Past Life of Ruth – half sister of Issa

Past Life Regression of Ruth, half-sister to Issa – Jesus

Issa-Jesus meditating in the Himalayas
Issa – Jesus meditating in the Himalayas

Transcript 1st January 2007 – Rosemary/Ruth – Time of Jesus.

PAST LIFE REGRESSIONitalics are Val asking Rosemary the questions.

We are asking that you be taken into the Halls of Records and you are asking to be led to the book – regarding the life you had with Jesus. When you saw yourself in the House of Miriam.

“I feel my choice is that I am being offered to be transported into a room and it is like that there is many photo albums on a desk. It is being suggested I have a look at these albums. Each one is open and seems to represent a Lifetime I have had. At the top of the desk above the photo album is an engraved nameplate of the year ‘from – to’

So he is suggesting I walk around the room until I find the one I want to look at. It is a large hall and desks are wooden with the albums opened on it.

I am naturally being drawn to the year 33 BC. I am just turning the pages of the album until there is something I want to stop. It’s funny because as I look at the pages they become alive and I could just walk into them if I wanted to. Farmers are going around with oxen. There is a wooden yoke on the oxen and they are plowing the ground.

I am being told it is Joseph the husband of Mary who is going to be my father. But he is not married yet. He is younger. (It’s like I am being shown my mother’s album. There are little white stone houses. They are whitewashed. They are small and people live in them. (She later said they belonged to the Essenes)

Just very ordinary country people and life.

She then sees Mary is carrying a child in her stomach and Joseph is walking with her.

They have a fair way to go. When they arrive in town (Bethlehem) they are greeted and led into a simple house – There is a place where water is boiled. And as time passes in the corner there is a huge bale of hay ready for the birth so that the after-birth etc. can easily be disposed of once the baby is born. (It is not a manger but something she can lean back on while giving birth.) She has 4 women acting as mid-wives attending to her. This birth is long awaited by many for they know the child is the prophesized one. They are all rejoicing – singing.

She was asked if she could see a date on the record.

I am just seeing the date the 29th February. And the year is in the reign of King Herod (it sounded more like Harold) and it was in the 16th year of his reign. Year one was in the first year of his reign.

When asked she said the country was Judea.

She said she was being shown that after Jesus was born – it was after that Joseph and Mary got married. Or became husband and wife together. (You mean the marriage hadn’t been consummated up until then? Rosemary said “yes”.) Jesus was the first born – but Joseph was not the father. A Light from God had impregnated Mary and Jesus was born from that. So that she wasn’t of the lineage of Jesus but rather after his birth the family lineage came from Joseph.

Rosemary said “I wasn’t the first born of the family of Mary and Joseph. The children are James, Phillip, and John then they had a girl called Judith then Ruth. Then another two.

The house was communal living – the children belonged to everyone. You weren’t separate from your cousins or your relatives – it was tribal – everyone belonged to everyone. All were aunts and uncles and so on.

I loved Jesus – he was so much older than me. He was a grown man when I was born. He was 18 when I was born. He used to call me Esmeralda – and funnily my father called me that in this life when I was young.

I had to look after the stove – that was one of my chores. I can feel myself in the body putting the wood on the fire and not wanting to get burnt. Everyone is wearing brown cloth. They wore White on special occasions or if we were out.

(Cannot hear tape well)

Moving on – can you see yourself getting older?

Something has happened in the three years. I call him Issa (pronounced Eesa). He is always talking to men. It is not like when I was little he played with me more. Now is always busy and he goes away a lot and he goes to other places.

She was asked if He was happy.

She said sometimes he sings – other times he is serious – always teaching.

Sometimes he liked to be alone – it was then he said he was with his father. I thought Joseph was his father but he said no. He talked about God a lot He said I have come straight from the Father little one.

He had kind face. A big face. Dark brownish hair – (not dark) sometimes his beard was bushy. He had beautiful eyes – He would give my plait a jerk and say Wake up! Wake up! (She sounded young when experiencing this memory.)

Sometimes he would take my hand and take me walking when he wasn’t too busy.

Then it was like a dark cloud came. People were always talking about soldiers, And dangerous times. Sickness and death. And wanting to be free. They wanted my brother to be king. They wanted my brother to be a head of something. A government? To set the people free. He would say, “But this is not my work. You do not understand. You listen but you do not understand. That is not what I have come to do. You will be set free.

If you believe in me, if you believe and understand the truth will set you free.”

Ruth is upset, here. She is saying:

“Listen to him – it is the Light that will set you free“.

But they wanted their pain to go. They wanted the fighting to stop and the slavery. And the things they saw that was wrong with the world.

He was trying to show them another world. A real place. A real world. That everything that they believed was just an illusion of the mind. He was trying to show them they were trapped by the mind – not the soldiers. But they couldn’t hear him

And I heard him say “Those that have ears to hear – let them hear.”

And it would make me sad. For I thought that what he had come to do – wasn’t going to happen – because they couldn’t hear him (she was crying now). And that made me sad. And I thought that I could be like mother …

She was asked to move on in her memory – after Issa was crucified … There is danger and there is need to get away …

Ruth interrupted and said:

I must tell you, the Marys knew – and the Marys got together to leave that country. The Marys were empowered by the Word. And the Word was with them. And the Word was not (as I can see it) with the men. The Word was with the Marys. And the Marys took the Word to France.

She was asked if they had other traveling with them:

There were several boats. But the Marys held … (I have grown now – I am older – I feel I am about sixteen.) I am one of the servants or the handmaiden of the Marys.

Val comments: this makes sense – if Jesus was 18 years old when she was born and she is now sixteen after Jesus was crucified at age 33, then this would make it that Jesus would have been 34 had he lived.

She was asked who the Marys are?

The Marys are the Mary Magdalene, My Mother (Mary of Jesus) and there is one called Miriam – she is Mary also. She seems to be a cousin to Jesus.

There is another one called Mary. There seems to be 4. I don’t know if there is 3 plus 1 and she has a different function – but there are 4 women. I don’t know if she is supporting the 3 women that hold the Word or whether the 4 hold the Word. So – Oh my God – they have the Holy Grail.

Ruth says she is looking at the Light coming out of it. It is metal and has configuration of other metals forming a design.

It reminds me of a trophy cup. There is engraving on it. It has been designed by someone back in the village.

It is always higher than my eyes – I am always looking up to it.

Do the other Marys talk about it, then?

They seem to worship it? Jesus used to drink out of it.

Is this the one that was said to be at the Last Supper?

I think so – but I don’t know, for I wasn’t at the Last Supper.

I think it is the only thing we have that belonged to him. I … Oh! … I think you will find that his hands touched it after the resurrection.

This is after he had arisen – after the resurrection?

Yes – It has a sound in it.

It emanates a sound.

It’s like a higher sound

In a cave, there is a ledge in the cave and The Marys have made that part of their altar – they give thanks to it – because it carries the Light and it represent the Light to them – it holds the power – it is a focus for them.

It’s like a vortex to another World.

… It is like a doorway. It is iridescent. It is shimmering!

… It has all the colours in it.

She was asked where it was.

She doesn’t know where she is.

We landed and we were met by shepherds. But Mary calls them wisemen. They only look like shepherds to me. They knew we were coming. They took us to this cave for the grail had to be kept safe.

She was asked if they were away from the water?

Ruth said yes.

It was mountainous; there is a cave there.

She had to come back (from the past life regression) then.

We asked first if she could ask if she knew where the Chalice is now?

As far as I can see, the Chalice has been de-materialised. It has returned to its real world. But it can be gifted back.

Just one more question?. Do you have Baba with you?

He says keep the Pyrenees in mind.

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