Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message December 3rd, 2019

Meeting December 3rd, 2019 – Moss Vale.

This month, Andromeda Val will address these questions:
  1. Understanding about “Ancient Lemuria” how that fits with the information of “Atlan” and the Venusians volunteering to live on planet Earth for 300,000 years before “The Fall” from 5th Dimension to 3rd Dimension when we then lost easy contact with the Star People?
  2. Are there Reptilian Races still living in the Middle of our Earth, and if so what is to happen to Humans and the Planet Earth?
  3. Are there still Wars happening in the Universe between some races from the Stars? And do the Reptilian Races/Draco Hierarchy still believe they own Planet Earth?
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Here is the YouTube video of this meeting.

Valerie Barrow: So with great love and respect we’re calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba for this day which is the 3rd of December 2019. It is a Tuesday and we’re holding the meeting at Moss Vale, NSW, Australia. And so we’re asking and welcoming Cosmic Sai Baba who opens the door for us to be able to communicate with Andromeda M31.

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Bumps, Falls, Soul Stories and Releasing

Valerie tells of a fall in the house she is staying in. Laid up for four weeks, Valerie reflects on her experiences and how they are connected to all she has discovered so far – about her own soul personalities and those of her husband John. In this instance, the soul stories of Eleanor of Aquitane and her son King Richard I – Richard the Lionheart – emerge into the present day experience. Much releasing takes place, and Valerie shares a transmission from her spirit mentor, Alcheringa, the over-sighting spirit of this corner of our Universe. A rare crop circle heralds Valerie’s connection to Jehanne D’Arc!

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Mt Atlan and the Advanced Civilisation

Pangea animation

Alcheringa tells of the impact of a meteor which caused the fall of Atlantis and the loss of an advanced civilisation’s knowledge.

Following on from our previous article about our visit (by John and Myself) to Iceland, Upstairs has prompted me to write a little more about our adventure across the Atlantic Ocean and visiting Iceland.

The National Geographic magazine, September issue, had a lift-out map of the world’s Oceans, showing Earth’s most dynamic and least explored terrain is the bottom of the sea: the deepest canyons, broadest plains, and longest mountain ranges. New seafloor, born as molten rock, constantly spreads out from mid-ocean ridges while old seafloor plunges back into trenches – driving the movement of the planet’s tectonic plates.

To view and order a map of the World Map Beneath the Ocean, go this site. (You can enlarge the small map image on that page.)

While looking at the pyramid shaped mountain Bulandstindur I was advised it was the seat of Ancient Atlantis. Research later has shown the mountains in Iceland are the only ones showing above the Ocean belonging to the extraordinary Mid Atlantic Ridge –a 12,000 miles longest mountain range underwater.

Map of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which cirlces the Earth like a seam on a baseball
(view full size image here)

I also remembered Alcheringa has advised us of the asteroid going into the Caribbean waters. (You can read more on Wikipedia: see: Several other craters also appear to have been formed about the time of the K-T boundary. This suggests the possibility of near simultaneous multiple impacts, perhaps from a fragmented asteroidal object, similar to the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact with Jupiter. In addition to the 180 km Chicxuclub crater, there is the 24 km. Boltysh crater in Ukraine and the Silverpit crater, a suspected impact crater in the North Seas (60-65Ma), and the controversial and much larger 600km Shiva Crater. All of these are said to have contributed to the demise of the Dinosaurs.

Impact Craters

Multiple impact craters are thought to have contributed
to the demise of dinosours, millions of years ago

Alcheringa Speaks of Advanced Civilisations in the Past

Alcheringa has aready advised us that Uluru was brought to earth by the starpeople to destroy the Dinosaurs (you can read more about this here): I have asked Alcheringa to clarify the information for us:

“The Pyramid Mountain that you saw My Dear, was made by the starpeople – the ones that lived upon this Earth for many thousands of years.

“It was the original Mount Atlan, that is why the local people called it God’s Mountain. They knew that it had been made before Atlantis went down a long time ago. As we have said to you the Poles, North and South were in a different place before Atlantis went down. It was closer to the equator so that the land was warmer – and that is why Greenland is known as Greenland before Atlantis went down.


Búlandstindur was made by star-beings, thousands of years ago. It is the original Mt. Atlan
Alcheringa tells that Mountain Búlandstindur goes down under the Ocean much more than is realized.
(Image background rendered to reproduce the vision seen by Valerie and John from the vessel on the Golden Morning Sunrise)

“It is true that there were cities around the earth established by the starpeople; the beings from Venus. Sanat Kumara was the one in charge, the one who had been placed in charge after the developing of the Earth and the civilization. So … if there were explorations to be carried out by scientists near what is now called Iceland … there would be found evidence of an advanced civilization. Some of it has been buried in silt, but there is still evidence of it there.

A closer look at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which goes right through Iceland;
the red edges on the ridge indicate the age of the crust – it is oldest at this place

“As you were shown, Iceland was the head of the mountain range that existed right down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was sitting on a plate, a tectonic plate, that moved and allowed explosions to take place right down the mid Atlantic Ocean. You will notice that there is a cleave right around the Carribbean Sea and that was an opening that was made by an ‘impact crater.’ That was an asteroid that was meant to be captured and held as a second moon around the Earth but the scientists of the existing beings upon this Earth lost control of it and it crashed on the planet Earth.

Chixalub impact region

Map of the shorelines of 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous (green), vs. today’s coastlines (grey)

“It was not a good idea … It was not planned properly … it was not a good plan at all. And so there was much disruption caused, not only in the land surrounding the Atlantic Ocean which was much smaller at that time … in fact it was divided and there was the whole of the north and south of the Americas on the left side, and on the right side it was connected to Eurasia and Africa. The lands were closer and joined together.

“There was a dreadful, dreadful upheaval upon the earth. And the Earth was known to have many who died. When the Earth survived the volcanic and earthquake activity, it moved into an Ice Age that allowed it to quieten inside … in the depths of its centre. And finally to come out of the Ice Age when all had settled, the dust had settled …and the clouds had moved and the Sun once more beamed onto the Earth …but it took a long time.

“In the meantime the starpeople, and I call them the starpeople, because they were not beings that you are … as humans … they were different. The Earth had advanced technically … but most of that knowledge was lost … although it is held in the ‘dreaming state’ of many scientists, they could recapture it if they allowed themselves to enter into a ‘lucid dream state’ and remember what had existed here on this Earth at another time.

“It was, at that time, technology that was more in ‘equation’ that was respectful to Mother Earth herself. And so the two worked together very well.

“The Tree of Knowledge is now releasing what caused the downfall of the Earth at that time and how it is slowly reviving.

“In your terms, I do not like to speak of a ‘time’ because in different dimensions time differs a little because of the vibrational frequency, but it would be safe to say Atlantis went down about 10,000 years ago – which is not very long in the evolutionary evolvement of the earth herself.

“It is an important stage of what happened upon this Earth to be considered by scientists. They need to accept that it took place. And how what was already here had to re-grow.”

When Alcheringa first showed me Uluru as coming from the stars and creating a great impact crater in the Eromanga sea (you can read about this here and here) — he also showed me later when Atlantis fell (by another asteroid) that it was virtually on the opposite side of the Earth but the huge impact then lifted Uluru and the impact crater of Central Australia. It would have been the convection (of gasses) that travelled there under the Earth that lifted the area….. when Atlantis went down.

Alcheringa tells ~ “The Tree of Knowledge is now releasing what caused the downfall of the Earth
at that time and how it is slowly reviving.”