Himel the Warrior, Part 3 (past life recall of John Barrow)

Valerie Barrow is taking her husband John through his memories of being a Leonine, from Sirius. This race of star people (many humans have star people memories) were directed by the Angelic Realms to maintain order in the galaxies, in the different Universes. In this recall, John Barrow is describing the powers of the space vessel, and what they could do with asteroids and laser beams to wipe out unwanted races or remove beings from planets (if not an entire planet). Valerie is watching and questioning her husband John, who is in a theta state:

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The Origins of the Equal Sided Cross

equal-symbolThe Mystery School meets and chants the sacred sound, the cause of the Universe and life on Earth. The curriculum of the Original University – that is, the Universe and its Source – is presented to the students who receive their images, have discussion along with Question-and-Answer with The Source. In this meeting (or lesson, if you wish) the students learn about the Equal Sided Cross and its origin from the galaxies and universes. You can read more about the Origins of the Equal Sided Cross.