December 2014 Newsletter

guiding spirit

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our December Newsletter for 2014. In this newsletter we look at Choosing Ascension, as all life on Mother Earth will ascend. In the hustle and bustle of our lives and everyday challenges, we may forget our purpose and our soul contract. Here, we give an overview of living simply with an excerpt from An Aboriginal Book of Wisdom. Our guides who work with us direct our attention to the history of our Earth and the origins of human life. We have discovered blue-eyed cave dwelling ancestors!

Also in this newsletter are important issues, keeping healthy (read the Water Cure), the role of cellphones and their impact on the electromagnetic field around the body, and what purposes are served by many of the ancient Indian traditions. We look to Ancient Egypt and the mysteries of electricity at that time, Temple Initiations and we finish a look at the Summer Solstice at Uluru.

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