Saint Amant de Boixe – and the Tumulus de Boixe and Dolma in the Forêt de Boixe.

tumulus forêt de boixeMy husband John is getting quite good at recognising when “Upstairs” wants us to go somewhere and explore things. (Or discover something new. John quite likes discovering a new mystery) and so … John said: “We have to find where the Hermit Amantius lived for most of his life“. John made some enquiries locally, and again we cannot believe how close all of this particular history is to us. In fact, it was John who suggested we go to the restaurant opposite the Abbey of Saint Amante de Boixe for lunch one sunny day, and there, right there at the restaurant, our next adventure began!

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St. Amant de Boixe – Charente – France

We are in France, residing at Montignac-Charente. My husband John was curious about a restaurant some two-and-a-bit kilometres away and so we went to visit and partake of the culinary delights. Over the road from the restaurant was a magnificent 12th Century Romanesque Church … and so we went to explore.

What was to unfold showed us that “Upstairs” organises everything in our lives, right from the parking fines to the places where we live, and our discoveries. The picture here is of the grotto of Saint Cybard, under the ramparts of Angoulême, and as you will discover as you read on, Saint Cybard gave an important direction to the Soul Story of Valerie.

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