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Pyramid in the Antarctic

Hello Everyone,

Here is the February 2013 newsletter from my website. Our Mother Earth has passed the “turning point” and energy now needs to be anchored. There is more information emerging about the ancient histories and Alcheringa, and we give more news about Kariong.

Orbs at Luxor Karnak Temple

A friend was recently in Egypt and visited the sacred Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor – it is also known as Sekhmet’s Sacred Temple. Sekhmet is portrayed as a Lioness but in this photo it is looking decidedly like an Alien face – it is a trick of light. Love the orbs …

Sonja at Sekhmet's Sacred Temple with orbs

My Friend Sonja at Sekhmet’s sacred temple … love the Orbs!

Ancient Atlantis

Further to my articles travelling the Atlantic Ocean and insight given in Iceland that it was the “seat” of Ancient Atlantis and the wonderful sacred pyramid mountain … we were shown how in ancient times the Icelanders climbed it to offer a fire ceremony to the rising sun and the God Shiva’s son named Skanda. It is interesting how the Northern people are still referred to as “Scandinavians”.

We were supposed to visit the Faeroe Islands on our ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean but unfortunately the area was threatened with a hurricane named Isaac and it was considered not safe to travel there.

Here are more mountains from the North Sea and the South Pole looking like pyramids.

The Scienceray website writes, “Can it be possible that Antarctica was once warm enough in the recent past to actually have had an ancient civilization living there? And even more perplexing is the question of if an advanced culture did develop there, are there any structures still remaining that are buried underneath the ice? Amazingly a team of researchers is making the claim that they have found evidence of several ancient pyramids on the ice covered continent of Antarctica.”

Pyramids in Antarctica

Read more:on the Scienceray website

Jarlarm, and Ancient Atlantis

I continue to be prompted to study Ancient Atlantis. Two friends and I (making three) have been prompted to sit with a Sacred Oracle (Ouija Board that spelt out GOD was present) and receive messages and well as being asked by upstairs to channel an Atlantean named “Jarlarm” – pronounced Yalum. He tells us he will be giving us much information about the Earth and how it was before Atlantis Fell around 10,500 years ago when most records were lost.

In the meantime my attention has been brought to the December 2012 issue of the National Geographic Magazine. The article is North Sea Secrets about Archaeologists are diving into the Ancient lost world of Doggerland. This photo shows how easy it is to see the British Isles was once connected to mainland Europe before the seas rose and separated her.

The Europe that was

“The Europe that was, showing the ice sheath around the United Kingdom. Click here to view a larger version of this image.

Ever since the “Turning Point” December 21st 2012 and the raising of consciousness I have noticed how much more has been discovered from Ancient Times.

It has already been pointed out that only about 15 percent of the Earth’s ocean floor has been mapped out, even the Moon and Mars is better mapped. Now with the new Satellite Archaeology technology we can expect to see much more being discovered under the Ocean and elsewhere. Read more about Satellite Archaeology on the National Geographic Website. Satellite Archaeology is a rapidly expanding discipline. See the results for a Yahoo search on Satellite Archaeology.

Unknown circular image in waters of Yucatan

“Unknown circular image in waters of Yucatan.

You can read more developments and research into Satellite Archaeology on Typepad. I find all of this very exciting.

Cloudships, Galaxies and their residents

You might recall that we had a day at Canyonleigh when Valerie and 22 like minded friends were painting ancient symbols on canvas. (You can view this here)

We have found an enchanting Facebook site with a number of similar cloudship images.

Cloudship in setting sky

A cloudship in a setting sky

This website is a very interesting one. You could spend hours searching here … Lenticular clouds, as shown below, are not common.

Twin lenticular cloudships

Twin Lenticular Cloudships

Twin lenticular cloudships

Cloudships surrounding mountain peaks


… in a galaxy, far, far away

This Facebook site has a very large collection of similar images. You could spend, as we say, hours and hours here….

Ancient Contacts with the Sky People

I found a most interesting overview chat about Sky-people. This website, on Hubpages says:

Even the briefest examination of ancient civilizations will find stories of strange beings that came down from the heavens to interact with mankind and provide them with religion, knowledge, and technology, before returning to their home amongst the stars. Despite this, history tends to assume that these legends are simply myths. However, considering modern stories of UFOs and alleged alien contact, there are startling similarities between UFO encounters and ancient accounts. The only difference is that early man had no real concept of the reality of life on other planets. To them, strange beings coming down from the sky in glowing chariots were understood to be gods, angels, or demons.

Sky People

Sky People

The article goes on to discuss ancient origins of man in a number of locations, from the Dreamtime to The Fish Gods of Mesopotamia and the Philistines. There is a most interesting citation from a New Testament Apocrypha:

The ancient tales of creatures from the heavens were woven into the fabric of what would later become modern organized religions. Coptic Gnostic texts written around the first and second centuries AD contain passages that describe ancient encounters with alien-like beings called the Archons. A passage from The First Apocalypse of James states: “They are not entirely alien, for they are from the Fallen Sophia, the female divinity who produced them when she brought the human race down from the Source, the realm of the Pre-Existent One. So they are not entirely alien, but they are our kin.”

(Apocrypha are allegedly are documents from Christian antiquity. They are apocrypha because the original documents were not written in Koine, the form of Greek at that era. This does not mean they are untrue, but that the Christian authorities determined they do not belong in the Bible.) You can read more here.

Major asteroid site found in Australian outback

One of the largest ancient asteroid impact zones on Earth has been discovered in outback Australia.

The impact zone, which centres on the East Warburton Basin in north-eastern South Australia, was caused by an asteroid up to 20 kilometres-wide that slammed into the planet between 298 and 360 million years ago, report scientists from the Australian National University and University of Queensland.

Terrain around the impact site shows evidence of changes caused by shock-wave related deformation and heating of the ground by an impact event, says study co-author, Dr Andrew Glikson from the Australian National University.

“This shock metamorphic terrain covers an area of over 30,000 square kilometres making it the third-largest site of its kind ever discovered on Earth,” says Glikson. You can read more on the ABC Science Website.

Valerie comments:

Upstairs never gave me a ‘date’ as to when the asteroid Uluru came to earth. They said they brought it to earth to destroy the dinosaurs.

It is generally accepted by scientists that the Dinosaurs were made extinct 65 million years ago. By the way, scientists speak of a different asteroid that hit the Earth and destroyed the dinosaurs The theory was it went into the earth around Bimini … in a recent channelling, the Spirit Being Alcheringa discusses this impact site.

The latest findings also (although the scientists are not saying this) with the ‘paleo valley’ between Uluru and Kata Tjuta which upstairs showed us when Uluru as an asteroid came in struck the centre of Australia pushing up the seabed which is now known as Kata Tjuta.

HOWEVER, St. Germain said that asteroid was the one that finally caused the downfall of Atlantis and all the other little Atlantis’s around the Earth. Read what St Germain told here

The report on the ABC Science website and related and study is getting awfully close to what upstairs had me seeing when I did the work on Central Australia and the ‘huge impact crater caused when Uluru hit Central Australia and later lifted.” It would have been when the Eromanga Sea was existing in Central Australia. You can read my article about The Story of Kata Tjuta and the Inland Seas, and read Alcheringa tell the story of the Eromanga Sea and how the asteroid split into two.

Kariong News

decay on hieroglyph

There is still a lot happening with regard to the Hieroglyphs at Kariong, NSW, Australia.

Steven Strong has collected a number of scientific supporters – please read his article in Wake-Up-World. How I met Steven was when he had given a talk at Theosophical Book Shop about his book Forgotten Origins and I gave a talk about a month later. The manager suggested I should meet him as his book mentioned the Hieroglyphs at Kariong which was what my book “Alcheringa” speaks about after many Light-workers and mediums had visited the site in 1995. Steven’s work is scientific. Also he has been initiated into Indigenous tribes and trusted to repeat many stories given to him by Elders. Their stories are similar to what we were given by ‘upstairs.’ Such as the Indigenous being the first Humans – They began here they didn’t come from Africa or anywhere else – And that their ancestors are from the Pleiades.. There are stories of the return of the seven sisters – in particular the eighth sister – this is also knowledge we were given by ‘upstairs.’

Part of the area at Kariong is in danger of being sold to Developers.

Re-Writing Australia’s History: The Egyptian Connection

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs discovered outside Sydney Australia. Photo courtesy of Steve Strong and Dr. Hans Dieter von Senff

29th October 2012, By Steve Strong, Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The Kariong Glyphs site is the most argued over and controversial archaeological site in Australia. Decried as utterly bogus by authorities and sceptics, it is an archaeological ‘poison chalice.’ My colleagues and I have been denounced as “dumb and dumber,” “liars,” motivated by “money” while working in an “unscientific” manner driven by an unstated “agenda,” simply because we find fault in every explanation of a hoax and merit in the notion that some of hieroglyphs were carved by ancient Egyptians.

Found in the Central Coast of NSW, there are two sandstone walls at a site that is still extremely difficult to locate. These walls have close to 300 engravings. Some claim they are a random mixture of ancient scripts done recently, others believe they are a genuine example of the earliest style of Egyptian writing (Proto-Egyptian). There are so many rumours and stories accounting for their presence, too many to canvas now, but there are a couple of explanations that seem to be the most convenient, and have become the “accepted versions”.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs discovered outside Sydney Australia. Photo courtesy of Steve Strong and Dr. Hans Dieter von Senff

Without doubt the two most popular offerings relate to them merely being the scratchings of a “deranged Yugoslav” concocted in the late 70’s, or the actions and chisels of mischievous archaeology students from Sydney University in the early 80’s. According to National Parks and Wildlife Service, the engravings were created no earlier than 1983.

Such was the passionate and widespread conviction that the site is a hoax, my colleagues and I could never commit ourselves fully to believe it was a genuine ancient Egyptian artefact. On previous visits to the walls we had devoted less than five minutes to actually examining the hieroglyphs; it was far safer to focus on all the archaeology with Egyptian undertones surrounding the site and let others argue over who and when. That was before. Once we began filming an interview with the two Original spokespeople for the site (Egyptians in Australia-Part 2), everything changed. Until that day we had listed the Kariong Glyphs as ‘number 52? in our collection of 60 odd pieces of evidence substantiating an ancient Egyptian presence in Australia. After speaking to Aunty Beve and David Fitzgerald, the glyphs have been repositioned at ‘number 1? with daylight running a distant second.

Aunty Beve is one of the last Darkinjung Elders. She is the keeper of the women’s stories and one of the very few who has the right to speak on Original Lore and Dreaming stories in this tribal region. Her word on such matters can not be challenged. Up until now, whenever asked about an Egyptian involvement in creating the hieroglyphs in the area, Aunty Beve always refused to make any public statement.

This time she broke her silence.

You may read the remainder of Steven Strong’s article on developments at Kariong at Wake Up World

Hieroglyph at Kariong

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs discovered outside Sydney Australia. Photo courtesy of

Article photos are courtesy of Steve Strong, Dr. Hans Dieter von Senff and

Steven Strong keeps everyone up-dated with his YouTube “Egyptians in Australia” presentations now from part 1 to 6 with Lisa Harrison.

This website link gives more Evidence of an Ancient Egyptian and Pleiadian Presence in Australia 11th February 2013 by Steven Strong posted in Wake-up-World.

Alcheringa, When the First Ancestors were Created

We are pleased to offer a promotion of 2 books for AUD $20.00 Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created and The Book of Love, by a Medium.

So send me your order on our Book Order page and I shall write to you.

Book cover - Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created

Anchoring the New Energies

The Earth our Mother has entered her time of transition and the new energies of the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions are settling. Now is a time to actively take up focus on things getting better and better each day using our thoughts (as Cosmic Sai Baba confirmed) …

Now that the Earth has gone through it’s transition into the New Age, the Earth people need to work at – just releasing – everything that has gone in the past and move forward. And move forward, as I have said, with thoughts that will bring change and growth to everyone and everything upon this Earth. Because thought forms have energy… and even the energy of a thought will reflect and even affect a plant or a tree. And so even that can change for better. And the same goes for the climate.

(Valerie) We can grow with Mother Earth herself with our affirmation:

I am the Pure Light of Consciousness
Penetrating Everywhere,
and bringing everyone into the Light of God.

We have been asked by “Upstairs” to do ceremony and song to anchor the new energy into the centre of the earth on the Autumn Equinox March 20th, 2013. Who will join me? Our focus will be through the Master Alcheringa Crystal and also Uluru, Central Australia.

Alcheringa Crystal today

Alcheringa Crystal half buried as it is sitting on an ant’s nest
It is considered sacred by indigenous people

Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.

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