Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 1st December 2020

Meeting December 1st, 2020 – Moss Vale

Questions to be asked of Andromeda Val today.
  1. Was there in the past a world of giants on Earth?
  2. The orbs that people see, what are they about?
  3. What is the value of assigning time and energy to exploring our alien ancestry?
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Valerie Barrow: Hello everybody. Today is December the 1st, it’s Tuesday and we are recording from Moss Vale, NSW, Australia.

And with great love and respect in our hearts we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence among us.

Cosmic Sai Baba as channelled by Valerie: I am here my dear and I am very pleased to be here. I have been waiting with joy and gladness that we are able to speak. I have here with me Andromeda Val who is only waiting to be introduced and then she will speak and answer any questions.

Andromeda Val as channelled by Valerie: I am Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to be here. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you. I come from the world of stars and as I have said I come from the galaxy Andromeda. There are many, many people from other worlds, from other stars, from other galaxies. As I have said I welcome the opportunity to speak with you from the Milky Way. And before I invite questions today, I would like to speak just a word of greeting in my language if I may.

[11 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

Andromeda Val: That is a greeting and we shall talk more about that at another time. So, with great love in my heart, I welcome any questions that may be asked today. So, may I have a question please?

John Barrow: First question. “Was there in the past a world of giants on Earth?”

Andromeda Val: A civilisation of giants you are asking?

John Barrow: It’s open to either animals or humans or…

Andromeda Val: Yes indeed there was in the early days. The planet Earth has been created as we have said by the hierarchy from Andromeda and from there it has been evolving and there was a time yes, that the world of giants did come. Over the past, the ancient past, there’s been opportunity for people or star people to come from other places. And they may seem giants too, if you measure it against something, but from where they came they were just normal. So you could say they come from a world of giants. But they did come and they visited this planet. They also intermingled reasonably well with the people that already had taken it over, which was from the Draco creation, the race of the Reptilian and the Dinoid people. They’re very clever people and they were actually able to experiment with genetic engineering and creating physical forms as well as many other things that they did. They had actually taken over the planet or believed it was theirs even though it had not been created by them. The planet Earth actually had been created as a plan, with a greater plan in mind to create a point of light in the arm of your galaxy which is rather dark and it needed lifting in consciousness as well.

Going back to the beings of giants. Yes they did exist and along with Reptilian people they did help create the dinosaurs. They were large, very large compared to many other things that had been created upon the planet. So, the dinosaurs have actually been recorded in many places around this Earth and yes, there was a time that there was, it was a time that the atmosphere that had been so carefully created by the Andromedan people, or from the hierarchy, with the help of other races that were in the galaxy of the Milky Way, they were all helping to create this planet, because the planet itself was replacing another planet that had been destroyed. So in the star worlds if you like and the star people’s worlds there were wars and it was like different forces with different understandings, different meanings, different motivations and it has been recorded that there were dark forces and light forces and they still operate, yes. At that time, the dinosaurs that were created, well it was more like a bit of fun really they experimenting as to who could do better than another. They saw them as art forms. But the dinosaurs themselves were eating all the foliage and when they died the earth body did not go back to the earth as quickly as it should and it was giving off unfavourable energy as well. For this reason the atmosphere was depleting it was not the way it was meant to be in the first place. So something had to be done and the hierarchy from Andromeda did not want to have a war but they needed to stop the development of dinosaurs because it was wreaking the new planet, the planet that had replaced another planet in the solar system. It had to be there for the actual integration and the magnification of all the planets working around the Sun.

The Leonine race was the ones from Sirius, they actually brought the asteroid Uluru as you know. You have been told and advised that it is from the stars. The indigenous people, the old people, knew that and know it for it has been given to them by the sky people, that knowledge. And so they consider it sacred because in coming here onto the planet it created quite a lot of disruption, shall we say, to the planet itself. However, there was a war because the Draco people and the Reptilian Dinoid did not like it destroying their animals so they fought back. There was a great war on the planet and there is evidence of it. That will be explained as time goes on. Scientists need to accept first that races exist in other worlds before they can accept that there was a war amongst them and certainly upon your planet Earth. And it will resolve many curious factors that exist on the planet and that will be readily understood once they accept the fact that star people exist and announce it world wide so that it will go out and is scientifically examined also.

And so does that help you? It actually has not explained the giant beings themselves because, although they were not necessarily doing any harm except destroying the atmosphere, but they did exist and they unfortunately suffered loss the same as any people do when there is a war regardless of whose side one is on or who is right or who is wrong. It is an unfortunate thing that war has to evolve for any issues to be resolved however. In your more modern times, we are hoping that people will sit down and discuss issues amongst your Human race; find consensuses with each other, respect each other and also live with each other in peace, harmony, and good will.

So does that answer your question?

John Barrow: Yeah that was very thorough thank you.

Andromeda Val: So is there another question you would like to ask?

John Barrow: The second question; “The orbs that people see, what are they about?”

Andromeda Val: Well, people do see orbs that don’t seem to fit with what they are looking at of course, so you could say that are in a different world, shall we say the next world? On your Earth it has been known by many there is a third dimension, a layer of consciousness and then the next is a fourth dimension and that is a layer of consciousness also. The orbs are used to help people from other worlds, from just the next world from the higher existence of those that are there to assist Humans to live upon this Earth and to help as much as they can. I will say that the Humans have been given free will and so it is up to them to connect to the line of creation and their god-self and ask for help from that point because the universal law will not allow anyone to come in and take over another life without permission.

And so having said that, people on this Earth can help and procreate and educate the little ones that are coming onto the Earth now that are actually open to the new energy and understand a lot and remember where they have come from and why they are here and where they are going after they leave.

In all physical form there is a life of a beginning, a middle and an end. And it can move from one frequency or vibration to another. So the orbs are actually helping to hold energy and to lift the energy field around people. The colours are vibration and they are frequencies. They can be measured. And of course there is a possibility that the Human eye needs treatment from a medical doctor. But, having said that, mostly the orbs people see with their inside eyes are real and they are around to assist. When you connect to your Theta state of consciousness which is the same as dreaming state, the inside information that can be connected to, through your soul, you can ask questions and find out what it is about. I encourage people to do this. It is not difficult. Once you know the discipline required to be able to connect to your soul consciousness.

Your brain is not the only consciousness in your body. Your brain records things and so ask it to go to sleep while you ask and focus on connecting to your soul consciousness. And it is your soul consciousness that is like a doorway that opens to your over-soul and then to your god-self, which holds much more about you than you readily understand at this layer of consciousness. You cannot receive all that information here because the frequency is not high enough to accept all of that information. It is not a judgement it’s just not possible. But you can communicate by consciousness, consciousness alone. You can call it telepathy if you like, it’s very similar.

So does that answer your question?

John Barrow: Yes, thank you.

Andromeda Val: And is there another question?

John Barrow: Yes there’s a third question. Given the significant pathways available, such as the pathway of the Buddha, the Christ, and yoga; “What is the value of assigning time and energy to exploring our alien ancestry?”

Andromeda Val: Well there is value in everything. Everyone upon this Earth has a soul consciousness and an Earth body and no two people are alike. Some are very similar but they are not the same. And so they’re part of the life they have chosen to live upon this Earth, and to meet certain people, and to resolve certain issues; are governed by their ability to follow their inner guidance. And that actually helps you to live a life much easier upon this Earth than if you just keep a thought from your brain without realising that it’s recording something else. And so if the advice is not wise from me; listen from within, and listen to your heart because the soul consciousness comes directly into your heart and is where you can converse and listen to your intuition which is inside teaching.

All the information that has been given to many has come through their soul consciousness and so things that have been taught in various religions, or methods say yoga or other ways to gain inside information, has been given to you by the star people. You can call them angels if you like, they are from the stars. And they are always willing to help if you ask. Remember that. And so everything upon this planet has come from somewhere else as well, and you are all sentient beings, that is meaning you are feeling, you have a feeling of knowing, not believing but knowing about something. When somebody says something that doesn’t feel right; well put it aside on a shelf in your mind if you like for awhile. Sooner or later you can just delete it or, it may then be understood in a better way. It all depends on raising the vibration and the frequency of your Earth body, which gains from your Light body. The two are operating together all the time upon your planet Earth. And it is good to remember that your soul light body earths the new energy onto this Earth. And when your Earth body, at a time for it to return to the Earth, as ash if you like, it is then your light body returns to where you have come from. Your role in being here is to hold this new energy on Mother Earth and help the changes that are taking place right at this time. This is a time of the war between the dark and the light forces. And there are energies that influence mischievously in people. Some are not evil necessarily and I do not like using the word evil but it seems to be a word that is understood upon Earth. There are people that do ‘bad things’ if you like but there are also people that do good things. It is what your mind, or what you actually make up your mind to do. And so if it is done willingly with love and compassion and never any reason to hurt anyone, all will come to know that they are the same race regardless of skin colour or where they have come from, or why, they are here, they will know and understand it is to help those that are shall we say cold-blooded that do not have the feeling of understanding what it feels to be injured or hurt or loved, or the feeling of joy. But they do have other things to give, so it is a combination of talents as well and we need to listen to each other regardless. Without any judgement. However you can make decisions upon things that you hear or decide what feels right for you, then follow it through. You will make life here on Earth much easier for you. If you think about yourself as a god-being, and the information you can tap into is a line from the god-self, the creator line that feeds into your Earth body, you will gain always from that. Artists, writers, musicians, people that create, build, all those people are coming from that place. And they feel good about it. So remember, feel the joy and the love and the giving, and the forgiving because there are many issues that we need to forgive ourselves and others for whatever has happened in the past upon this Earth. We need to wipe the slate clean now and open ourselves with joy and love from the source of Creator who is truly a consciousness of universal love so that we can face life upon this Earth with love and compassion always.

Thank you my children. Thank you, thank you.

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