Himel the Warrior, Part 3 (past life recall of John Barrow)

Valerie Barrow is taking her husband John through his memories of being a Leonine, from Sirius. This race of star people (many humans have star people memories) were directed by the Angelic Realms to maintain order in the galaxies, in the different Universes. In this recall, John Barrow is describing the powers of the space vessel, and what they could do with asteroids and laser beams to wipe out unwanted races or remove beings from planets (if not an entire planet). Valerie is watching and questioning her husband John, who is in a theta state:


When he was asked how they destroyed them because the Earth was a big place, he said,

“I don’t think they were just on this planet. There were other planets where there were dinosaurs also. They all had to be brought to heel, and as it turned out they were demolished. I think that was the enemy. (Please stay in that space for a minute, ask God to help you to see the technology you used to exterminate the dinosaurs?)

“We had the power of being able to direct meteors. That was like our artillery, like our bombers. And we had laser beams, which you could equate to infantry. Those laser beams could petrify the dinosaurs, or any other creature for that matter, into fossil, instantly.”

He was asked how they caught the meteors? All this time John was holding his hand to his brow and rubbing his eyes – just like the image of the thinker!

“Didn’t catch them. We had the technology to divert them. If you wanted to aim them at something we could do it. I know now what we were, of which I was, if not the total commander, I was a very senior commander, I think I know exactly what these Leonine were. There was a High Being, probably God, above all this I can’t define that, but I know exactly what we were there for. We were Cosmic Cops. No fooling, we were sent on missions throughout the galaxy. We had an arsenal of meteors we could aim wherever we wanted to. We had laser technology that could just flatten the dinosaurs. We were much smaller than the dinosaurs obviously, but we could knock them out. Zap them out. Or any other beings which were malevolent or that had turned malevolent. Because generally speaking God’s creatures start out, as babies do, pure, and then they become corrupted as they develop. We were totally devoid of any evil. So if there was a problem in the galaxy we could go and sort them out. Cosmic Cops that’s what we were!

John’s theta consciousness popped back into this world, still with eyes closed, and said, “Its funny when I was commissioned in the army in this dimension in this life I was like a Colonial policeman. To help protect the Empire. (John was in Malaya during the emergency – and Sudan before that)”

“There’s plenty ships flying around up there, it’s going on all the time. It’s not just this Earth; it’s going on now, right now.

“Are the Leonine people still around?”


 John Barrow tells, “There’s plenty ships flying around up there, it’s going on all the time” … …

Without any hesitation he said. “Yes”

I asked, “Why don’t they show themselves to us here on this Earth now?”

“In an indirect way now I think they do, with the cat families. So if you think it through, Cats are highly therapeutic and they can really change people’s lives. I now know why I have this very strong affinity with cats.”

I took the opportunity to ask John, “It has been said that Uluru is an asteroid and has been brought to Earth to help wipe out the dinosaurs. Does that make sense to you?”

“It’s very probable. And that’s a small meteorite – there are much bigger ones than that. There are some so big that if you impact them on a planet it would shatter the planet.”

I asked, “Have you ever had to do that?”


Comet 67P/C-G and Uluru size comparison approximate.
Photos: European Space Agency and Parks Australia.

“I know its possible. We don’t just sit and create tidal waves and all that sort of stuff; we could literally fragment a whole planet. What they can do is hurl one planet into another – they have the technology to do it. This is the Leonines, or their bosses, whoever they may be.”

He came out of the meditative, the alpha state. I asked him to ask God, while he still had his eyes shut, if there was any thing else he would like him to understand?

“I think the Leonine people have been there for ever and they are Cosmic Cops. I don’t know what happened with the hieroglyphs and the crash landing here – I mean they weren’t completely winning everything. The dinosaur people had the capability of retaliating. . And what I can see in my heart, was huge. A very big ship. It was damaged by the enemy. You talk about nuclear bombs and atomic and hydrogen bombs on this earth, they are like peashooters compared with what goes on up there.”

John, still musing, “I think we had a fleet of ships up there after the mother ship was blown up.” John wanted to know if what he was talking about fitted in with the dinosaur time?

“Yes! That was millions of years ago, and the time the Mothership was blown up was about nine hundred thousand years ago.”

John was quite definite, “Well they were here to sort something out and they got clobbered. I think the aborigines know something we don’t know.


 John Barrow tells, I think the aborigines know something we don’t know
Perhaps the Wandjinas shared information with the forefathers of the present-day Indigenous Australians?

“Earth man’s technologically is so behind it’s not funny, so behind the rest of the galaxy. The other galactic races kicked the dinosaurs off the Earth and made man the predominant creature here.

“It was a highly developed attacking force. It was there not to attack but to police, but if it had to attack it was deadly. It could blow stuff away. They could pull down a meteor and re-direct it. And they still can.”

I said, “My understanding in working with the Lord of the Universe; is he is wanting peace to prevail right throughout the Universe, at all different dimensions, all different races and he wants this to be so:” John interrupted me.

“Nothing has changed, its just that man has got completely out of control he’s hopeless.”

I then explained to John how aspects of all from the universe were in the little body of the earthlings which holds who they are in that other world with a veiled consciousness so that while they are in the body here, they don’t remember but it gives an opportunity to experience family life with children and learn to love and have compassion. To experience that – because some of those races out there just didn’t understand that – I am speaking from a bigger picture here, bigger than the cosmic cops actually. Because you can’t go round now blasting people off the Earth. They don’t want that now. The hierarchy, God, is wanting peace to prevail throughout the Universe by choice, its by people really coming to understand and experiencing the energies of love and compassion. Not all of them understand or know it – that’s why you have people still with an aspect from the cosmic reptile and animal worlds in them, that they can still pick up a gun and point it at someone and cold bloodily just shoot them dead, feeling no remorse at all. – There are beings like that in the Cosmic Worlds.

John agreed to ask God to release the aggression he had in him from the Leonine being. Today he seems a good deal calmer – I can feel a difference in him. We give thanks to God. John then wanted to have his dinner. So be it.


 Samasta Loka Sukhino Bhavantu: May all beings in all the worlds be happy.