St. Amant de Boixe – Charente – France

We are in France, residing at Montignac-Charente. My husband John was curious about a restaurant some two-and-a-bit kilometres away and so we went to visit and partake of the culinary delights. Over the road from the restaurant was a magnificent 12th Century Romanesque Church … and so we went to explore.

What was to unfold showed us that “Upstairs” organises everything in our lives, right from the parking fines to the places where we live, and our discoveries. The picture here is of the grotto of Saint Cybard, under the ramparts of Angoulême, and as you will discover as you read on, Saint Cybard gave an important direction to the Soul Story of Valerie.

On 9th March, 2015 John was looking for the Abbey Restaurant which turned out to be right opposite the entrance to the huge Romanesque 12th century Church, the Abbey of St Amant Boixe. The restaurant had been recommended to us and was in the very next village only 2½ kms from where we are currently residing.


The Abbey Restaurant – opposite the Abbey of St Amant of Boixe


The huge Abbey of St Amant de Boixe (taken from the Restaurant)


The great doors of the Abbey – where I felt something when I placed my foot there…

As I opened the large wooden door to enter the Eglise (Church) I caught my breath as I looked down to the nave of the Abbey Church and saw a glorious Blue Light shining. I was mesmerised and slowly walked down the stairs taking in the images and feeling of the place. My husband John was behind me and caught up with me at the base of the stairs – at the same time I was trying to understand the feeling of what I was feeling. I said to John, ‘I feel overcome, tears are coming to my eyes and with that I began crying and couldn’t stop.’ It is not the first time John has seen me break down in front of him, and when he asked, all I could say, was, ‘I don’t know why I am crying. But I cannot stop crying – I have a very strong feeling of recognition.’

I decided I would ask Alcheringa when we returned home. As I continued exploring the Church I found it had been updated with familiar images such as Jehanne d’Arc which was exactly opposite St. Therese of Liseux. And next to Jehanne d’Arc – there I saw statues of Archangel Mikael along with Mary Magdalene and another saint, the patron of the Homeless, Benedict Labre.


Mary Magdalene on the left, Benedict Joseph Labre (centre, Patron saint of the Homeless) and Jehanne D’Arc on the right.

What really grabbed my attention was the presence of 7 (seven) white doves hanging in front of the magnificent altar along with another dove (the 8th dove) one just out of sight.


The White Doves in front of the Altar


And next to the White Doves was an image of Saint Amant.


Saint Amant painting on the wall (far right)

The Legend of Saint Amant

When we came home I quickly found my recorder and called upon Alcheringa to telepathically ask him what was the ‘reaction’ I had – what was it about at the church of St. Amant de Boixe?

I was advised that St. Amant was in my soul story and that, yes, I had lived as a hermit in the Forest of Boixe. In that life I taught about Jesus and the Christ Energy and that I had been a healer.

I had been getting feelings ever since my first explorations of this area – a deeper sense of living in the forest and caves. However, I thought it was something to do with living in ancient times – Neanderthal times. But no it was right here, 2½ miles from where I am living in Montignac.

As I was researching on the Internet I found this description (below) of the Legend of Saint Amant. I have no trouble accepting the existence of that life in my Soul History but what I have found extraordinary is for ‘upstairs’ to plant me here for 6 months in Montignac-Charente only 2½ kms away from the place of St Amant’s final internment.

I had not planned any of this beforehand – opportunities came and we accepted them cheerfully.

Abbaye de Saint-Amant

This abbey church is the tomb of a recluse named Amantius who retired to the Forest of Boixe. The monastery was transferred in the late tenth century to the place it occupies today between a Roman Road and Javard, a tributary of the Charente.

Amant was born in Bordeaux in 520, and went to Galicia (Spain) after the death of his parents. While he was a young man, he halted a storm at the mouth of the Gironde where meets the confluence of the Charente. Convinced that this was a divine sign, Amant became a disciple of a local recluse, St Cybard.

St Cybard (a bishop or metropolitan in charge of an eparchy in the Church) lived as a recluse for 44 years in the 6th Century beneath the ramparts of Angoulême. He sent the young Amant to the Forest of Boixe to search for and dispose of an evil spirit which was troubling people in the Forest. Amant was to live in the Forest of Boixe for the remainder of his life and performed many miracles. He was also a healer, and healed the sick. He died on March 1, 600.

The abbey first appears in manuscripts in 888, when the ancestors of the Count of Angoulême confiscated this property, especially for its revenue. A century later, the Abbey was transferred to the bishop of Angoulême.

The Abbey has a chapel where St Amant’s body was translated from the cartulary of Saint Jean d’Angely, under William I, who was abbot in the first quarter of the twelfth century. The Abbey at St Boixe was completed until 1170, when it was consecrated on November 15. In its heyday, the Abbey had 13 Priories, all following the Benedictine Rule. After the French Revolution, the convents and priories were sold off and the Church now serves the local parish in the Diocese of Angoulême.



Reflecting on the “Signs”

There were signs given, although I didn’t understand them at the time. One of these signs arrived two days before we left Australia, I was packing. I had laid out an assortment of clothing to consider what to take. A scarf slipped down behind the divan and without thinking I dived onto the divan and shoved my right arm behind the divan full length down, up to my armpit, to retrieve it. BUT – oh no – I couldn’t pull my arm back out again! This could be serious! John had gone to Sydney for the day and it was only 10am in the morning. I could feel my arm beginning to swell and thought “I am not going to panic!” but I knew, in a ridiculous way that I was in serious trouble.

Because of the awkward position I was sitting I could not straighten myself nor did I have any leverage to push the divan away from the wall. It was just too, too, heavy and I couldn’t lever myself by putting my feet on the ground to push away – it was just not going to happen. I had images of my right arm being cut off and fleetingly wondered if it was something to do with a past life accident? I calmed myself and called on Archangel Mikael for help and after sometime I felt my arm moving slightly. It hurt, but I was able to release my arm with a few twists and turns. I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude, I began to cry with the shock of it all. It was probably only about 20 minutes suffering but it felt like a lifetime.

And now, I am looking at Archangel Mikael in the church at Saint Amant de Boixe minus his right arm – it has gone. It is a ‘sign’ that yes, there is something special to take note of here. Nothing to do with an arm being cut off – just a ‘sign’ of his presence and he wants me to take note of what is unfolding.


A reminder that a special presence is always with me …

The beautiful Blue Light I also associate with Archangel Mikael. He is always with me.

A beautiful blue light was shining through the leadlight windows …

Now, here I make a reflection that in this Abbey Church, there is the presence of Jehanne d’Arc whom I know very well. And Mary Magdalene whom I also know very well. There is Jesus being crucified at the main Altar whom I know very well also – the memory was given to us by Alcheringa when writing of our experiences last journey made to France – Two Soulmates, Walking Through Time & History.

And then there are those 8 White cardboard Doves as another sign. I knew straight away they were referring me to our story of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades in the sky. AND the Return of the Eighth White Sister from the Pleiades as written in our book ‘Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created.’ The Pleiadean seven stars, known as the Seven Sisters are in the Taurus Constellation and are symbolically referred to as the White Dove – meaning Peace, Light and Love.


A Conversation with Alcheringa

John and I sat down and called upon Alcheringa to make his presence. He confirmed that YES, I had the story in my Soul Consciousness of the ‘Hermit’ Saint Amant.

He told us:

Alcheringa: He was a legend – the story is he lived in the forest of Amant de Boixe and he lived a life of a very strong discipline. He spoke when spoken to. He gave talks when people gathered and wanted to listen to him He did not go out and reach out or search for anything. People came to him. Does that make some sense? He also had the ability of healing and that was, of course, directly from God. He understood that and taught that also. He was able to help many people. And because of that life, after he was buried, the Legend lived on because in those days there was not much recorded. But people, knew, people knew where he was buried and that went on something like 500 years later that the church – the magnificent Romanesque church was built over where he was buried. This is also the reason why Valerie felt so strongly once she put her foot on the level of the church where the burial place is -and this is what she felt so strongly … So it is no co-incidence – we have set this up – you can see that?

John: Is St Amant actually buried under where the church stands now?

Alcheringa: He is, YES.

John: How big was the Forest de Boixe?

Alcheringa: Well – in those days it was very large of course – but there is still a very strong representation of the Forest and there is a place there that was an ancient Pagan Temple – that St Amant lived in during the cold weather. So it wasn’t exactly a cave – but it was like a cave – that kind of living – you understand.”

Valerie: Now I understand those feelings I was getting.


View of Abbey of St Amant with the blue light streaming through to the nave
note the large white dove in the foreground before the Altar suggesting the 8th White Sister who has returned …