March 2016 Newsletter


Hello Everyone,

My husband John and I are well on the way to healing, and we give thanks to the Source of All Creation – and all of our loving readers – who have sent us messages and well wishes in addition to healing light energy. Now it is time to turn the tables, and remind one and all to take in the light, and send it on to all in need on our beautiful Earth, for the energy coming upon the Earth now – we have been told from many sources – is not easy. Coming from many sources makes it more of a challenge. – bringing up all sorts of aspects of ourselves that need to be reviewed … and/or changed. It is very challenging to follow the spiritual path right now and it is best to simply hold the light within, hold the light and love without (meaning send it out) and conserve one’s resources. There is confusion in the energies permeating all at this point in time.

Moving on to our latest newsletter, we bring you an article about the Bayeux Tapestry – probably the first multimedia story telling in the western world! There are many elementals; some helpful and fun, others are like tricksters. We can look to our intuition and learn from these beings, kobolds and others. We bring you an introduction to a 13,000 year old mystery, and reflect on that wonderful movie, The Wizard of Oz. The Outback Cross is back in the news, and the Manatees (the keys to man as Cosmic Sai Baba once joked with me) are on the rise in estuaries and waterways. How did the Palm Trees get to Central Australia? You be the judge. And recent Russian research explores programming our own DNA. As the Desiderata tells, despite the negative energy and drudgery of broken dreams, we live in an exciting Universe, of which we are the inheritors of tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ….

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