asked, “What is the connection to the Knights of Templar and the Knights of Templar in Malta?” “Malta is a fortress. It is another degree but similar, a uniform difference that is all. They began in Rhodes. There were black and there were white knights – nothing to do with good or bad – just different. My title is actually a Knight of Jerusalem, Palestine, Malta and Rhodes.” The Duke of Kent, England, is now the World Wide Grand Master of the Templar Masons.

“The Templars accepted any religious denomination; they believed in Higher Beings. They suggest there is a tie between yourself and that higher being. If you were a Mason and a Catholic. The Masons say that the secrets are not so much the handshake or the ritual but it is the good that you do, without talking about it. Where as the Catholics had confession so that was when people spoke about their good deeds.”

“Because there is a handshake – it was only so that a Mason would recognize a fellow Mason on a dark night. You could identify a brother. It goes way back in time even as long ago as the ancient pyramids when a stonemason was engaged to build a gateway, or a temple or building. I didn’t want Joe Blow down the road to say he was a stonemason – when I needed the work because I am a professional and he is not. There is a way of recognising who is a professional – they have marks which you are given in the Lodge. I have a mark a double V V … so the handshake is purely to recognise a brother.”

“The Stonemason learns about the sacred geometry and platonic shapes, philosphical and esoteric teachings and all about the pyramids and the stars this is all part of the teachings of the Templars.”

All Seeing Eye
The All Seeing Eye of the Lodge

“The All-Seeing-Eye as seen by the Masonics would be as if you were looking at a Buddha. That you are not looking at the idol but rather you are looking at the State of Being in which you are trying to attain. When you look at the eye masonically, it reminds you that you become that eye … looking at yourself to attain a state of righteousness. A mirror.”

“The early Christians also had that knowledge. They believed that when ‘I look at the eye, I become the eye and look back myself and know and ask is it for the good of all.’ Sai Baba says he is a mirror … that if you look at him, he will mirror back to you what you need to deal with within yourself. In that case Baba is the All-Seeing-Eye. I see that Eye as the total Godly wisdom; that if I go there I can look back and know what is good and what is not good.”

I told Keith I had been thinking about a kind of ‘all knowing field’ that exists in the Ether. “The word ….   Bi-ocular was given to me when walking in the park. ‘Don’t forget the word‘ I was told. It is a mirror field and All-Seeing-Eye. A field that exists in the ether that holds all knowledge and any initiate can tap into that to receive knowledge.”

“Keith, can you explain the Priory of the Sion? It suggests to me that it is more like a doorway rather than a brotherhood.”

Stained Glass
Priory of Sion

“It is a doorway. The Priory is like that tessellated paving of the members of that Heraldry. It symbolises the paved area behind a small fence in front of an altar, where only the Priests, Rulers or Knights are allowed in a sacred building, church or temple. A Priory is a building where you can go and gather and be of One Mind uninterrupted.”

While Keith was talking he was pointing to the meaning of Heraldry, and the orange and white squares around the edge, I was showing him. It was the Heraldry of the Duke of Burgundy (a past-life of my husband, when in handing the captured Jehanne over to the English she was subsequently burnt at the stake) The Heraldry was also of the House of Valois, and clearly shows the tessellated paving, only high priests use, around the edge of the inner area of fleur de lis on a light blue background. (Jesus’ mother, Mary, is also associated with the white flower of the lily.) Within the House of Valois, even the Kings were Templars. The tessellated pavement and its symbolic meaning dates back to the ancient Egyptians.”

Cote d'arms, Burgundy
Tessellated Cote d’arms, Burgundy

“Jehanne’s D’Arc’s generals were loyal to her because they were actually Templars. They would have known she was born of Royal Blood” … Keith added, “I have always known about Jehanne’s true birth. The Duke of Burgundy, Philip the Good, being from the Royal House of Valois has been historically criticised for not helping Jehanne, even though he did many good things”.

I replied, “That would be because the Duke of Orleans, Louis I, disputed the regency and guardianship of the royal children with John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy, who was the father of Philip the Good. Philip of Burgundy, would have looked upon Jehanne as only a ‘bastard child’ and would probably have been ashamed that it was his father that had the Duke of Orleans, Louis I, murdered. Louis I, his uncle, was the father of Jehanne D’Arc, he would have grown up knowing that his father and Louis shared a lot of enmity between them, so there would have been no love lost there.”

Duke of Burgundy
Phillip the Good, Duke of Burgundy

Keith added, “Philip became Duke of Burgundy, when his father was assassinated in 1419. Philip accused Charles, the Dauphin of France and Philip’s brother-in-law of planning the murder of his father. A year later, in 1420 Philip allied himself with Henry V of England under the Treaty of Troyes. Being pro-English at that time he handed Jehanne over to the English. Jehanne was really caught up with ransoms paid for her, political intrigue and dangerous duplicity.”

It can be seen that secrets have been held down through the ages by the initiated ones, and in particular the Templars. The ones you could say have been initiated into the understanding of the Royal Blood; the Blue-red Blood from the Star People and the Cosmic knowledge of other worlds. It is no coincidence the European aristocracy have always been referred to as the Blue Bloods.

Ancient Egyptians had initiations where, I am given to understand, neophytes lay in a sarcophagus, without a lid, in the darkness of the pyramids and entered into an altered state of cosmic consciousness. It is depicted by paintings of taking a journey in Celestial Boats on the walls of Temples. It is really an advanced state of meditation. From there, their soul consciousness revealed the knowledge of other worlds, of other beings, human-like looking lions, birds, reptiles, dogs along with human like star people with larger skulls and no hair, and being visited by evolved Light Beings. All these have been drawn on ancient walls in Egypt as bi-peds.

Humans and Human like with animal heads
Humans and Human-Like with animal heads;
always depicted as bipeds

There was a deep understanding with the ancient Egyptians of the influences from the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion and other star systems from whence these Beings came. There were rituals and knowledge taught through the Priests and Priestess about the Eye of Horus so that people could come to realize that their true connection is to the Cosmos. It is where they return when they leave their physical bodies. In fact the stars are the source of their Holy Blood and their Holy Grail.







There is no clear record from whence the development of the Pharoahs first came from. Or how they developed into a society with so much esoteric knowledge. They seem to be just there, and before that was the time of the Great Flood which happened all over the World. That then brings us to the great ‘Fall of Atlantis’ which I will write about in another article.

The influence to build pyramids came from the Star Peoples

Pyramids exist around the world. The influence of them being built, came from the Star People. They were built over powerful Light Energy sources within the Earth, that ready linked with the Cosmos. This then gave ready access to the field of bi-ocular vision and knowledge, and the Star People themselves, the ones coming from Divine love and Light.

Keith speaks of the Ancient Masonic Templars holding this knowledge down through the ages.

I will be writing another article about the Blue Light-beings from Venus….in the meantime you may wish to search on Google, … The Book of Jubilees, and see the mention of fallen angels mating with earth women.


N.B.. My 2nd book, “Star People Revisited” also known as ‘Alcheringa‘ speaks about a number of people who were initiated into a spontaneous altered state of cosmic consciousness, who were given knowledge from their soul, of other lives and other worlds with races of beings looking like lions, birds, reptiles, dogs and human likeness of Star People with larger skulls, no hair and all bi-peds.

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