Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 4th November 2020

Meeting November 4th, 2020 – Mossvale

Questions to be asked of Andromeda Val today.
  1. Have there been wars with star people on our planet?
  2. Was there a war when ‘Uluru’ as an asteroid, was brought to Earth by the Leonine Race from Sirius?
  3. If the Dinosaurs were eradicated from our Earth – Where did the Mega Fauna come from?
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Valerie Barrow: Today is Wednesday the 4th of November 2020 and we are here to connect with Andromeda Val and Cosmic Sai Baba.

So with great love and respect in our heart we call upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence and we welcome him here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Cosmic Sai Baba as channelled by Valerie: I am here my dear and I am very pleased to be here and I thank you for inviting me. Andromeda Val is here waiting and she is very happy to be speaking with everyone today. So without any ado, I will hand it over to Andromeda Val. Thank you.

Andromeda Val as channelled by Valerie: I am Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to be here this day and I welcome the opportunity to share knowledge and understanding about the star people and how Valérie works with us and her husband John.

I am aware, as all of us here in Andromeda are aware, of all of the difficulties that all are facing at this time upon your planet Earth, but don’t loose hope because it is moving, changing is happening very quickly upon your planet at this time, more than you probably realise. The new energy is coming and lifting the consciousness of all the people on this Earth and everything else on the planet also.

So I would like to invite a question if there is a question today. Thank you.

John Barrow: Thank you. “Have there been wars with star people on our planet?”

Andromeda Val: There has been indeed and that is something that as star people we have not wanted to speak about although it is held in legends and myths with different cultures around the planet, and yes, there has been wars with star people. If fact star people occupied this planet in the first place and that was from the Angelic Realms of Andromeda who I have already said created this planet in the first place. They took some time to put it all together. And yes, it was a great plan to provide a Garden of Eden and one of love and compassion, of light from the creator and to help bring some understanding to races that lived in this rather dark corner of your arm of the Milky Way galaxy. It went along very well for quite some time. But there was a time when it was taken over, unfortunately, by the cold-blooded races that exist. They rather liked the planet and so they made themselves at home here and as time went on, which was a long time, they really believed that they owned the planet. This was not so of course, but, the Angelic Realm, the hierarchy of Andromeda just allowed this to happen they thought that it would be a way that they could actually assist these races. The ones that did not quite understand what it was to feel the warmth and the love and compassion. However, the Draco gods came and they were part of the creation of reptilian people, reptoids, lizard like people and the Dinoids, they came a little later. They were created, they were able to genetically engineer all sorts of shapes and sizes with life form but it was done without permission from the source of all creation. This was allowed again as from the hierarchy and Angelic Realms for they would see and allow and try to reason and influence in some way to help them to understand a little more than what they were exactly because they had been created also without permission from the source of creation. And so, they did not have that warmth and that love and that feeling which is the most important thing of the Human race that exists now. And also in more other life forms on this Earth. They all have feeling. And so this was a long time ago but this genetic engineering was a bit like an art form for the Reptilian and the Dinoid people who joined on this planet as well. In a way they were having a bit of a competition in trying to out do each creation that they were making, they saw it as art in creation and were just willy-nilly and experimenting most of the time. However, the dinosaurs that you have read about I am sure, were created and becoming too big, too large and too interfering with the atmosphere that had been so carefully created by the original creators which was the Angelic Realm from Andromeda. This had to be stopped; it was too much. And also these huge bodies of dinosaurs were not dying back into the Earth as quickly as it should and that interfered with the atmosphere also. Actually the creators, meaning the Reptilian people realised that also and introduced flies and other insects that would break down the bodies and to help it to return to the Earth more quickly. That also influenced and interfered with the atmosphere of the planet.

So, there was a decision made by the hierarchy, they were not happy about it but they had to do something to rescue the planet and its atmosphere and its role, with its plan. And so the Leonine race were appointed to come and they brought the asteroid Uluru and that was attached with a few comets too so it was like a string of pearls, very similar to what had gone to Jupiter. And that same cycle was played out and is being played out again come December the 21st your time and your date on this planet. All these things are often cycle after cycle after cycle, replayed and hopefully to be lessoned and to be healing for the Earth to be returned to its original creation, the planet itself. Ley lines or songlines within the planet and these needed to be protected also for they were interfered with. However, you ask if there were wars? Yes. There were wars because the Draconian gods did not like the idea of Leonine people coming and just fighting to retake the planet as they saw it and there was a war yes. The Leonines are military like people and they actually played a role to restore order upon the planet. So they did come part from, actually being a part of the helping the major disruption to the planet as the asteroid Uluru and the string of comets with it, they also were attacked by the Draconian gods and their military people. And so there was a war, yes. It was in the atmosphere of the planet Earth and it also took place upon the Earth itself. And there is evidence of that taking place because the use of weapons was much more evolved than what even is available to scientists even now. There were dinosaurs that were still alive, they were just frozen and they were killed in that way and now they would like the stone. And there were other stones that were large ones, like small meteors were thrown at different places to disconnect the life that was living there that was not created with permission and all that had to go. So there was a great upheaval upon the planet at that time. Very much so. And so if you ask if there was a star wars upon this planet Earth? I am saying yes there was. Do you have any other questions about that?

John Barrow: Yes, well question two I think you’ve answered anyway but I’ll just read it. “Was there a war when ‘Uluru’ as an asteroid, was brought to Earth by the Leonine Race from Sirius?” I think you’ve already answered that.

Andromeda Val: That is true I have and I pre-empted your question. However be aware of that because there were people upon this Earth that have come to assist with the raising of consciousness and also restoring the planet as it was first created a long, long, long time ago. And this is something that worries us as the Angelic Realms in particular are concerned that the atmosphere is not being restored quickly as it should because mankind is not understanding that everything is interconnected upon your planet and there needs to be understanding and a will to connect and relate to everything including nature. By that I mean your environment and your nature and the interaction of that. You understand that I’m sure. And so you cannot go in and start digging holes and disrupting the actual pattern that exists upon this planet and expect it to perform the way it was always created and meant to be. And so I would like all the decision makers to be aware that they cannot take out anything from within the Earth because it is there for reason and that has been readjusted in the past and now we are asking for it not to be disrupted any longer, or any more from mankind’s use of what is within the planet Earth. For what you use for energy from the planet Earth can be replaced in many ways without disturbing the atmosphere or the planet’s role in itself. You could see it as a life, the planet has a consciousness, it is not exactly the same as what we would as a beings in communicating with a language, but it is there it has an intelligence and it has a pattern and an essence that follows it is, if you would like, more like sacred geometry if you could see it that way.

So do you have another question or have I answered what you wanted?

John Barrow: I think so. Another quick question, “If the Dinosaurs were eradicated from our Earth – Where did the Mega Fauna come from?”

Andromeda Val: Yes well that is another thing with the war that took place as I said about the time that the asteroid was brought to the planet to disrupt and to re-establish the atmosphere. That was dealt with but unfortunately the occupants of this planet continued. This was the lizard like people, the cold-blooded people, they still did more genetic engineering and still interfered and they went back to creating, life forms that were quite large. This did worry us and of course that had to go as well, it had to stop. And so at a much later date, a time around a time when there was quite a lot of disruption this time, what I’m speaking about and what you have been calling “the fall of Atlantis”. It was a time when the whole of the planet almost died and there was great changes taking place upon the Earth, again being overseeing by the Angelic Realm in the hope they could hold it together and reconnect and recreate the way it was meant in the first place as the Garden of Eden. So there has been quite a lot written about the fall of Atlantis, it was very real and there were star war people coming onto the Earth and it was a time if you could look at Earth’s regrowth for the planet but it took a long time to recover. And it is still recovering. So as this planet is slowly reviving and recreating what it was meant to be in the first place. It is receiving new energy coming onto the Earth that the Angelic Realms could not allow full energy to come to repair it had to come piece by piece because too much damage was done and it had to be healed slowly. So the Earth is actually surrounded by a net if you like, you cannot see it but it is there, that is what holds your atmosphere around your planet. This is healing and there are those here on this Earth helping to hold and earth the new energy coming onto your planet and this is what is often referred to an ascended state of consciousness because all that have come with a soul or a light body, are here now, in an Earth body to combine those two energies to lift and balance the planet Earth, it’s environment and it’s consciousness, it’s raised consciousness that would never consider raising a weapon to sort out a problem or to allow any of your fellow humans to be in need or want of health issues or eating or living. All that should be looked after by each of you. You have agreed to help one another when you come to Earth. And so I do not want to sound like I am preaching but this is something that I’m asking everyone to realise they are Earth people yes, the brain is a recorder, it goes back to the Earth when the body goes back to the Earth. The consciousness is still with you, it is coming from the soul consciousness which has been a blessing to you and it happened at first about a million years ago and from then on, evolution has been increasing and raising with the Human race and you are who you are now. There is still some work to do. There are dark forces also working and pulling against you and you need to be aware of that and stay positive and ask your decision makers to make the decisions that are correct for the planet and for the people upon it, and for your future as well.

God bless you my children, God bless you, I think you for listening, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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